10 Best Most Expensive Restaurants in Miami | Ultimate Guide

Miami! A city you would enjoy experiencing. Trust me there’s nothing you wouldn’t love when you come to visit. There’s the cool beach you can play on and enjoy the breeze, the lovely food you get from restaurants or local eateries, the diverse culture, and more.

Furthermore, Miami has some of the best restaurants in Florida. Yeah, you heard me right! They have delicious food cuisine you would love to have a taste of.

Take a look at the most expensive restaurant in Miami and see what they have to offer to you.

Is Food Expensive In Miami?

Eating food in Miami varies depending on the type of food you want to buy. Some meals can cost an average of $33 or day. According to research, travelers spend as much as $13 per person when eating in restaurants in Miami. In Miami, the breakfast prices of food are usually cheaper than that of lunch or dinner.

Also, the price of the food you get in sit-down restaurants is usually higher than that of fast food or street food.

10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Miami 2023

Are you planning to spend your next vacation in Miami? I bet the restaurants and their menu will wow you with their culinary skills. Here is a list of the most expensive restaurants in Miami. 


Experience unique dining at this five-star Japanese restaurant with Chef Kevin Cory creating a different menu for his guests every night. So every night there is the best deal where you can enjoy a 3-hour dining experience in NAOE. However, make the 3-4 day plan to enjoy an exquisite meal in Miami.

You can reserve two different time slots: Book at 6:30 pm or at 9:30 pm. It is expensive of course because it has five stars. It’s worth coming. People from all over Miami and worldwide come to this restaurant to try the chef-style dishes. So don’t forget to come here when vacationing in Miami.

Address: 661 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131

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2. Palme d’Or

The incredible setting of this fine French restaurant will amaze you. It is located in the lobby of the Biltmore Hotel and is surrounded by the hotel’s historic swimming pool. The style of the 1920s inspires the dining set. Here, you can enjoy the taste of French cuisine. The kitchen is overseen by up-and-coming star chefs Gregory Pugin and James Beard.

Guests can enjoy the wonderful menu designed by them. It’s a must-come dining destination in Miami. Show your love for this beautiful dining destination. Enjoy an elegant and romantic date at Palme d’Or.

Address: 1200 Anastasia Ave, Coral Gables, FL 3313

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3. Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina

This high-end French restaurant’s incredible setting brings you to Bourbon Steak by Michael Mina, an American restaurant famous for its classic steak recipes. You won’t find traditional steak recipes like this anywhere else in Miami.

They serve beef, lamb, pork, and all organic dishes. Guests can also taste unique wines and local seafood brought fresh by locals. They have craft cocktails for all their guests. Reserve a table online and get ready to experience Miami’s culinary culture. The Dining environments are inspired and designed by award-winning chef Mina. 

Address: 19999 W Country Club Dr, Aventura, FL 33180

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4. Zuma

This Japanese restaurant comes with an incredible twist for diners. The casual dining and drinking style, the traditional yet modern Japanese cuisine, and the great atmosphere make it among the best restaurants in Miami, in contrast to traditional Japanese dishes. Zuma offers amazing new but delicious meals for the guests. Also, enjoy your evening and food from the three kitchens of Robata Grill Restaurant, Sushi Counter, and Central Kitchen.

Surprisingly, you can enjoy a private dinner in its two unique rooms. The terrace overlooking the sea is undoubtedly perfect for a private dinner. Experience an amazing meal here!

Address: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

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5. Nobu Miami

Nobu Miami is one of the best places for anyone coming to Miami for the first time. It used to be a seaside club that was a trendy venue. But now it’s close to the beach, making it a perfect place to eat for travellers. The surprising fact is that this Japanese restaurant has a famous chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. Therefore, without a doubt, guests will have the best dining experience here.

The traditional lanterns, cherry blossom decorations, and all the classic Japanese dishes make it one of the best. It can be considered one of the most expensive restaurants in Miami worth trying. The menu offers all the delicious dishes that will linger on the guest’s palate for many years to come. All local ingredients come straight from the farm, giving the food a fresh taste.

Address: 4525 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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6. Hakkasan

Just like Japanese and Asian delicacies, you may additionally experience Chinese delicacies in Miami. Since its establishment in 2009, Hakkasan has set the bar for the best and most well-known in Miami. It is elevating the bars of eating places and becoming even extra and famous amongst locals and within the traffic because of its high-quality Cantonese delicacies.

It gives a wealthy ambiance, amazing wine, and sparkling meals to make you have memorable meals. You can pick out from the restaurants’ pattern signature dishes and choose a mild wine in conjunction with it.

Although it may empty your pockets, it’ll come up with an entire life experience. You will love the Wild mushroom with noodles, stir-fried lobster, and jasmine tea with smoked ribs which is one of the highlights of Hakkasan.

Address: 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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7. Il Gabbiano

At this restaurant, you will experience it like you’re in the streets of Italy while you are in Il Gabbiano. This prestigious Italian eating place has a setting that will come up with extraordinary feelings because of the complete temper and how the setting has an Italian look. Staff manages the whole lot well, permitting you to revel in the superb and cute food. For decades, Il

Gabbiano serves a memorable and fine-eating experience to its guests. There is the Biscayne Bay from right there that made it one of the preferred eating locations amongst Miamians. It has a complete listing of wine picks for all wine enthusiasts throughout the city. You can experience the flavour of well-known wines from Europe. Also, when seeking a romantic date in an Italian place, you should come to Il Gabbiano” and have a blast experience.

Address: 335 S Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33131

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8. Pao by Paul Qui

In this list of the most expensive restaurants in Miami, this one is complete with lavish decorations. You can’t get the theme because it can’t be found everywhere in Miami.
The unicorn theme can be seen anywhere in deep gold and purple colours.

This Asian eating place has a completely unique signature cocktail. Additionally, they have an incredible way of serving it in an elaborate unicorn mug fabricated from copper.

You need to pay $25 to experience its signature cocktail. This is something you will love to do! Also, the Wagyu Carpaccio is a must-attempt dish at Pao.

Address: 3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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9. Cipriani Downtown Miami

It is known as one of Miami’s best and most expensive restaurants. It has branches in other places like Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, and more.

This Italian most expensive restaurant is located in a beautiful area around the Miami River on its south side. Guests can enjoy the view of Biscayne Bay, which offers guests a panoramic view.

The restaurant is active and works seven days a week, meaning you can visit and enjoy the delicacies whenever you want. Luckily, you can enjoy private events in downtown Cipriani. For example, you should try dishes like the new salmon sashimi, fresh beef sashimi with yuzuponzu sauce stirred in sesame oil. This expensive restaurant also offers ha tuna tataki salad, black cod, and seared sole as its cross dishes.

Address: 465 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

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10. Le Sirenuse Miami

Visit the Italian Amalfi Coast in Miami on the “Le Sirenuse Miami” stage. In this elegant hotel, you will see an attractive and elegant decoration style. It is the best hotel in town, offering some of the best Italian dishes for dinner. It has established a unique and standardized status among the most expensive restaurants in Miami.

So start your evening with champagne at Le Sirenuse Miami. Enjoy the sea view while dining here with your loved ones. The traditions of the Amalfi Coast inspire every dish on the menu. With their natural culinary menu, Chef Antonio Mermolia brings the taste of the season right to your table.

Address: 9011 Collins Ave, Surfside, FL 33154

What Cities Are Similar To Miami?

Miami is one of the beautiful cities that most travelers prefer visiting or exploring. This city is filled with fun, beach vibes, and more. Who won’t want to sit under the sunny beach and enjoy the cool breeze of Miami? Imagining the beauty and satisfaction you can get from this city is another level of pleasure.

Miami is well written about by some top writers who know and value the city as much as the citizens do. You will love to look out for the most expensive restaurants in Miami. The city is unique in its way but some cities seem similar to this city in culture, diversity, and more.

The world is littered with cities with mild climates, beaches, a crazy party scene, and many cultures. Miami is fabulous, but why not pack your bags and see the rest of the world too? From Central America to Africa to Asia and Europe, Miami’s destinations await exploring. Celebrate on the Mediterranean Sea, immerse yourself in Caribbean culture, and immerse yourself in island life. Drink cocktails from buckets in Thailand, party like a celebrity at rooftop bars in Saigon, and join a beach dance in Barcelona. Visit some of the world’s best nightclubs in Ibiza, relax in a hookah lounge in Tel Aviv, and eat all the tacos in Mexico. Are you ready?

 If you loved Miami, then you will surely love these destinations listed below:

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Capetown, South Africa
  • Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Perth, Australia
  • Grand Cayman Island
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
  • Crete, Greece


Do you plan on visiting Miami soon? Get a taste from these expensive yet amazing restaurants capable of satisfying your taste buds to your amazement. You won’t want to miss the delicacies you can get from any of the most expensive restaurants in Miami listed above.


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