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We live in a wonderful time, where you can make money in the comfort of your home without having to worry about commuting, clothes to wear, and many other things associated with office work. If you’ve been searching for how to make money at home in Canada, then you are in the right place.

We have highlighted 15 flexible and rewarding jobs, many can generate enough income to equate to the average Canadian annual earnings. Whether you are looking to work remotely or start your own business, there is always a job for you.

Work from home is an indication of freedom for many, especially individuals doing soul-crushing 9-to-5 office work, and also an opportunity for students looking for a side hustle.

In the past decades, finding a home-based job in Canada was a challenge for many ‘make money at home job seekers as the work from home culture was not very prevalent in the country. Today, a greater percentage of Canadians work from home.

According to a recent survey by Regus Canada, a 47percent of Canadian employees work from outside one of their employer’s main offices for half the week or more. From the above survey, you can see that Canada’s workforce is truly mobile.

Legit Ways of Making Money from Home in Canada

Below are 15 real ways you can make money from your home.

#15. Mobile App Design

One of the creative ways to make money from home is by designing mobile Apps. If you’re tech-savvy then, you can offer your services to businesses or even create your own apps to sell. The more creative you are the more opportunities you get.

#14. Portrait Photography

Photography is unarguably one of the marketable hobbies that make money. If you’re interested in staged photoshoots can easily build a business as a portrait photographer and work with clients for things like senior pictures, family photos, headshots, or even pet photos.

#13. Become a Social Media Influencer 

If you have a massive following on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, you can leverage that; get paid to promote products for a fee.

#12. Blogging

Blogging is currently one of the legit ways of making money online. If you’re skillful in writing and you command a decent use of the English Language, you can create content for blogs and earn a good income.

You can start a blog by employing a web developer to help you create a blog. The next step is to apply for a Google Adsense program which is the best means to monetize a blog.

#11. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the real ways to make money from home. You make money while helping people isn’t that great? You can help people in need of a gift or skill they possess by setting up an online training course. By doing this, you impact positively on others while making money at the same time.

#10. Website Design

Web design is one of the in-demand services in recent times. You can build a web design business by working with clients to build custom websites or even sell pre-made templates on sites like Etsy.

#9. SEO Consulting 

You can work from home as a search engine consultant. Your job is to evaluate search engine results to ensure they meet the specific search demands. The aim is to improve search results for users.

#8. Candle making

Candle making is a good home-based business that pays well. The popularity and consumer demand for scented and decorative candles have created a tremendous business opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to work from home.

#7. Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual assistant is one of the easiest ways to make money from home. It involves checking and answering emails, organizing a to-do lists, updating calendars and schedules with minimal interaction with your clients.

You can start this business from home with just a computer with an internet connection and phone. This industry is growing at a fast pace globally.

#6. Online Survey

Online Survey is another realistic way to make extra money from home without any investment wherein you can spend your free time in a relaxed manner. Here, you will have to give your opinion about a number of products and services.

You can start your online survey on sites like Swagbucks, Survey Savvy, and Univox. Most of these sites have paid members more than $330 million to date. 

#5. Sell Online

Regardless of what people say, selling online is still one of the real ways to make money from home. If you are an expert and have adequate knowledge about a specific product, then you can start online selling.

In this type of business, you will need to register yourself with online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay. Procure the product from the manufacturer at wholesale price and sell it at retail price.

#4. CV/Resume writing

Resume writing can make a unique business idea for those looking to work from home. You can start to resume writing from home by crafting an excellent resume for job seekers.

Also, you need to be good enough about editing, structuring, and proofreading. You will just need to have a computer with some basic software.

#3. Soap Making

Soap Making is a great ‘make money at home in Canada’ business for stay-at-home moms. It requires low capital investment and has a great profit. You can start decorative specialty soap making and start selling to your local community or in gift stores.

#2. Transcriptionist

Transcription is a popular way of making money from home as it provides much flexibility. There are many sites you can search for jobs including, TranscribeMe, Quicktate, Tigerfish, and Crowdsurf. As a transcriber, you can earn in the range of $10-$30 an hour depending on the performance.

#1. Test Websites and Apps

If you think of making money from home in Canada, you should consider a legit online job that pays well. That being said, there are companies that pay you to visit a website or app and provide feedback.

All you need is a computer or smartphone. You can earn $30 for every 30 minutes spent testing a website or app.

You can also write reviews for Apps and make quick money: Check out 25 Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews

How To Make Money From Home Canada- Best Tips

Working from home can be challenging. There are many distractions coupled with less accountability as compared with office work. You have to learn how to work from home if you want to remain productive.

Here are tips on how you can work efficiently and effectively from the comfort of your home.

  • Maintain regular work hours
  • Plan your work routine
  • Schedule break
  • Dress like you’re at work
  • Create an office space at home
  • Separate work and personal time


If you’re a Canadian yet to get a home-based job, this is the right time. Take advantage of our list of ‘work from home jobs. With these jobs, you can better your Skillset, save up for tuition, pay your bills, and clear your loan debt.

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