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Being a cam model is an excellent way to make extra, and it could even be your full-time job. Working 9 a.m-5 p.m being the highest-paid cam model can be very rewarding.

Minimum paying jobs could be very tiring and stressful. Being a cam model is an exciting, easy way to make good money, either part or full time.

With cam modeling, you can work from home, wake up late, and even choose your working hours. We will discuss the highest-paid cam models in this article and how they make money. Before discussing the amount models make, let’s discuss how cam models make their money and the websites used.

About Cam Models

Being a cam model is very profitable. You can earn about $200,000 a year.

Lola-Rose Curtis is one of the highest-paid cam models. She started cam modeling after losing her job in the medical industry.

Lola-Rose says that she can go on vacation to exotic locations after mere months of starting cam modeling.

Also, she can shop in expensive boutiques in London, pay her rent in advance, and even save more than half of the mortgage money required to purchase her own house.

Lola’s is a perfect example of the profitability of cam modeling.

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How To Become The Highest-paid Cam Models

To become the highest-paid cam model, you have to follow some steps:

1) Before you become a cam, research webcam modeling sites

This research can quickly be done through google. Use google to search for a legitimate webcam modeling site.

Please make a list of the websites you find, do a thorough review of each company, and confirm that they are reputable. For example, sites like Stripchat and Chaturbate have good reviews.

2) Call the company or send an email

Contacting the company will help get you get answers to any questions you might have. It will also help you identify scammers.

A legitimate company will promptly respond to your call or send a reply within a few days.

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3) Inquire about the payment structure and set yours up

Webcam viewers pay tokens before interacting with cam models. The host site, in turn, distributes these tokens to the cam models via different payment structures.

You have to recognize that each site will take an extra percentage of the tokens you make, so be sure to know exactly the rate of the site you want to use.

The host sites typically take 40%-60%.

4) You must reach the age requirement of 18years or older before becoming a cam model

Cam modeling involves some content considered child pornography for anyone under age 18. 

5) You have to complete an application

Each webcam site has a different application process. However, all request that you fill out the required paperwork, including a model contract and release form.

Take note that a legitimate company will not ask for a webcam interview or nude images.

6) Complete the paperwork

After your paperwork has been processed, the webcam site will send you an email to notify you to update your profile. Updating your profile includes choosing a username.

Your username should be simple and easy to remember.

An easy-to-remember and straightforward username will get you to repeat visitors, and it could be used for promotional purposes on Twitter or Instagram.

7) This step involves writing a description of yourself

This should include information about any talents you have, such as dancing or speaking a foreign language.

It should also include information on what you are willing to do on camera. However, do not write anything you are not comfortable with.

Moreover, do not reveal personal information about yourself in your description.

8) Upload a profile picture

Your profile picture is the first thing viewers will see about you and helps them decide to engage with you.

So, your profile picture should be eye-catching and colorful to entice viewers to click on your profile.

Furthermore, if it is possible, upload more than one picture. After uploading your profile picture, your account would go through an approval process. Upon approval, you can start hosting live shows.

9) Remember to set your limit

A live broadcast is your show, you set the rules, so if someone requests you to do something you are not comfortable with, you can quickly end the chat.

You can decide not to chat with audio or not to show your face. You are the one with complete control over your broadcast.

10) Set a quality live broadcast

After your profile has been approved, set a quality feed for your live broadcast.

Good picture quality will attract viewers to your broadcast. You can use the camera on your laptop if you have a solid, high-speed internet connection.

11) Set your stage

Clean the room, perform in front of a brightly colored wall and choose a room with good lighting for your broadcast.

You should have a single area as your workspace and use the same background every time you broadcast live.

12) Make sure to groom yourself and dress according to your performance

For instance, if you want to have a seductive broadcast, choose a hot outfit.

Also, if you accept roleplay requests, have a few costumes handy if you decide to switch to a private show. 

13) Create a consistent persona

If you decide to be a goth girl, be a goth girl in every broadcast. This will create a consistent vibe in your room every time viewers join your broadcast.

14) When live, be an outgoing, smile, and engage viewers in conversation

You want to keep viewers entertained in your room. Looking directly at the camera creates a more intense and realistic connection with viewers.

15) Set a schedule on your page

This is a simple yet effective way to create a regular clientele. This will help clients know when you will be online so that they can log in.

However, it is essential to be online at the exact time you scheduled. When you have a regular clientele, you can create a fan club membership with a monthly subscription.

It is another way to make extra cash.

16) Like everything, being a cam model requires patience

Do not expect to start earning a considerable sum of money from the get-go. Another time you should consider before being a cam model is the risk; cam modeling exposes you to different people, including scammers and even blackmailers. 

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How Cam Models Make Their Money?

A cam model stays online and remains visible to viewers through a webcam site. This webcam site also has a chat room to communicate via audio or typing.

Cam models can chat with viewers in a group session, or viewers can request a private room where the chat is between the viewer and the cam model.

 Viewers are charged per minute to talk to cam models. Chatting in private rooms costs more.

For example, a group session might cost $3 per minute, while a private room costs $4. The chat would be casual such as talking about your day, your plans for the weekends, etc., or it could be about your deepest sexual fantasies.

The cam model description on their profile will tell viewers all about the cam models and what is allowed in the chat room. Viewers pay in tokens on the site. The site converts these tokens to cash and pays models.

The amount you make as a cam model depends on some factors, such as the cam site you use, the number of hours you work, your experience, the number of your regular clientele. Your ability to charm viewers, and the type of broadcaster you are (male, female, couple, or transgender). 

Research shows that cam models with an experience of 3 or more years earn an average of $80-$200 per hour, leading to about $640-$1000 daily from working 8-hours daily. Cam models with two or less experience earn $40-$70 per hour, hence a $320-$560 per day.

Additionally, survey shows that female models earn an average of $61 per hour or $1,093 per week; male models earn an average of $33 per hour, $409 per week. Transgender models earn an average of $50 per hour, $940 per week, while couples earn $35 per hour, $205 per week.

In summary, cam models who work full time earn an average of $60 per hour, $2,625 per week, $10,500 per month, and $136,500 yearly.

10 Highest paying cam sites for Models

Below are cam sites that are the best choices for aspiring cam models.

If you want to become a cam model and maximize your earnings, check the cam sites below.

1) Stripchat

Stripchat is one of the cam sites with the highest pay due to its high traffic.

Its viewers are used to spending a lot through pay-per-minute private and exclusive chats, and cam models get to keep the higher percentage of the earnings.

Also, stripchat has a unique feature for new models where they get boosted site placement for two weeks to helps them earn in their first few weeks.

On average, Stripchat models are paid $9,580 per month, the pay ranges from $8,000 – $15,000, and models get to keep 50-60% of earnings. Additionally, Stripchat has the highest paid cam models with ays weekly payouts.

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2) X models

X model is an excellent option for cam models looking for a stable source of income for a long time.

It has viewers from many rich countries such as Norway and Switzerland willing to pay a lot for a private chat.

X models cam models earn an average of $7,040 monthly, ranging from $4,500-$12,000 monthly.

Models keep 45-75% of their earnings. In addition, X models payout bi-weekly (every two weeks).

3) Chaturbate

Chaturbate is the largest cam site globally based on viewers traffic. It is also the fastest cam site with the most robust technology.

Although Chaturbate is large, it also contains many cam models, so you have to be dedicated and entertain a large audience to maximize your earnings.

Models on Chaturbate earn an average of $6,420 monthly, ranging from $3,000-$20,000 monthly; models keep 60% of the revenues. Also, the payout is weekly.

4) Camsoda

Camsoda has relatively high traffic of viewers, which increases the earnings of cam models. Camsoda models can make more money from selling photos and videos to viewers.

Models receive an average of $5,890 monthly, ranging from $3,500-$11,000, and can keep 55% of the earnings.

Furthermore, the payout for these highest paid cam models is weekly.

5) OnlyFans

OnlyFans is quite different. It is not a cam site but a paid, subscriber-only social platform.

Like Instagram or Twitter, your followers only have to pay a monthly subscription fee to view your posts and feed. OnlyFans is an excellent way for cam models to earn a stable income.

Models on OnlyFans make an average of $4.340 monthly, ranging from $3,300-$8,500 monthly, and models get to keep 80% of their earnings. Additionally, the payout is weekly.

6) BongaCams

BongaCams is the most extensive cam site base on viewer traffic. It is an excellent option for cam models to earn the highest pay through tips. BongaCams has gotten a great review from models who use the site.

Models are paid an average of $4,250 monthly, and the payout is bi-weekly (every two weeks). The pay ranges from $3,000-to $8,000 monthly, and models get to keep 60-90% of their earnings.

7) LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin is among the main cam sites base on viewer traffic. Models can earn more in LiveJasmin because it relies more on par-per-minute private sessions.

Also, LiveJasmin allows cam splitting. This means you can be camming for LiveJasmin and another cam site simultaneously, thereby doubling your earnings.

Models receive an average of $3,970 monthly, ranging from $2,000-$7,500 monthly, and models get to keep 30-80% of earnings.

Furthermore, the payout is bi-weekly (every two weeks).

8) Streamate

Streamate is an excellent option for cam models camming as a side hustle and wanting to keep it super private. Friends and family would hardly run into you.

Streamate is set up excellently in which viewers expect everything to be done via private or exclusive chat. You do have to show yourself in public if you do not want to. Streamate has high-paying viewers.

With their privacy settings, models can ensure that only paying customers can discover and see them.

Models receive an average of $3,350 monthly, ranging from $2,000-$7,000 monthly; models get to keep 30% of the earnings. Also, the payout is weekly.

This is one of the Highest paying cam sites for Models.

9) Flirt4Free

Flirt4free has the camming industry’s best interface for both viewers and models.

Models earn most of their earnings through pay-per-minute private chat. The cutting-edge interface helps to promote large tips, thus, increasing the model’s income.

Models earn an average of $2,890, ranging from $2,000-$6,500; models keep 20-30% of the earnings.

In addition, the payout is bi-weekly (every two weeks).

10) Streamray

Streamray has been operational for over 15 years. They own other websites with high viewer traffic, which brings viewers to your show.

Streamray makes viewers pay to see what they want.

Models earn an average of $2,660, ranging from $1,500-$6,000, and models keep 32-70% of the earnings. In addition, the payout is bi-weekly (every two weeks).

Who are the Highest paid cam model?

Like all professions, they are rockstars and celebrities with high pays. Some of the highest-paid cam models are:
(Please, note that most of these names are not their actual name but their usernames)

  1. Jessie Lee is one of the highest-paid cam models. She earns an average of $240,000 yearly.
  2. Lola-Rose Curtis: Lola-Rose Curtis earlier mentioned in this article is among the list of highest-paid cam models. She earns an average of $191,000 yearly
  3. Clara Joy: Third on this list is Clara Joy. She earns an average of $96,000 yearly.
  4. Jayme Jones: Jayme earns an average of $66,000 yearly
  5. Cecila Renee Morrell earns an average of $66,000 yearly
  6. Natalia Grey earns an average of $175,000 yearly
  7. Selena Adams earns an average of $300,000 yearly
  8. Jalyn earns an average of 450,000 yearly
  9. AspenRae earns an average of 450,000 yearly
  10. Abella Anderson earns an average of 550,000 yearly 

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FAQs on highest paid cam models

What are the top cam sites?

The top 3 cam sites based on viewers traffic are Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, and BongaCams.

How much do cam models make? 

Cam models make an average of $10,500 monthly.

What is the best webcam for streaming?

The best webcam for streaming is a professional webcam designed explicitly for streaming, such as Logitec and Razer. However, you can get away with using the webcam on your laptop or Macbook.

Do cam models have to cam nude?

While most cam models take off their clothes, it is not compulsory. It could be included in your description, so viewers do not do complete nude.

Do cam models work only at night?

No, please. Cam models do not only work at night. You can set your schedule and work full time, 9 a.m – 5 p.m


From the article, we can see that the cam model is quite lucrative. However, it takes patience and dedication to be a successful cam model.

Cam modeling could be a part-time or full-time job, and you can start with the webcam attached to your laptop.

You should be careful and review cam sites when you want to begin to avoid scammers. 



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