15 Highest Paid Teachers in Ohio | Updated

Teachers transform lives, question the world, and teach us life skills. Their salaries range from $30,000 for adjuncts to $500,000 for full-time teachers.

Expertise and interest decide where college teachers spend most of their time teaching. 

Teachers at a prestigious private institution will be paid more than at a second-tier or lesser-known public school.

The highest paid teachers teach at Columbia, Cornell, Yale, Harvard, and Duke. 

Two are at public universities: Berkeley and Austin. Three teach at Arizona’s Thunderbird School of Global Management.

How do teachers make such high salaries? These aren’t ordinary teachers. 

They’re world famous, have made big contributions, and are at the top of their field. Academic rock stars.

Salary order for academics. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the pay data come from an American Association of University Teachers survey and other sources. 

The numbers aren’t current but no older than five years.

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What Are The Highest Paid Teachers In Ohio In 2022

Here are highest paid teachers in Ohio:

#1. David N. Silvers

Average Annual Salary: $4.33 million

On our first list of best paid teachers in Ohio is David Silvers. At Columbia University, where he is also the Director of the Dermatopathology Laboratory, David N. Silvers has the title of Clinical Teachers of Dermatology and Pathology.

 His phenomenal pay is comparable to that of a lot of college coaches.

In 1968, Dr. Silvers graduated with his medical degree from Duke University.

 He holds credentials from the American Board of Dermatology as well as the American Board of Pathology, in addition to a certification of particular competence in dermatopathology.

When asked about Silvers’ high salary, the university reportedly said, “David Silvers is renowned in the field and has significant responsibilities in directing a highly specialized lab at Columbia University Medical Center.” 

Bloomberg reports that this was the university’s response when asked about Silvers’ salary. He is one of the highest paid teachers in Ohio. 

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#2. Zev Rosenwaks

Average annual salary: $3.3 million

OB/GYN Zev Rosenwaks is an OB/GYN teacher and Weill Cornell Medical College director.

He graduated from the SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn in 1972 with a degree in medicine. 

He is a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist.

Rosenwaks’ pioneering work in assisted reproduction has made him a household name worldwide.

 He pioneered IVF as director of Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Norfolk, Virginia, where he was responsible for bringing it to fruition.

 He established the country’s first egg donation program as a side project.

Zev is one of the highest paid teachers in Ohio. 

#3. Dean Takahashi

Average annual salary: $2.6 million

Dean Takahashi is currently the Senior Director of Investments at Yale University in addition to his role as an Adjunct teacher in the Practice of Finance at the Yale School of Management.

The University of Yale is where Dr. Takahashi earned his Ph.D. in economics.

In addition to his role as a teacher at Yale, Dr. Takahashi serves as the Senior Director of Investments for the university.

 In this role, he contributes to the management of the university’s endowment, pension, and charitable trust assets, which total more than $17 billion. 

Before beginning his employment at the Yale Investments Office in 1986, he held positions at Affirmative Investments in Boston and as a VISTA volunteer in Vermont. Both of these positions were held previously.

Dr. Takahashi was a teacher at Yale at the time, but he took a leave of absence in 2009 to work as a consultant for the Office of Domestic Finance in the United States Department of the Treasury.

 During that time, he focused on the effects of the financial crisis on municipal finance and policy issues relating to the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

Wendy Sharp, who teaches violin at Yale and is in charge of the school’s chamber music program, is married to Dr. Takahashi.

 They are the parents of two children, Kerry and Kai, who graduated from Yale College in 2014 and 2016, respectively.

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#4. William E. Fruhan Jr.

Average annual salary: $1.19 million

William E. Fruhan Jr. is currently serving as both the Baker Foundation teacher and the George E. Bates Teachers Emeritus at the Harvard Business School.

 Before these roles, he held the positions of Senior Associate Dean, Director of Faculty Development, Chairman of the Executive Education, and Course Head for Finance in the first year of the MBA Program.

In addition to receiving his Doctor of Business Administration degree from Harvard University, Dr. Fruhan has served as the director of 15 distinct private firms. 

In addition to being a co-editor of Case Problems in Finance, he is the author of many books, the most notable one is The Fight for Competitive Advantage.

He ranks among the highest paid teachers in Ohio. 

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#5. Dan J. Laughhunn

Average annual salary: $1.03 million

Another one of the highest paid teachers in Ohio is Dan Laugghunn. 

Teachers Emeritus Dan J. Laughhunn is currently teaching at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

The following topics are covered in Dr. Laughhunn’s classes: Risk Management, Capital Budgeting, Managerial Economics, Finance, and Risk Attitudes of Professional Managers. 

Dr. Laughhunn earned his doctorate in business administration from the University of Illinois.

The primary focus of Dr. Laughhunn’s research is in decision science, which is the investigation of human decision-making in various contexts.

 He is an expert in the study of the risk preference of managers, which falls under the umbrella of the discipline of decision science.

Dr. Laughhunn has many publications in the most prestigious academic journals in management science, decision science, and finance management.

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#6. Andrew M. Isaacs

Average Annual Salary: $709,000

Andrew M. Isaacs is currently an Adjunct teacher of Business and Engineering at the University of California–Berkeley. 

Mr. Isaacs attended the University of Michigan to complete his Master of Science degree in Geochemistry.

Mr. Isaacs instructs students in Marketing for High-Tech Entrepreneurs, Business of Nanotechnology, Opportunity Recognition.

In addition to this, he is a member of the advisory board for the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan.

 He also serves as a director for the following organizations:

  • Director of the Bridging the Divide Program on Technology in the Developing World;
  • Director of the Hitachi Fellows Program;
  • And Director of the IBM Ventures Fellows Program.

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#7. Kannan Ramaswamy

Average annual salary: $700,000

At the Thunderbird School of Global Management, teacher of Management Kannan Ramaswamy holds the William D. Hacker Chair in Management. 

He is also a teacher in the Department of Global Business.

Dr. Ramaswamy earned his MBA from the University of Madras, now known as the University of Chennai, in India. 

He was granted citizenship in the United States recently.

Dr. Ramaswamy is widely recognized as an authority on various topics, including worldwide management, global strategy, emerging markets (particularly South Asia), the energy industry, corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and more.

He is also among the best paid teachers in Ohio. 

#8. Andrew Inkpen

Average annual salary: $566,000

Andrew Inkpen is currently a teacher of Global Management at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and holds the J. Kenneth and Jeannette Seward Chair in Global Strategy at the school.

The University of Western Ontario is where Dr. Inkpen earned his doctoral degree in philosophy.

The management of multinational corporations, knowledge and organizational learning, strategic alliances, and international joint ventures are the primary topics of Dr. Inkpen’s study. 

He has extensive experience working closely with some different sectors.

His academic areas of specialization include international knowledge management, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and automobile and telecommunications.

Dr. Inkpen is a co-author of the book “Global Strategy: Creating and Sustaining Advantage across Borders,” written by his Thunderbird colleague Kannan Ramaswamy.

 Andrew Inkpen is one of the best paid teachers in Ohio. 

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#9. Steven Weinberg

Average annual salary: $536,000

Steven Weinberg has a combined appointment in the departments of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin.

In 1979, Dr. Weinberg was presented with the Nobel Prize in Physics, the most prestigious prize in the field of science.

 In collaboration with Sheldon Glashow and Abdus Salam, he developed the electro-weak theory, which brought together two of the four primary fundamental forces that govern the natural world. 

These two forces are the electromagnetic force and the weak atomic force.

Dr. Weinberg is also a best-selling author, and his works include Dreams of a Final Theory and The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe.

 Both of these books explore different perspectives on the beginning of the universe.

Dr. Weinberg, who earned his Ph.D. from Princeton, has written over 300 scholarly articles and authored 10 books. 

In addition, he is a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books.

 Recently, he gave a speech at the World Science Festival in New York City, which was attended by a full house.

 He is one of the best paid teachers in Ohio. 

#10. Graeme Rankine

Average annual salary: $493,000

At the Thunderbird School of Global Management, Graeme Rankine holds the Associate Teachers of Accounting position.

Currently, he serves as the Academic Director of Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Finance for Global Managers Program and Lucent’s New Business Development Program.

Dr. Rankine has served as the Academic Director of the Executive MBA Program in Europe and the EMBA Program in Asia (Taiwan).

Rankine, born in Australia, attended the University of Washington to earn his doctorate.

Rankine’s teaching experience includes Rice University, the Australian National University, the University of Arizona, and the University of Washington. 

Before joining Thunderbird, Rankine was on the faculty of Thunderbird. 

Rankine also ranks among the best paid teachers in Ohio. 

Other best paid teachers in Ohio 

#11. Keith Edwards

#12. Kristie Sigler

#13. Amy Acton

#14. Tom Stewart

#15. Matthew McBride


As you can see in this article, a teacher can receive compensation comparable to that of a professional athlete. 

To appear on a list of this nature requires, as you can see for yourself, a significant amount of intellectual prowess in addition to a lot of hard work in the form of publication. 

And if we are being completely honest, the vast majority of these academics have attained the title of an expert by acquiring degrees in fields other than education.

 If you want to be included on a list like this at some point in the future, you should probably become an expert in a field related to your area of specialization first. 

However, earning a degree in education could provide you with the resources necessary to pass on your knowledge to others. 

We cannot guarantee that working as a teacher would result in financial success, but it is certainly an aspirational goal. 

We hope this article on the highest paid teachers in Ohio was insightful and helpful to you.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do these highest paid teachers teach well? 

They should teach well to be listed among the best paid teachers in Ohio. 

Are other highest paid teachers in Ohio? 

The best paid teachers highlighted in this article are the popular ones in Ohio. 
There are other highest paid teachers in Ohio, but their salaries are nothing compared to the teachers presented in this article.

Do these highest paid teachers teach in more than one school? 

Yes. Most of the best paid teachers in Ohio teach in more than one school. 

Is there money in teaching jobs? 

As much as a teaching job is one of the most hectic things one can do, there is money in it. 

Are there many highest paid teachers in Ohio? 

 Ohio has many best paid teachers compared to any state in the United States. 



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