Top 15 Gift Ideas For Real Basketball Lovers

Looking for amazing basketball gift ideas for your basketball lovers on your list? Do you have a basketball fan on your shopping list and would want to surprise them on their special day? Do you have a set of basketball lovers you feel deserve some special basketball gifts?

Whether you are shopping for a loved one or you plan to gift random basketball lovers something fantastic this season, you can always find something spectacular here. We have put together a list of our favourite basketball gift ideas we believe you may like to use or give out as gifts.

In essence, if you are shopping for a basketball fan, you should not be surprised to find them all here! Besides, we’ve got something for everyone – men, women, boys and girls. Here, we go!

What Is An Ideal Basketball Playlist?

As a basketball player, you will need some pre-game items like warm-up suits, basketball shirts, jerseys and jackets. It wouldn’t hurt to tuck in a fleece hoodie somewhere to keep your head warm. In the court, you will need shorts, shooter sleeves and leg sleeves to navigate the process.

Additionally, having extra accessories for your game will not be a bad idea. Ideally, having ear buds and oversized headphones could be a way to keep the game moving when it gets tough. Also, a sleek basketball bag is great for putting your shoes, ball and other accessories while on your way to the court.

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Is basketball Hard To Play?

Basketball is a game that requires multiple skills to perform a single movement to enable you to score a basket. Although it looks quite simple, it takes so much to become skilled at it. The difficult part of it arises from the fact that you need to get your whole body involved to complete your skills.

Besides, you will need to have balance, agility, and coordination, together with your skills. Again, many hours of practice and consistency are necessary to score a single basket in the tournament. Sadly, you may practice all day and night, only to perform poorly on the court. But this is not always the reality. However, it goes a long way to say that you need to be skilful at the game to make a name for yourself.

Here are some of the skills you need to get better at:

  • Running back and forth
  • Changing direction and pace
  • Jumping nonstop
  • Spinning and footwork
  • Dashing
  • Agile scuffling.

Is It Hard To Get Better At Shooting?

Shooting is one skill you must aim to get good at. Without mastering the skills, other skills you possess may as well be counted as irrelevant. Shockingly, it is the most difficult skill to become great at. To become a professional basketball player, you will need to learn how to get your way around shooting as a skill.

So, do not stop practising, no matter what because practice makes perfect.

Best Basketball Gift Ideas for Real Basketball Lovers

If you are going to get something nice and sophisticated for a basketball lover in your life, you may try any of the following basketball gift ideas:

1. Just Dunk it T-Shirt

Branded for the men, with Just Dunk it T-shirt, is one of the great basketball gift ideas you can lay your hands on. Besides, it makes the wearer appear unruffled and elegant. It does not equally matter if he is out there, playing on the basketball court or just watching his favorite player at home.

Again, the shirt is of many colors and sizes and that’s to say there is always something for your darling. You may choose to get their name customized on the T-Shirt and make it simply irresistible.

2. Full-size Basketball

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If you desire something special for your loved one, getting a branded Full-Size Basketball will always seem amazing. Customizing the balls means you can imprint any image of your choice on the two sides of the basketball. You may choose to customize their images, their favorite player, or just something or someone so dear to them.

3. Personalized Basketball Travel Mug for Coach

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If your loved one is a coach, you can surprise them with a beautiful mug with his name on it. Taking a sip of their tasty morning coffee is going to be the best way to start a refreshing day.

4. Basketball Sport Design Fleece Blanket

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You can gift them this nicely designed fleece blanket to get them cozy while watching their game. They may also choose to decorate their room with it. Whatever the case may be, customizing the blanket with a slogan they cherish on the blanket is a great idea.

5. Torn Basketball Case-Mate Phone Case

Image from pinterest

This is one of the basketball gift ideas you will always cherish. The aim is to help them keep their phones safe while on the basketball court. Besides, the phone case is classy and with a basketball bursting out of it. It can contain various kinds of Smartphones.  You can as well customize it to make it more personal.

6. Nike Elites

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These are basketball socks that every player deserves. They come in diverse colors and are comfortable. You can make your choice based on the color of the T-shirt or shorts of the player. Moreover, the socks are not made for the court alone; they are great for just wearing around for casual activities.

7. Favorite Player’s Jersey

Image source: pinterest

It’s amazing to watch kids wanting to replicate everything their favorite player represents. You wouldn’t stop wondering what the rave of the moment is all about. But have you tried to get them a lookalike outfit for their favorite player?

This is a great way you can celebrate their birthdays or little wins. If possible, you may just take them to a game where their favorite player would feature. It would be a memorable outing for them.

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 8. Basketball books

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There are must-read books that can serve as basketball gift ideas. You can grab a copy or all of them if possible and offer them as a gift for the basketball lover in your life. In the same manner, if they love to listen to audiobooks, there are several of them that are perfect as gifts.

Some of the books include:

  • Audible Premium Plus, which is free on  Amazon
  • Wooden by Seth Davis: This is invariably one of the best books on basketball coaching. It talks about the life of John Wooden, who was a basketball coach. So, it is perfect for coaches and players in your life. The price is $17.48 on Amazon.
  • Stuff Basketball Players Should Know: This is a recommended book of r basketball players. It breaks down the game of basketball into easily understandable nuggets. So, if you have a player who is excited about basketball, this can be one of the best gifts you can offer to them. The price is $48.96.
  • My Losing Season by Pat Conroy: As a former basketball player, Pat Conroy pours out his heart in the book as he shares important lessons that he learned on the court. Moreover, it is an excellent basketball gift idea.
  • Practical Modern Basketball by John Wooden: It is another bomb by John Wooden and also for basketball coaches. It focuses on how coaches can be more successful in the game as well as outside of the lines. It goes for $8.30.

9. Basketball HQ Membership

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If you know someone who wishes to be a Basketball HQ Pro Member, you may offer them a sign-up for this membership as a gift. It goes for $99 per year. They will receive the necessary resources to become a better player or coach.

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10. Air Relax Leg Recovery System

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This is recommended for players who are recovering from pain. The idea is if their body can recover easily, they can train harder. And that is exactly what the Air Relax Leg Recovery will help them do.

Looking for a perfect basketball gift idea for your loved one? This is one of the best you can do for them.

11. Weighted Basketball Trainer

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As one of the best basketball gift ideas, you can purchase this for your loved one. It is an amazing training tool that helps players with their ball handling and finishing. If you have a middle schooler, you can get them a basketball trainer to start with.

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12. The D Man

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The D Man will make a wonderful basketball training tool for both players and coaches. It helps payers get their hands on diverse basketball drills when using it.

This is especially the best when it comes to shooting or finishing over the outstretched hand of a defender. Hence, it is a great basketball gift idea you wouldn’t regret picking for basketball lovers.

13. Quick Ladder

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This basketball gift idea will help the user to improve their footwork and general agility. Whether the person is a player or coach, the gift will always be what they may like. Besides, if they are trying to improve their athleticism, then, there is a higher chance of their appreciating it. If it is a coach that trains players, it wouldn’t be bad for them too.

14. NBA 2K22

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This is a simulation video game a typical female basketball lover would enjoy. It is based on NBA and is beyond a seasonal game. It is quite unique and allows players to create their WNBA player and convert her into a star at the highest level of the game.

  1. Basketball Personalized 14-inch Throw Pillow

This is another basketball gift idea you can get for a basketball lover. Throw pillows are something they can grip while watching their favorite tournament. They could equally rest their head on it if the game is not going the way they anticipated. Personalizing it would make it more unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does every basketball player need?

Every basketball player will be glad to have an extra basketball, ball pump, and needle. They equally need such accessories as water bottles, earbuds, protective mouth guards, wristbands, headphones, cooling towels, and other extras.

What is the best way to gift wrap a basketball?

To do this, you will need a pair of fabric scissors and a gift wrapper. With your fabric scissors, you can cut the gift wrapper into a square about four times as wide as the basketball (that is, about 33 inches by 39 inches). After that, you can place the basketball in the middle of the wrapper. Next, you will wrap the fabric around the basketball and get the sides to a meeting point over the ball.

What are the perks of playing basketball?

Although it may not be one to call a great aerobatic, playing basketball will help you to achieve the following:
burn up calories
build endurance
get better stability and skill
increase focus and self-discipline
build up muscle

What are the most important skills I need in basketball?

Shooting is the most important skill for you in basketball. Other skills you should get better at include passing, dribbling, defense, and rebounding. What’s more, they may enable you to get better at shooting. However, shooting is still the most prominent. To get better at it, you must be mentally stable.


Having lovely basketball gift ideas is one thing you should always keep on your mind if you have a basketball lover in your life. However, you may not always remember and that is why we created this guide for you. Hopefully, you can select something scintillating for your dear one.


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