Top 10 Female YouTubers | Net Worth, Channels

YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms for sharing video content. And as a result of many YouTubers receiving millions of views and followers, they have now established themselves as celebrities. Female YouTubers are not exempted.

Women make up just 38% of YouTube users. However, many established and up-and-coming YouTubers are now dominating the platform, so it doesn’t imply they can’t succeed there.

This article will discuss the top 10 female YouTubers who are currently succeeding on the platform.

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Who is a YouTuber?

Simply put, a YouTuber is one who produces and publishes content on the YouTube platform. 

In particular, these are people who produce something original. 

Once they get enough subscribers, YouTube allows content creators to monetize their channels. At that point, YouTube becomes a business for these people. 

However, for most YouTubers, it’s more than a job: they enjoy the spotlight. Some even become famous. This article will inform you of the top female YouTubers in 2023.

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What Does it Take to Become a YouTuber in 2023?

It is a fun and rewarding career to be a YouTuber. You create videos about subjects that interest you and profit from them, right? However, being a renowned YouTuber is no simple task.

Every well-known YouTuber has a long history of hardship and labor. Before you make your first video, there are investments you need to make and procedures you need to follow. Below are some ways to become a YouTuber in 2023.

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#1. Decide on Your Niche

Selecting a specialty should be your first step. Know precisely which industries your videos will concentrate on. When you try to cover too many topics and niches, it is simple for your mind to wander.

So, pick a few similar niches based on your interests and areas of competence. For instance, a YouTuber specializing in fitness would make videos about working out and eating well.

#2. Outline Your Channel Goal

What are you hoping to accomplish with your channel? Do you wish to create educational videos to assist people? Do you want to make tutorials and how-to guides to teach people how to do things? Or all you want to do is entertain others with your stories.

Describe the aim you hope to accomplish with your channel so that your videos will have some focus. Instead of attempting to cover everything and anything, it will also help you get off to a solid and steady start.

#3. Brainstorm Content Ideas

The next step is brainstorming video ideas, which you should do before building your channel. This will ensure you have enough ideas after only a few videos have been made.

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#4. Develop a Content Schedule

You can keep consistency by following a regular schedule. It reassures subscribers they may look forward to your new videos on the dates you’ve set. Additionally, it provides a clear timeline to plan your efforts and remain focused.

Therefore, choose a publication schedule that is manageable for you before you even begin developing a channel. Daily content updates could be a fantastic method to draw in new subscribers, but they can quickly become overwhelming, especially for a one-person company.

#5. Assess Your Equipment

The tools you employ affect the quality of the information you produce. Therefore, it’s essential to clearly understand the tools required to produce the type of content you intend to. You still require a few necessities even though you don’t instantly need to purchase expensive equipment.

You’ll need a computer that can handle your needs and has a respectable speed. You must unquestionably spend money on quality video editing software. Although you can spend less on it, ensure it has all the essential features.

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#6. Create and Optimise Your Channel

You can finally start building your channel now that most of the fundamentals are in place. Even if you already have one, you can still optimize it by following the steps.

#7. Upload and Learn from Your First Video

You can begin making and uploading your first video once your channel has been set up and optimized. Create a video that immediately grabs the audience’s interest using one topic on your list of content ideas.

Pick a creative yet catchy channel name. If it suits you better, you could even use your name.

Overview of the Top 10 Female YouTubers in 2023

Here is an overview of the top 10 female YouTubers in 2023:

  • SSSniperWolf
  • Yuya
  • Jenna Marbles
  • Liza Koshy
  • Caeli YT
  • Superwoman
  • RCLbeauty101
  • Nikkie De Jager
  • Rosanna Pansino
  • Wendie Ayche

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List of the Top Female YouTubers in 2023

As we can see, female YouTubers have grown significantly in popularity and influence over the past ten years. Now, let’s look at the top 10 of these female YouTubers.

#1. SSSniperWolf 

Subscribers: 32.5 Million

Net worth: $7 Million

One of the top female YouTubers in 2023 is Alia Shelesh.

Lia is a well-known gamer who goes by the handle SSSniperWolf. Her channel originally included Call of Duty gameplay, but it evolved into a reaction and reality channel.

She no longer takes part in many sponsored or branded YouTube videos, although she still promotes Neutrogena goods on her social media accounts.

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#2. Yuya 

Subscribers: 24.9 Million

Net worth: $18 Million

Mariand Castañeda is another person on our list of the top female YouTubers in 2023. She named her YouTube channel Yuya.

After winning a makeup competition, this Spanish content producer joined YouTube when she was 16.

Her videos primarily discuss fashion, styling, beauty, and cosmetics advice. She is one of the top female YouTubers, with 24.9 million subscribers to her channel.

Her fame and success as a beauty influencer made it possible for her to introduce her line of products.

In 2015, she released the fragrance #True, and in 2017, she unveiled a cosmetics collection. Additionally, she has written two books, Los Secretos de Yuya in 2015 and Las confesiones de Yuya in 2016.

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#3. Jenna Marbles 

Subscribers: 19.9 Million

Net worth: $8 Million

Jenna Mourey is among the top female YouTubers in 2023.

Her YouTube channel’s name is Jenna Marbles. In 2010, one of her videos titled “How to trick people into thinking you’re good-looking” went viral, making her a household name. The video gained over 5 million views in the first week, and Jenna rose to fame.

In the US, she performs as an actress and a comedian.

More than 19.9 million people subscribe to her YouTube channel, Mr. Marbles, which she named after her dog.

You may find some adorable videos where she asks her dog to help her choose cosmetics or her partner provides a makeup tutorial.

She discovered a retail chain selling dog toys because she loves dogs. She is one of the top female YouTubers on our list because of her large fanbase and high engagement levels.

Jenna Marbles stopped uploading videos to YouTube in 2020. However, her channel is still available for fans who enjoy revisiting her content.

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#4. Liza Koshy 

Subscribers: 17.4 Million

Net worth: $6 Million

One of the top female YouTubers in 2023 is Elizabeth Koshy. She named her YouTube channel Liza Koshy.

This American sensation, born in 1996, shot to fame when she joined YouTube in 2015. Besides being a comedian, Liza is an actress and a TV personality.

Her videos are entertaining and humorous. In some of them, you can find her doing celebrity impersonations or providing a hilarious perspective on baths.

Along with other honors, Liza has won two Streamy Awards. She played the lead in the web series “Liza on Demand” in 2018. You may watch the episodes on YouTube Premium.

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#5. Caeli YT 

Subscribers: 15.7 Million

Net worth: $1.5 Million

Patricia Caeli López is one of the best female YouTubers in 2023. The name of her YouTube channel is Caeli YT.

This Mexican celebrity’s channel currently has 15.7 million subscribers, and she posted her debut video to YouTube in October 2010.

Millions of viewers worldwide have seen the 28-year-old’s comedy and advice videos.

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#6. Superwoman 

Subscribers: 14.6 Million

Net worth: $20 Million

Lilly Singh is one of the best female YouTubers in 2023.

Superwoman is the name of this Canadian content creator’s YouTube channel.

She has become a cherished icon among youngsters worldwide thanks to her satirical and humorous content on Indian and Punjabi culture.

With more than 13 million subscribers in 2017, “Superwoman” was one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world, according to Forbes, which also reported her as having earned more than $10 million.

Her debut book, titled “How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life,” was published in March 2017. Her amusing sketches are available on both IGTV and her YouTube channel.

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#7. RCLbeauty101 

Subscribers: 14.4 Million

Net worth: $13 Million

The person behind RCLbeauty101, Rachel Levin, began her YouTube career in 2010.

She posted her debut video, “How to Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles,” when she was 15.

Her beauty tips and do-it-yourself projects quickly gained popularity on YouTube. Later, she began making humorous videos, which her followers also found to be very enjoyable.

Her YouTube channel currently has over 14.4 million subscribers. She frequently includes different makeup brands in her videos because she is a beauty influencer.

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#8. Nikkie De Jager 

Subscribers: 13.9 Million

Net worth: $9 Million

One of the most well-known beauty influencers is Nikkie De Jager, who runs the popular Nikkie Tutorials YouTube channel. She is one of the top female YouTubers in 2023.

Her noteworthy brand partnerships include Maybelline, Ofra, and Too Faced. She frequently uses several beauty brands in her videos, showing product trials and makeup tips.

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#9. Rosanna Pansino 

Subscribers: 13.8 Million

Net worth: $9 Million

Rosanna Pansino is among the top female YouTubers in 2023.

This YouTuber is also an author, actress, and baker. She is renowned for providing her viewers with delightful dishes.

She bakes lovely snacks, including doughnuts, cookies, cakes, and cupcakes with exquisite decorations. You can find recipes for movie-inspired sweets on her YouTube channel, like Moana cakes, Avengers cupcakes, and even emoji pancakes.

The most-watched cooking video on YouTube is hers, “How to Make a Frozen Princess Cake,” which has over 1.8 million views. 

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#10. Wendie Ayche 

Subscribers: 13.7 Million

Net worth: $6 Million

Wendie Ayche, a Chinese Australian YouTuber better known by the handle Wengie, publishes a range of life-hacking, comedy, prank, DIY, and instructive videos. On YouTube, she has 13.7 million subscribers.

She is also a singer. Her debut song was “Baby Believe Me” in 2017. She worked with the high-end brand Dior in 2018 and was invited to the Dior presentation during Paris Fashion Week.

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Who is the most famous gamer girl Youtuber?

Karina (AKA Gamer Girl) is arguably YouTube’s most famous female gaming content creator. Some of Karina’s favorite games include Minecraft and Roblox.

Who is the biggest female streamer on YouTube?

The most popular female YouTube streamer, Valkyrae, had 3 million hours of streaming in February, making her the second most-watched female streamer overall. She overtook Amouranth, who was ranked first among women for 2021, in the rankings.

Who are the biggest female YouTubers?

The biggest female YouTubers are:
Jenna Marbles
Liza Koshy
Caeli YT
Nikkie De Jager
Rosanna Pansino
Wendie Ayche

Who is the most beloved YouTuber?

With over 113 million subscribers as of November 2022, MrBeast, an entrepreneur and YouTuber from the United States, is the fourth most subscribed YouTube channel and the most subscribed individual user.

What are some forgotten YouTubers?

Here are the seven YouTube channels that, at some point, lost their subscribers. The days when YouTube users would subscribe to a channel and keep a steady following are long gone.
Dave Days


And there you have it. Currently, ten of the most popular female YouTubers are on this list.

These female YouTubers are resourceful and innovative. They offer recipes, instructional material, gaming reviews, fashion and beauty advice, and more. 

We have conducted all the research for you if you want to collaborate with a popular female YouTuber.



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