15 Best Dating Apps In India In 2022

India has always been primary on tradition. Hence, the reason why it has held arranged marriage as its conventional way of getting its people married. However, these days with the advent of Technology, dating apps have emerged, making getting a life partner easy unlike before.

 It invariably means most single Indians, looking for that special one, or who are totally bored of being alone and single to stupor will rather visit these best dating apps, in India, and find their fantasies out.

Obviously, they can readily access, and even get to know each user (male or female) on these apps as they suit their fantasies and interest from the comfort of their homes.

Looking for a surreal feeling of being in a relationship with your dream lady or dream man? You just met an article that would fasten your pace to that reality. Stay glued as we unveil the best dating apps in India, where you might just be able to find your heartthrob or meet new people as well.

How best dating apps in India work?

As far as dating apps in India are concerned, you might want to consider being committed to paying as much as you can, “to have butterflies”. This is because, in some of these platforms, to enjoy access without limits and profile ranking on search results, you might have to subscribe monthly, which obviously involves some rupees.

They are characterized with “get to know me tags”, inclusively your name, your age, your location, a snapshot of you, and a synoptic account about yourself. Actually what holds for an app, might be clearly different from another. However, the goal of each app is to help you sell yourself to your desired interest/fantasy.

A quickie on tinder, photos are primaries than personality. On eHarmony, you may have to fill questionnaires before you access your match. Whilst some ask for so little detail and you would probably be in awe of how you are to access someone who fits your interest and vice versa.

Creating a profile and uploading your snapshot affords you time to connect with whoever fits or wows your fantasies and interest.  Tinder allows you to swipe Mr. left if you aren’t interested in the person you see, and Mr. right, when you find your match.

When you find someone who fits your match, each app offers styles of communicating interest. Take for instance, on Zoosk, you can buy coins to browse profiles anonymously.

Finally, in a situation where your meeting someone reeks of danger, these apps offer the option to block and report such users.

15 Best Dating Apps In India In 2022

Do note that upon signing up on these dating apps, you will always be bombarded with notifications. Hold your reins tight for this.

You can access apps for Indians dating on iPhones and androids.

The 15 best dating apps in India are listed as follows:

  1. Tinder
  2. Bumble
  3. TrulyMadly
  4. OkCupid
  5. Happn
  6. Badoo
  7. Hinge
  8. Flip
  9. Woo
  10. Aisle
  11. eharmony
  12. EliteSingle
  13. Azar
  14. Zoosk
  15. QuackQuack

1. Tinder

First, on our list of best dating apps in India is Tinder. On this platform, you get to create your profile and give a blurb about yourself.

This dating app shows the single in your location. If any matches your fantasy/interest, you swipe right. If you don’t, you swipe left. Upon swiping right, you can send messages to your match and start up something.

Upgrading on tinder to paid plus or tinder gold gives you access to unlimited features. The app provides a make in-app video calls to matches without the exchange of private data.

It has about 4 million-plus reviews and a rating of 3.3 stars.

Join Tinder

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2. Bumble

One of the top dating apps in India, where a woman makes the first move, as she starts the conversation after the match.

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For same-sex matches, either of them can start out a conversation. If there is no conversation within 24 hours of the match, it expires. Both parties have started a conversation, can decide to video chat if both are comfortable with it.

Whilst conversation is ongoing, matches can send in videos and pictures. Bumble offers premium plans for better visibility to other users and to get more matches.

This is one dating app where profile photos are verified during registration. Hence, ceasing the presence of fake profiles. Bumble affords you an opportunity to network with people.

Its Privacy and security are commendable, as subscribers can report suspicious profiles and as well have them blocked. It has about 227,000 reviews and a rating of 3.4 stars.

This is the second-best dating app in India.

Join Bumble

3. TrulyMadly

Looking for the best dating apps in India where you don’t have to worry about fraud-like or dubious profiles? TrulyMadly calms this fear as it offers a strict privacy policy to free its platform from scams.

Genuine data has to be profiled before verification. Upon verification, profiles that feed your fantasy can be sorted after. When parties like each other’s profiles, a match is said to have occurred.

This Indian dating app has a feature called Trust Score. The higher the score, it allows you the opportunity of getting the right match. It kind of helps paint strongly your credibility. Suggestions of matches of your fantasies and interests are made.

When you connect your social media profiles trulymadly, your trust score is increased. It has 7,500 reviews and a rating of 3.3 stars

Join TrulyMadly

Join trulymadly

4. OkCupid

On this dating app, matches are rather made on series of questions. The questions are to converge similarities between matches. It has good messaging a virtual dating feature that can be explored.

It’s a free dating app for Indians that allows you to freely search for matches based on preferred locations.

It has 447000 reviews and ratings of 3.8 stars.

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5. Happn

Happn gives you an opportunity to check and connect with persons you have crossed paths with in real life and maybe never had a chance to indulge in conversations.

This is one of the best dating apps that Indians can prey on. It shows the profile of such persons on your timeline. You could send a secret like to such’s profile. You can as well send a flash note to them communicating your interest, which drops a notification. If you both like each other, you have gotten yourself a crush. Hence, your convo can begin.

It has a rating of 4 stars and 1 million-plus reviews.

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6. Badoo

It’s one of the best dating apps in India on the radar of social networking, just like Tinder.

It functions with detailed interests and preferences. The platform allows you to connect all your social media platforms/accounts. It also uses phone verification.

This allows you access to a list of users close to where you stay/live or persons. It also allows you to search for users in different cities or other parts of the globe.

Badoo has a feature where you can swipe right (yes) or left (no) on persons who suit your fantasy. Upon a match, the 2 users are notified.

With Badoo, you could do a video chat, a live stream, and as well as send virtual gifts to others on the platform.

On a final note, the dating app has a feature tagged “selfie request”. Through it, women can make a request for a selfie of a man they are speaking to, to affirm the identity of the person as in the pictures.

It has a rating of 4 stars and has as well 5 million-plus reviews


7. Hinge

Hinge is a free Indian dating app, that boasts of its user’s long-term connections. It introduces you to the best people for you.

On it, you get to know prospects through their unique answers to private data such as height, religion, and politics. A match would usually ensue by someone by a user commenting or liking a part of your profile.

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Matches are as well allowed to exchange contacts. To access advanced features on the dating app, you’d have to subscribe to the “preferred membership”.

To do that, select the settings icon fixed at the right corner on the bottom of the main screen. Make a tap on the account and upgrade to your preferred membership.

It has a review of 144,000 and 3.4 ratings.

Join hinge

Join Hinge

8. Flip

Flip uses a unique verification technology that helps maintain genuine profiles on it. It’s a dating app that uses a map feature, to see a user nearby. It avails you a chance to like any profile that catches your fantasy or interest.

With this move, you could find yourself a match who could turn out to be your Juliet or Romeo (smiles).

Flip also allows filtering matches to find an ideal match for one’s self. VIP members have access to advanced filters that allow them to narrow down their search to satisfy their fantasies. It’s only available on iPhones.

It has a rating of 5 stars and 30.9k reviews.

This is the Best dating app in India.


9. Woo

This is the ninth-best Indian dating app on our list.

Woo ensures total privacy and has an amazing feature of an in-built voice call system that allows you to put a call through to your date without sharing your contact.

It offers features such as question-answers, tag search, a voice intro, and direct messaging features. It actually proffers utmost privacy for Indian women and keeps their private data (location, name, or phone contact) from their dates.

 When you like a profile, you could swipe right and swipe left if you don’t. If both parties like each other’s profile, it creates a match, after which a conversation ensues. With this, unlimited messages can be sent to your supposed match.

Actually, the more interesting your messages, the higher your chances of converting them into a conversation.

On Woo, if you come across a hashtag in a profile that suits your fantasy, tap it. Upon this, all profiles with that tag are shown.

Subscribing to woo plus, offers proximity to check who checked your profile and skipped profiles, you get to see who liked you, you see more profiles daily, and you can like as many profiles as you see every day!

You gat no issue with Ads. It has a rating of 4.2 stars and 106,000 reviews.

Join woo

10. Aisle

This is a dating app for Indians. It’s a community of Indians pulsing with so much energy. You would need a Facebook or LinkedIn profile to log in.

A series of questions are asked, coupled with verification upon the submission of a questionnaire.

Upon verification, you become a user on the aisle dating platform. Aisle kind of guarantees meaningful dates, transcending into serious relationships than hookups. It offers premium features that can only be accessed if you have a VIP membership.

It has a rating of 4.5 stars and 84,000 reviews.


11. Eharmony

It’s a dating app that features you to discover your personality profile. To achieve these a compatibility quiz is taken.

Each of the questions helps Eharmony’s trademarked compatibility system connect you with single to satisfy your fantasy.

The answers provided form relationships on the basic desires, behavior, interests, and habits. The app provides a number of matches and areas where you can be compatible.

In a situation where interest is mutual, there is an option to connect. Upon subscribing to their premium features, you get to see who and who checked your profile, and you get an expanded discovery of matches.

It has about 44,000 reviews and a 3.0-star rating.


12. Elite Singles

A walk with this best dating app in Indian begins with creating an account. After which your profile is activated immediately, once you take the personality test.

The test consists of questions regarding personal traits, attitude, and communication skills. The result now informs the compatible matches that are then selected according to your interest.

At that stance, you can select matches to start viewing your partner’s suggestions. You can do the search for a match on this dating app, compatible matches are recommended.

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The app menu provides you with an overview of your profile settings, messages, profile visitors, and matches. You can as well send in a smile to your match and upload your snapshot on your profile.

It has about 11,000 reviews and a star rating of 2.5.

Join Elitesingles

13. Azar

This one of the best dating apps in India, allows you to talk with persons from 190 plus countries. Hence, you have a chance to explore varieties of cultures, meet new individuals, and network. Plus, you could get yourself a princess or a prince charming.

On this dating app, whilst talking to whoever on video chat, you get to see who you are conversing with. Owing to the presence of persons from different countries on this platform, language isn’t a hurdle.

As the platform offers a real-time chat translation. hence, you do not have a language constraint, time constraint, or even a distance constraint. 

It has about 1 million reviews and 4.1-star ratings.


14. Zoosk

It’s a great platform for finding serious relationships, hookups, and casual dating.  

One of the top apps for Indian dating. Very legitimate. You could affiliate your Facebook account or google account to create a profile. You can as well choose not to link these accounts and start creating a profile from the scratch.

In doing this, you should pick out a good profile photo. You’d have to add few additional photos, to show more sides of your personality.

The dating app has a story, perfect match, and ideal date sections of your profile, where you can describe yourself and matches that suit you.  It uses an algorithm called behavioral matchmaking. It kind of learns more about what you want in a match.

Zoosk also sends in emails daily highlighting one person who likely to it your fantasy and preference. To express your interest in a fellow member, you can tap a smiley face that interprets friendship. A heart icon whereas implies more than being friends.

You can also verify your account with the use of your contact, photos, or Twitter account. With this, a green checkmark is placed on your profile to prove that you are legitimate.

It has 607,000 reviews and a 3.6-star rating.


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15. QuackQuack

It’s the last dating app for Indians on our list. It primaries on converging real users (fake profile is a no no).

Upon registration, you can send in blinks, short messages that are templatized, and chat with people. This dating app allows you to set your preference on age and city.

App screens content and photo users upload on their profiles. Contents obscene or doubtful are removed when uploaded, whilst users are warned.  To get responses to your profile, it has to be done neatly.

Matching on the dating app requires one being proactive. Meaning if you subscribed for premium features (paid membership), you can send direct messages to users. Whilst a free member can send a minimum of 20 likes a day to get responses.

Direct messages are more effective for getting responses than likes. Note that a direct message should be neatly typed, with a call to action. This will spur up responses more.

Finally, it has a feature where users can be reported, upon such, such user is evicted.

It has 4-star ratings and 303,000 reviews.



To find that person to love is very much possible. Trust me, I know you won’t stay single to a stupor all your life. You’ll find that one man or woman that would give you butterflies.

Don’t waste time! Hurry and appropriate these best dating apps in India. YOU ARE JUST SOME CLICKS AWAY FROM MEETING YOUR HER AND YOUR HIM.

Good luck!



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