Is Fiona Legit? See What Users Are Saying About Fiona

It is one thing to get a loan and another to look for which loan provider makes the process faster especially if it is legit.

There’s great news for you if you intend to take loans because Fiona lets you carry out comparisons about loans, credit cards, savings accounts, and student loan refinancing options.

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What is Fiona?

Located in New York City, Fiona is an online lending marketplace and loan comparison tool.

There are inbuilt algorithms that provide its users with quality information about personal loan rates and from a cross-section of lenders.

It saves you the energy and financial resources. The different lenders it partners with are Prosper, Rise, Avant, Lightstream, Vouch, etc. Also, it has been recognised by Dow Jones, Crowdfund Insider, and The Wall Street Journal.

How Does Fiona Work?

Fiona fills in as an aggregator for individual loan banks; it does not finance personal loans itself.

Rather, it brings individuals searching for individual loans with lenders that offer the best deals.

To review your loan alternatives, you’ll have to submit a single form online. From there, Fiona uses its matching innovation to analyze loan offer and pair you with options that are topnotch.

Upon receiving the loan offer, you can weigh them and conclude which is best for you. When you pick an offer, you’ll follow up with the real lender to close on the loan.

Fiona isn’t concerned with applying and closing on your credit with the real lender. Just as your monthly paybacks goes to your lender and not Fiona.

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Pros and Cons of Fiona


You may want to know the advantages of this loan online marketplace called Fiona. Below are some.

  • Fast process.
  • Free to use.
  • Partners with trustworthy lenders.
  • Does not affect your credit score.


  • Not a direct lender.
  • Limited network to the comparison chart.
  • Although there are a host of lenders, there is no assurance that you will qualify for a loan offer.

How do I search for Loans on Fiona?

Bearing in mind that Fiona isn’t a direct lender, you will go through the due process of applying for loans with any of the lenders.

The following are the information you should provide in the online form they will ask you to fill.

  • Loan sum
  • Your credit rating
  • Aim of loan
  • Name and email address
  • Date of birth
  • Whether you are a tenant or a landlord
  • Education completed
  • Address and phone number
  • Employment status
  • Yearly income and pay cycle
  • Social Security number

At the end of this, Fiona then runs a soft credit check and shares the form with the trusted lenders it partners with.

In a matter of minutes, you get notifications for loan rates which you are open to carryout a comparison check before you finally decide which to go for.

There are still some more questions to ask you but that will be on the lender’s website before a loan offer is finally given to you.

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Who is Fiona good for?

Fiona is available for those who seek to make large purchases, home improvement, credit card refinancing, and debt consolidation.

You can carryout a proper research on the terms and condition of each of the loan offers before settling for one.

Is Fiona Legit or Scam?

While most people fear dealing with online platforms, the answer to whether Fiona is legit or scam is that it is genuine with a safe site.

Although it is a baby company established in 2015, it provides its users with details and its security strategy covers how your information is used for advertising.

While Fiona shares your private information with lenders, it does not sell it and this is a big plus to a less respectable administration.

Therefore, Fiona is an excellent choice for those who intend to enquire about lenders

Fiona Review 2023

Since Fiona isn’t a direct lender, it is almost impossible to get reviews at the time of writing this article.

So, there are no customer reviews.

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Best Alternatives to Fiona

If you are not sure if Fiona is okay for you, you could consider these alternatives.

Final Thoughts | is Fiona Legit?

Fiona is a fantastic device for individuals who need to look at various individual credit offers rapidly.

It is accessible to individuals with any financial assessment, yet it is best for individuals with FICO ratings over 620.

It is conceivable to get a loan with a credit score as low as 580, however, you may get just one offer.

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