10 Best Makeup YouTubers That are Great Influencers | Best List

Many makeup YouTubers are Great Influencers. They have inspired people from all over the world to become more confident with their appearance.

Some of these YouTubers have even created businesses out of their passion for makeup. They are great at doing makeup and teaching others how to do it.

If you are looking for some makeup inspiration, you will check out some of these great influencers. You will not be disappointed!

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Top 10 Makeup YouTubers That are Great Influencers

Here are the top makeup YouTubers that are great influencers:

  • Jackie Aina
  • Dope2111
  • Glam&Gore
  • KathleenLights
  • Deepak Smitha
  • Michael Mua
  • Tati
  • Jillian Vu
  • Bethany Mota
  • Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

#1. Jackie Aina

Subscribers: 3.54 Million Subscribers

One of the best YouTube beauty influencers is Jackie Aina, a YouTuber from the United States.

She first rose to fame as LilPumpkinPie05 and MakeupGameOnPoint, and she then rose to fame online thanks to her three million+ subscriber-strong cosmetics tutorial channel! 

Her success story began when she was a young kid who enjoyed experimenting with makeup; today, it pays off immensely. 

Jackie not only gives her professional tips on skincare and makeup but also on how to perfect your appearance at home by using her tutorials.

Aina empowers women worldwide by offering beauty tips and product evaluations on her YouTube channel. 

The in-depth tutorials are fantastic for beginners and more experienced cosmetic users who want to learn how to apply makeup quickly! 

She has become a global icon for people of color due to her natural beauty and captivating charm.

Jackie Aina – YouTube Channel

#2. Dope2111

Subscribers: 5.75 Million Subscribers

Promise Phan, an American social media star and YouTube video blogger of Nepali descent, has amassed a sizable fan base on her channel dope2111 for her beauty instructions. 

She is also well known for the fascinating methods she uses to turn different actors, including Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

By the time the social media sensation entered middle school, she had already begun wearing makeup and using cosmetic items. This is the source of her enthusiasm for trying out new looks. 

The promise began posting videos to YouTube in 2010, and since then, she has racked up more than 5 million fans with whom she shares her enthusiasm.

dope2111 – YouTube Channel

#3. Glam&Gore

Subscribers: 3.93 Million

Mykie is a makeup artist in Los Angeles who specializes in spooky and occasionally disgusting special effects. 

It’s difficult to avoid being perplexed while watching her films because they may sometimes be both captivating and repulsive. Her makeup artistry is particularly exquisite.

She jumps right into producing the most dreadful and terrifying appearances, unlike other experts in her area who have only worked with elegant cosmetics. 

In other words, this beauty influencer has two distinct personalities, one that is elegant and seductive and the other that is horrifying and graphic.

Mykie, who has over 3 million subscribers to her YouTube channel Glam&Gore and posts videos on various topics, is currently one of America’s most well-known beauty influencers. 

She also publishes vlogs in which she explores spooky locations, records their history, and uses the setting as a stage to demonstrate her special effects makeup looks!

Glam&Gore – YouTube Channel

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#4. KathleenLights

Subscribers: 4.14 Million

When it comes to doing makeup at home, Kathleen is a well-known social media influencer and beauty expert who offers straightforward advice that is ideal for anyone wishing to improve their abilities or simply needing ideas for what cosmetics and hues will look best on them.

She is regarded as one of the essential beauty YouTubers of the last few years, and her videos have millions of views.

Kathleen has been dominating social media with her beauty tips and videos. Since starting her KathleenLights YouTube channel, the cosmetics expert has amassed more than 4 million fans. 

She has also worked closely with a variety of cosmetic firms, including Colorpop, Morphe Brushes, and Makeup Geek, to name just a few. She even started the KL Polish nail polish line.

KathleenLights – YouTube Channel

#5. Deepak Smitha

Subscribers: 3.08 Million

Over 2 million people subscribe to Smitha Deepak’s YouTube channel, an influencer and cosmetic artist from India. 

She examines beauty products, from skincare to hair styling tools, in her reviews. Her videos cover a wide range of topics, including cosmetics instruction for those who wish to improve their skill. 

Smitha can transform into nearly anyone thanks to her highly developed makeup skills. You can find it difficult to distinguish the distinctions between her recreations of popular culture icons and movie stars.

Smitha Deepak – YouTube Channel

#6. Michael Mua

The first male Maybelline face, Manny Mua, is a makeup artist with over 4 million subscribers to his self-titled YouTube channel. 

The clever, imaginative, and enthusiastic YouTube creator known as the cosmetics expert regularly uploads innumerable videos with helpful and entertaining makeup instructions. 

In addition to erasing gender distinctions in cosmetics, he dismantles boundaries by producing accessible, authentic material that has an impact that goes much beyond conventional notions of beauty.

His beauty-filled YouTube channel is a haven for those who adore the craft of using makeup and putting together stunning looks. 

Manny Mua provides everything you could want in terms of reviews, tutorials, or just plain passion for all things related to beauty!

Michal Mua – YouTube Channel

#7. Tati

When Tati Westbrook started her YouTube channel GlamLifeGuru, later renamed Tati, she was already a well-known beauty expert and stylist. 

The choice of the beauty expert to quit her full-time job and focus on this new social media endeavor became apparent when she learned that her video channel was more well-liked than she had imagined.

Tati’s YouTube channel currently has over 8 million subscribers. She doesn’t just advise on how to use, apply, or buy cosmetics—she also gives in-depth reviews of premium brand alternatives available at your neighborhood drugstore and contrasts them side by side for your convenience!

Tati – YouTube Channel

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#8. Jessica Vu

Subscribers: 1.5 Million

Influencer Jessica Vu, a Vietnamese-American, is passionate about everything related to fashion and beauty. 

She is well-known for her independently named YouTube channel, which features fashion and beauty hauls as well as tips for hair and makeup! Jessica’s videos offer a pleasant diversion from the norm. 

This well-known influencer’s numerous videos demonstrate Jessica’s enthusiasm for hosting Q&A sessions and working with other YouTubers. 

Over 1 million of her fans, who value how she shares personal stories through vlogs, tips on makeup applications, and more, have come to trust her because of the success of her online work.

Jessica Vu – YouTube Channel

#9. Bethany Mota

Subscribers: 9.57 Million

In 2009, the American vlogger launched her almost ten million-subscriber YouTube channel. 

Even while Bethany first rose to fame for her makeup and fashion videos, she has since started making films that cover a variety of themes, proving that she is more than just a beauty expert.

She and Logan Paul appeared in a truth-or-dare video eleven months ago that has garnered 4,6 million views, demonstrating how well-liked the 22-year-old beauty YouTuber has grown. 

Bethany is a multi-award-winning YouTube sensation, a talented singer, and a future actress.

Bethany Mota YouTube Channel

#10. Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Subscribers: 10.8 Million

Zoe is better known online under the alias Zoella. In 2009, she began a career as a blogger. 

Her blog gained thousands of subscribers by the end of the same year, which gave Zoe the idea to launch her own YouTube channel. 

A little under ten years later, the Zoella channel has 12 million subscribers and is regarded as one of the top online authorities on beauty and fashion.

She regularly publishes movies about food, lifestyle, fashion, and travel in addition to her instructive and engrossing beauty tips. However, Zoe is most known for her skincare and beauty product evaluations.

Zoella YouTube Channel

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Requirements for Starting Makeup YouTube channel

To start a successful Makeup YouTube channel, specific requirements must be met. 

Firstly, it is essential to have a strong understanding of the makeup industry and what trends are popular. This can be achieved by keeping up with beauty bloggers, magazines, and online videos.

Secondly, you will need to invest in high-quality makeup and tools. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but using products that will create a flawless look is essential. 

Thirdly, practice makes perfect! Before filming any videos, practice the looks you want to create. This will help you feel more confident in front of the camera.

Finally, don’t forget to be yourself! Be natural and authentic, and your viewers will appreciate your content.

How Much Do a Makeup Youtuber Make? 

A recent study by Business Insider shows that top makeup YouTubers can earn up to $5 million a year.

The study looked at the top 10 earners on YouTube in the makeup category and found that they earned an average of $4.9 million yearly.

So how do these YouTubers make so much money? A large part of it comes from sponsorships and product endorsements.

Many YouTubers have deals with major makeup brands, which pay them to feature their products in videos and mention them in their descriptions.

But sponsorship deals are just one way these YouTubers make money. They also earn revenue from the ads that play before their videos and from YouTube Red subscribers who pay to watch ad-free versions of their videos.

Top 5 suggestions for launching a YouTube Channel for Makeup

Are you interested in starting your own YouTube beauty channel? Discover the fundamentals of filming and editing makeup videos.

Videos about makeup and beauty are frequently seen on YouTube. For beginners, though, making them might be challenging. 

Here are some valuable pointers for launching your own YouTube beauty channel.

Develop your craft.

Being an authority yourself is a must for teaching others about makeup. Experiment with various methods and goods. Watch other beauty YouTubers for inspiration, but make sure your material is unique.

Create a content plan.

You need your niche because there are so many YouTubers in the beauty industry. Consider what makes your material distinct. Determine the types of videos you wish to produce and the frequency of your uploads.

Your commitment to your plan will be its most crucial component. You can continue producing content once you start receiving views since your audience will become accustomed to it.

Take good video Footage.

You can begin with a smartphone camera, but for superior color depth and detail, you should eventually upgrade to a DSLR camera. Invest in a ring light to softly highlight your face and bring out the actual hues of your makeup.

Shooting videos in a confined space will produce better sound and lighting. A backdrop should be prepared.

Get your audience involved.

When their favorite YouTubers interact with them, viewers are thrilled. Remember to respond to comments and offer beneficial makeup advice. To increase your audience, it’s a good idea to join other social media networks.

High-quality video editing is required.

Raw video needs to create a compelling finished product. To make your films more entertaining to view, always modify them. 

Simple video editing programs like Adobe Premiere Pro make it simple to cut videos, add effects and graphics, correct audio, and do much more.

Explore Premiere Pro’s capabilities to immediately live your goal of being a YouTube beauty star.


What can you do to improve your YouTube videos?

Your initial videos won’t be great, no matter how much time and work you put into them. Examining how viewers react to your YouTube videos is the best way to improve them. 

What should you do first if you want to start a YouTube channel?

Decide on your channel’s niche and objective first. Before you produce content, you must be sure of the industries you want to focus on in your films. 
Choose a few similar areas based on your interests and abilities. Continuously creating material for a particular niche will be simpler to attract readers. Your objective will assist you in determining the direction your videos will take so that you can be consistent.

What tools are required to launch a YouTube channel?

A computer with respectable performance and specifications, video editing software, a microphone, and a capable screen recorder are all required. 
You can try out software programs like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Filmora, Corel VideoStudio, and Debut Screen recorder is a fantastic, reasonably priced choice for adding captions to your videos. 
You’ll also need a good camera if you plan to appear on camera or capture videos in addition to screen recordings.

Who are the popular Makeup YouTubers That are Great Influencers?

Jackie Aina
Deepak Smitha
Michael Mua
Jillian Vu
Bethany Mota
Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

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In conclusion

These four makeup YouTubers are great influencers because they are creative, inspiring, and honest. They have helped shape the beauty community into what it is today and continue influencing others with their unique styles. If you’re looking for some new makeup inspiration, be sure to check out these YouTubers.



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