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20 Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour in 2023 |Quick Cash

Why struggle to earn a minimum wage when there are tons of opportunities to earn a good income?

So that you know, finding a well-paying job nowadays is pretty easy. Whether you possess a bachelor’s degree or a ”mere” high school diploma, you can make far above the minimum wage.

Won’t you be glad to do jobs that pay $30 per hour? Of course, you will! Especially when you have to do what you love.

If a good income is important to you, check out our list of top 20 jobs paying $30 per hour.

Before you begin searching for any job, it is advisable to first ascertain if you’re fit for that role.

Every job requires some specific skills to function well. For instance, if you want to go into Fashion, you must possess some creative ideas to help you spot fashion trends.

Additionally, you must be willing to adjust to certain demands that come with your career choice. This will help improve your level of understanding and also create room for bigger opportunities.

List of Jobs that Pay $30 an Hour

Below are lists of lucrative careers that pay $30 an hour. We got their median annual salary from salary database. We further broke down the figures dividing by 2080 to get the hourly equivalent.

#20. Sales director

Average salary per hour: $44

Sales directors oversee the sales team, plan, manage, and motivate the staff and ensure the sales team meets expected sales targets.

Although you don’t require formal education to become a sales director, you must possess some marketing skills to function effectively. A sales director earns over 30 dollars per hour.

#19. Elevator installer

Average salary per hour: $32

Elevator installations are a great job that pays $30 an hour. An elevator installer fixes and maintenance an elevator. To become an elevator installer, you need to attend an apprenticeship program.

#18. Loan officer 

Average salary per hour: $30.39

If you would like to handle finances you can work as a Loan officer and earn good hourly pay. Loan officers are representative of financial institutions. Their job is to evaluate, authorize the approval of commercial, real estate, or credit loans.

#17. Writers

Average salary per hour: $31.04

Writing is a sharp 30 dollars an hour job. If you have good writing skills, you write content for blogs, magazines, books, and other publications.

#16. Animal scientists 

Average salary per hour: $31.02

If you love animals, you can become an animal scientist. Your job is to study the life cycle and related biological issues of farm animals.

#15. Diagnostic medical sonographers 

Average salary per hour: $30.60

This is another good job that pays $30 an hour for those in the medical field. You can perform ultrasounds that physicians order for patients.

#14. Police detective

Average salary per hour: $33.30

Police detectives help solve complex criminal cases. Their duty is to collect and evaluate evidence, interview witnesses, identify and question potential suspects. You can follow this Step by step guide and learn how to become a Detective.

#13. Aircraft technicians

Average salary per hour: $30.33

Aircraft mechanics or technicians are responsible for performing repairs and routine maintenance on all types of aircraft and helicopters. This will make a great 30 dollars an hour job if you possess the necessary skills.

#12. Political adviser

Average salary per hour: $32.86

Political advisers plan campaign strategies, coordinate campaign staffers, and arrange events to publicize candidates or causes. If you possess good communication skills, know how to analyze data or information, then you’re a good fit for this job.

#11. Human resources analyst

Average salary per hour: $30.37

Human resource analysts play crucial roles in collecting, structuring, analyzing, and reporting HR processes and data. They work with HR managers and directors in creating department budgets.

#10. Landscape architect

Average salary per hour: $34.81

A lot of creativity is required to get this particular 30 dollars an hour job.  Landscape architects design and plan outdoor spaces. 

#9. Fashion designer

Average salary per hour: $31.78

If you have the ability to spot fashion trends you can become a fashion designer and earn 30+ dollars per hour.

#8. School psychologist

Average salary per hour: $33.71

If you’re interested in human behavior, you can work as a psychologist in school. You monitor school children and help build their character.

#7. Fundraisers

Average salary per hour: $29.27

 Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the easiest jobs that pay $30 an hour. Fundraisers organize events and campaigns to raise donations for an organization.

#6. Surveyors

Average salary per hour: $31.17

You can land 30 dollars an hour job with a degree in Surveying. A surveyor measures and determines property boundaries like Land.

#5. Budget analyst

Average salary per hour: $34.16

A Budget Analyst helps public and private institutions organize their finances by preparing budget reports. 

#4. Electrical research engineer

Average salary per hour: $33.32

Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment. If you would like to earn $30 per hour working with electrical systems, this job will make a great option for you.

#3. Network security officer

Average salary per hour: $30.87

Network security officers plan, implement, upgrade, or monitor security measures for the protection of computer networks and information.

#2. Training and development specialists

Average salary per hour: $31.11

If you can help people improve their skills, then you can work as a training development specialist. Your job is to coordinate training activities.

#1. Makeup artists

Average salary per hour: $31.21

This is one of the simplest jobs that pay $30 an hour. You don’t need a degree to become a makeup artist. With a post-secondary education, you can enroll in makeup school and acquire the necessary training.


It is possible to get a lucrative job that pays $30 an hour with or without a degree. The top 20 jobs on our page will make a good start.


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