15 Best Free Fashion Websites for Inspiration in 2022

Designing a clothing item is no minor task – it takes a lot of mental effort. In executing research for the new project, many designers go to free and paid fashion websites to get some inspiration to create their own.

Most times, they come up with incredible designs that gain the appraisal of fashion critics and the public, while other times the design turns out to be a colossal flop.

But we aren’t talking about how to design an incredible clothing item today. On the other hand, we are looking at some of the free fashion websites any fashion lover and designer can access to satisfy their desire.

Why Build a Fashion Website?

The fashion market continues to garner interest from investors and business professionals who want to invest in a growing market. And with the pandemic introducing social distancing, there’s less demand for fashion walk-in stores.

A fashion website saves you the time, money, and energy invested into renting and decorating a room. You can even get free templates so you don’t bother yourself so much about the design style to adopt.

Indeed, it is profitable to get a fashion website and the next section will outline the fashion websites with templates you can use to start.

15 Best Free Fashion Websites for Inspiration in 2022

If you’re looking to get inspiration for a design or even create your own websites, you would need these platforms. Hence, the free fashion websites include:

1. Wish

Bringing your fashion ideas to the limelight without a handy tool like Wish is just like chasing the wind. Wish is one of the free fashion websites that enables you to access clean, modern, flexible templates you can adopt for your brand.

It provides a great environment for your product to thrive, which will constantly bring returning customers to your brand. And you know returning customers will save you huge advertising costs.

The full-width slideshows will give every visitor that welcoming feeling. There is also sticky and basic navigation, so shoppers can always have access to visit any pages they so desire. There are also special sections you can fill with your gallery.

2. Coza Store

Coza Store breathes new life into any decaying fashion design portfolio. On accessing the platform, every buyer encounters a full-screen slider with smooth transitions and other cool effects. More so, you can push your latest drops and promote your special deals and get visitors clicking immediately.

Coza Store uses a simple and beautiful web design to deliver a great user experience, no matter the device they use. The Coza Store is fully responsive and flexible as it works optimally on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. On the app, you will discover load more options, back to top button, a widget-rich footer, and a subscription box.

3. Karl

Karl is one of the free fashion websites that take care of both men’s and women’s wear. Furthermore, you can add accessories, bags, and shoes to create a great eCommerce platform selling everything fashion. It has an outstanding header, drops and off-canvas menus, a wide slideshow, and irresistible deals and offerings.

The template of this platform possesses cool hover effects on scroll content load and a filterable portfolio for your new arrivals. The testimonials slider allows you to hold the testimonials of your clients while the social media buttons facilitate interaction on social media.

Karl is a sophisticated tool created to craft an attention-grabbing fashion store of any type.

4. Persuit

Persuit might be a free product, but it has so many outstanding qualities that will benefit you greatly. Once you see the live preview page of the template, you will immediately know what is achievable with it. You can create so many designs and tweak a lot of changes too.

A unique thing about Persuit is the several home pages that it holds – from the simple look down to the carousel, full-width slider, parallax, and boxed. Unlike many other platforms, you can compare and track pages, wonderful blog pages, and a functional contact section.

The only decision you would make is to choose a project, that you feel suits your project best and start improving it. If you’ve always wanted to edit or proofread a book or resource material, then Persuit is that resource tool.

5. Store

Store allows you to create an eCommerce fashion site, get it functional and friendly in less time. It offers not only a free template but free complimentary materials as well. The neat and professional index page, great shop sections, and an interesting about page are some of its most attractive features.

This platform might possess a general name that you can summarize as flexibility. Your ability to either sell one line of clothing or go all out is simply unique and interesting.

The goal of Store is to help you fan the flame of your passion. So, you can begin the online business you always dreamt about and let all the rest become history. In summary, Store has a blog layout wherein can serve as a separate page.

6. Little Closet

Little Closet is ones of the free fashion website template wherein you can begin your online business with a spectacular web design. With Little Closet, you can build an online apparel store that will focus on any items you choose.

Little Closet has an off-canvas menu, sticky navigation, newsletter subscription box, social media buttons, and an inviting full-screen slider. The shopping cart and checkout pages help increase the convenience customers get from using this store.

7. ThePlaza

In creating an online store, you need to consider the simplicity of the web design. ThePlaza offers you the right look that will keep your shoppers engaged for longer periods. The full-screen slideshow is what you can use for new drops or special deals.

ThePlaza is also entirely customizable for you to make it follow your branding needs. This system has a mobile-ready layout in sync with modern web browsers and retina screens. ThePlaza provides a unique experience when completing purchases, making your customers happily engaged.

8. Look

Look is one of the free fashion websites in the industry, ideally for models. This platform has all the ready-to-use layouts to complete the web development process of any refreshing new page. Whether improvised or used traditionally, you will still get an experience.

Look offers you a chance to express your models, a chance to present them in the best possible light, and help them earn new photo shootings and other projects.

Look has a cool feature of loading content while you scroll that is coupled with other goodies like hover effects, testimonials slider, and menu overlay. You can also start writing a blog and connect with them using the integrated working contact form.

9. Shoppers

Shoppers is a free fashion website template for eCommerce pages in diverse niches. Using this website, you can create an online store promoting women’s or men’s fashion, shoes, bags, accessories, and kids’ collections.

When you access this platform as an online shopper, you will get hit with a large banner that displays what’s hot in-store at the moment. As the owner of the platform, you can merge the product with a call-to-action button and increase sales.

10. Opium

Opium is an ideal site canvas for creating content for your blog. It has professionally captivating designs that can attract any reader. You can employ this platform for other projects too, since it quickly adapts to different niches and ideas.

The web elements and layouts in Opium are vast. You can decide to use Opium with the current structure when you want to upload your products. Alternatively, you can introduce your own style or design using the template.

11. Shop

Shop is unlike some of its competitors in free fashion websites. They summarize shop in three words; bright, bold, and beautiful. And if that doesn’t impress you, Shop is also responsive to different devices, simple to use, adaptable to your business needs.

You can hardly see the wrong side in Shop. From men’s and women’s fashion, luxury brands, watches, bags, Shop is ready for all. The sticky drop-down menu, cool hover effects, wide layout, countdown timer, and Instagram feed are all features you can use on the online store.

12. E-Shop

E-Shop is a multi-purpose eCommerce website template wherein you can market your apparel and clothing goodies. You can always add electronic gadgets to your checklist. With a few tweaks, you can access one of the free fashion websites.

This platform follows a simple and unique web design with strong attention to detail giving you enough space to let your products express their best parts. The great product sliders, advanced search options, and deals of the day section are key features of this platform.

The navigation on E-Shop offers works to ensure each visitor journey to the exact product they want to buy from you immediately they join in. The platform is completely translatable ready as you can use it in many local regions.

13. Fashe

Fashe has unique user interphase that hooks a visitor immediately after they’ve landed on your eCommerce page. The slider helps sustain the attention of any users and pulls them into your own fashion environment.

To enjoy this unique experience, you don’t need to pay a dime – of course; it is a free fashion website. many visitors have chosen the Instagram feed, which is integrated into the design as their favorite feature.

14. Fashion

Fashion is a name and not about meaning. This platform is one of the free fashion websites with so many interesting features. Fashion is a complete blend; it has a blog, houses an online showroom, and functions as an e-store, too.

It has a unique template that is attractive for brands, agencies, and fashion designers. If you need something similar, you only need to model them.

A spacious layout, sticky navigation section, and bright colors are some of its precious elements. It functions optimally on mobile tabs and a lot of other devices. In this place, you can create a web environment, send traffic to it and scale your business or brand.

15. Philosophy

Philosophy is a great place to start your journey when you’re highly interested in fashion blogging. OPn this platform, you can share your passion with the world, create new trends and make announcements regarding the introduction of brands and products.

They equipped philosophy with social media icons, a drop-down menu, a feature-rich footer, and back to top button. The contents there support standard, video, audio, and gallery styles t0 ensure you get the best experience every time. And they fully optimized it for fashion blogs.


The right fashion websites will give you inspiration while offering you the template to start a platform of your own. Of course, some of them give them the flexibility to use original designs, while others don’t.

These free fashion websites are on top of the chain in incredible fashion websites. After you look through them, you will gain a better direction regarding your plan.


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