10 Best YouTube Channels For Girls | Updated

YouTube is now one of the most popular search engines and video-sharing platforms. Many YouTubers become celebrities after accumulating millions of views and subscribers.

Considering all this, it will not surprise you that there are many YouTube channels for girls especially. Even though only 38% of YouTube users are female, there is no shortage of ladies who consistently post videos with millions of views.

Women dominate the fashion, cooking, and makeup niches, but comedians and gamers are among the most successful girls on YouTube personalities. In this article, we’ll be showing you the best YouTube channels for girls. 

10 Best YouTube Channels For Girls in 2022

Here is the list of the best YouTube channels for girls that every girl will find interesting to watch. 

#1. SSSniperWolf

Subscribers: 31.9 Million.

Views: 19.5 Billion.

Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh, is a British-American female YouTube gamer. Her screen name, SSSniperwolf, is a combination of the name of her first YouTube channel, sexysexysniper, and the name of a boss character in the Metal Gear series Sniper Wolf. 

Although she started on YouTube as a gaming channel, her current content consists mainly of hilarious reaction videos. The SSSniperWolf is one of the best YouTube channels for girls and has made her one of the most famous female social media gamers on the internet. 

Nickelodeon recognized Lia with a nomination for the Kid’s Choice Awards in the category of Favorite Gamer. Her company has also promoted a dance video for the PUBG video game.

She strongly suggested that all of her followers get the PUBG mobile app. Additionally, she is the owner of a second channel on YouTube known as “Little Lia Wolf,” which has more than 2.88 million subscribers. Her YouTube videos are usually uploaded at most for 2-3 days intervals. 

#2. Liza Koshy

Subscribers: 17.4 Million.

Views: 2.5 Billion.

Liza Koshy is a 24-year-old American who rose to the top of the Best Girl YouTubers list after making her first YouTube video YouTube video in July 2015. Liza, born in 1996, is a comedian, actress, and television host.

Her given name is Elizabeth Shaila Koshy. She makes amusing and entertaining videos. Liza has received two Streamy Awards, as well as other honors.

In 2018, she joined the web series “Liza on Demand,” which has free episodes on YouTube. She also hosted ‘Every Single Step’ and ‘Total Request Live’ on MTV until 2018.

Liza was the first “digital star” to give interviews for Vogue magazine’s “73 Questions” web series. She also conducted celebrity interviews for Vogue. She appeared in online advertisements for ‘Beats Electronics,’ which has four times the viewership of other celebrities.

She was even included in the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Hollywood & Entertainment list, the 2019 Time 25 Most Influential People on the Internet list, and the 2019 Time 100 Next list. Liza’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for girls. 

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#3. JennaMarbles

Subscribers: 19.9 Million. 

Views: 1.7 Billion.

Jenna Nicole Mourey is famous by the name pseudonym Jenna Marbles. The “Marbles” title of Mourey’s channel refers to her dog, Marbles, who appears in many of her videos.

In a single week in 2010, Jenna’s video titled “How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking” received 5.3 million views in a single week. In 2011 her other video, “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To” was featured in The New York Times and ABC News.

 The brand of humor that catapulted her to fame remains her defining characteristic as a vlogger all these years later. Her videos are always very funny and cover various aspects of everyday life.

You will find videos on her channel today in which her dog assists her in selecting lipstick or her partner guides her through a lesson on how to apply makeup. She is such a fan of puppies that she discovers a store chain selling dogs’ products.

Her enormous number of viewers and consistently high participation rate place her among the most successful YouTubers on our chart. Jenna’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for girls. 

In addition to YouTube, Mourey has been on the TV show “Ridiculousness” and is the host of a weekly music countdown on SiriusXM. She is also the first social media star with her wax figure in the Madame Tussauds museum. 

#4. RCLbeauty101

Subscribers: 14.5 Million.

Views: 3.9 Billion.

Rachel Levin named her channel RCLbeauty101 and joined YouTube in 2010. Her first YouTube video was titled “How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles.”

When she uploaded it, her DIY ideas and tips on improving one’s appearance quickly became popular on the video-sharing platform. After that, she moved on to making comedy videos, which eventually went on to garner a significant amount of traction among her subscribers.

Rachel’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for girls. That is especially so if you are a makeup fanatic. Which most girls are. 

At the moment, Rachel has 478 uploaded videos. As a beauty influencer, she frequently discusses various makeup brands in her videos.

Today, she is well-known for her comedy skits, fashion advice, and entertaining video content. Not only does Rachel have partnerships with other companies like Google and Audible, but she has had nominations for a Teen Preference Award and multiple Streamy Awards. 

She was also mentioned in ‘The Wall Street Journal’ at the age of 16 for an article titled “Mixing Makeup for the Webcam” about her cosmetics DIYs. She was featured in a Forbes Magazine article titled “Rachel Levin: A YouTuber With A Positive Message” and a Steve Harvey episode.

Rachel launched her makeup line, RCL Cosmetics, in 2020. She also made her music debut in 2020 with the release of her first single, “Myself,” on Sun & Sky Records.

#5. Zoella

Subscribers: 10.8 Million. 

Views: 1 Billion.

Zoe Sugg commonly known as Zoella is a stunning lifestyle blogger and video vlogger who hails from the UK.

In contrast to other stars on YouTube, Zoella began her career by maintaining a standard blog; when the blog attracted many readers, Zoella decided to launch her own YouTube channel.

Zoella has one of the best YouTube channels for girls with amazing content on various topics, including hair, makeup, fashion, and style. Her debut novel, titled “Girl Online,” broke a record for the number of copies sold in the first week after its release.

It also becomes the fastest-selling book of that year. She collaborated with Amy McCulloch on writing a young adult fiction novel titled The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow, published on October 29, 2020.

She received the Cosmopolitan Blog Award, the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, and the Teen Choice Award. She was also nominated for the YouTuber of the Year Shorty Award in 2016.

#6. Wengie

Subscribers: 13.7 Million.

Views: 1.8 Billion.

Chinese Australian YouTuber Wendie Ayache is the mastermind behind one of the best Youtube channels for girls called Wengie. Wendie joined Youtube on September 9, 2010.

She shares humorous video content on her channel that may include life hacks, satire, pranks, Do It Yourself projects, or instructional tutorials. The Wengie channel currently has a total of 357 uploaded videos. 

Additionally, she is a singer. Wendie Ayche had her debut single, titled “Baby Believe Me,” released in the year 2017. She was also hired as an influencer for the luxury brand Dior in 2018 and was invited to attend the Dior show during Paris Fashion Week.

Wendie’s debut extended play, titled “Collabs Vol. 1 (Int’l Ver. ),” came out in the year 2020 and featured collaborations with several artists from a variety of countries.

Her song “Thing You Want” was in Hindi and features the Indian singer Shalmali Kholgade. Wendie also established a second YouTube channel titled “WengieVlogs” in 2013.

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#7. Lily Singh

Subscribers: 14.7 Million.

Views: 3 Billion.

YouTube comedian Lilly Singh is best known for the satirical rants and racially-themed parody videos she has uploaded to her channel.

Since she started uploading videos to YouTube in 2010, she has taken her career to entirely new levels with the video content she shares with the world.

As of 2017, she held the tenth spot on the Forbes list of the world’s highest-paid YouTube stars, with an estimated earnings total of $10.5 million.

In 2017, she released her first novel, titled How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Overcoming Life, and the following year, she appeared in the adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 produced by HBO.

She is currently ranked as the third wealthiest star on YouTube and continues to achieve new heights while simultaneously creating extremely popular content on the platform where she got her start. Singh’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for girls. 

Since 2014, Singh has appeared in every one of YouTube’s annual Best of compilations (except for 2019). In 2019, she was ranked by Forbes as one of the top 40 most powerful people in the comedy industry.

Singh is the recipient of multiple awards, including a People’s Choice Award, two Teen Choice Awards, an MTV Fandom Award, and four Streamy Awards.

#8. Bethany Mota

Subscribers: 9.61 Million

Views: 835 Million 

Bethany Mota’s channel is one of the best YouTube channels for girls. Her channel is so popular that her fans named themselves the Mota-vators. She launched her YouTube channel when she was still in her teenage age. 

Mota’s first haul video uploaded to YouTube in June 2009, amassed 9.5 million views by October 2015. As the practice of hauling grew in popularity on YouTube, bands began to use it as a marketing tool. As part of their efforts to promote themselves, these bands give Mota free cosmetics and gift cards.

When Mota is hired for promotional videos and features on free products, she always mentions that the products are not ones she has personally purchased.

Her videos offer advice on fashion and beauty, as well as makeup application demonstrations and imaginative concepts.

In addition to posting beauty tutorials on YouTube, she used the platform to advocate for anti-bullying measures and the acceptance of all people.

In 2014, she was one of the content creators on YouTube chosen to participate in the platform’s very first advertising campaign. Mota is a contributor to the web show IMO, hosted on YouTube and geared toward adolescents.

In 2015, she interviewed President Barack Obama. The show is part of Whitehouse’s effort to connect with a more diverse audience and will be broadcast live.

#9. Rosanna Pansino

Subscribers: 13.5 Million.

Views: 3.8 Billion.

Pansino, whose channel is one of the best YouTube channels for girls, initially started her channel because she wanted to get more comfortable in front of a camera while pursuing a career in acting. 

She makes handcrafted pies, cupcakes, sweets, donuts, and other snacks with love. On YouTube, you can see videos of movie-themed sweets such as Moana-inspired pies, Avengers-inspired cupcakes, and even emoji-themed pancakes.

Her “How to Make a Frozen Princess Cake” video has over 198 million views and is the most popular cooking video on YouTube. 

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#10. Miranda Sings 

Subscribers: 10.8 Million. 

Views: 2.3 Billion. 

Colleen Ballinger is a comedian and singer, operating one of the best YouTube channels for girls, famously known as Miranda Sings. Miranda” is a fun YouTube character that Colleen plays.

Miranda is funny, seductive, and loves singing silly songs. Ballinger made the character to make fun of bad singers who think that putting their videos on YouTube will help them get into show business.

Her inspiration was from early YouTube videos and rude classmates. Ballinger’s YouTube channel has videos of the character, who is funny because she has no talent and is egotistical, lost, and weird.

In these videos, the eccentric, self-centered, but endearing character sings badly, dances awkwardly, talks about current events that she often doesn’t understand, works with other YouTubers, and reads hate mail.


Women create some of the best YouTube videos, and it’s no surprise that many female YouTubers have more than 10 million subscribers. This article’s 10 best YouTube channels for girls can serve as a guide in starting your own YouTube channels. 

The girls on this list did not wait for opportunities to come their way to help them become actors, singers, or makeup artists. 

They only started making videos and sharing their talent and ideas with the world, quickly becoming celebrities. We hope their success stories inspire others to take action on their own.

FAQs Best YouTube Channels for Girls

Who is the richest female YouTubers

Anastasia Radzinskaya, better known as Nastya, has over 100 million subscribers across her 11 YouTube channels, and Forbes estimates she will earn $28 million in ad revenue and brand deals in 2021.

What is the first YouTube Video?

“Me at the Zoo,” uploaded to YouTube on April 23, 2005, is the platform’s first video, featuring co-founder Jawed Karim in front of two elephants at the San Diego Zoo, stating how long their trunks are.

Who is the queen of YouTube?

Rachel Hofstetter has repeatedly proven why she deserves to be the Queen of YouTube. Instagram post by Valkyrae Valkyrae has established herself as the “Queen of YouTube” on the strength of a massive 2020 subscriber growth.

Who is the King of YouTube?

Since 2013, Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has had the most subscribers on YouTube. He is a Swedish YouTuber who creates, edits, and publishes all of his content.

Can you lose monetization on YouTube?

Regardless of watch hours or subscriber count, channels will lose monetization if they violate any of YouTube’s monetization policies.



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