George Foreman Net Worth 2022 | Biography, Income, Careers, Cars

This is an overview of George Foreman net worth 2022.

Net Worth$300 Million
Date of BirthJanuary 10, 1979
Country/State of OriginUnited States of America/Texas
Source of WealthProfessional Boxer, Entrepreneur, Actor, Minister, Author
Marital StatusMarried
WikipediaGeorge Foreman

George Foreman Net Worth 2022

In this time and age, one of those few persons you probably may not want to give oversight to especially when considering what has made their net worth grow immeasurably is George Foreman, otherwise nicknamed “Big George” for the stunts he pulled as a boxer.

The legendary boxer who this write-up is about did not just stand out as a champion in the ring, but he has the net worth of a champ, and this kind of feat does not come by wishful thinking.

According to verifiable records, George Foreman’s net worth is $300 Million.


George Edward Foreman is a retired American professional boxer who equally stands out as a multimillionaire entrepreneur and a Christ-centered minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

He remains a two-time world heavyweight champion and an Olympic gold medalist. There is no gainsaying that George Foreman is a legendary icon who has proven his mettle in three distinctive walks of life.

As a boxer, he gave record-holders something to refer to, and as an entrepreneur, George Foreman Grill is his strong case.

On that note, if you are beginning to see a reason to look at the technology behind George Foreman’s Net Worth in 2022, we are on the same page and on the right course.

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George Foreman Biography

George Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas, on the 10th day of January 1949. Presently, he is 73 years.

Although his biological father was Leroy Moorehead, he was raised alongside his six siblings in Houston by his stepfather, J. D Foreman, and Nancy Foreman. 

As a teenager, he dropped out of school and always got himself into trouble due to street fights. After relocating to Pleasanton, California, Foreman started training as a boxer.

George Foreman Career

Foreman started his career on a good note when he took the world by storm and won a gold medal in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games in the boxing/heavyweight division. He broke even, the following years with a remarkable winning streak. 

But things assumed a different coloration when he interfaced and got beaten by Muhammed Ali in the much-touted Zaire match “The Rumble in the Jungle.” Regrettably, for Foreman in 1977, he retired after a disappointing encounter with Jimmy Young in Puerto Rico.

Ten long years later, Foreman took the bull by the horn and staged an impressive comeback to the ring at the age of 40. He conquered Steve Zouski in Sacramento and recorded notable wins.

The iconic boxer retired in 1997, recorded 76 wins (68 knockouts), and had just about five losses.

To crown his efforts in the boxing fraternity, Foreman became a Hall of Famer in both the World Boxing Hall of Fame and International Boxing Hall of Fame. This carefully justifies why he is ranked as the eighth greatest heavyweight boxer in history.

Nevertheless, George Foreman Grill was fully birthed upon his alignment with Salton, Inc, which was looking for a spokesperson for its fat-reducing grill. Foreman seized the opportunity and has made millions off from that deal, even as he balances his ministerial duties in Christendom.

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George Foreman Family

Foreman has had five women in his life. Between 1971 to 1985, he aligned with Andrienna Calhoun, Cynthia Lewis, Sharon Goodson, and Andrea Skeete. Presently, he is married to Mary Joan and has a total number of 12 children.

He remains dedicated to training his children, even as some have modeled after him in combat sports.


George Foreman has properties but has chosen to live with his wife on a 40-acre estate in Texas. When it comes to cars, Foreman’s collection spans from classic to modern models, and he has an unusual way of attaching emotions to them, especially his pocket-size, diminutive 1977 VW Beetle Convertible. 

Here is only a list of some of his cars. Although, he stated he has lost count of the number of cars he has;

  • 1977 VW Beetle Convertible
  • 2000 VW Beetle Turbo
  • Ford Mustang Saleen
  • Mercedes G-Wagon
  • 2000 Ferrari 360
  • 1950 GMC Pickup
  • Mercedes SLK 320
  • Chevrolet Silverado Z71
  • Ferrari 458
  • 1991 Acura NSX
  • 1992 Corvette ZR1
  • 2008 Corvette Victory Edition

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George Foreman Awards & Achievements

Apart from other engagements like the publication of his five books, his partnership with Panther Racing Indy Car Team, occasional appearances on The 700 Club, and movies he has starred in, here is a list of some awards and accomplishments by George Foreman.

  • 1994 BWAA Fighter of the Year
  • 1968 United States Amateur Heavyweight Champion
  • 1974 World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1994–1995 – IBF Heavyweight Champion
  • 1994–1995 – WBA Heavyweight Champion
  • 1994 1997 – Lineal World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1968 Olympic Boxing Champions in Men’s Heavyweight
  • 1994 Associated Press Male Athlete of the Year
  • 1973 – Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
  • 1976 – Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year
  • 1973 – BWAA Fighter of the Year

George Foreman Quotes

George is a man genuinely motivated to follow a particular course in his life. However, this decision is inspired by the countless repository of virtues he has interfaced with. Here are some of his notable quotes;

  • When I left boxing in 1977 to be a preacher, I couldn’t make a fist after I learned about Jesus Christ.
  • I just don’t know how I was able to be a boxer in the first place without believing in God.
  • The greatest asset, even in this country, is not oil and gas. It’s integrity. Everyone is searching for it, asking, ‘Who can I do business with that I can trust?’
  • I’ve seen George Foreman shadow boxing, and the shadow won.
  • Put your name on something, and it better be the best… you only get one shot.

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George Foreman Social Media Handles

What is the net worth of George Foreman?

George Foreman Net Worth is $300 Million.

How many children does George Foreman have?

George Foreman has twelve (12), having had a total number of five.  

Did George Foreman ever beat Muhammed Ali?

Muhammed Ali won George Foreman in 1974 The Rumble in the Jungle Zaire Match.


Finally, before I draw the curtains on George Foreman’s net worth, may I remind you that there is a bridge between dreams and reality.

That bridge is work, and for Foreman, he brought his A-game to his career, activated other means of income, and repositioned his life as a Christian for another conscious existence hereafter.



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