How To Fill Out a Western Union Money Order Step-By-Step Guide

With knowing how to fill out a Western Union money order, one should never get it wrong.

Just as Western Union urges you to ‘think of a money order as a prepaid check’, An accurate filling aids you make and receive payments without having to bother about checks and its troubles.

Kindly follow the guide in this article to know how to fill out a Western Union money order.

What is a Money Order?

According to the balance, a money order a paper document, similar to a check, used as payment. You buy a money order by prepaying the amount printed on the face of the money order with cash or another form of guaranteed funds.

How do I get a Money Order?

You can get money from any of these places. At the bank, you can transfer money from your account to get it.

You can also get it at the retailer’s place. There, you typically pay for a money order with either cash or make a payment using your debit card.

When is it Appropriate for me to use a Money Order?

When making cash payments shows the tendency to put you at risk, you can resort to using money orders as the safe payment method when:

  • You don’t have a checking account: There is no need for a bank account when you can pay your bills using money orders. All you need to do is pay ahead of time.
  • Sending money internationally.
  • You are perturbed about bouncing a check: Money orders do not get rejected because of insufficient funds.
  • You don’t want to make your account number known.

How does a Money Order Work?

Money order serves is an option for writing a check. While you present a check over funds, a money order is determined by the corporation where you bought it.

You pay ahead and make orders in advance for a money order. So, it assures whoever is the recipient that it cannot bounce like a check.

It offers a high level of security.

Pros and Cons of Money Order

It is a safer way of making paymentCan be used for popular online scam
Money order helps you keep some information confidentialLess affordable for frequent transactions
You can get money orders at several placesIt is mostly not convenient
Saves you the stress of carrying a bulk sum of money aboutIt is not a good option for larger purchases

Step-by-Step Guide on how to fill out a Western Union Money Order

#1 Provide the Payee’s Name

This is the individual or business you intend to pay the money to. The space reserved for this purpose is the line right to ‘Pay to the order of‘.

Ensure there are no misspellings of the payee’s name.

#2 Enter your Information in the Purchaser fields

Since you’re the one buying the money order, be sure to write your name and address where you see ‘From’, ‘Sender’ ‘Remitter’ or ‘Purchaser’.

#3 Sign the Money Order

At the front of the money order is where you should sign while your receiver signs at the back.

#4 Fill in the Memo Field

Although this isn’t included in most money orders and is always optional, this is where you fill in the reason for the money order.

Final Thoughts

Although most individuals find it difficult to fill out a money order correctly, it is a safe option to cash, and it keeps you anonymous. A money order is about one of the most comfortable means of sending money abroad.

With the step-by-step guide in this article, I hope you will soon find filling out a Western Union money order interesting.



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