20 Companies You Can Get Free Pens Anytime

Nobody ought to ever pay for a pen. Instead, free pens are accessible to be taken as so many companies give them out as promotional materials, and free pens write as much as paid or expensive pens.

For professionals like architects and artists who require lots of quality pens for their jobs, grabbing free pens guarantees your office is constantly loaded with composing materials without spending a penny.

How Do I Get Free Pens?

There are various ways you can get free pens. Since most of the branded pens are business initiated, all you have to do is to either visit their website and check if it has the free tag beneath it. Then, click to get your own samples.

Or, you strike a business deal with any of these free pen companies and order that your samples be shipped to you while you take care of the shipping cost.

#1 AnyPromo.com

This is an ecommerce company that Offers huge amounts of ready-to-custom, including pens, pencils and other composing materials.

You can get free sample pens and even pick colours, however, you will need to create an account on their website.

#2 PensXpress.com

This company specializes in pens customization and branding. They give away free pen samples at no cost, but you will have to foot the shipping cost.

#3 4imprint.com

Getting a free pen from 4imprint is very simple and straightforward. Look at the inventory and if you see a pen style you like.

Simply click on the “request a free sample” link directly below the item photo. Create your account to process your order!

#4 Intur

This is a travelling agency company that gives free pens (in any color of choice) once you fill up their request form.

Head over to their website and claim your free pen now.

#5 Penfactory

Pen factory gives the opportunity for you to request a specific color of a pen for free but honors it if samples of the color requested are available.

One free sample slot per business.

#6 Pens.com

Pens is a company that specializes in the production and branding of promotional materials.

Free pen samples are given to businesses in the US, just by filling up the form on their website or putting a call across to them.

#7 Totally Promotional

This is a promotional products company in Celina, Ohio. To get a free pen that is totally promotional, head over to their website fill out their request form and indicate the type, colour and imprint details of the choice of pen.

#8 Zebra Pen

Zebra Pen offers an extensive line of writing instruments including ballpoint pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils, gel rollers, and correction pens.

Zebra pen gives out two different types of pen, for example, the STEEL F-301 pen for nurses and doctors in the medical field.

Or the STEEL F-701 ALL METAL pen for people working in the food industry. These pens are given out during promos, check for ongoing promos and apply.

#9 NeedPens.com

The NeedPens.com company gives two free samples up to $10 and sends them at no fee through ups group.

Companies that require over $11 worth of samples, a credit card is needed to handle a mass request and discount you for pen samples.

Also, you can email sample demand at [email protected] or go to their product page and fill out the free sample.

#10 Banner-pens

This company deals on the printing, customization and manufacturing pull out  banner pens and scroll pens.

It covers different sectors which include education and government, social media, automobile and real estate, finance and media, not for profits and travel, telecommunications, insurance, and retail.

Banner-pens gives up to 3 types of free pens of your choice. Just fill-up this request form through the link below and wait for your promotional pens.

#11 MacroPromos.com

You can demand samples by pen brands, which is entirely cool in case you’re an enthusiast of Sharpies, Pilot, etc.

Visit the brand page and you’ll see all the pens under that specific brand.

Simply click on “Get a Free Sample” and proceed with window-shopping. MacrosPromos can send up to 5 pens for organizations and expert establishments.

#12 Amsterdam Printing

This company majors in creating, personalizing and distributing thousands of customizable promotional products to fit every budget.

Request a free sample pen by calling a number on their website or window shopping the type of pen you want, You may demand up to 5 samples within a 90-day time frame, yet they’re possible with no cost if under $7.

Note that other items can’t be sampled.

#13 JailPens.com

JailsPens is a full-service commercial printer and stationery company.

For associations searching for pens with all-plastic form and water-based non-harmful ink that are ideal for restorative offices, these pens fit the bill.

#14 Myron

Myron makes promotional products and business gifts for every occasion. It just gives free samples of pens and different items to qualifying organizations and associations.

Samples given are standard engravings, so don’t expect custom pens sent your direction.

#15 Eco Promotions Online

Get up to $10 worth of free pens, which incorporates an arbitrary imprint or blank. Pick the style of pen and click “request sample” underneath item description to be added to cart.

Restricted to 2 samples for each client every day, you need to create an account to handle your samples or email [email protected].

Better still, you can call.

#16 Deluxe

Deluxe is an eCommerce website that has different products which include promotional products and Apparel.

This company gives qualified clients up to 2 free pens (without engrave), without any cost as long as the item’s cost of shipping and ground cost does not exceed $10. The item should get to you within seven days.

Create an account to get access to request for one. 

#17 4AllPromos

This Company specializes in giving away pens as gift items and promotional products. It has an amazing offer that refunds double if the price of their products are found lower elsewhere. 

To get a free pen from 4AllPromos is quite simple, sort through the pens, search for the designs you like, discover the “click here to request one” link, and fill the form.

Most samples are without a cost, but if you live outside of the U.S. or on the other hand, you pick a more expensive pen, you may need to pay for a portion of the expense.

#18 Innovation line

This company has been a supplier in the promotional products industry since 1983 serving clients worldwide with promotional marketing materials.

Their free pens are a piece of a pack with a notebook and you need to bear the shipping cost by UPS or FedEx.

#19 LogoHQ

This company has varieties of different products presented in forms of sales, which includes promotional materials, fitness apparel, headwear, safety products etc.

LogoHQ provides pen samples with arbitrary engravings for FREE! Simply click “request sample” on any item page or call them and your samples will get to you.

#20 My Promotional Pens

My Promotional Pens is a Christian owned and operated product company which functions based on Christian principles.

To get a free pen, figure out the available pens, “request sample” and trust that the company will handle it for you. You should create an account to be enlisted to request pen samples.


Conclusively, so many companies give out free pens and other promotional materials to their customers from time to time especially during promo.

Giant stores like Walmart and target give free pens when you buy a particular product. Follow up pen manufacturers like BIC to get hold of their promo periods and also maximize it.

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