How to Become a Toy Tester: 10 Ways To Make Extra $100 | A Sure Guide

Making money is something everyone wants to do, that it is why we even leave our cozy beds in the morning.

Money does not discriminate or care about age, race, or background. However, money-making opportunities are sometimes hard to come by, especially for kids and adults who might not want the heat of working in a formal office setting.

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to make extra cash by playing with toys but do not know how to go about it? Then you need to know how to become a toy tester in 2023.

What the Experts Say.

According to an 18th-century French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, children learn better through plays than instructions. This is why it’s essential for kids to have many options when they play, but it is even more fun when they can play and earn.

Like Evans, a Youtube sensation who has made millions of dollars testing toys and posting reviews.

In this article, we will take you through what it takes to become a toy tester and make an extra $100 doing that, the various options available to you, and of course how to become a toy tester for manufacturers.

But before that let’s first understand what it means to be a toy tester and then we will delve right into steps to follow.

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Who is a toy tester?

Toy testers get paid to either use a new or an old toy and provide reviews about the toys to help the producers do better at their jobs.

Also, they can be given the products to use in their respective homes for a period of time or get invited to the company’s facility for toy testing.

The whole essence of having people test toys before making them available to the public is to ensure that the immediate toy needs of the users are met. And also to make corrections where necessary, and upgrades done in the older toys.

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Who can become a toy tester?

Contrary to some opinions, toy testing opportunities are not reserved for kids only. Yes, even adults can become professional toy testers, as we have toys, mostly games that are only suitable for adults.

However, their work might be much more demanding than child toy testers.

Having clearly stated what it means to be a toy tester and who can become one, read through as I give you a step-by-step guide on becoming a toy tester in 2023 and earning an extra $100 or even more.

How to make extra $100 from toy testingin 2023

#-1. Create A Formidable Online Presence:

Toy testing jobs are not usually advertised in the mainstream media like other jobs, this is because a larger part of the toy testing job opportunities is usually placed online on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Companies looking to hire toy testers employ this trick to avoid being overwhelmed by resumes that might come through if their adverts are placed largely in mainstream media.

So if you are a parent and you want your child to get his or her fair shot at becoming a toy tester, or you are an adult who wants to take his or her chances in toy testing terrain, but do not know how you must increase your digital footprints in the social media sphere.

As this greatly increases your chances of becoming a toy tester in 2023.

#2. Sign up with toy testing recruitment websites or groups

There are online communities toy testing companies would specifically always come to when they need help recruiting toy testers.

Becoming a very active member of such sites or groups will undoubtedly increase your chances of becoming a toy tester in 2023.

Some of these sites would first email their members when there’s an opportunity for toy testers.

This gives their members an advantage over those who might not be their members, hence the need for you to be a member. Some of the websites include…

  • Mattel imagination center social media pages
  • Step 2 social media pages
  • Mega bloks social media pages
  • Discovery toys social media pages

#3. Prepare Your Kids For Toy Testing Opportunities.

Recruiters can come calling at any time. It is not enough to apply for toy testing gigs. You must make sure your kids are willing and ready to start the gig if they are recruited.

#4. Make Videos About The Toys And Share Your Experience

Making videos of your kids using their toys can take you a step further to the doors of toy companies. These videos will make them see how passionate and enthusiastic your kids are. In so doing, landing them toy testing gigs.

#5. Use And Review The Toys

As a parent, you would definitely get your kid’s toys, whether they get toy testing gigs or not. You can ask your kids to tell you how much they enjoyed using their toys while recording their answers as reviews.

If this is done consistently, some attention will be drawn to you and your kids. And soon enough toy testing offers will come pouring in.

#6. Go The Extra Miles

You might consider being proactive, by emailing companies looking for toy testers. This gives you a head start from others who might be looking for similar roles.

It’s a lot better than just putting your fate in the hands of destiny and online websites.

#7. Contact physical stores toy testing gigs

While hoping that you will get great results from online endeavors, do not rule out the influence of neighborhood toy stores.

They are obviously in the business of buying and selling toys, they might give you the break you need in achieving your dreams.

Just walk up to the store and chat with the store manager. It might just be what you need right now. While at it, your kids could spend a little time playing with some toys.

#8. Prowl Social Media

Being an active online community member is important, but it may not be enough. A really budding social media life will help.

Crawling through social media posts gives you a head start. While at it, an intensive search on social media will provide you with better chances of achieving your aim.

#9. Join Review Sites

There are sites built explicitly for reviews. Manufacturers give out their products for free and in return get reviews from consumers.

The products can be anything, toys inclusive. These sites also offer help in helping you understand how to become a toy tester in 2023.

#10. Join amazon vine

Amazon is undoubtedly one of the biggest online stores in the world, it has a very wide reach, and millions of consumers are looking to buy not only stuff but also get insight into what they might be looking to buy.

To this effect, it has a review site called amazon vine. Unfortunately, it is a closed site, and members are only invited. But not to worry, you can earn an invite by…

To earn an invite, you must have done lots of positive and negative review videos that help customers. So if you haven’t taken our initial advice on making your own review videos, this is the right time to start it.

Worst-case scenario you may not get invited, however, you would have built a reputation in the review community, which will still bring toy review opportunities your way.

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Companies are always on the lookout for kids to review their products before pushing into the market; knowing where to look for the opportunities, and how to apply for such gigs takes you a step further to achieving whatever goals you have planned out for yourself or for your lovely kids.

However, remember that the job is not as easy as it sounds. If it were easy, we wouldn’t be here, would we?

You and your kids must be prepared to take the lip when the time comes, so you need to be ready, at all times. Who knows the next mail you get might be the offer you are looking for.


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