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13 Best Phone Systems For Small Businesses 2022

A modern communications system is vital in today’s business world. Small business owners and employees often wear several hats, including managing the company’s technology. Because of this seemingly difficult responsibility, it’s important that one gets the best phone systems available.

Small businesses are interested in evolving and implementing the type of phone systems that would allow them to unify communications.

As a small business owner, boosting your business should be one of your top priorities.

Therefore, if you need to find out everything about the phone system, why it’s needed, the best ones for your business, and links to their website? Keep reading.

What are Phone Systems for Small Businesses?

A phone system comprises multiple telephones used in an interconnected fashion that allows for advanced telephony features.

Such features include; call handling and transferring, conference calling, call metering and accounting, private and shared voice message boxes.

Phone systems can function over the public switched telephone network, over the internet, or over a combination of the two.

They provide your small business with a way to manage inbound and outbound calls.

Phone systems are designed to handle multiple calls at once and to transfer calls within the organization.

Most of their features include multiple lines, which allows employees to switch between calls to better manage times of high call volume; auto-attendant to greet callers and route them to the right employee; visual voicemail, conference calls, call forwarding, on-hold messages, and handset support.

Why do Small Businesses Need Phone Systems?

The digital age has drastically changed the world’s perception and the way things are done. Things are relatively easier and faster. It has redefined the way businesses are done, how employees connect and collaborate and how best to interact with customers.

Here are some of the reasons why your small business needs a phone system:

  • Phone systems help save time and money. It is off site, easy to set up and grows with you as your business needs to change. It also gives you advanced features that are more flexible and affordable than the traditional PBX systems. Business phone systems can save you the cost associated with the loss of leads due to missed communication opportunities.
  • Phone systems would help you deliver good customer service. The best phone service for small business would give features which would help in streamlining the process of finding the right audience. The result is quick and efficient. It does not only improve customer service but also reduces the pressure on your employees. 
  • Phone systems simplifies your small businesses by decreasing pressure on you and your employees. Whether you need call management features or collaboration tools, it simplifies all this with one-stop shop, with all features.
  • Phone systems would ensure that everyone in your business stays connected anytime and anywhere. It streamlines workflow in terms of adding new contact information, a new user of the platform, and a new branch for collaboration. Seamless call forwarding keeps employees connected to your clients no matter where they are, and either paid or free conference calling and collaboration tools ensure your team stays on the same page even when they are not in the same room. This kind of flexibility is needed to ensure the expansion of your small business.

More Reasons Why You need A Phone System

  • Phone systems have a way of ensuring you project a professional image. Even though you are small, looking like a pro would open you up to a lot of opportunities. A cloud phone system can quickly and easily route calls to the right people, set up automated assistants, and use pro-level voicemail and call notifications to keep track of customer’s needs.
  • With phone systems, you can ensure the privacy of your business information and data. A cloud business phone system lets you control when and where customers contact you, keeps your proprietary information accessible to employees and safe from getting lost.

How Much Does a Phone System For A Small Business Cost?

The best business phone system for a small business monthly costs starts at about $12 to $20 per user. Some popular providers like Zoom, charge less than this per month. Every service has varied costs.

Some factors that affect the cost of business phone lines are the number of lines in your business.

Additionally, the type of phone service also matters in determining the cost of the phone system. Special features such as answering services, mobility services, and extra support can also drive up the price of a business phone. 

How to set up a phone system

To set it up, you would need to have a reliable high-speed internet connection. When you have this, follow these steps to set it up.

  • After signing up with a new service provider, the first thing is to log into your administrator dashboard to understand what phone system features are available to you.
  • You should go on to set business hours because features like auto forwarding and auto attendants run off these schedules
  • Configure your team extensions and voicemail. Grouping and identifying extensions keep your business organized
  • Design your call flows according to how you want callers into your company to feel
  • Enable advanced call routing and auto attendants
  • Forward calls to toll-free and local numbers
  • Turn on customs greetings and call recording
  • Get your team presence

You don’t feel like this is enough help? Click here to watch a video on setting up your phone system for your small business.

13 best phone systems for small businesses

#1. RingCentral

This is a powerful yet easy-to-use phone system. It is known for its innovative and cutting-edge technology which is integrated into a secure, one-stop, cloud-hosted communication solution.

It also comes with useful features which include call monitoring, call forwarding, call routing, automatic call recording, call logs, video meeting conferencing, and screen sharing which entails greater productivity and efficiency.

RingCentral is highly recommended for your small business. However, the pricing is a bit on the high side.

#2. Nextiva

This is one of the best and most reliable phone systems. Nextiva equips your team with the right business tools to keep employees productive, and customers satisfied.

They offer outstanding features like unlimited calling, auto-attendant, unlimited internet faxing, advanced call management, call routing, hold-music, amongst others.

It is one of the easiest phone systems to set up. It has reliable and trustworthy service with HD call quality. Their customer care is also available 24/7 to answer your questions and help with any difficulties you might face. Their essential plan starts from $23.95 a month for each user.

Building strong relationships and experiences has never been easier.

#3. Ooma Office Phone

This phone system is popular because it has affordable 1-800 toll-free phone numbers. It’s also very easy to set up and it has features like on-hold music for call queues, a virtual receptionist, extension dialing, mobile phone apps and more.

It offers technology to assure every customer call coming in or going out from your business is crystal clear. The voice quality delivered by Ooma is quality even under extreme conditions. It works to keep the conversation flowing.

Ooma is reliable, dependable, and supportive both for you and your customers. It ensures your employees and customers are the top priority of your business.

#4. Dialpad

Designed for small businesses, Dialpad makes your business calls better. It is ranked #2 in best business phone systems of 2021. Dialpad works by offering various ways to connect your team with its customers.

It also offers an assortment of cloud-based products centered on business communications. Its APIs provide cell data and additional user management functionality.

Dialpad offers three plans for you to choose from. The standard plan runs at $20 for a month, while the pro plan runs at $30 for a month, and for the enterprise plan, you would have to contact Dialpad.

#5. GoToConnect

GoToConnect service benefits for businesses are to simplify phone line management, call monitoring, and conference setup. It also helps with improving collaboration with teams, employees, and customers making it one of the best phone systems out there.

You can use your mobile device to stay connected to work while on the go.

The price of this phone system starts from $19.95-$29.95 per month. After that, price plans change with every additional group of users. GoToConnect uses a tier method.

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#6. Grasshopper

This is also one of the best phone service and virtual phone systems in the market. You can use their service if you are an established small business owner or just starting out.

To make outgoing calls, you can either use their mobile or desktop apps and there is no restriction to the number of minutes you can use. As a small business owner, grasshopper helps you focus on your business, so you can do what you are good at.

#7. 8×8

This phone system places its efforts on ensuring that they have a truly unified cloud-based communication system that works simply and seamlessly with your business. Your business miscommunications will easily be solved with the 8×8 system.

The price of an 8×8 phone service system starts from $25 per month for their X series X2 plan. Additionally, you have several plans available for you to choose from.

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#8. Vonage

Vonage activates conversations across voice, SMS, team messaging, fax, social, meetings, and more. It also provides a unified communication experience with elevated quality of service.

Vonage is a cloud-based phone system. It allows you to implement new software easily without additional costs. They are reliable as their product ensures an increase in productivity and fluid collaboration between you and your employees.

Vonage’s business plans depend on the number of phone lines. As a small business, having 5-19 lines would cost you at least $17.99 per lines.

#9. Windstream

This phone system was put together to ensure that you and your team work efficiently. It offers a range of solutions that can streamline operations, improve organizational productivity, mobility, and agility, and reduce costs.

They also have cloud-optimized solutions which can very easily align to your needs, that of your employees, and that of your customers.

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#10. Net2phone

With an outstanding track record in telecom fueled by growth and innovation, net2phone delivers on the promise of driving your business success through smarter conversations.

Their features are reliable, feature-filled, and easy to use. As a customer, you would receive free, premium customer support, available to you 24/7 to ensure that you and your business stay connected.

#11. Zoom

Zoom is an essential tool for small businesses that want to keep in touch and continue their daily workflows with minimal disruptions. It enables you to virtually interact with co-workers when in-person meetings are not possible.

It also lets you record those sessions to view them later. With zoom, your business can have one-on-one meetings, group video conferences, screen sharing, recording, amongst others.

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#12. is the most affordable phone system for small businesses. It is the modern, work-from-anywhere solution for today’s agile, mobile, and always-on entrepreneurs and growing businesses.

It is a cost-effective service with plans starting from $12 per month. However, there is a limit of 300minuites and 3000 SMS with their basic plan. You would need to upgrade for this limit to be raised.

#13. CallHippo

With CallHippo, you can reduce your communication costs and get access to advanced features, enjoy access to tools like call transfers, call queuing, IVR, and call distribution.

Your voicemail can also be played directly from your email and you can track your phone support performance. With this software, you can enjoy low-cost per-call, service mobility, improved productivity, and call forwarding.


When you equip employees with features that promote connectivity, you take your business to the next level. Your business phone is your competitive advantage. Your office phone can be the best technology investment you have made in a while because it affects sales, marketing, operations, and customer service.

Therefore, having looked at some of the best phone systems, find on that best suits your business need and get started. Good luck.