Get Paid To Move To Another State: 10 Best Places That Pay Well

Did you know you can be paid to move to another state? Are you tired of commuting? Do you want to try a new working environment? Your worries about moving and finding a place can be taken care of when you accept the terms and conditions of being paid to move to another state especially in 2022.

If you are curious about new places and not afraid of change, then you can opt to be paid to move to another state. Are you simply out of finances but willing to try out life in a different state? If yes is an answer to any of the questions above, then you have a reason to get paid to move to another state.

Reasons for getting paid to move to another state

Getting paid to move to another state has become an option due to many reasons. You might be wondering why you should be paid to move to another state.

Some states are simply looking for people to fill the vast space that is available. Some are trying out new technological operating systems and need people to work and use the inventions, therefore you get paid to move somewhere else.

The corona pandemic has made working at home a reality in 2022. Many companies are looking for workers who can work from home or are asking their employees to move out of the office.

If you had been limited before by leaving home to go to work maybe due to family or financial constraints, you can now easily find a state that will pay you to move.

How Much Money Should You save to Move?

The sound of getting paid to move to another place can make you imagine that you won’t need your own money to actualize your moving dream. Don’t be fooled by the incentive. Moving can be very expensive.

You, therefore, have to plan your own finances well before accepting to be paid to move to another state. Here are some ways of making money and saving towards the relocation:

  • Have a separate bank account for your relocation funds. This should be in the plan for a year or two, to have enough. However, if you have a generous source of income, splitting the accounts will do just fine. To start afresh, an average USA citizen requires an estimate of $1,000,000 for the first year. However, as you settle in, the expenses will reduce.
  • Direct a regular amount of money to the account and ensure it is growing. You might want to use best interest-earning bank accounts in this case. This will enable you to earn and save at the same time.
  • Find a side job in the meantime as you wait for relocation. Moving will be both nerve and pocket wrecking even if one has a lot of money and enjoys the whole thing. You never know what to expect in a new state, you are therefore safer making the most out of the familiar territory before you accept the move.

How Do You Get a Job Before You Move?

With the right qualifications and knowledge of the exact thing that you are looking for, finding a job in another state will not be difficult. Even after you get paid to move to another state, you will need the job to sustain yourself. You need to be conversant with the place you are moving to and the available opportunities.

10 Places that Pay Well in 2022


You in love with summer? Here is a place you will experience the sun all day long and a huge part of night in summer. Alaska is said to be the most beautiful State in the US.  Being paid to move to Alaska is just the icing on the cake.

Alaska has the most affordable prices for Real Estate and homes are quite classy and affordable. You can actually have the perfect view, in a perfect home with a friendly package. Your permanent pay of $1600 as long as you live in Alaska.

You will enjoy a tax-free life on both income and sales. This saves you money as you try to find your feet in the state. The major reason for accepting to be paid to move to Alaska is the height of adventure and fun in the most beautiful place. You might want to try this if you are an outdoors person.

See How to Start a Business in Alaska: Step-by-Step Process


Here is a State that will not only pay you well to move there in 2022 but also is perfect for your family. Tulsa is in the Northeastern areas of Oklahoma and it is the second-largest city.

Despite it being so big and vibrant, it has the closely-knit feeling of a small communal town. it is a friendly place to raise children. You will not miss a job on the wide job market of Tulsa. Farming and hunting, embedded in modern amenities make Tulsa a modern city with a country touch. If Tulsa was human, it would be so genteel!


$10,000 is what you are likely to get for moving to The Shoals. In addition to the good money, think of working remotely in a beach houses! And if you don’t like beaches, the city is superfine and fast.

You are entitled to choose whichever part of Shoals you want to settle in. The Shoals give you the opportunity to work remotely on various projects.


You will be able to get a forgivable loan of up to $5000 to buy a home in Baltimore. This is a city of fresh crabs. If you are a water person, attracted to sunsets on the harbor, then this is the place for you. With an independent government, the taxes are lower and hence the cost of living.

Abandoned houses are up for grabs for almost free! You will not get a lot of money when you accept payment to move to Baltimore but you are guaranteed a cheap adventurous life and many opportunities to make yourself rich.


Young people alert! If you just finished school and you are wondering what to do with your fresh knowledge, and get paid well, then take a chance in Vermont.  Vermont is targeting young workers in 2022. You will be given incentives to work remotely.

There is a remote workers grant of up to a whole $10, 000, to be used in moving. Vermont is serene and fun, lined with great bars and restaurants for an amazing night life after a long day working indoors!


Are you tired of moving around? Get paid to settle permanently in Newton! The state of Iowa will pay you $10000 to buy a home and settle here long-term. In addition to the 10K you will receive $3000 to help you settle. They call it a welcoming package.

This coastal city is way more affordable compared to other coastal cities since constructing a dream home here will only cost you around $105,000.

This is a safe haven for families and raising children. Those who have seen it all, done it all by the year 2022, can finally receive payment to settle in Newton, Iowa. Amazing parks, fun activities for couples and children are up for grabs! 


Maine is investing in younger workers who just finished college to remain in Maine or move here. It offers tax credit to have graduates remain in the state and has expanded its boarders to other states. You will be paid to move, and have a tax break.

The amount will vary from your year of graduation, to if you are a native of Maine or not. However, workers will be able to pay loans for tuition up to $377 per month. It is highly affordable and fun with adventure places to visit especially for young workers.


Nebraska is a place for entrepreneurs. Suckers for economic growth and investment plans have an opportunity to live here and contribute towards the thriving economy.

Company owners get paid to move here and get up to $5000 of bonuses for new hires. North Platte is highly affordable. The city is known for its low cost of living and affordability on basics.


College grandaunts have an opportunity in Hamilton, Ohio. You will get paid $10,000 to move here if you just graduated. This is a good starting point since you will have an opportunity to clear your tuition debts as you discover the opportunities in your career.

You will get programs that boost your talent here, if you graduated less than seven years ago. Hamilton gives opportunities to graduates of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and Arts as well hence covering a wider perspective.


$1,250 is what you will be paid to move to Chattanooga if you are a tech guru. This is in addition to $10,000 for forgivable mortgage.

To boost its technologically abled population, the city has already boosted its gigabyte network to accommodate you. This is a friendly place for both family and lone workers. 


There are many opportunities in various cities for different groups of people and professionals in the USA. With the pandemic ravaging the world, working remotely is the new norm. I would love to take up a deal anytime, to get paid to move to another state and work within the comforts of my home.  


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