Hippo Insurance Reviews 2022: Is It Legit Or Scam| How It Works

Hippo insurance was founded on the belief that homeowners deserve better insurance that protects their homes and the things they treasure. Hippo insurance is modeled to cover electronics and office equipment.  That is nice right? Yes!

However, what is better is that it is easy and accessible to buy insurance in less than 5 minutes online. They provide home services and ongoing home maintenance using advanced technology to offer coverage for your homes.

Hippo was launched in 2015 and it became operational in 2017 with its headquarters in Palo Alto California. They use data and artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive package for homeowners.

Pros and Cons – Hippo Insurance Reviews

Comprehensive coverage: they provide cover for modern homeowners and they have several plans that fit their homes. The cover for smart appliances and electronics is only available at HippoJust home and condo insurance: they specialize only in homes. If you are looking to buy insurance for all your needs; auto, health, and homes at the same provider, Hippo does not offer this kind of services
Fast quotes: you can get an initial quote under 60 seconds and a full quote under 5 minutes. This is possible due to the use of technology and artificial intelligence to gather the information that suits your home at the speed of light.Not available in all 50 states: It is currently only in 27 states of the United States.
Customer support: there is 24/7 customer support. The claims unit is also available all day, all year round in case you need to file a claim.No bundle insurance: Hippo offers only home insurance so you cannot bundle it with other types of insurance, let say auto.

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In which states can you get Hippo Insurance?

The states you can get Hippo insurance include:

Alabama,  Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin

Home Coverage plans

1. Dwelling Insurance

This plan covers all things that are attached to your building, repair, and reconstruction of your home. This includes fixtures, decks, plumbing, electrical and heating systems as well as garage if it is attached to the building.

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The cover excludes what is inside your house or on your land that is not attached to the building, for example, a cushion in the living room or the stereo is not covered.

2. Personal Belongings insurance:

This covers the cost of repair or replacement of your belongings to a certain limit. These are things that are found in your home or on your land and they are not attached to the building.

It is usually a percentage of what is covered under your dwelling insurance.

3. Liability Insurance:

DwellingProtects both the interior and the exterior of your home, that is; the physical structure of your home
Other structuresStructures that are not directly attached to your home but are on your land; for example, your shed and garage.
Personal propertyCovers stolen or damaged personal belongings when there is robbery or covered accidents.
Personal liabilityCovers legal proceedings if charges were pressed against the homeowner because of the accident that occurred on your property.
Medical payments for guestsInjuries to others on your property are covered by the insurance
Loss of use/additional expensesPays for your need if your home is undergoing repair and is unlivable. (Rent, meal out, laundry, and so on.)

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Hippo Insurance enhanced coverage

When your home functions at an optimal level, you can be sure that accidents and mishaps will not be often on your property. However, not many homes come with such properties and many homeowners do not know what to add or do.

Hippo upgrades your home with smart devices that enable the homeowner to be aware of changes in the house.

This coverage includes:

  • Smart home upgrades: hippo will upgrade your home with smart devices to make your home run more efficiently. They include burglary alarm, fire alarm and so on.
  • Computer and home office coverage: hippo offers 4 times the coverage for your home and office equipment and computers than other home insurance providers.
  • Enhanced coverage appliances and electronics: hippo will repair or replace anything that uses electricity in your homes (Television, Air Condition, fans, and so on)
  • Coverage for in-home essential help insurance: cleaners and babysitters that help to keep your home in top conditions are covered.
  • Water back up insurance: overflows from drains and sewers as well as water back up is one of the advantages of Hippo home insurance over others.
  • Service line Insurance: Reconstruction or replacement of your water, gas, and sewers connections are covered
  • Full replacement cost: this gives you the full replacement or cash value of a personal belonging while other insurance gives you the depreciated value.
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Hippo Home Insurance Discounts

New homesYou pay less if you are buying insurance for a new home or a less than one year home.
Smart HomeYour premium is lesser if you have professionally monitored burglar and fire alarms.
No mortgagePayless if the property you are insuring has no mortgage on it.
Early registrationYou get discounts if you purchase a Hippo policy at least 8 days before your existing policy expires.
Auto insuranceYou pay less if you or your spouse has auto insurance from any other company
Homeowners associationThey receive discounts
Fire ExtinguishersReduced rates if you have multiple fire extinguishers
Storm shutters You pay less if you have storm shutters on your window.
Gated communitiesPayless if your home is located in a gated community

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Factors that affect the rate of pricing

Home Security System:  The more you have spent on protecting your home, the lesser you will pay for home insurance. If your house already has a fire alarm, water sprinklers, burglar alarms, and the like, you will get to pay lesser fees because the chances of serious damages to your home are low.

Roof Condition: your roof is the first part of your house that is noticed from away and most probably the first part of your home that will need a change after some years. The newer your roofs, the lesser you will get to pay for insurance since the company knows you will not be replacing your roof any time soon.

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Location: Houses that are near or in areas where havoc is recurrent tents to cost higher when insuring them. If your house is located in places near a large body of water or where wildfires do happen; you will pay more.

Claims history: if you have filed a claim before, you will file a claim again and this will increase your premium.

Home characteristics: the materials you use to build your house, the size of your house, the component of your garage all affect the premium you pay when insuring your house.

Credit history: the stronger your credit history, the lower you will pay for insurance.

Hippo Insurance Quote

Getting a quote for your home on the Hippo website is quite easy and the whole process can be completed in 5 minutes.

  • First, answer a few basic personal questions and about the property you wish to insure, this takes about one minute
  • In-depth questions follow and you will receive your quotes immediately after you are done answering the questions.

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Claim Filing and processing

A part of your house I damaged and you need to fix it, fortunately, you insured your house. What you need to do is to file your claim by calling or sending a mail to Hippo (1-855-999-9746, claims@hippo.com).

The steps are:

  • Reach out to Hippo very fast
  • Provide as much information as you can about the damages that happened and what caused it.
  •  Hippo schedules an inspection of your home appoints an adjuster who reviews the information you provided and compares it with the onsite damages, who will, in turn, let you know  if your claims are approved or denied
  • If approved, you will get disbursed in five days.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your policy at any time and the money you have paid will be refunded to you in full. Other insurance may charge a refund fee but Hippo does not charge for a refund.

Hippo Home insurance Reviews compared to others

State availability272347
Years in business55113
24/7 claims serviceYesYesYes
Protective devices/Safety features discountYesYesYes
Bundle discountingNoYesYes
Mobile appNoYesYes
Online claims filingNoYesYes

Customer Support

Hippo customer support is available 24/7 and also all year round. You call them

@ 1-800-585-0705. You can also reach them through email at support@hippo.com

Is it legit or a scam? Hippo Insurance Reviews

Hippo insurance has been insuring and paying out claims since 2017, that is enough time to take off with people’s policy and they have not.

They are doing well and expanding to other states of the US. While some of their clients have payout value disputes, you should read and understand the conditions before signing up.

If a condition is not okay by you, do not leave it till later. Change it now before you sign up.

They have a good rating according to other sites that has articles on Hippo insurance review.

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Frequently asked questions about Hippo Insurance Reviews

Is Hippo insurance a good choice for homeowners?

We find that Hippo offers three major benefits to consumers: more affordable rates, a convenient digital experience, and free extra coverage options for things like appliances and mechanical breakdown. This makes it a good starting place for comparing your options. Even if you don’t end up choosing Hippo, its quick quote process will provide a basis for comparing competitor rates and benefits.

Who underwrites Hippo’s insurance policies?

Hippo has more than one underwriting partner for its home insurance offerings.
These currently include the Topa and Spinnaker Insurance Companies, along with Canopius US Insurance for Hippo’s surplus lines business.
According to Hippo, these underwriting partners have a combined $200 billion in assets and each carries at least an “A-” financial stability rating from A.M. Best.

What is Hippo’s rating? Is it a reliable insurer?

Hippo generally receives positive feedback from customers, mostly due to its well-designed digital interface and affordable pricing.
In terms of industry ratings, the company and its partners are considered financially stable and reputable businesses.
Since launching in 2015, Hippo has attracted at least $209 million in funding, with roughly half of that amount raised in 2019.


Hippo insurance is a good choice for homeowners that are looking to sign up for a cover.

Getting a place of your own is good, what is better is protecting yourself and the house against future risk which you cannot avoid but rather mitigate through insurance.

Get a plan today at Hippo Home Insurance and avoid had I know situations later.



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