15 Highest Paid Police Departments in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, a range of municipal, state, and federal law enforcement positions are open for application.

By safeguarding the safety of the citizens and defusing potentially dangerous situations, these professionals can benefit their local community.

Learning the measures you can take to seek this career may be helpful for you as well if you wish to work as a police officer in Pennsylvania.

Continue reading this article to find out about Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

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Police officer requirements in Pennsylvania

To join law enforcement, one must fulfil unique conditions set forth by each state.

The Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) sets the prerequisites and basic application procedures for police officers in Pennsylvania.

Besides the state standards, certain states may enact their own.

For instance, while the MCOETC mandates applicants to hold a high school certificate or GED, a particular police department can also demand that applicants have an associate degree.

To become a police officer in Pennsylvania, you may need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • · A minimum age of 18
  • · GED or a high school diploma
  • · Being a US citizen
  • · No history of criminal offences
  • · A ninth-grade reading level of proficiency.

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How to become a police officer in Pennsylvania

Here are the steps you can take to become a police officer in PA:

Earn a high school diploma or GEDA high school diploma or GED is the very minimum education needed to work as a police officer in Pennsylvania.

You can enrol in classes to learn about the legal system or the procedures used by law enforcement while pursuing your diploma or degree.

For instance, completing a government course might help you comprehend regional, national, and state legislation.

#1. Apply for positions

Look for openings in the police department that you can apply for to begin your career.

To identify job openings in neighbourhood police departments, use online tools.

When applying for a job as a police officer, you can attach an electronic application and a copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate.

To speak with a recruiting officer about openings, consider reaching out to or going to your neighbourhood police department.

They might offer you suggestions on how to land a job successfully.

You can show your desire to become a police officer by meeting with an officer.

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#2. Complete the screening and testing process

Police departments choose a few individuals to continue the screening process after analyzing applications.

This procedure enables them to decide whether you qualify for training.

A thorough background investigation that summarizes your criminal history precedes this process.

It also gives a history of your employment.

After that, you can take part in a lengthy interview with a police chief or recruiter who will ask you questions about your desire to work as a police officer, your morality and ethics, and your respect for the legal system.

You can also take a polygraph test, which is an examination that enables you to be honest about your credentials and criminal history.

They conduct a drug test in the last step.

Following the screening procedure, you can take several physical, medical, and psychological tests to show that you are qualified to serve as a police officer.

The Nelson-Denny Reading Test and a personality evaluation are additional requirements set forth by MCOETC for all aspiring police officers.

#3. Attend a police academy

You can enrol in a police training academy approved by the state after passing the screening and testing.

Although the duration of training might vary, most programs endure 14 to 18 weeks.

You can receive instruction in the classroom and on the job on various legal issues and law enforcement procedures during this period.

Additionally, you might study safety procedures, policing methods, and de-escalation procedures.

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#4. Participate in field training

You can finish your field training once you have graduated from a training academy.

Working with an experienced officer, known as a field training officer, during field training helps you develop your abilities and get ready for a career in law enforcement.

You can watch them as they carry out routine police duties and offer help when necessary, such as during traffic stops and arrests.

Depending on the police agency, you might complete fewer or more of the necessary field hours.

The field training officer often decides whether you’re prepared to function independently as an officer.

List of the Highest Paid Police Departments in Pennsylvania

If you want to become a police officer in Pennsylvania, below is a list of the highest paid police departments in Pennsylvania.

#1. Philadelphia Police Department

Annual Salary: $65,200

The Philadelphia police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

With over 6600 sworn members and 800 civilian employees, the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is the fourth-largest police force in the country.

With a land area of over 140 square miles and a population of almost 1.5 million, Philadelphia County is primarily policed by the PPD.

#2. York City Police Department

Annual Salary: $64,700

The York City police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The York City Police Department’s purpose is to provide respect, justice, and compassion to everyone under their control.

They are dedicated to crime prevention, preserving constitutional protections, preserving peace, order, and safety, as well as protecting life and property.

They are motivated by objectives to improve quality of life, look into issues and incidents, find solutions, and cultivate a sense of security in communities and individuals.

Their cornerstone is community service. They foster public trust by upholding the greatest standards of performance and integrity.

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#3. Reading Police Department

Annual Salary: $60,600

The Reading police department (RPD) is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The RPD takes great pride in helping residents, businesses, and tourists.

While upholding the greatest ethical standards and fostering community trust, they are dedicated to their purpose of ensuring public safety through proactive policing techniques.

#4. Pittsburgh Police Department

Annual Salary: $60,000

The Pittsburgh police department is one of the highest paid police departments in Pennsylvania.

Their officers’ connections in the communities they serve are highly valued.

The Bureau of Police is deeply committed to enhancing public safety, as evidenced by their officers’ attendance at countless public safety meetings, neighbourhood councils, and events for both adults and children.

They think that these alliances, along with the professionalism of their officers and civilian staff members, significantly contribute to the safe environment that residents, employees, and visitors to the magnificent city enjoy.

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#5. Elizabethtown Police Department

Annual Salary: $59,185

The Elizabethtown police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The Elizabethtown Police Department aims to deliver a skilled, neighborhood-focused police force committed to preserving order, defending life and property, and ensuring fair and equal treatment for all residents.

#6. Allentown Police Department

Annual Salary: $57,229

The Allentown police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

To ensure Allentown residents’ and tourists’ safety and quality of life, the Allentown Police Department is committed to collaborating closely with local stakeholders and law enforcement partners.

#7. Hilltown Township Police Department

Annual Salary: $54,846

The Hilltown Township police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The fundamental goal of the Department, which is to protect the lives and property of those who live and work in Hilltown, has remained constant despite the Department’s significant development.

To keep Hilltown Township a safe place to live, work, and play, the Hilltown Township Police Department is proud to serve its residents.

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#8. Newtown Township Police Department

Annual Salary: $53,278

The Newtown Township police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The mission of the Newtown Township Police Department is to serve and safeguard its residents.

The Department is dedicated to cooperating with its residents for the shared goals of fostering secure streets and communities, building a society free from crime, and enhancing the general quality of life.

#9. Kingston Police Department

Annual Salary: $50,823

The Kingston police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The Kingston Police are committed to providing proactive, community-based, and problem-solving policing to the Kingston community to serve and protect its residents.

With the help of their core vision, mission, and values, they work to implement this policing model while maintaining the greatest standards of professionalism.

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#10. Camp Hill Police Department

Annual Salary: $49,796

The Camp Hill police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

Increasing public safety and lowering crime are the major objectives of the Camp Hill police department.

#11. Borough Fountain Hill Police Department

Annual Salary: $49,256

The Borough Fountain Hill police department is one of the highest paid police departments in Pennsylvania.

Under the mayor’s direction, the Borough Fountain Hill maintains a police force on duty every day of the week.

Since the Borough Fountain Hill was incorporated, the Borough Police Department has been in charge of ensuring the safety of people and their property.

#12. Hermitage Police Department

Annual Salary: $47,216

The Hermitage police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The Hermitage Police Department’s mission is to serve, protect, and improve the quality of life for its residents and everyone who works or visits the area by offering police services and impartially enforcing Pennsylvania law and city ordinances reasonably and compassionately.

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#13. Dalton Borough Police Department

Annual Salary: $46,352

The Dalton Borough police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

Their goal is to work in harmony with Dalton’s residents to create a safe town that offers professional-grade police services.

All department members lay a strong emphasis on crime prevention, which they use to seek solutions to crime problems proactively.

#14. Norristown Police Department

Annual Salary: $45,000

The Norristown police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The Norristown Police Department’s goals are to uphold law and order, identify and respond to neighbourhood needs, protect people and property, and enhance the quality of life by catching criminals.

#15. Bradford Police Department

Annual Salary: $44,725

The Bradford police department is one of Pennsylvania’s highest paid police departments.

The Bradford Police Department’s purpose is to offer the highest standard of service while working in collaboration with the local community to preserve and protect property and human life via awareness, proactive problem-solving, education, and enforcement.

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How much money do police officers make in Pennsylvania?

As of July 26, 2022, the salary of a police officer in Pennsylvania is $60,800 on average, but the range is normally between $56,800 and $66,200.

How much do PA State Troopers make?

In Pennsylvania, a state trooper makes an average of $89,000 per year.
In Pennsylvania, state troop salaries can range from $56,000 to $121,500 and are based on several variables, including experience, employer, bonuses, tips, and more.

How long is the police academy in PA?

The length of a full-time Police Academy training is roughly 7-8 months. College and federal holidays may have an impact on the overall program length. Classes meet five (5) days a week, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with the weekend on an occasional basis.

How many State Police are in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania State Police now have 4,730 sworn members. Throughout the department, over 1,850 civilians perform a range of jobs.

A $6000 non-refundable tuition fee must be paid in full before the start of the semester. Unless you are a veteran, no grants or student loans are available for the course. They have received approval from Veterans Affairs (VA) for schooling benefits.


This article has provided a list of the highest paid police departments.

Therefore, if you want to become a police officer in Pennsylvania, you can decide to work in any of the police departments we have listed.



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