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How influential you are with other people depends a lot on what kind of person you are. Even though charisma and good communication skills are important, they aren’t enough to build an influence that lasts and has an impact. There isn’t one way to gain influence that works for everyone.

Some people have created a great impact in Colorado in one way or the other. In this article, we outline the most influential people in Colorado.

You would also find the efforts they have made that brought them on our list. Keep reading!

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Top 20 most influential people in Colorado

#1. John Elway

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Ranking #1 on our list of the most influential people in Colorado is John Elway. He coached a football team that wins and does more than boost team spirit and get more people to watch on TV. He helped grow Colorado’s economy by $20 million to $40 million because of the AFC Championship game.

The fact that people are always talking about him getting more involved in Republican politics, shows he is a man who is standing tall in the power pocket.

#2. John Hickenlooper

John Hickenlooper LinkedIn

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John Hickenlooper is one of the most famous people in Colorado. As recently as the spring of 2012, the man who went from being a bar owner to being governor seemed like he was going to sail through his first term as governor.

But then everything went crazy. The shooting in Aurora. The blazes. Flooding. The gun laws caused two of his fellow Democrats to lose their seats (a third resigned).

Last but not least, John Hickenlooper gave convicted murderer Nathan Dunlap a temporary stay of execution this past spring.

By doing this, the Governor pretty much guaranteed that the death penalty will be a hot topic in the next few state elections. Still, Hick is a (mostly) well-liked incumbent, and he’s been in charge of legislative sessions where important new laws got passed, like civil unions.

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#3. Hancock Michael

Hancock, Michael LinkedIn

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Michael Hancock seems to have finally hit his stride after three years. His policy work picked up speed, especially with the Brighton Boulevard revitalization project. This will be one of his best chances to leave a visible mark on his hometown.

Hancock does business differently by relying less on big group projects and more on giving his staff members tasks. If you want something done, you call Hancock, not his team, and you can be sure it would be done. He is one of the most influential people in Colorado.

#4. Morgan Carroll

Morgan Carroll LinkedIn

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Morgan Carroll Twitter

As president of the state Senate, Morgan Carroll decides what will and won’t pass this session. There’s no doubt that this Aurora politician has a lot of big ideas, like lowering the cost of college and childcare, fixing the roads, and making more jobs.

Conservatives were afraid that the ultra-liberal person would use her power to push a left-wing social agenda through the Capitol.

Instead, Carroll has been firm but measured. She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to change the gun laws from last year (after all, some of her colleagues are up for re-election). In less than a year, Morgan is already one of the most influential people in Colorado.

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#5. Michael Bennet

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Bennet is a member of the Senate Finance Committee and leader of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. He has made memorable changes and is currently one of the most famous people in Colorado.

Through the 2014 elections, Michael Bennet’s national profile has never been higher at a time when Colorado’s status is a swing state.

#6. Christoph Heinrich

Christoph Heinrich LinkedIn

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Christoph Heinrich is one of the reasons Colorado has become a place where people from all over the world come to see art. His first one was so popular that the museum stayed open for 40 hours straight to get rid of all the people.

It’s safe to say that the city’s cultural scene has arrived, and Heinrich’s DAM is one of the main reasons why. This has made him one of the most famous people in Colorado.

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#7. Kim Day

Kim Day LinkedIn

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Kim Day Twitter

Ranking #7 on our list, Kim Day is one of the most influential people in Colorado. At a time when commercial and residential development is booming all along the Front Range, the land around DIA may be the best place for growth.

Kim Day has been in the middle of it all as the airport has grown to become the fifth busiest in the country. She helped start direct flights to Mexico City and Tokyo. The success of those lines for both tourists and business travelers will make it easier to start more nonstop international flights

In the long term, this will have a long-term effect on the Colorado local economy. If she can do anything to speed up the building of the long-awaited light rail line out to DIA, the citizens might one day vote for her Queen of the Front Range. Due to her invaluable contributions, she has become one of the most famous people in Colorado.

#8. Vicente Sederberg LLC

Vicente Sederberg LLC LinkedIn

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Vicente Sederberg LLC Twitter

In the past, this might have been just another specialized law firm, but that was before marijuana changed the local and national scene. Now, founding partners Brian Vicente and Christian Sederberg are the go-to experts not just here but everywhere on legalized marijuana.

Since about 2008, these two lawyers and their longtime friend and tireless cannabis activist Mason Tvert have been trying to change people’s minds about pot. We think it’s safe to say they’ve done it.

Colorado’s experiment with medical marijuana went so well that the state voted to legalize marijuana.

However, it was for recreational use by a surprisingly large margin. This is such a feat that we wouldn’t hesitate to include them on our list of most influential people in Colorado.

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#9. Roxanne White

Roxanne White LinkedIn

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She has been Hickenlooper’s most trusted advisor for so long that she is sometimes called the governor’s soul. Roxane White was a big part of the governor’s decision about Nathan Dunlap. She is also helping to oversee the ongoing reform efforts at the state Department of Corrections.

Even though her boss moved across Civic Center Park a few years ago, she still has a lot of power in Denver. Business leaders and politicians know that having White on your side is always a good thing. Roxanne White is one of the most famous people in Colorado.

#10. Cole Finegan

Cole Finegan Instagram

Cole Finegan has been a formal and informal adviser to both Colorado senators. He was the finance chair for Senator Mark Udall’s well-funded re-election campaign and Hickenlooper’s 2014 campaign.

He is one of the leaders of his multinational, multibillion-dollar law firm. Finegan does a lot to promote Denver as a global, innovative, and business-friendly city, both in Colorado and around the world.

Cole Finegan has done a lot to earn him a spot on our list as one of the most influential people in Colorado.

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#11. Norman Brownstein & Steven Farber

Norman Brownstein – Not found

Steven Farber- Not found

Even though they are getting close to the end of their careers, longtime Colorado and national power players Norman Brownstein and Steven Farber still have a lot of influence. The firm’s lawyers serve on dozens of local corporate and nonprofit boards.

Senior counsel Jim Nicholson is co-chair of Denver’s efforts to get the 2016 Republican National Convention. The bad news about Brownstein’s son Bo convicted of insider trading a few years ago hasn’t done much to hurt his father’s reputation so far. They are part of the most famous people in Colorado.

#12. Anne Warhover

Anne Warhover Instagram

Anne Warhover Twitter

Warhover is one of the most famous people in Colorado. Anne Warhover is the only healthcare executive in Colorado who has the respect of everyone and has a lot of political power. Under her leadership, the Colorado Health Foundation, a nonprofit grew to become one of the largest and most influential organizations of its kind in the country.

In recent years, CHF has done many things. This includes investing in a fund to make it easier for people in Colorado to get fresh food.

They also support the expansion of Medicaid. She earned her prized status as one of the most influential people in Colorado because she helped make Colorado one of the healthiest states in the country.

#13. Mary Beth Susman

Mary Beth Susman LinkedIn

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Mary Beth Susman Twitter

Mary Beth Susman is one of the most influential people in Colorado. In every big city, the city council does a lot of its work behind the scenes.

Its members tend to be a mix of people, from wonky political lifers to neighborhood activists to ambitious people who want to move up the ladder. Mary Beth Susman is one of the council members whose decisions and debates have made the most headlines.

More recently, she voted to expand the city’s program for minority- and women-owned contracting businesses.

This is an important step toward economic equality at a time when local construction is booming. We depend on the council to solve problems like these every day. Mary Beth Susman made a name for herself as a member of the council.

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#14. Larry Mizel

Larry Mizel – Not Found

When you make a lot of money as Larry Mizel does, you have a lot to spend on campaigns. However, Larry Mizel finds ways to gift people who need money. He sponsored several scholarships for college students.

He has given money to Jared Polis (20), Mike Coffman (32), and the governor. The governor uses him as a go-to adviser, especially on business issues. Larry Mizel is one of the most influential people in Colorado

#15. Maria Garcia Berry

Maria Garcia Berry LinkedIn

Maria Garcia Berry Instagram

Maria Garcia Berry Twitter

As Colorado is busy building up and out, Maria Garcia Berry is often working behind the scenes as an “independent consultant”. Her latest focus is on the future of the National Western Stock Show. This means that she is also talking about the redevelopment of Brighton Boulevard.

This covers the project to bury I-70 from I-25 to Colorado Boulevard and the expansion of the light rail. She is one of the people hired to help negotiate the Gaylord resort project at DIA. When there is a big project to improve Denver or the area around it, Garcia Berry is often a key player. She is one of the most famous people in Colorado

#16. White Robert

White Robert Instagram

In 2011, when Robert White took over the police department, it was a mess. This was mostly because cases of police brutality had made the public lose faith in the police.

Since then, White has graduated a new group of officers and started to change the way the police department works. He replaced expensive crime lab techs with cheaper civilians (enabling him to hire more cops). He made so much change in the department that he became one of the most influential people in Colorado.

#17. Tim Marquez

Tim Marquez LinkedIn

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Tim Marquez Twitter

This self-made oilman still runs one of the biggest energy companies in the state. He is one of the most influential people in Colorado. In recent years, he has added fracking to his business, which has given him even more power.

Tim Marquez and his wife Bernadette also run the TBM Foundation. This organization gives need-based college scholarships to DPS students and makes it easier for low-income, high-risk Denver residents to get health care and human services.

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#18. Jared Polis

Jared Polis LinkedIn

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Over the past few years, Jared Polis has been productive in Washington. While many of his colleagues in Congress have tried to get attention by making up stories or being in the way. The Democrat has helped get several laws passed that improve opportunities and standards for students and teachers.

He has also contributed to stopping discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Jared has also been a strong supporter of changing and updating laws against marijuana.

He has worked hard for policies that help his constituents in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District. This includes making sure that environmental protections are in place in places where fracking is happening. Over time, he has become one of the most famous people in Colorado.

#19. Mark Udall

Mark Udall LinkedIn

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Mark Udall Twitter

Recent ups and downs for Colorado’s senior senator include problems with his family and questions about whether his office put pressure on state insurance officials to change the number of Obamacare cancellations.

Then, when GOP darling Cory Gardner joined the race in February, the Democrat’s path to re-election, which was still going pretty well, hit a snag.

Mark Udall still has a large campaign war chest, is an incumbent, and has a good track record of working for the environment and speaking out against the Obama administration’s use of the NSA to spy on Americans at home. He is one of the most influential people in Colorado.

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#20. Mickey Zeppelin

Mickey Zeppelin- Not Found

Mickey Zeppelin has had the idea for River North, or RiNo, for a long time. His son, Kyle, runs the day-to-day operations of the company. This master developer’s vision for downtown Denver’s last undeveloped area is finally coming true.

From I-70 to Coors Field, the long-promised residential and business growth has been taking shape over the past few years. Mickey Zeppelin is one of the most influential people in Colorado

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the most well-known person from Colorado?

Tim Allen. Tim Allen might be one of Colorado’s most well-known people. The actor, who was born in Denver, is best known for his roles as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on “Home Improvement” in the 1990s and Santa Claus in the movies about “The Santa Clause.” He also did the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies.

Who are famous people who were born in Colorado?

Zahn McClarnon- An actor from “Into the West.”
AnnaSophia Robb- An actress from “Bridge to Terabithia.”
David Fincher- The director of “Se7en.”
Debra Paget- An actress from “The Ten Commandments.”
Kristen Schaal- An actress from “Gravity Falls.”

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Why do popular people come to Colorado?

A lot of Hollywood stars come to Colorado because of its great skiing and lively music scene. Some of them even own property here. Even though seeing a famous person might not happen very often. There are a few famous people who visit the Centennial State.

Do any famous people live in Aspen, CO?

In Aspen, Colorado, the rich and famous live on Red Mountain, which is also known as “Billionaire Mountain.” Ann Walton Kroenke, who is the heiress to Walmart, and Jeff Bezos’s parents both have homes there. Land on Billionaire Mountain sells for up to $49 million.


Even if you don’t know all of their names (yet), you’ve probably felt the influence of the people on this list. All 20 are making their mark on the outdoor industry, whether it’s through passionate advocacy for diversity and inclusion. They open doors of opportunity for others, push the limits of what’s possible, or broaden minds through art and storytelling. With these pioneers at the helm, the future of Colorado looks very bright.



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