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There’s an old saying commonly found among Nigerians that says “na inside shit money dey”.

What this means is that money comes to us in places least expected.

Not many people consider being a truck driver a worthy job, worse still, many people who want to go into the business of truck driving do not have the information that they need Therefore, all the misinformation about the job only comes from a place of generalization.

In the meanwhile, this article will be about the highest-paid truckers in the world.

Is it worth being a truck driver?

Being a truck driver can be a rewarding job if you set your mind to being successful at it.

As good as this sounds, you may encounter a lot of challenges in your career as a truck driver. These challenges are not-so-nice, owing to the fact that truck driving is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

From accidents to injuries, to hardship and sometimes frustration, truck driving can drain a person whether mentally or physically, but the joy of becoming a highest-paid trucker can erase all the challenges you’ll find along the way.

It is rewarding if you are single and you have no responsibilities of having a wife and kids. However, if you’re a family man, this will take you away from your family most of the time. So, weigh your options carefully.

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Why become one of the Highest paid truckers?

Many people become truck drivers for lots of reasons. It could be an interest in traveling or driving or both. At other times, it could be the desire to make more money.

Another reason could be wanting to switch jobs or change careers.

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Whatever reason a person has for venturing into truck driving has to be strong enough to keep them going even when it doesn’t seem pleasant anymore.

Do truckers make a lot of money?.

Yes, truck drivers make a lot of money. Although, it is a case of more money, more work.

How much do the Highest paid truckers make?

An average trucker earns about $800-$1,000 per week after taxes have been sorted. That amounts to about $38,400-$48,000 per year.

How to become a Highest-Paid Truckers

Becoming a Highest-Paid Truckers can add every shade of color to your life and your career. Therefore, there are certain things to note before committing yourself to this career.

1. Gather all the information that you can get

Search engines are your go-to place for getting information about truck driving. 

You can also take it a step further by speaking to an experienced trucker who will be able to explain in detail the intricacies of truck driving and to know whether you’re a good fit.

2. Be sure to checklist the requirements of becoming a trucker in your region

There are different requirements, some regions demand such as a  commercial driver’s license, a clean driving record, etc.

Find out these requirements and be sure you meet up them.

3. Acquire professional training that will help you stand out

It is advisable to enroll in driving schools that are in partnership with your dream company as this will give you a better advantage.

4. Get hired

Start applying for jobs and exploring truck driving opportunities that come your way.

5. Complete your employer’s training and orientation

Since most companies won’t allow you to get on the road without a training program, they usually dedicate a few weeks to ensure that their drivers are safe to drive and up to the task.

This training differs from company to company and it’s important to know that during this period, your earnings may be very little until after the program has been completed.

If you do these, then you’re good to go.

Now, let’s dive into the highest-paying jobs for truckers.

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What are the Highest-paid jobs for truckers?

Truck driving allows the opportunity to expand your career as well as earn a little extra income. The following are positions to consider to expand your horizon and the Highest-Paid Truckers in no particular order.

1. Team driver 

Personally, I think being a truck critic is less stressful than other types of driving.

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Team driving allows one person to rest while another continues to drive long hours, and the shift continues like that till the work hour is completed.

Companies pay team drivers an annual salary of approximately $54,000.

2. Tanker hauler

Some liquids that these tankers ship can be quite hazardous, while others are not.

Generally, a significant amount of any fluid can be difficult to transport which is why tanker drivers get either an N endorsement or an X endorsement.

An average tanker driver earns $60,000-$70,000 annually.

This is one of the Highest Paid Truckers.

3. Mining industry trucking

Mining trucking is known to be the second-highest paying job because of the danger it involves.

One wrong move by the driver can lead to severe damage which is why their drivers are paid that much.

Mining truckers are paid about $85,000-$90,000 annually.

This is one of the Highest Paid Truckers.

4. Instructor

Although this is not directly a trucking job, still, many people can work indirectly in the trucking industry by becoming an instructor for program training for truck drivers.

An instructor can earn up to $37,000 annually.

5. Ice road truckers

Ice trucking is a seasonal job but highly lucrative and considered to be on the top list of highest-paid trucking jobs/truckers in the world.

Ice truckers are expected to drive across frozen roads to deliver goods in winter. Because of how dangerous these roads can be when they are snow-iced, being an ice trucker requires a level of professionalism.

These drivers earn up to $120,000 annually.

6. Hamzat hauling

Before you can become a Hamzat hauler, you’ll need to obtain a Hazmat certification as it is more dangerous than other forms of truck driving.

Hamzat hauling requires moving volatile loads such as gases, etc from one point to another.

An average Hamzat truck driver earns up to $70,000 per year.

This is one of the Highest Paid Truckers.

7. Heavy hauling

This trucking job also requires additional certifications. Truckers deal with heavy loads such as small houses, large equipment, etc.

The compensation for these truckers varies from one company to the other, including drive hours, experiences, and certifications.

An average heavy load trucker earns $56,000 per year.

8. Luxury car hauling

You do not necessarily need a certificate to be able to haul luxury cars but you need to have a clean driving history because the cars are expensive.

For haulers, the more expensive the car, the more it pays to deliver.

Truckers transporting these cars can earn up to $98,000-$100,000 annually.

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This is one of the Highest Paid Truckers.

9. Private fleets

Companies that do not use shipping services offered by trucking companies often hire their own drivers to take care of their shipping needs.

Because they are private fleets, they tend to pay their drivers higher salaries of about $86,000 per year.

This is one of the Highest Paid Truckers.

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10. Owner operator job 

Owner-operators usually own their trucks and other equipment necessary for shipping. This category operates independently or leases to another company.

Most owner-operators usually fail in their first year of business but in the long run, it usually pays off.

$113,000 per year is actually worth it if you ask me.

This is one of the Highest Paid Truckers.

Just in case you have more questions, I have compiled below five commonly asked questions about the trucking business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Highest Paid Truckers

What are some of the biggest challenges a truck driver faces?.

– Delayed paycheck.
– The responsibility of truck maintenance on the drivers.
– Road accidents and injuries.

How does being a truck driver affect your health?.

Sitting for too long can result in being overweight plus back pains too.

How long does it take to become a truck driver?.

On average, it takes about 7 weeks to get your commercial driver’s license. Training programs for becoming a full-time employee may also take up to 5 weeks, depending on the company.

What is the life expectancy of a truck driver?.

According to the CDC, the average life expectancy for a commercial truck driver is 61 years.

What is the schedule template of a truck driver?.

A truck driver is expected to work between 70-80 hours per week with vehicle maintenance, delivery schedule, timesheet template, trip sheet, dispatch, and checklist as part of their weekly schedule.


There’s really no job that doesn’t have its ups and downs, especially if you want to make it big, and the truck industry is one of them. 

Focusing on the exciting part of the job will definitely keep you going and very soon, your name will come top on the list of highest paid truckers in the world.



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