13 Ways to Win Amazon Giveaway and Get Stuff for Free

The weirdest thing I’ve learned recently is that you can win some free giveaways from Amazon. Sounds weird to you, too, right? Yea, you can actually win giveaways from Amazon. Stay with me now, and I’ll show you the best-proven ways to win an Amazon giveaway on your next shopping outing.

It is just a few of the numerous online shopping platforms that find it well-meaning enough to reward their customers, and interestingly, Amazon is one of the few.

You would want to ask, “why would a shop give out its stocks and goods for free?”

There are some reasons stores give out their items for free. Most times, it is to reward customers for their loyalty, generate more sales, get positive customer reviews, ultimately leading to more sales, and then clean up their inventory.

So, you can be sure that the next time you shop on Amazon, you’d be bagging home some extra goodies. You keep following to learn how.

Meanwhile, for an overview of what to expect in this article, see the table of contents below.

Now let’s get straight to business!

What is Amazon Giveaway?

Amazon Giveaway is a service that allows Amazon customers to set up and run promotional giveaways. According to Amazon, this marketing tool can help sellers promote new products, drive traffic to their selection, and generate social media buzz.

Sellers usually organize the service on Amazon for its customers. See below for an outline of how the Amazon giveaway works.

How Amazon Giveaway Works

#1. Anyone with an Amazon.com account can host a giveaway, meaning anyone can select and purchase an eligible item to offer as a giveaway prize.

#2. Hosts decide what they want to give away, create awareness of their giveaway, and advertise their giveaway link however they choose.

#3. Giveaway hosts purchase the prizes at the listed price and pay any applicable tax and shipping costs.

#4. The charge a host pays up front includes estimated tax and shipping costs.

#5. The host receives a refund at the time the prize is awarded if the actual tax or shipping costs was lower than estimated (the refund equals to the difference between the estimated and actual costs).

#6. If a giveaway prize is not claimed, the host receives a refund for the cost of the giveaway prize.

Are the Amazon Giveaways Real?

Yes! Amazon giveaways are real, and it’s just impossible to get scammed. What makes real and legit about Amazon giveaways is that when a host creates a giveaway, it goes through Amazon.

The moment the giveaway ends, Amazon ships the prize out to the winner, and the host will never see the prize again.

Also, the parcel goes through the right sources and never gets missing or tampered with.

Has Anyone Actually Won An Amazon Giveaway?

Yes! A good number of folks have won from the Amazon giveaway. Click here to read stories and testimonials of people who have benefited from the Amazon giveaway promo.

What Kind of Stuff Can I Win From the Amazon Giveaway?

The prizes consist mainly of electronics: wireless earbuds, action cameras, dash cams, Bluetooth speakerssecurity cameras, and so on, though you’ll also find some home goods, exercise gear, kitchen stuff, and the like.

Where Can I Win Amazon Giveaways?

There are a number of platforms where you can find Amazon giveaways. The sad thing is that you never knew about these platforms. So, in the next few lines, I’ll share some platforms where you can find and win Amazon giveaways.

13 Ways to Win Amazon Giveaway for Free in 2023

1) Cashbackbase.com

Visit www.cashbackbase.com to get free stuff on Amazon. You probably never knew about Cashbackbase. (kiiky.com) com. The website is one of the latest Amazon product websites offering up to 100% discount on some goods and a large percentage discount on other goods.

Cashbackbase is relatively unknown to the public due to the stiff competition in e-commerce. The newly established Amazon website offers all sorts of incentives to attract customers, and you can be a beneficiary.

This is one of the best ways to win an Amazon giveaway and get stuff for free. I encourage you to act now because not many people know about this.

Some of the items you can get as Amazon giveaways include ebooks, free Audiobooks, and Amazon Prime free trial among several other kinds of stuff. See our post for 7 EASY WAYS TO GET A FREE LAPTOP

2) AMZDiscover

AMZDiscover was basically created for sellers on Amazon, but I’ll teach you how to utilize the tool to get free stuff legally from Amazon. Please note that all methods we share with you are completely legal.

This tool is where sellers on Amazon go to find people to review their products. These sellers offer people incentives in form of giveaways to help them review their product positively in order to convince prospective customers to buy from them.

To win an Amazon giveaway and get stuff for free through AMZDiscover, all you need do is to create an Amazon account, and a profile page, and sign up as a reviewer. Signing up shouldn’t take you more than two minutes.

After signing up, you can then review a few products to give your account an edge. Next, send an email request to AMZDiscover with a link to your Amazon profile page, an email address, and the categories you are interested in.

Shortly after, you will start receiving offers from sellers who offer Amazon giveaways for reviews of their products.

3) Tomoson.com

Tomoson.com is a bit similar to AMZDiscover but differs slightly in its method of operation. The site has thousands of members known as influencers, and Amazon sellers go to the site to seek influencers who would help them review their products in exchange for giveaways.

To qualify as an influencer, you need to be actively involved with social media – you need to have many followers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Also, bloggers with niche blogs are welcome to apply as influencers.

Once you meet these requirements, visit the site to apply. Every brand on the website has specific kinds of influencers they are looking for. When you match the prerequisite for any brand, you will get an offer to be a reviewer in exchange for the product.

4) Through Facebook Groups

Facebook is another sure way to get a free Amazon giveaway. There are several groups that offer members giveaways in exchange for a positive review of products. Some of these groups offer Amazon giveaways, while others give out other kinds of freebies. You can read our post on 13 places to get freebies on your birthday.

However, before joining these Facebook groups, ensure to go through the groups and read some posts contained therein. These groups work through a process of reimbursement. You buy the product on Amazon, provide proof of purchase, and they then give you the money back.

You have to be careful not to reveal your information to scammers, as I know a few people who have fallen victim to scams.

5) Become an Amazon reviewer

Becoming a pro reviewer requires a good investment in work. If you dedicate your time to doing what I’m about to share with you, you are sure to rake in large sums of money aside from getting a free Amazon giveaway.

To become a pro reviewer with Amazon, you would need to own a blog or YouTube channel with many followers or subscribers. If you don’t have a blog or a YouTube channel and you don’t want to go through the stress of creating one, you might want to consider other ways of getting free stuff or more. Read our post on how to get 300 dollars fast.

Now, let’s start with those with a niche blog or a YouTube channel who are willing to invest time in making money and getting a free Amazon giveaway.

To become a pro reviewer, you must start by doing detailed reviews of products. For instance, when a new phone is launched, you have to read up about the specs of the phone and do a review about features on the phone and post the review on your blog or YouTube channel.

The idea is to offer free product demonstrations and build followers for your videos.

After amassing a substantial amount of followers doing free product reviews and demonstrations, you are certain to gain the attention of small and giant companies willing to pay you and also give you their product free.

You must have heard of Amazon pro reviewer, this is how they all started and have become successful.

This is a long-term thing, but I can assure you it is worth the while as their plenty of stuff to gain, including expanding your knowledge base.

6) Become a Vine Reviewer

In 2007, Amazon created a platform where people can sign up to review newly released products or products awaiting release.

There are many benefits to reviewing products with Amazon vine, such as getting various products for free.

The aim of Amazon vine is to help customers know about the products they are about to buy before committing their money. Vine voices on the platform are selected based on ranks. Your rank on the platform increases based on the usefulness of the reviews you have provided on previous products.

After reviewing a few products to increase your rank and choosing you as a vine voice, Amazon provides you with free stuff. This platform is worth every while you spend reviewing products as there are many amazing products to be given out.

One thing I like about Amazon vine is that you don’t necessarily have to provide positive product reviews. You are encouraged to be honest with your assessment, which would help potential buyers of enlisted products.

Amazon cannot modify your reviews on the platform, nor do the vendors have access to the review either. Also, you must ensure your reviews comply with the posting guidelines – essentially discouraging an attempt to mislead or provide inauthentic content.

Any reviewer who is found to have been manipulated to provide only positive reviews would be blacklisted and dumped out of the platform.

Finally, please note that you don’t necessarily need to purchase items before making reviews. All you need to do is sign up and start reviewing.

7) Swagbucks

Swagbucks is of the ways to win Amazon giveaways and get stuff for free. I guess you probably know about Swagbucks and how it operates. But for those who know little or nothing about Swagbucks, I would do a brief introduction.

Swagbucks is a market research website that pays users to use their platform when carrying out searches on the internet instead of using the more popular search engine like Google and Yahoo.

Swagbucks, pay users in various ways, including free gift cards.

You can check out our post on 15 Easy Ways to get Free Xbox gift cards.

The aim of Swagbucks is to learn about people’s search habits and uncover patterns that may be valuable to companies trying to understand consumers better.

Learn more about the platform and get free stuff through www.swagbucks.com

8) Take an Online Survey

The internet aims to make the world as small as possible. There are lots of survey websites around, and even new ones pop up almost every month. These websites offer items and money as rewards for carrying out surveys.

A friend once told me that taking surveys for reward is a waste of time because after comparing the man hour spent taking surveys per day about his earnings, he discovered he was making below minimum wage, and my response was?

I told him squarely; you registered to the wrong site. There are several survey sites, some sites pay well enough and others pay poorly, for a list of survey sites with good rewards for members, see our post on 13 Online Surveys that Cash out through PayPal.

9) Join Ebates

Join Ebates to get free gift cards of up to $10. All you need do to get free gift cards on Ebates is to sign up with platform through the link – sign up for an Ebates.

Aside from the gift card reward for signing up, there are lots of benefits that come with becoming a member of rebates. The platform is a cash-back system that, when utilized properly, members can recoup up to 40% of the money spent on thousands of stores.

10) My Points

My point is a survey platform that rewards members with cash and gift cards for carrying out minor tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, and printing coupons among others.

The platform rewards members with stuff like collecting travel miles, receiving discount codes, and earning Amazon gift cards. Visit the site to start earning MyPoints

You can get free stuff in the form of cashback with DOSH. DOSH was created a few years ago and the platform has continued to increase in popularity due to the amazing giveaways registered by users on the platform.

To start benefiting from the platform, all you need do is download the app and link your card (credit or debit). Use the cards when there are offers. By so doing, you accumulate cash that can be withdrawn into your bank account.

12) Use Ibotta App

The Ibotta App is a way to get free stuff. The App is mainly used to shop for groceries sores, but I learned they are about to include other stuff you can shop with Ibotta App.

I assume you know about the app, but for those who don’t know about the Ibotta app, the app is for people who like saving money with coupons but hate the idea of clipping them, carrying them around, and remembering to bring them with you, then you’ll love the Ibotta app.

13) Credit Card Rewards

I hope you get cashback from your credit card vendor. If not, you need to visit this link asap, the cashback rewards program with no annual fee.


There are various ways to win an Amazon giveaway and get stuff for free. We have gone over the length and width of the internet to develop this compilation.

We hope this helps you get some of the most amazing Amazon giveaways. If you have any questions, please use the comment section below.


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