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We already know that your small business has many expenses to foot. What it doesn’t need is an added expense, especially for work like invoicing and account receivable. All you need is an invoicing solution through the use of free invoicing software.

You just need your hands and a laptop to get the job done. Mind you, these are already in use for the manual invoicing.

There are many invoicing software with optimal functions which are free to use. The fees attached may be to process credit card payments.

For freelancers who need to send just a few invoices to large businesses that have a large clientele base, there is a free solution available for everyone.

Stay with us as we list and explain the features of these free invoicing softwares.

What is an Invoicing Software?

We will begin by briefly talking about invoices.

In simple words, an invoice is a commercial document that itemizes and records a transaction between a buyer and a seller. It tells your client how much they owe you, when the payment is due and what services you provided.

Generally, invoices track the sale of a product for inventory control, accounting, and tax purposes.

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Writing an invoice manually consumes a lot of time and is prone to errors and loss. This is where the role of invoicing software comes into play. Electronic records also allow for easier searching and sorting of particular transactions or specific dates.

Invoicing software is a piece of program that can automate the invoicing operation of your business.

Why Do You Need an Invoicing Software?

This describes the benefits of using invoicing software whether it be free or not.

1. Ease of Use

Using free invoicing software, users can fill out an invoice in less time. All the hard work will be completed by the click of a button. All that’s required is to put up your customer’s name and other information, and automatically the details will be shown every time you wish to invoice your customer.

2. Safety

When invoices are sent by hand, it stands the risk of getting lost. Even if goes through, the client may misplace it. An invoice software eliminates all these hassles.

In addition to sending it online, there’s an email reminder to the client about an invoice.

3. Tracking System

Most online invoice software has an inbuilt tracking system that notifies you when the client receives the invoice. Hence, the client has no reason to delay/default in payment.

Similarly, a copy of the invoice is saved, and this can be easily resent or modified.

4. Enhances saving

Sending physical invoices makes use of paper, ink, envelope, and money which is saved by these invoicing software.

Who Uses Free Invoicing Softwares?

  • Freelancers, small business owners, entrepreneurs
  • Any business man who wishes to attract and retain clients
  • Buisnesses who deisre new ways to save money and time, increase convenience and productivity.

What are the Attributes of a Great Free Invoicing Software?

The free invoicing software that is most efficient possesses the following characteristics;

  • Unlimited invoices: A good free invoicing software should give a good number of active clients without having to upgrade to a premium plan.
  • Simple to use: These tools have a seamless interface and offer good features which let you save client information, product/service details, standard prices, and more.
  • Accept payments online: The most important part of invoicing is getting paid. It should accept payments by credit card. Some also accept bank and wire transfers. It is important to note that online payments use gateways that process the transactions. Therefore, these free invoicing software may attach a fee for this feature.

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Best Invoicing Softwares Free in 2021

#1. Sighted

Sighted is one of the new invoicing software that offers easy invoicing with top-line security.

A few of the features include integrated global payments, expense recording, CSV Excel downloading of all of data.

The starter plan is free forever and offers 20 invoices and quotes a month for a single user and 10 clients.

#2. Due

Due is a completely free time tracking and invoicing tool that has a calendar and reporting tools to keep users organized and on task.

Basically, Due users can upload their company’s logo to use on their invoices and then embed the invoices into the user’s site. This allows clients to pay online. Due supports many tax systems and is available in more than 100 countries.

Due’s cloud-based invoicing and digital wallet integrates with Basecamp project management software, QuickBooks, and PayPal.

Remember we earlier mentioned that this best invoicing software is free, right? This is true except for a 2.7% pay-as-you-go charge on credit-card transactions.

#3. Invoicera

Invoicera has a free forever plan that allows three clients plus unlimited invoices.

It also has upgrades that work for small businesses. However, each premium plan allows a 30-day trial period, so this software could be optimal for a growing business

#4. Zoho

With Zoho, you’ll get a free plan for business owners who have less than 5 customers to invoice. This best invoicing software integrates its own products but also uses other applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, PayPal, Stripe, and OneDrive.

Lastly, it is a great for desktop and mobile, Zoho is an excellent place to start.

#5. Handdy

Small businesses love this best free invoice software Handdy for its “pay me now” feature. This automatically sends reminder emails to clients if their payment is nearly due or is overdue.

The free trial is for one user, but it’s free forever for an unlimited amount of invoices.

The only bottleneck is that the free version comes with Handdy’s logo in addition to your own logo on the invoices.

#6. INDY

Indy is the ideal invoicing tool for freelancers. Indy’s Invoices tool gives you the ability to create a pro invoice in a few minutes. Save your work as a template to use over and over.

Invoice templates include all the info your clients need and give you the ability to add your personal branding. You can link working hours directly to an  invoice using the Time Tracker tool and save yourself time. Set up popular payment methods like Stripe, PayPal and Zelle to make it easy for your clients to pay.

#7. Wave Accounting

Wave provides completely free software for invoicing, accounting, payroll, as well as receipt scanning.

Use Wave’s invoicing tool to create, send invoices, and receive payments. If you take the time to create customers and add products/services to the tool, you can easily add the details into an invoice by tapping the applicable section of the invoice.

With data saved in Wave, you can create and send an invoice in less than 60 seconds.

You can add some basic customization to your invoices, such as logo or custom title, and select what information to display about your business. You can also create recurring invoices that are sent based on a schedule you specify and it charges saved customer payment methods automatically.

#8. Stripe

Stripe is a payment system for eCommerce platforms as well as an invoice creator.

To create an invoice, you’ll log in to your Stripe account and click on Customers, then Invoices.

Here, you’ll be able to see a list of invoices that have been created, all of which can be sorted based on whether they’re a draft, past due, or paid.

When you click on the Create invoice button, you’ll able to set up your invoice manually. By this, you will select the customer, add items and their cost, and any applicable coupons, taxes, and other fees. The customer can pay the invoice online or you can charge their credit card on file.

The main benefit of using this free invoicing software is that all of your revenue reports across the platforms that you choose to use exist in the same place. So when it comes time for accounting and taxes, you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

And you can automate Stripe with Zapier. This allows you to post failed charges to Slack and add new Stripe sales to Google Sheets.

#9. Harvest

Harvest is one of the best free invoice softwares that is used to charge customers by hour. It is a time tracking app.

Since the hours are already counted in Harvest, just review the totals and create an invoice. As a bonus, you can designate whether a particular time-tracked task is billable or not, which can be useful when calculating the true expense of any project.

You can also track expenses, monitor your project budgets, and get notifications when your billable time is approaching your budget for a project.

#10. Invoice Generator

If you don’t send enough invoices to justify signing up for a specific invoicing tool, Invoice Generator by Invoiced is the tool for you.

You create invoices, send your invoices to clients, and even accept payments online all without requiring you to create an account or log in.

Just type in your invoice details, add your business’s logo, and choose whether or not to display amounts for tax, shipping, and discounts. Then, click Send Invoice to enter your client’s email address and choose what payment methods you plan to accept.

Invoice Generator lets you add payment links for PayPal, Venmo, and Square Cash.

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#11. Reliabills

ReliaBills is another free invoicing software that allows unlimited invoices, automated email reminders, and recurring invoices with no set-up fees.

The catch here is that you have to upgrade to a premium plan to accept online payments or add credit-card processing.

With this free invoice software, you can create an invoice in a lesser time.


This article has listed the free invoicing software which businesses can use to curb their invoicing problems.

You may opt for the premium plans if the business need exceeds the functions of the free version.



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