Top 9 Churches that Help with Bills | Ultimate Guide

Most Americans find it difficult to keep up with monthly bills, especially the cost of raising a family. Even those that have some of their budgets met each month, may still panic about those bills beyond their control.

For families with low income, churches now offer social services to help pay bills like food, electricity, rent, and utility bills. Some local churches solely help with affordable medical care, offer shelter, and provide other kinds of support.

These churches know that sometimes life can throw anyone a curveball. Times when you experience job loss, medical issues, disaster, fire outbreak, other crises that can really knock you off your feet, these churches like Salvation Amy, Love INC are here for you.

If you are looking for help to pay your bills right now or when you encounter an emergency, contact any of these 10 churches near you and you will get due assistance.

Churches Near Me that Help Pay Bills in 2023

#1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a faith-based organization that supports people of all faiths and backgrounds. They offer extensive social services to immigrants, senior citizens, or the disabled among others.

They range from food or emergency funds to pay for rent or electric bills to Christmas gifts.

How Does the Salvation Army Help Pay Bills?

The Salvation Army is one outstanding church that has been rendering social services since 1865. The movement has spread throughout the world and currently provides aid in over 130 countries.

The organization can provide you financial support during tough times and pay your utility bills. If you need financial help for another bill, they can too.

By providing a variety of services to help families and individuals, they serve millions of individuals in every state in the USA.

As one of their goals is to fight homelessness throughout the Midwest, the Salvation Army is helping with:

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Utility Bills
  • Medicine
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Transportation (public transit, bus passes, etc.)

Contact Salvation Army Church

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#2. Love INC

Love Inc. is a nationwide faith-based ministry that mobilizes churches, and other organizations that can help meet the urgent needs of the less fortunate.

They help pay different kinds of bills.

Locations in the US and Kenya receive incoming calls from families and individuals who need help with food, rent, utilities, clothing, car repairs, and more.

Due to its massive size, the organization now has a pantry and a thrift store.

How Does the Love INC Help Pay Bills?

Churches and ministries operate in partnership with Love Inc. The organization provides social services to the working poor.

This is the way they work.

If you or your family are in serious need, Love INC expects you to call their helpline (541) 757-8111. A volunteer from their call center will help you fill out their initial Intake Form over the phone.

Once your request is processed, they will put together a unique plan for you, including help from local churches and agencies in the area.

Basically, Love INC of the Benton County renders help to those who live in the following cities: Corvallis, Philomath, Blodgett, Monroe, Adair Village, or Bellfountain.

No specific requirements that would make you ineligible to receive services from Love Inc.

Love INC help pay the following bills:

  • Bikes (as available)
  • Dental Referrals
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Firewood
  • Gifts
  • Kitchen Items
  • Newborn Items ​
  • ​Linens
  • Laundry Services
  • Maternity Clothes
  • Encouragement/Prayer
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Preschool Clothing
  • The Christmas Store

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#3. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is also known as the “Mormons.” They give tremendous gifts and money-related support to those in need.

The church provides access in several locations to their “Bishop Storehouses.” These store-like areas give food at no expense to families in need.

How Does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Help Pay Bills?

You may need to interview with a local authority before you get food, but the LDS church has frequently said they would not turn someone in need away.

Furthermore, the LDS church has transient administrations (to support the destitute), and numerous local assemblies help with financial support help for those needing help with rent or other bills.

Contact your neighborhood LDS congregation to discover more.

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Churches that Help with Utility Bills Near Me in 2023

#4. The Episcopal Church

Episcopal Church is one of the most popular churches in the world that help with bills and rent assistance. The church has hundreds of parishes across the US.

They help provide emergency financial assistance to less privileged families. It also ranks as one of the best churches that help with rent and pay bills.

The organization operates and provides its services throughout the United States of America. They are known to provide financial help to less fortunate families and individuals.

As they provide their services throughout the United States, it becomes easier to locate them locally.

How Does the Episcopal Church Help Pay Bills?

You can check their official website or ask a local for help in locating your local office. Or you can contact them online via email or post your issue on their site.

Another method of asking for their help is to go to their office in person and talk to the volunteers about your problem. Then they would render help to you according to your needs.

Even in the United States, the organization has 100 networks and they help the low-income group and the family who are financially weak.

So if you fall into that category and need a discount on your utility bill, go to the regional center of Episcopal Churches to help you with the bills, the administration will help you.

Generally, they help people so they can meet basic needs such as:

  • buying clothes,
  • groceries,
  • paying rent,
  • paying utility bills, and
  • many more

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#5. Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities is one of the leading charities providing help nationwide. It has over 30,000 offices over the globe, and the reports show that more than 15 million individuals every year get their service.

Catholic charities have helped the large number of individuals by setting up banks and food pantries everywhere in the country.

The Catholic churches that help with utilities run different programs, and one such is the Utility Bill Program; through this, you will get relief from the utility bills.

The association is devoted to helping individuals and empowering them to live life with dignity, and for the equivalent, the Church is helping with;

  • Food,
  • Clothing,
  • Rent,
  • Utility Bills, and
  • some more

How Does the Catholic Charities USA Help Pay Bills?

Applicants may qualify for emergency assistance by bringing a current utility bill, proof of current and identifiable income, and valid identification. These services are provided regardless of religion, race, creed, or socioeconomic status.

Individuals requiring rental assistance will need to provide a copy of the lease in the applicant’s name, identification, and proof of income.

All aid recipients will need to enroll in a budget class.

If you need help with a rent or utility bill, call or visit your local Catholic Charities office to begin the process.

Contact Catholic Charities

Churches Near Me that Help Pay Rent

#6. The United Methodist Church

Many churches help with rent and the United Methodist Church is one of the best. They provide help across the globe. It is said to be probably the biggest association that assists individuals on a short-term basis with their problems of daily life.

United Methodist Churches that help with utility bills have multiple chains in the world so that they can reach the mass and empower the poor to have a superior life.

How Does the United Methodist Church Help Pay Rent?

This service brings help to the poor in the United States and abroad. Their services extend from temporary housing, drug, and alcohol counseling, food, and bill assistance.

Under this program, a candidate is given assistance with rent. From a genuine perspective, the association pays a fractional measure of the rent as indicated by the money-related state of the candidate.

In serious conditions, the United Methodist Church can also help to pay the entire rent help for an individual, not only part of the rent.

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#7. Lutheran Social Services

Lutheran Social Services is a non-profit organization that gives rent assistance to the destitute. It supports and financially backs the churches near me that help with rent assistance.

They also work in a joint effort with the government and other organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, to manage the distribution of resources like food, shelter, bill assistance, and other essentials.

How Does the Lutheran Services Help with Rent?

You can connect with them for help both on the web (online) and offline. They are known to assist their candidates with a thoughtful heart and warm hand.

For years, no one has ever left without anything from the organization. As they work with organizations and agencies, it is not difficult to find them.

Contact Lutheran Social Services

#8. Saint Vincent de Paul

Saint Vincent de Paul Society is one of the biggest ongoing charity organization in the entire world. Their motto is to provide quality social services and financial assistance to help the needy and families with low income.

It has an exceptional style to offer help with so many things like food, medication, apparel, fuel, utilities, rent, and even transportation charge.

There are no limits from churches that help with rent assistance. People from all community can come take rent from any of their facilities.

How Does the Saint Vincent de Paul Help with Rent?

They provide resources to only those who are facing an economic crisis.

If you meet the rules of churches that help with rent near me then you will be qualified to get the following kinds of services:

  • Rental and lodging help with help or security cash. Abandonment anticipation administrations will likewise be given.
  • Transportation charges, fuel administration, and vehicle or transport token will likewise be given.
  • Electrical bills, petroleum gas charges, water bills will be given alongside other utility charges.
  • Family products, apparel, home apparatuses, furniture, and school materials will likewise be given uniquely on account of criticalness.
  • Crisis clinical help will be accommodated every one of the seven days of the week.
  • Free feast boxes; from breakfast to Dinner, free goods, hotboxes will be given for use and furthermore for capacity.
  • Extravagance things will be given to each customer in the Christmas week for the pleasure in the individuals.

#9. The Jewish Federations of North America

Most of the Jewish Federation Curches helps pay bills and rent over the years. They have been in collaboration with local and national charities and from their support, the church helps with he food pantry, clothes, utility bill, and more.

Their main aim is to help the needy and families with low-income and facing finanial problems.

How Does the Jewish Federations of North America Help Pay Rent?

If you are looking for churches that help with utilities and rent, then go to the Jewish Federation of North America website below.

Contact Jewish Federation


Churches that help pay the rent have been a blessing to many unhappy people. Several families have been rescued by churches that helped pay the bills. Churches that help with rent assistance have been providing resources to those in need for many years.

For more information, you can contact the respective organizations. They would provide a clearer view of the solution to your problem.

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