10 Most Expensive Chess Sets Ever

A board game for two players. A circumstance in which two individuals play chess using a checkered board with a special-shaped piece, while the opponent’s best piece, the king, is stuck in the check-in stage. The objective is to get to the king.

It is especially popular in the United States, Europe, and India. Some estimates put the number of individuals who play chess at 600 million, but there is no way to tell for sure because each counting system is different. According to FIDE, the global threshold for regular chess tournament participation is around 20 and 30 million people.

Because the base is worldwide, the number of events staged each year and the prize money awarded is significant.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the 10 most expensive chess sets ever. Carefully read through.

History of Chess

The Korean Chess Federation’s position Chess considers Chaturanga, an ancient Indian chess game from the 6th century or earlier, to be the genesis of chess and oriental chess. During Ancient chess spread to the East via Chinese Shang-chi, Korean chess, Mongolian sha’tar, Malaysian chess, Thai makluk, Myanmar chess, and Japanese shogi at the chaturanga or shatranji stage.

Chatranji expanded to the west to Arabia, then to the south to Centerez in Ethiopia, and from there to Spain via Muslims and eventually to Italy via the Eastern Romans. It was passed down to modern chess and quickly expanded across Europe.

Even though India is regarded as the birthplace of chess, legends about the game’s beginnings may be found in numerous places. It is reported that it was created by the Greek commander Palamedes to explain tactics.

According to legend, it was created as a metaphor to show a queen that her son had died, and in Indian tradition, two kings commissioned philosophers to create a game, rather than a backgammon-like game largely affected by fate and luck. Chess, where individual will and intelligence have a stronger effect, is said to have been more popular.

What Are The Items Of Chess?

Chess has some things that must be available to play it. They include:

1. Chessboard

The chessboard has 64 squares, with dark and light squares alternated. There are eight vertical lines known as ‘files,’ and eight horizontal lines known as ‘ranks.’ A diagonal line on a chessboard is a line or line made up of squares of the same color that crosses across.

Each contestant is referred to as ‘black’ or ‘white’ in the game, regardless of the color of the horse. The players are seated across from one other on the chessboard, with the brightly colored square in the bottom right corner. Black is traditionally placed at the top of the pile. Chessboards are traditionally painted with black and white squares alternated.

2. Chess piece

Chess is a board game with 32 pieces. There are 16 bright colored pieces in White and 16 dark colored pieces in Black. Place the pawns in the first rank based on the hundred, that is, look-knight-bishop-queen-king-bishop-night-rook in the closest rank, and pawns in the second rank before commencing the game.

The same is true for black kings, with the exception that the black monarch must confront the opposition. In other words, in terms of white, the king should be to the right of the queen, while in terms of black, the king should be to the left of the queen. Beginners frequently make mistakes in the placing of this king and queen.

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3. Chess watch

You must wear a watch to keep track of how much time each of you spends. A chess clock is a construction that has two clocks attached to it, one of which works and the other does not. When playing chess using a chess watch, the black side must first click above her watch to make the white clock move before moving a piece.

If the game hasn’t ended yet and you’ve used up all of your time, you’ll lose it.

How To Play Chess

You win if you checkmate your opponent’s king first. Check is the act of directly threatening the opponent’s king. In chess, a check is the equivalent of a general. You can move the king to avoid the check, catch the attacking opponent’s piece, or put another piece on the opponent’s move that is in check state to counter the check.

In other words, if your opponent checks, you must provide a number that ensures the king is not trapped. If the king has no means of fixing the check in this situation, the game is ended with a checkmate. The chessboard does not allow for the capture of the king; hence it is merely symbolic. This is because if the king is put under check.

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10 Most Expensive Chess Sets Ever

Here’s the list of the 10 most expensive chess sets in the world:

1. Carolingi XIV Chess Set: $113,575

Image from cityliveindia.com

This set, designed by Piero Benzoni, depicts episodes from the 9th-century conflicts between the Ottoman Turks and the Carolingians. The gold and silver chess pieces resemble genuine kings, queens, knights, bishops, pawns, and rooks rather than regular chess pieces. The onyx chess table contained is ornately crafted.

2. Baccarat Crystal Chess Set: $287, 684

Image from scullyandscully.com

Baccarat, a French company known for high-end crystal, has released limited-edition luxury chess set to honor its 250th anniversary. Although it appears to be a little vase, it is a chessboard with all of the pieces. Hand-carving and trimming slightly blackish-blue crystals and translucent glass resulted in 32 horses. The chessboard is likewise constructed of cubed glass, which is scratch-resistant even at low temperatures.

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3. J. Grahl Chess Set: $450,000

Image from custommade.com

The handcrafted duplicate, which was initially designed as a commission by Jim Grahl in 1972, is currently for sale for a pitiful $500,000. The statues, which are made of pure silver and 14-carat gold, weigh about a pound each and have a 14th-century look. The chessboard is composed of ebony wood with sterling silver decorations.

4. King Diamond Chess Set: $500,000

Image from designlimitededition.com

Bernard Maquin, a French artist and jeweler, created this chess set for the diamond business Charles Hollander. The traditional style chess piece is made of 14 karats white gold and is studded with 9,900 white and black diamonds, and it took more than 4,500 hours to design and create. It weighs a total of 186.09 carats.

5. Royal Diamond chess set: $600,000

Image source: en.chessbase.com

Charles Hollander is a company that specializes in manufacturing one-of-a-kind diamond chess sets. The ‘Royal Diamond Chess Set,’ which was released in 2004, is the most well-known chess set. Over 188 days, thirty artists produced a masterpiece of black, silver, and white (4500 hours).

The horses are platinum with white and black diamonds set in them. A square check pattern comprised of white and black diamonds is also shown on the chessboard. The texture is particularly distinct due to the inclusion of gems throughout the set.

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6. J. Grahl chess set: 700,000 dollars

Image from gazetterevie.com

J. Grahl created this chess set in 1972, and it has been kept as an antique in the American Gemological Institute for some time. This is a limited-edition item, with just 12 of the same design available. A horse weighs roughly 450g and is made of 14k pure gold and silver. Even if dropped, there are no marks.

All of the horses are three-dimensional and intricately carved and have a medieval European feel about them. The stone in the queen’s hand is a symbol of ultimate authority, as well as a precious treasure with intrinsic value. From the perspective of a chess player, it’s like confronting the royal family that formerly resided in the castle.

8. Art of War Chess Set: $750,000

Image from kickstarter.com

Victor F. Scharstein created this Asian-inspired masterpiece. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds are hand-set in each piece. The legs, hinges, knobs, and keys were all carved in gold and embellished with gems, while the board was constructed of ebony. An oriental-themed chess set. The chessboard is composed of solid wood and gold and rhodium, a form of platinum.

The border is etched with Chinese characters. Some of the horses are created entirely of pure gold and diamonds, while others are constructed entirely of silver and rubies. The contour of the horse reflects the oriental aesthetic. They include a wide range of human figures, from intellectuals and scholars in long coats to longevity and nobility.

9. Gem Royal Chess Set: $1,327,515

Image from luxiriousmagazine.com

The world’s most costly chessboard was created by Boodles, a bespoke jewelry design firm, in collaboration with Jewel Royale. The King piece was first reported to be speculated for the set, and it cost $59,742 in 18-carat yellow gold encrusted with rubies. (Amazing!) From order to delivery, the process takes roughly 4 months.

10. Jewel Royale Chess Set: $9.8 Million

Image from pinterest.com

Pure gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, white pearls, black pearls, and other “representative players” in the jewelry business were created. It’s a luxury but one-of-a-kind product. The horse’s middle section, in particular, has a spiral form that is likewise encrusted with gems.

The king, alone, is worth $100,000 and is the biggest horse in the world. The king appears to be light, yet it weighs 165.2g.

FAQs On The Most Expensive Chess Sets Ever

Pearl Royale Chess Set is the most expensive chess set ever. It is made from solid 18k white gold, inset with more than 500 carats of diamonds, royal blue sapphires, and South Sea Pearls, the Pearl Royale Chess Set is valued at $4,000,000

There is good reason to want to find out – chess sets vary in value from worthless to tens of thousands of dollars in some rare instances. It is important to realize they are as much an art form as a sculpture or painting, so some of them, by the right manufacturers, can hold a great deal of value.

Because they are not produced industrially but by hand by skilled and specialized workers. Many are, so to speak, small works of art. Because they are not produced industrially but by hand by skilled and specialized workers.


Chess game has been a game of wits and intelligence since its early days. Lots of money has been spent to build some exceptional chess sets. We have carefully highlighted the most expensive sets ever.


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