Is AAA Worth It In 2022? Membership, Cost, And Functions

Automobiles are sometimes embarrassing and frustrating when they accidentally breakdown, especially when it happens on a lonely highway.

If you’ve ever had to call for help to fix or toll your car hundreds of miles away from home, I’m sure you’d appreciate the AAA.

In such situations, being a member of the AAA becomes a decision worth every cent, spent getting a membership. Or maybe not.

Because we have properly looked at the pros and cons of becoming a bonafide member of the AAA, we bring you this article which seeks to intimate you with all you need to know about the AAA.

How it operates and all the benefits you stand to gain as a member of the association.

The American Automobile Association according to Wikipedia is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America.

Also called the Triple-A, It is a privately held nonprofit national member association with over 60million members in the United States of America and Canada.

How Was the American Automobile Association formed

The American Automobile Association (the “AAA” or “Triple-A”) was founded on March 4, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois, when in response to a lack of roads and highways suitable for automobiles, nine motor clubs with 1,500 members banded together to form the AAA.

Those individual motor clubs included the Chicago Automobile Club, Automobile Club of America, Automobile Club of New Jersey, with The Automobile Club of Buffalo joining in 1903.

In 1904, the AAA merged with the very first American automobile organization, the American Motors League, under the direction of the first chairperson.

It was during this period that it published the road maps and a few years also began printing hotel guides.

What Does The AAA DO?

They provide services to its members and members of the public, including roadside assistance, tour guide, hotel review, van towing, piggybacking, and others.

As of 2006, the Automobile Associaton of America sponsored series of car racing, under the national racing board.

They give driving lessons for those who want it. Of course you would pay for it.

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They are also authorized by the US Department of State to issue international driving permits in the united states.

They can help you tow your car if it spoils in the middle of nowhere, however, it would interest you to know that there are other free alternatives for car towing. Want to find out? click here

Is AAA Membership Worth it?

It is no rocket science understanding that people would always want value for money spent, to this effect the question on the lips of majority of people about American Automobile Association remains “is AAA worth it?”.

There are so many other companies that offer the same services like the American Automobile Association, road help inclusive.

So, therefore, consider if AAA is worth it before deciding on membership. While weighing your options you must consider the following…

  • The benefits
  • Discounts,
  • Costs associated with each tier, which vary by territory
  • How does your local club operate

You may find that another service meets your needs well enough, or that the discounts alone make AAA worth it for you and your family.

Whatever be the case, be sure to get an insurance quote, too, to find out if you can save even more money by using other organizations. Finding out these things will answer the question “Is AAA worth it”?

What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Member Of The AAA?

The following are some benefits you stand to gain as a registered member of the AAA, for the basic level membership.

  • A mechanical change: If your responder thinks it’s possible to get your vehicle operational on-site, they’ll try to do so. That might include jump-starting the battery, changing a flat tire, charging an electric vehicle, or fuel delivery (you pay the price of fuel).
  • If none of that solves the problem, your car will be towed to the destination of your choice. Your choice destination must however not be farther than 7miles.
  • If your keys are locked in the car, AAA covers retrieval.
  • Roadside help, in some areas, can include bicycles. AAA won’t fix a flat, but they’ll drive you and your bike as far as they would tow your car.
  • It connects services to the member, not the vehicle. That means you can call in AAA to help whether you’re the driver or a passenger, in your car or someone else’s, up to four times per year.
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In order to enjoy these benefits, you must have become a member.

To attain membership status for the AAA, an annual $75 must be paid (in Colorado, it varies by-state) plus an additional $15 for new members. If you want to, however, add another person, like a member of your family (e.g., a spouse or child) for $37 per person, per year.

Can I get AAA’s Assistance in Europe?

Yes, you can. How you might ask; well the American Automobile Association has international affiliations, with reciprocal arrangements.

In principle, it offers the members of the affiliates the same benefits as members of the American Automobile Association while travelling in the United States, while it offers American Automobile Association members equivalent benefits travelling within the territory of the affiliates.

So, therefore you need not be scared when traveling in unfamiliar territories.

However, such territories must have similar auto clubs that have affiliations with the American Automobile Association. I would love to think that this answers some of your questions which includes: is AAA worth it?.

What Other Services Does The AAA Membership Guarantee?

The American Automobile Association also offer direct and indirect insurance services.

As a member of the AAA, one criterion that solidifies your membership includes purchasing insurance. However, the discounts accruable to you regarding your membership status can cover the insurance expenses.

Some local AAA clubs have their own insurance company body offering home, renters, life and auto insurance but not all form of insurance.

While in some regions, the only act as agents offering insurance policies to its membership, connecting the membership to partner insurers, rather than its own company.

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In these situations, your discounts remain available to you as part of your membership benefits.

The AAA rates for auto insurance vary according to your region, your driving history, and other personal factors as with any company.

They however will have their agents look over your personal policies and offer you the best possible advice. These services kinda lends credence to the belief that AAA membership is probably worth it.

More about AAA

AAA’s federation includes 27 regional clubs throughout the United States and eight in Canada.

If you move from one territory to another, AAA transitions seamlessly. All you have to do is call the number on the back of your membership card, says Edmonds.

AAA also certifies auto repair shops that meet its standards for equipment, customer satisfaction, and technician expertise, among others. Members get 10% off repairs, up to $50, at these locations, and it guarantees most repairs for two years or 24,000 miles only, whichever comes first.

How do I become a member of the AAA?

Like every well standing organization, there is a registration process to be followed by intending members of the AAA. If you would love to find out more about that or register with the American Automobile Association and start enjoying the many services they offer, click here.

Terms and conditions apply.


AAA membership no doubts offers peace of mind. The knowledge that help can come to you by just making a phone call makes it a lot better, especially if you are still trying to manage your old beater for yet another year or two.

It is in this precarious situation that membership with AAA is probably worth it.


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