Do Figs Offer a Student Discount? | 2023

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We equally receive search queries from people asking Do Figs Offer a Student Discount? All these and many more are what we shall be detailing.

With the aid of industry experts and reviews, we shall also put out how to best get a Fig student discount in 2023.

What are FIGS?

Figs are an American healthcare apparel brand. They are involved in direct-to-consumer sales of premium Nurse scrubs and medical apparel.

Figs are made in a way that presents comfort for healthcare workers. The company adopted a proprietary technology to ensure the comfort and durability enjoyed while using Figs.

The company was founded in 2013 by Heather Hasson and Trina Spear in Los Angeles. They two were moved by the desire to provide healthcare workers the comfort needed in their scrubs while saving lives and carrying out their duties.

Since it was launched, Figs has gone on to fill up a market void in the medical sector and is the most preferred choice of medical students, Nurses, Doctors, and healthcare professionals.

From making a mark in the healthcare industry, Figs has gone on to sell millions of scrubs and medical apparel, raking in $260 Million in profits from sales.

Figs started with scrubs but have expanded, adding medical joggers, lab coats, scrub caps, socks, loungewear, etc.

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Do Figs Offer a Student Discount?

Aside from medical professionals, students form a very large percentage of Fig’s customer base. To this end, the company has always had ways of supporting students by helping them save money while purchasing medical apparel from Fig.

There are many ways to access Figs discount codes as a student.

Yes, Figs gives out discount codes provided you meet the terms and conditions for it.

Also, Figs students discount codes are only available for students in colleges or medicals school, parents of students, and people working in education.

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How to Get Figs Student Discount in 2023

Figs student discount cannot be used in tall productions. Ensure you read the conditions to avoid mix-ups.

We equally wish to remind students that activation of Fig discount codes can yield other invalid discounts.

For clarity and deeper understanding, we have outlined how to activate the code as well as other information as regards Figs student discount codes.

We believe this will go a long way in answering the usual question of Do Figs offer a student discount in 2023.

  • Add your Figs product, then head over to the checkout.
  • If you are using a desktop, you will see a sidebar, while mobile users will see a dropdown menu icon.
  • You will see a section with the tag ”Gift Card or Discount Code” on the sidebar or dropdown menu.
  • When you click on it, it will expand to show where you can enter your discount code.
  • Enter the code, then click on apply.
  • If the code applied is valid, you will see the discounted price for the eligible items.

It is equally important you note that discounts cannot be stashed on both military and promotional period discount codes.

If you claim to be a student, Figs will need to verify your community status and ID before you can be allowed to access the discount. In other words, only verified students can access these discounts.

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Other Ways to Access Figs Discount

While going through the content, it is easier to think student discounts are only available at Figs.

Well, it might interest you to know that Figs equally makes their discount accessible in other ways only if you meet the terms and conditions.

With the help of our industry associates, we have been able to outline other ways to access Figs discount.

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Figs Military Discount

In their way of thanking them for their service, Figs equally make discounts available for military personnel, retired armed forces, veterans, and reservists.

It is aimed at assisting those in the military to achieve some extent of financial independence by granting them up to 15% discount on any item purchased on Figs.

However, if you have more discount codes, you may not be allowed to use them at Figs. Remember that your identity must be verified before you can access the discount.

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Figs’ First Responders Discount for Covid-19

When Covid-19 became a menace, Figs was among the first companies to support it in a little way to the Covid-19 workers.

This discount is available for first responders and healthcare staff. Similar to the Figs student discount, one will need to show evidence of work status in the healthcare system to access the Figs discount code for Covid-19.

Figs Discount Code Reddit

Reddit is a social media platform. In order to ensure that you get the latest and biggest discount codes, we managed the Coupons Reddit carefully.

As a social website, Reddit offers you a few discount codes. But as Reddit cannot guarantee the timeliness of the discounts it offers, you don’t need to worry about Reddit itself.


Figs Discount Code 30% off

Figs discount policy is among the things that have earned it the admiration of many in the healthcare industry, especially students.

First-time signups are offered 15% off the first purchase and a %15 off other discounted promo codes.

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Figs Black Friday Sales

If you missed or didn’t qualify for other discount opportunities on Figs, don’t miss Figs black Friday sales.

With amazing deals and discount sales, black Friday at Figs is one of the surest ways to make up for discounts you missed out on.

It is open to all visitors and users with no threshold requirements for shopping on black Friday.

Figs Cyber Monday

Just like a couple of other merchant sites, Figs also offer Cyber Monday sales. It is similar to black Friday.

It provides users the opportunity of accessing amazing products a very low prices. Notification about cyber Monday will be posted on the website.

It usually starts on November 29.

Figs Nurse Discount

Figs equally afford nurses the opportunity of saving while making purchases on the Figs website.

These purchases allow them to save up to 10% discount on all products.

It remains Figs many ways of rewarding healthcare professionals for their dedication to service.

Figs SMS Discount

One feature at Figs that have differentiated it over the years from others is Figs SMS discount.

Once you enter your phone number on the Figs merchant site, it will automatically give you access to a coupon code for a 15% discount.

The discount will be sent to your phone and is redeemable on the website.

Figs Birthday Gifts

Figs know how to keep their customers coming back. One way they do that is through Figs Birthday discount coupons.

Figs Birthday coupons provide users with a coupon code of $15 that is redeemable on their next purchase.

Figs Free Shipping

For every $50 dollar and above purchase made, Figs activates a free shipping coupon for it.

This equally applies to some student coupon codes on Figs.

Refer a Friend

Send your friends an email regarding FIGS products, and they’ll receive a special promotion for $20 off their first purchase.

Or, you can also get a special FIGS promotion for $20 off once they’ve made a purchase of $100 or more.

Return Policy

If for any reason, there is a defect, Figs products can be returned within 30 days after purchase. However, products can be returned based on the terms below.

  • All returned items must be new, unused, and with tags attached
  • Returns are not accepted for “Before They Go” items, custom-made products (including embroidery), and final sale items.

Figs Scrubs Alternatives

With all the attention Figs get, it is easy to think it’s the only company in the medical apparel industry.

There are a couple of other alternatives that match up to the worth of Figs. Some of them are scrubs similar to Figs but cheaper.


Jaanuu, just like Figs, has also been able to leave its mark in the healthcare apparel industry.

Basically, Jaanuu is popular among many Americans, with over 1 million monthly visits to its online store.

From its sound security features to its stand on racial equity, the company remains among the most notable go-to areas for scrubs and medical apparel.

Jaanuu stocks include scrub shoes, masks, joggers, and socks, among other healthcare apparel designs and products.


Infectious is not actually as large as Figs and the big names but has quite a large following of loyal customers.

Basically, Infectious ratings are high, with good reviews from customer experiences. The stocks are of good quality and can be recommended as a good Figs scrubs alternative.

Mandala Scrubs

With a 4.1 rating out of 5 stars ratings, Mandala comes in handy as a reliable platform for purchasing scrubs.

The website promises free coupons and discount codes for first signups, including a user-friendly website that makes transactions seamless.

Fit Scrubs

Fit scrubs offer free shipping to US customers, a feature that has earned it a large following.

They infuse a bit of style and art in their scrubs.

Fit scrubs also ship to some selected countries outside the United States. A feature many others don’t have.


Merchology is a brand providing quality apparel for medical professionals. The platform has a secured payment gateway.

Medelita equally offers one year warranty and a return policy for defective products.

Merchology products are of good quality and can be washed and dried at high temperatures without fear of any detrimental effects.


Just as the name implies, nurse world is a brand providing affordable medical wear for health professionals and students in the United States.

Nurseworld products are among scrubs considered similar to Figs but cheaper. They also have many discount coupons and options for nurses.


Scrubs started with few offerings but has widened to other areas like masks, socks, stethoscopes, and hats, among many other things.

Quite a good number of reputable brands are represented in Scrubs in addition to worldwide shipping, which includes 212 locations.

Uniform country

The uniform country is popular for its stylish scrubs.

The brand is the most preferred choice for medical students and professionals looking to upscale their look and stay stylish while working to save lives.

Orders above $55 will get you a free delivery while shopping on uniformcountry


With A2ZUniforms, you can access multiple options that can act as good alternatives to Figs.

The platform’s return policies, variety of brands, and useful shopping features have helped to earn it a place on the list of best alternatives to Figs.


Saving lives in itchy lab clothes or oversized scrubs can contribute to poor patient outcomes. This is one of the ideas behind the establishment of Figs.

The founders saw the need to make medical students and professionals appear confident and proud in their job.

Figs have gone on to diversify, serving other related medical industry products.

With Figs students discount codes, students can save up money while purchasing on the platform, which equally goes a long way to answer the question, do Figs offer a Student Discount?

If, for any reason, you decide to check out other platforms and make your choice, our listed Figs scrub alternatives can equally serve the same purpose as Figs.

Competition improves quality; therefore, you can go ahead and check other platforms as listed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are Figs?

Figs give out scrubs to deserving health centers, especially in underserved areas. However, the health center will have to meet the requirements. An application for this can be done through this email.

What are ways to access the figs discount?

Figs send emails to customers on their birthdays. It contains a $15 coupon code. It cannot be combined with other discount codes.
Figs have black Friday sales, which happen every last Friday of November, with many discounted items.

What are the comfortable scrubs for professionals and students?

Based on recommendations and data from customer experience, below are the most comfortable scrubs for professionals and students.
All Day by Landau
Dickies Xtreme Stretch
Infinity by Cherokee
WonderFlex by WonderWink
Carhartt Cross-Flex. 
Koi Stretch.


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