How to Sell Feet Pics Online and Earn Extra Money in 2023

Do you want to sell photos of your feet? What exactly are you talking about? I’ll confess that I was astonished as well when I learned individuals make money by selling images of their feet on the internet.

If your initial idea is that it could include stuff you’re uncomfortable with, you’re not alone. However, I can guarantee you that this is not the case.

You may have heard you can make money selling pics of your feet online, but I guarantee you’re laughing at the idea now… Hey, don’t laugh! It’s totally legit. I will show you how to sell feet pics for serious cash.

Why Sell Your Feet Pictures?

“Why should you sell your feet’ pics online?” A simple answer is that you will earn more money. The buyers are the big brands and companies. They use feet pics to sell their goods and services to earn more money. And you will earn extra money by selling as many picture packages as possible to them.

During my study, I discovered that selling foot photos may earn a lady $70,000 annually. I also discovered that she sells her images rights directly on the Instagram social media network. Her tale made me understand that selling foot images is a legitimate way for many individuals to supplement their income.

In addition, my investigation revealed that many individuals successfully sell foot photos and earn money online. I’m not claiming it’ll make you rich overnight, but it is a method to supplement your income. If properly done, this line of work may evolve into a full-fledged business that allows you to supplement your income.

Yes. It is now perfectly legal to sell foot photographs on the internet as long as they are your original work and you own the copyright to the images. If you are 18 or older and have complete rights to the images, you can legally sell photos of your feet online. Selling photographs of your foot, for example, would be permissible.

However, selling this content may be unlawful in some countries under specific circumstances. If a woman lives in a nation with severe religious beliefs or customs, selling photographs of her foot, particularly her own, may be prohibited.

How much can you make selling your feet pictures?

How much are you asking for photos of your feet? The quality of the images determines the cost of your foot photos. You may charge as little as $5 for the photographs and as much as $100 for them.

Remember that it all relies on the client’s demands, how they want to utilize it, and your previous experience selling foot photos. You will charge less if you are a novice than an expert. As you get more expertise and experience, you may boost your foot pic fees.

How to Sell Feet Pics Online and Earn Extra Money

1. Feet Finder

There are a few safe and free places to find and share your feet’ pics. You might try Feet Finder. It’s easy to join, and it goes above and beyond to ensure your safety. Their Twitter platform also has a well-established audience and gives you ample room to show your feet pics.

They have an excellent user rating of 4.9 out of 5 on their service, so you can safely try them out if you’re looking to sell feet pics or are interested in buying feet pic collections.

How Does the Feet Finder Work?

  • Make a user account.
  • Feet Finder will verify your identity.
  • Upload some photos or videos of your feet.
  • Buyers place orders for photos of their feet.
  • The vendor takes bids and provides samples of photos and videos of the foot.
  • The buyer makes a payment, and the seller is compensated.

2. Footcare blog

As a side hustle, you may create your foot care blog if you’re passionate enough about it to write about it and take photos of your feet. 

Any information relating to foot care and techniques to make them seem more appealing – such as pedicures, nail polish, footwear, and jewelry – might be included.

There are several ways to earn money through blogging. Sponsored content, advertising, affiliate marketing, or even selling your items are all options. A blog is essentially your webpage. It’s absolutely up to you how you use it.

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to sell your feet on the internet. Your goal is to create a blog that sells feet and get other people to sell for you as well by giving them a percentage of your sales. To do this, you sign up to an ad network and earn from pay-per-click advertising on your site.

Affiliate marketing has made many people serious money. Discover the 15 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners | Full Guide

3.Feet pics

Feet pics is the perfect platform for both feet sellers and buyers to meet in a professional, safe environment. Sellers create their own seller’s page against a one-time registration fee. That’s it – no more hidden charges or commissions. Buyers can contact the seller via direct message or through the website’s chat function. is also full of valuable tips and ideas on how to promote your photos, make your images stand out from the rest, pamper and treat your feet, and price your pictures, among others – always by staying safe.

What is the procedure for using

  • Make a user account.
  • Create a professional seller’s page for yourself.
  • Upload images or videos of your feet and describe them.
  • You may add an infinite number of listings to display your product range.
  • Buyers contact you using a contact form or a live chat feature.
  • Sell without paying a commission or any other fees.


Foap is a significant site for selling photography. Foap partners with top brands like Nike and Adidas for their job postings which are looking for photographers to take pictures of feet.

When you sign up on the site, you upload the photos that you want to sell, and they will be showcased to over 10k different people, including different brands, agencies, and much more.

Just by signing up on Foap, you’re off to a great start by gaining an audience, getting paid 50% of your sales profits, and 50% will go directly to them.


Instafeet is a well-known internet marketplace for selling photos of feet. Consider Instafeet to be Instagram for feet alone. You may truly make quick money by selling stunning images of your feet on this site. All you need to know is how to navigate the site.

The first step is to create an account by filling out an application for a profile. Read the guidelines before proceeding, as not everyone will be accepted. The site has standards in place to safeguard you from fraudsters, allowing you to easily sell your foot images.

Knowing the regulations will also make the application process run more easily. Your profile will be evaluated and approved after your application has been received. This procedure might take a long time, around 3 weeks.


This may be a better alternative for you if you don’t want to sell photos of your feet on social media or through websites like Feet Finder. Etsy is a famous website for selling handmade and digital goods, such as this pair of foot photos.

A few Etsy merchants offer foot photos in packages of five to ten, but you can also sell other goods with foot photos. Make a digital product out of your foot photos. You may make footprint signals or even a digital representation of your feet.

If you’ve always wanted to sell on Etsy, check out: How to Successfully Start an Etsy Shop


How to sell feet pics on TikTok: Just create a free account and set up your bio. Upload videos of your feet with special fun effects. The more videos you upload the better the chance you will be featured in the main feed.

Once you have a lot of engagements, your videos should start going viral on TikTok. This is when more people come to your page and buy your feet pics.


I recommend opening a Snapchat premium account to sell foot photos on Snapchat. A Snapchat premium account allows you to charge users a monthly subscription to view your material, which is your foot photographs.

You may charge a monthly membership of $5 to $50 with a Snapchat premium account. Check out the Fancentro site to help you manage your monthly membership.

Frequently asked questions

How much do people pay for feet pics online?

People pay anywhere from $5 to $100+ per picture. The average price seems to be around $15-$20/picture, but this depends on who you’re selling them to.
However, as you gain more experience and higher-end clientele, you can charge up to $100 per picture. This means, depending on how much time you’re willing to devote to the endeavor, you can make anywhere between $20 to $1,000+ a month selling feet photos.

Is it legal to sell feet pics online?

Yes, it is legal to sell feet pictures online. As long as you are 18 years old and above, with full ownership of the images, then you can transact online. This job is legal in countries like the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many others.

Is FeetFinder a good place to sell feet pics?

FeetFinder is worth it if you want to sell feet pics online. A lot of people have earned money from this site and have been able to keep their identities safe and secure.


Selling your feet pictures online is a cool side hustle that can transition to your full-time job quickly. It takes little capital to start, and it pays well. If you are looking for a steady side hustle, selling your feet might be just what you want.



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