15 Highest Paid Lawyers In Florida

While some lawyers appear to be quite wealthy, others have a difficult time making ends meet. In Florida, lawyers have many employment options, strong salary potential, and access to several job opportunities. 

Lawyers, like doctors, may choose to specialize in certain fields, and salary rates vary substantially. In this post, we will look at some of the highest paid lawyer salary in Florida. 

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Tips for becoming a successful lawyer in Florida

Here are a few tips to help you become a successful lawyer in the state of Florida:

Increase your professional network

Making relationships is crucial in the legal industry, particularly as your career progresses and you continue to hone your abilities. While in college and law school, try to establish connections with legal practitioners. 

After receiving your degrees, you can network by joining a lawyer-specific social group or the Florida Bar Association. A strong professional network can help you advance your knowledge and abilities and attract new customers.

Consider a specialization

Lawyers who prefer to practice in particular areas, such as labor law or adoption law, are certified by the Florida Bar. By specializing, you can improve your knowledge and abilities, which will also enable you to help more unusual clients. 

Depending on the kind of client you’re interested in working for and the amount of competition you like, the state of Florida provides dozens of specialties to pick from.

You should plan to practice law for five years before applying for certification in your desired specialty.

Continue your professional development

You must keep expanding your legal knowledge to become a successful attorney. Reading legal periodicals and books can help you learn as much as you can about your chosen field of practice. 

While still a law student, working as a law clerk, court filer, or paralegal may allow you to observe legal professionals and gain insight into what it’s like to work in the legal field.

When you first start practicing law, you can obtain more experience by taking advantage of professional development opportunities and volunteering to assist more seasoned attorneys with their cases.

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Salary and job outlook for lawyers in Florida

The typical yearly salary for attorneys in Florida is $56,128. Your amount of experience, the city you live in, and the subject of law you specialize in may also influence your total pay as a lawyer.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 9% increase in job opportunities for attorneys between 2020 and 2030. As long as the government continues to compel attorneys to defend or prosecute civil and criminal matters, there will certainly be a demand for attorneys.

15 highest paid lawyers in Florida |2022

Are you wondering what the highest paid lawyers in Florida are? Don’t worry. We’ve got you. The 15 highest paid lawyers in Florida in 2022 include: 

#1. Corporate Attorney 

Average salary: $140,612

The highest paid lawyer salary in Florida is a Corporate attorney. On average, they earn $140,612 a year.

Contrary to popular assumptions, corporate lawyers spend little time in court. Instead, most of their labor is classified as “transactional” in nature. Therefore, they devote most of their time to assisting an organization in avoiding lawsuits.

If a corporation hires a corporate lawyer, the lawyer represents the business entity, not the shareholders or staff members. This concept could be difficult to understand until you realize that a business is viewed very similarly to a person in terms of the law.

A corporation is a type of legal body that state legislation can only establish and is typically used for commercial purposes. The law views a corporation as a distinct entity or “person” distinct from its owners or shareholders.

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#2. Employment lawyer

Average salary: $138,593

If you are looking for the highest paid lawyer salary in Florida, you should consider becoming an employment lawyer.

An employment lawyer may advocate for a single employee, a team of employees, or a company.

If representing the employees, the attorney will be in charge of locating and compiling research and data, drafting pertinent papers, giving advice, managing dispute resolution through arbitration and discussions, and structuring the settlement agreement. 

#3. Associate general counsel

Average salary: $131,907

Another highest paid lawyer salary in Florida is the associate general counsel. They give advice and direction on legal matters, frequently concentrating on their field of legal specialty.

Associate general counsel are frequently hired to advise CEOs and other stakeholders or provide legal knowledge to a specific business division or department. 

They occasionally work as an independent contractor, frequently keeping a part-time schedule or acting as a consultant occasionally as required. Depending on the company, payment models could include stock or profit-based incentives.

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#4. Personal injury lawyer

Average salary: $110,661

Personal injury lawyers represented clients who claim bodily or mental harm as a result of another party’s negligence or crime. To attain justice, personal injury lawyers fight for their client’s rights and financial compensation in the event of an accident or injury. Most fall within the category of tort law.

Personal injury law is applicable when a plaintiff brings a claim alleging harm to their body or mind. Some of the most frequent cases in this area include “slip and falls,” work injuries, and auto accidents.

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#5. Real estate attorney

Average salary: $105,938 per year

To be among those with the highest paid lawyer salary in Florida, consider becoming a real estate attorney. In cases involving real estate and property transfers, real estate attorneys help clients. 

Real estate attorneys could specialize in either residential or commercial properties. Real estate attorneys draft legal documents for their cases, examine sales agreements, and conduct additional investigations.

They may also participate in legal proceedings, including hearings and trials.

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#6. Medical Lawyers

Average salary: $105,700 per year

Medical lawyers practice law the same way as other lawyers, but with a concentration on the medical industry, individuals, or public health. Malpractice lawsuits based on doctor or hospital malpractice are a significant element of this.

Malpractice attorneys battle for clients who witnessed medical practitioners make major mistakes.

Alternatively, they may take the defense position, attempting to clear the accused of any wrongdoing.

#7. Family lawyer

Average salary: $104,709

Among those with the highest lawyer salary in Florida, a family lawyer is one of the most paid. The average yearly wage for them is $104,709.

Prenuptial agreements, divorce, domestic abuse, child support, adoption, and child welfare cases are all family law topics, including prenuptial agreements and other family-related issues.

Smaller law firms typically employ family law practitioners; however, occasionally, they may work alone. It’s frequently good to research topics like:

  • Child custody
  • Divorce procedures
  • Mediation
  • Conflict resolution

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#8. Corporate lawyer

Average salary: $102,926

The average salary for a corporate lawyer is $102,926 per year. The highest paid ones can earn far into the triple digits. Some people, in contrast, earn as low as $66,000. Additionally, they are among Florida’s best-paid attorneys.

A corporate attorney gives clients legal advice regarding how the law affects various commercial processes. This covers corporate purchases, mergers, and sales.

They draft contracts and carefully review offers to ensure it’s in their client’s best interests. Corporations and businesses are frequently their clients.

They also help people-

  • Start new businesses
  • Write a wide range of contracts.
  • Find venture capital
  • Sell and buy ownership interests, and
  • Handle several other major business transactions.
  • Lawyers who work in corporate law have a high level of intelligence. They also understand the law well as it applies to businesses and corporations.

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#9. Contracts lawyer

Average salary: $96,770

A contract is a legally binding document that binds two or more parties to an agreement. A contract lawyer assists in drafting contracts frequently facilitates talks between parties, and revises or adds revisions to existing contracts.

When a company needs contracts for routine commercial transactions, it might keep a contract attorney on retainer.

#10. Litigation Attorney

Average salary: $93,213

Litigation attorneys, also known as litigators and trial lawyers, represent defendants and plaintiffs in civil lawsuits.

They are one of the highest paid lawyer salary in Florida. Litigation attorneys often assist their clients by managing all parts of civil litigation.

Litigation attorneys may work in private, corporate, or government-run law firms and specialize in real estate, business, and employment.

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#11. Associate Attorney

Average salary: $89,176

Those who practice as associate attorneys earn one of the top lawyer salaries in Florida. The average yearly wage for these individuals is $89,176.

They are less seasoned in law firms. They are under the managing partner of the law firm’s supervision and work with clients and administrative staff members like paralegals.

Depending on their experience level, they may be referred to in larger legal firms as junior or senior attorneys. The chance to grow in the legal profession by becoming partners is available to associate attorneys.

#12. Intellectual property lawyer

Average Salary: $84,952 per year

The highest paid lawyer salary in Florida includes those specializing in intellectual property. When a business or individual needs assistance with matters involving intellectual property rights and trademarks, they employ an intellectual property attorney.

They may be engaged to assist someone who wishes to exploit a corporation’s intellectual property or trademark, or they may consult with a client who suspects that someone has used their intellectual property without the required copyrights.

#13. Trademark Paralegal

Average salary: $73,565 per year

A trademark paralegal assists clients in submitting claims for names and logos while working for a trademark lawyer. They are tasked with helping trademark attorneys build cases in court against people or businesses who have used their client’s trademark without permission.

#14. Litigation Paralegal

Average salary: $55,286

Litigation paralegals are the trial team’s backbone. They handle all the trial’s details, from investigations to pleadings and discovery.

The Litigation Paralegal works closely with attorneys, assisting with depositions, witness preparation, and research. The paralegal is usually in charge of preparing and handling all exhibits.

During the court hearings, they will also help the attorney. After the trial, the Litigation Paralegal will be in charge of closing off the case paperwork.

#15. Immigration lawyer

Average salary: $32,649

Clients having problems getting green cards, visas, or citizenship papers receive assistance from immigration attorneys.

They can also be used where a client’s current documentation is problematic or when a person requests refuge from another nation.

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Every industry or career has one thing in common: to earn well, one must first develop a certain level of expertise and experience. We have listed the 15 highest paid lawyers in Florida in 2022. We hope you learned as much from this post as we had promised.

FAQs on 15 Highest Paid Lawyers In Florida

Do lawyers in Florida make a lot of money?

The average annual salary for a lawyer in Florida is $140,61. Florida is one of the top five states where lawyers have the most jobs.

How Much Do Lawyers Make in Florida per hour?

A lawyer’s average hourly rate in Florida is between $130 and $415.

How Much Do Lawyers Make in Florida?

The typical lawyer’s salary in Florida is $140,000.



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