Top 10 Highest Paid Teachers Jobs in 2022

You may have heard the byword that education is the bedrock to success (not for learners alone but also for teachers). For parents, it is the best legacy to give their children.

Do you know that countries that value their teachers are better off? No wonder in Nigeria, for instance, the government is gradually awakening to this, they now grant employment to graduates of education, salary increment and extended years of service to teachers as well as other benefits.

However, the highest-paid teachers jobs would depend on the country, location, qualification, experience, source of funding, and even cost of living. 

UNESCO gave startling statistics of the world needing 69 million teachers to meet global educational goals. In this pandemic, governments, international bodies, including UNESCO and UNICEF, are working to recover education through teachers’ professional development.

Global Partnership for Education (GPE) observed globally there is a dearth of teachers globally. In 2019, $200 million was expended by GPE for teachers’ training and development. Research by Statista Research Department published in 2022 reveals that India has the most universities, US the most international students while Australia with more international students in the average higher school population.

Purposefully, there is a job for teachers as they graduate from teacher training institutes. Therefore, check out these amazing facts about the highest-paid Teachers’ jobs.


There are jobs for CEOs, principals, superintendents, administrators, classroom teachers, and other specialized jobs for special educational needs, sports, counseling, statistics, library, and so on.

Some of the highest-paid teachers’ jobs can be found in certain specialized teaching and administrative roles.

However, some of these are still quite determined by the country, location, qualification, years of experience, demand, and funds availability. Perhaps, you may also need to know your worth and make a good bargain for it. 

If you reside in the USA for instance, there is a huge prospect for education in gaining the highest paying jobs. This is due t the fact that USA is one of the favourite destinations for foreign students.

Data from the Bureau of Labour and Statistics (BLS) shows that employment in education, training and library occupations is expected to grow by 5% from 2019 to 2029 with 441,000 new jobs projected. That is more than the average for other occupations.

Consequently, the list below shows an average annual highest-paid teachers jobs in these countries.

  • SWITZERLAND – $110,000
  • LUXEMBOURG – $100,000
  • CANADA – $74,000
  • GERMANY – $70,000
  • NETHERLANDS – $67,000
  • AUSTRALIA – $67,000
  • UNITED STATES – $60,000
  • IRELAND – $53,000
  • DENMARK – $52,000
  • AUSTRIA – $50,000

It may also interest you to see the highest and least paid Lower Secondary  Teacher Statutory Salaries according to a chart by Teachers Isights.

With the dynamics of world power, economic advancement and changing policies, there is bound to be future variations or reversals in the highest paid teachers jobs by countries.

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What Are the Highest Paying Jobs in Education?

There are various working positions in the educational sector. Although you should know the US does not offer the highest pay in education/teachers jobs, being the most powerful nation on earth, it often serves as a yardstick to measure other countries’ pay for education jobs.

A research by College Consensus listed the 10 highest-paid jobs in education (teachers). But this data does fall short of other variants like country, location, experience, qualification, demand, Institution, funding, and even cost of living.

The highest paid educational and teachers jobs are;

1. Superintendents

Superintendents are the Chief Executive Officers of schools. As a Superintendent, you can earn between $133,606 to $193,983.

2. School Principals

Educational administrators are the second-highest-paid teachers jobs. They earn salaries ranging from $86,970 to $129,480 and even more but depending other aforementioned factors..

3. Chief Academic Officers

Chief Academic Officers are Directors of Education who plan and coordinate educational programs in schools. In this job, you earn between $92,622 to $158,000.

4. Academic Deans or Postsecondary Education Administrators

You perform a wide range of managerial and academic and adminitrative duties. Your earnings vary according to their experience, qualifications, duties and field of specialization. You can earn $47,130 to $83,710 annually.

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5. Assistant Principal

You perform administrative or academic duties or both and advisory roles to teachers, staff, and students through the careful observation, development, and monitoring of performance, instruction, and programs.

As Assistant Principals, your salary range from $66,697 to $89,406.

6. Instructional Coordinators

Instructional Coordinators are other highest paid teachers jobs. They carry out research regarding methods of instruction, develop and implement curriculum, and devise instruction plans.

As an Instructional Coordinators, you can earn $42,070 to $75,000.

7. Librarians

You are required to manage information and library resources. You can earn salaries of $42,240 to $65,300.

8. Secondary School Teachers and College Professors

As a Secondary School Teacher or College Professor, you are to plan and deliver specialized instructions based on your discipline, grade students and also conduct research.

You can earn salaries ranging from $41,600 to $83,960 and even more based on the Institution, your experience, qualification, and funding.

9. Special Education Teachers

Special Education Teachers provide instruction to infants, children, and teens with mental, emotional, or physical disabilities.

For jobs as Special Education Teachers you can earn from $40,480 to $63,500.

10. School Counselors

School Counsellors offer guidance and counselling services to students, staff, teachers, and administrators.

You can pursue a professional career on this job role and earn from $38,740 to $65,360 or more which is based on other determinants.

Value College Highest Paid Education/ Teachers Jobs

The data above can be compared to that of  Value Colleges. Data obtained from the BLS on the highest paid education jobs ranging from teaching to administrative jobs were presented:   

Occupation                                Entry-Level Education                        MEDIAN PAY

Adult Basic and Secondary

Education and ESL Teachers               Bachelor’s degree                         $55,350

Career and Technical 

Education Teachers                              Bachelor’s degree                         $59,140

Archivists, Curators, and 

Museum Workers                                 See How to Become One          $52,140

High School Teachers                           Bachelor’s degree                         $62,870

Instructional Coordinators                  Master’s degree                         $66,970

Kindergarten and Elementary

School Teachers                                    Bachelor’s degree                         $60,660

Librarians and Library 

Media Specialists                                  Bachelor’s degree                         $60,820

Library Technicians and

Assistants                                              See How to Become One           $31,840

Middle School Teachers                      Bachelor’s degree                        $60,810

Postsecondary Teachers                     Bachelor and Master’s degree.         $80,790

Preschool Teachers                              Associate’s degree                        $31,930

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Special Education Teachers                Bachelor’s degree                        $61,420

Teacher Assistants                               Some college, no degree           $28,900

For Glassdoor salaries data, the average national pay for a teacher in the US is $45,082. This is base on submissions by teacher employees. The salary scale increases to about $56,157 for teachers with over 15 years of experience.


Yes, because schools are continuously expanding the world over and there are some subject teachers in high demand than others. This translates to being among the highest-paid teachers jobs.

The US Bureau of Labour and Statistics projects a 5% growth for teaching jobs with at least six teaching jobs in high demand which include:

1. English as Second Language (ESL) Teacher

It may interest you to know that with the influx of immigrants from ESL and none English speaking countries to countries like the UK, US, Canada, the demand for English teachers has continued to increase.

BLS projects a 10% growth in employment of ESL teachers with an annual average salary of $53,630. However, ESL teachers are in high demand and well paid in Arab and Asia countries like Kuwait, UAE, Japan, and China that do not speak English as their first language.

In UAE, you can earn a salary range from $3,500 to $6000 per month.

According to Glassdoor, the salary range is from $46,000 to $57,000 based on teachers employees’ submissions.

This is one of the highest paid teachers jobs.

2. Mathematics Teacher

There is a 3% growth of job projection for mathematics teachers. Top countries in demand of mathematics teachers include the UK, Canada and Luxembourg and in some Arab and Asian countries.

You could earn up to $73,230 salary per year in this top job. The range given by Glassdoor is $37,000 to $66,000.

3. Science Teachers

Most science Teachers are in high demand in virtually all countries. But you may decide on countries with the highest pay that are on the top of the chart.

Subject teachers like chemistry, physics, biology, and computer have a job prospect of 12% growth. The annual average salary is up to $82,550. They are the highest paid teachers jobs.

For Chemistry teachers, Glassdoor presented a salary range of $39,000 to $72,000.

4. Language Teachers

In high demand also is language Teachers of foreign languages and literature.

Among thriving languages, you can earn good teaching are French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Arabic, outside the domain where these languages originate.

Among global languages for business, government, and socialization, there is an 8% growth projection for these language teachers with an average annual salary of $67,640.

Glassdoor shows a range of $46,000 to $57,000 for bilingual language teachers but however opines they can earn up to $2000 to $5000 more per year.

Bilingual teachers are needed in the most advanced and advancing countries with a high flux of immigrants such as the US, Canada, UAE.

5. Special Education Teachers

These teachers for pre-school and for students with disabilities are also in high demand. There is an 8% projection growth rate with an annual average salary of $55,840. This job may also require special certificate.

According to Careerfaqs, there is a growing demand for special education teachers in Australia, and people in this career can expect to be paid above the average teaching salary level.

For Glassdoor, the salary range from $37,000 to $78,000. The top countries, aside from the US, with good pay for SET, are UK, Canada, and Finland, among others.

List of top 10 Highest teacher Jobs in the world

Check out the list of these 10 highest teacher  jobs in the world.

1. Principal/Assistant Principal

The principal and assistant principals are both the administrative and academic heads of the school.

They oversee the day-to-day running of the school they are in charge of and make decisions over the affairs of students and teachers in line with the educational goals.

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Their salaries vary based on the country, experience,  ownership, and status of the school but range from $59,000 to $138,000 per year with an average of $95,000.

The US, Canada, Luxembourg, and Australia would be some of the finest countries for you with open opportunities and good offers for this job.

2. University/College Administrator

You engage in the day to day running of the school like counselling, bursary, exams and records, public relations, etc.

University/College Administrators are important because of the duties to be performed in the education system.

For these highest-paid teachers jobs, you earn an average of $94,340 per year while opportunities abound in most advanced countries.

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3. Professor

This educational role is very important and is one of the top positions in higher learning institutions with duties such as classroom lectures, research, supervisions, grading and so on.

The average annual salary of a professor is $78, 470. Opportunities abound for you in most advanced countries of the world especially the US, Canada, and the UK.

4. Instructional Coordinators

This is one of good careers for you who may not be directly involved in classroom teaching. Instructional coordinators perform roles like research and curricular development.

Sometimes, this role can be undertaken by private professional practitioners who may be employed by the State or Board of Directors.

The average annual salary for this job is $64,450.

6. High School Teachers

One of the best-paid teaching jobs is that of a High School teacher. But this greatly depends on the location, experience, qualification, availability of teachers, and so on.

The job include teaching a particular subject in the classroom and grading of students. It may also include your preparing of result sheet.

The average annual salary is $60,320.

7. Special Education Teachers

This is also a highest paid teachers/education jobs. You can pursue a professional career and gain experience that helps you attend to students and people with special needs by building them up with the required skills they need to progress in life.

And average annual salary for this position is $59,780.

8. Middle School Teachers

On this role, you would focus on building on previous knowledge and preparing the students for high school. This is a good paying educational job as you advance in your qualification and experience.

Considerable numbers of countries in Europe and Asia would require your service.

The US annual average salary is $58,600. However, countries in Asia like Japan, China, Korea, offer more pay for these jobs while opportunities abound.

9. Primary School Teachers

This is a challenging role but rewarding as you build your career in it with patience and zeal.

It involves working with young children, who want to explore their little world and teaching them various elementary subjects. You can have the best of careers on this job.

The salary range for this position is $37,700 to $95,200 per year at an average of $57,980. Most European countries would require your services with the right qualification and certification.

10. School and Career Counsellor

Both school and career counsellors help students to determine their future and long-term goals.

This role in the educational system cannot be undermined. Europe offers the best opportunities for Counsellors.

The average salary per year of school and career counselors is $56,310.


In summary, finding the highest paid teachers jobs is mostly determined by factors such as location, subject, your experience and qualification, and also the current demand.

Statistics shown may vary or be modified with current trends. Countries are upscaling the roles of teaching and more adding more values to the teacher.

So you can start now to have a fulfilling career on the highest-paid teachers jobs.



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