10 Highest Paid Entry-level Jobs | Ultimate Guide

Looking to find a well-meaning job this year, we’ve got several Highest-Paid Entry-level Jobs. Not the ones that work you to the bone and pay you scraps that fall from the master’s table. Everyone who works deserves to be paid handsomely for their work. 

While you typically have to work your way up in work and earnings, you want to start with a high-paying job for many reasons.

Like we said in my opening words, in this article, we will review 10 high-paying entry-level jobs in 2023.

At the end of this article, I hope you find one that fits your skills and certifications. 

Can you Get an Entry-Level Job Without Experience? 

Well, yes! ‘Entry-level’ entails work with little or no experience and often no degree.

In this case, the requirement would be some skill that fits into the job (or training to learn one). But more importantly, the ability to learn as you go. 

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How Much Can you Earn? 

Some of these Highest Paid Jobs pay you a salary of up to $50,000. This salary can afford you a comfortable life, even in some parts of the United States. Not to mention that it’s an ideal amount to serve as a foundation for stable financial growth. 

The jobs listed in this article follow no particular order, but each meets the criterion of being one of 10 high-paying entry-level jobs in 2023 that I will share with you. 

Note that the salaries associated with these jobs are averages calculated based on hourly earnings of a 40-hour workweek. Strap in! 

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Nō 1: Copywriter ($52,001) 

The first on my list of highest Paid Entry-level Jobs is copywriting.

Businesses often require the advertisement and promotion of their products. As a copywriter, you help these businesses and advertising agencies develop what is known as ‘copy’.

This involves the application of market information and principles to craft a compelling copy that will meet these businesses’ stated purpose: advertisement and promotion of their products. 

Nō 2: Sales Representative ($65,069) 

A perk associated with this job is the sleek way to be addressed as ‘Sales Rep’. It does have a ring to it. As a sales rep, you sell products and services to customers. Your role as a sales representative is often vital in an organization as you are in the best position to generate leads through referrals. 

Other things that fall into your job description include product research aimed at individual and general customer satisfaction. Additional perks to being a sales rep range from bonus incentives to high commission sales to advancing your career or even executive. 

Nō 3: X-ray Technologist ($58,738) 

This may require you to obtain certification after a brief preparatory certification program. Your job roles include using medical equipment (X-ray and MRI machines) to scan the body parts, often for medical purposes like detecting a tumor, bone fracture, etc.

Injection of trace agents, managing radiation exposure on clients, and maintenance of the equipment. 

Nō 4: Aircraft Mechanic ($69,680) 

Becoming an aircraft mechanic is another highest Paid Entry-level Job.

You would require hard skills, training, and certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This job entails that you mend components of airplanes and helicopters and inspect aircraft to ensure that they are up to par with federal aviation standards.

 Additional tasks include structural, electronic, and mechanical inspection, aircraft refueling and oil change, and sometimes even painting of the big bird. You do all things airplane, except piloting and passenger attendance, but still, it sounds fun. 

Nō 5: Hotel Manager ($57,900) 

A lot of job opportunities exist in hotels; one job of vital importance that happens to be one of the 10 Highest Paid Entry-Level Jobs In 2023 is the role of a hotel manager. In this role, you will oversee the operations of the hotel daily. 

As simple as that sounds, it has several denominators; event planning, maintaining accommodation, managing cash flow, tracking financial records, and guest management, among others. Typically, your job would be to ensure that your guests are satisfied on all possible fronts and the establishment’s profitability. 

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Nō 6: Title Examiner ($46, 578) 

Insuring a property comes with risks. A title examiner’s job is to conduct proper research on real estate and insurance documents. In this role, you need to have a keen eye for detail, which is useful for assessing property or the title for any flaws.

Ultimately, you will provide legal support and help parties determine property ownership. A high school diploma is all you require in terms of certification for this job. To grow and earn more, just like in any other jobs, you will have to learn on the job and garner more experience over time. 

Nō 7: Land Surveyor ($67,577) 

Taking up a role as a land surveyor is one of the highest paid Entry-level Jobs.

As a land surveyor, you will aid professional land surveyors in obtaining parameters for measuring land surfaces. The equipment available to you in this job role is quite sophisticated; high-grade GPS, theodolites, and terrestrial scanners are often used to register the boundary lines of the surveyed land surface. 

Auto-CAD software will also be a part of your arsenal, often utilized for planning, drafting, and measurement. Getting a job as a land surveyor often requires apprenticeship and subsequent licensing. 

Nō 8: Dental Hygienist ($78,148) 

Does looking at teeth sound like fun to you? This job lets you look at teeth daily, assisting a general dentist. Your responsibility will range from conducting oral examinations on patients to administering fluoride treatments.

This is the highest-paying entry-level job on our list so far. However, to get this job and have fun looking at teeth all day, you must undergo specialized dental hygiene training and obtain certification. 

Nō 9: Web Developer: ($75,981) 

With the vast opportunities made available by the internet today, his list would be incomplete if I don’t include a job that leverages the internet and its power.

So, website development is next on the list of 10 high-paying entry-level jobs in 2023. As a web developer, you will need to learn how to code and know how to utilize online tools and platforms to develop and design websites. 

Not long ago, this line of work would have required you to attend often intense 12-week training sessions to learn the intricacies of front and backend design. 

But thanks to the people that have gone ahead of you, there are websites where you can learn to do this at your convenience and essentially turn it into a job and do so without a degree.

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Nō 10: Law Enforcement Agent ($53,567) 

Last, but not least is a job associated with a uniform, a gun, and a badge. As a police officer, you are tasked with upholding the law in your assigned jurisdiction. Jobs can range from handing out traffic violation tickets, responding to calls, getting involved in high-speed chases, and making arrests. 

Becoming a police officer does not require a degree, but you must go through proper training in a police academy successfully. Tough as it may be, you may consider it the cost of wearing the badge. 


If you have read until this point, you should have found one or the Highest Paid Entry-level Jobs that you can take on and grow at. Any of them are high-paying, require a little amount of training, and have no degree. Even more, all the roles leave room for growth and increased earnings.

So, which one appeals more to you? Take a step toward it; a year from now, your status will have changed to ’employed’ at the very least. 



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