Lifepoints Review: Is Lifepoint App Legit or an Online Survey Scam?

You probably want to know all there is to Lifepoints and don’t know the right questions to ask? Not to worry, we have done an extensive and painstaking search to come up with a comprehensive Lifepoints review.

People around the world are often skeptical about the platform with many saying the app is just too good to be true. If you too are, sit down to read this article.

Before we proceed with the main subject, let’s take a look at the app and what it stands for.

What is Lifepoints?

Lifepoints – simply put, it’s an online survey platform where people of like-minds from around the world meet to share ideas about events, movies, or real-life happenings.

The app rewards its users for taking surveys and sharing ideas about abstract or real-life events. It currently has over 5million users and surveys can be taken in more than 25 languages.

How true is the app? Is lifepoint legit or a scam? This lifepoints review answers your questions in detail as you continue reading. Read more to learn about the app.

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Brief History of Lifepoints

Lifepoints, though new in the business of online surveys is an amalgam of two companies that have been around for years. The lifepoints platform came to existence when two companies namely MySurvey and research operations with years of experience merged for a common goal.

One of the parent companies has been around for as long as 1940, which gives lifepoints stability and high rating in the business of online survey.

Lifepoints has entertained some criticisms from old users after the company carried out some changes with the user interface. These old users are of the opinion that the previous interface was better but some users are good with the new interface.

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How the Lifepoints App Works

The Lifepoint app is no more or less like other online survey platforms where users go-to to fill survey questionnaires and get rewarded.

Also, like other survey platforms with their pros and cons, lifepoints has got some advantages as well as some challenges as we are going to learn shortly.

The idea behind survey platforms lifepoints is such that brands can bankroll studies about their products so that they could learn how users perceive their products which ultimately lead to improvement in subsequent editions of their product.

Now, this is where you come in as a lifepoint user. Once you register with the app, you get a welcome bonus which is given in points and then you begin to take surveys by sharing your experience or your thoughts about brands while getting rewarded in the process.

You see it’s a win-win situation for both the users and brands which bankroll these surveys? However, not all survey sites reward users good enough. This has been the major reason why people are quick to doubt platforms like this which have prompted our lifepoints review

To earn on the platform, you have to register by visiting the site through the link Once you register, you would be rewarded with 10 points and you can earn more points by taking surveys on the site.

After earning the minimum point of 550, you can redeem your earning through gift cards or Paypal.

The three major ways of earning points on the platform are by taking surveys, tracking consumer behavior, and testing products for brands.

These options differentiate lifepoints from other survey platforms like Amazon, Swagburgs, etc.

As you take surveys on the platform, your earning reflects on your dashboard. You could visit your dashboard to see your point accumulation and decide to withdraw once you are past the minimum amount.

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Is Lifepoint app Legit or Scam?

You know the basics of lifepoints and what the app stands for, now let’s get to the bone of contention. Is lifepoints legit or a scam?

To answer the question about the legitimacy of lifepoints with one word, the answer is a resounding NO.

Lifepoints is not a scam but a legit business like other platforms like Amazon. However, if you are looking for means to make enough money, then lifepoints is definitely not the platform.

With lifepoints, you can’t make enough money to cover bills like rent and utility and as such, we only encourage prospective users to have in mind they aren’t going to earn much on the platform.

The platform is good when you have a primary source of income and looking for means to additional earnings. If you want online platforms where you can take surveys and earn much money then you probably should look up other online gigs platforms.

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Lifepoints Sign Up

To sign up with lifepoints is pretty easy and straightforward. However, users below the age of 14 may not sign up on Lifepoints. The age limit of 14 is the restriction for signing up.

To get started, visit the site to create your account. The sign-up requires users to fill up a simple form of bio. You would need to enter details like your name, age, gender, city, and a few other basic informations about you.

After entering your details in the sign-up form, a confirmation mail would be sent to you through the email you provided when registering. Once you confirm the email, you would be rewarded with a welcome bonus of 10 points and you are good to start earning.

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Earning on Lifepoints

Earning on the platform is just like the name suggests. You earn points by completing surveys and you earn more when you complete more tasks.

The earning potential for each task differs. Users earn mainly between 20 and 100 points for every task completed. This means you have to take more tasks to earn more.

Your account dashboard reflects how many points you’ve collected for the day or over a period of time. You could visit your dashboard every now and then to see how you keep up with your target.

We hope this lifepoints review meets your expectation? Keep reading to learn more about the app.

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Surveys on Lifepoints

Among the three means of earning on the App, Surveys are the most profitable. There are various surveys on the platform with topics ranging from health to travel and other interesting topics.

On average, surveys on lifepoints last for 10 minutes, although some survey may last for 15 or 20 minutes, but be rest assured that surveys that take more time to complete earn users more points.

Some users have reported some surveys to be boring especially surveys taken on topics outside their interest. This is why Lifepoints offer other means of earning points on the platform.


Diaries is another means of earning points on the App and it is quite an easy task. How do the Diaries on lifepoints function?

To earn with Diaries, users (panelists) get to report their experiences with the life events; such as reporting long you queued at a store, how you interacted with workers at the store and your experiences in general.

This is an amazing way of earning at lifepoints as it requires very little effort. All you got do to earn points to relive your experience on the app. Most users have reported the Diary section on lifepoint as their preferred section on the app.

However, earning through Diaries is unmatched by what you earn through surveys, but again, why do you get to choose between Surveys and diaries? Why not go with the two and probably even add a third discussed below.

Product Testing

Product testing on lifepoints is the third and perhaps the most interesting means of earning points on the app. How does product testing work?

All you got to do is make way to your dashboard and select the product testing option. You would be sent products for free. Your task is to use the products and provide feedback through the questions you would be asked.

Product testing stands lifepoints out from other survey sites as no survey platforms offer this feature.

Rewards on Lifepoints

Panelists are free to redeem their earnings on the site provided they have passed the minimum threshold of 550 points. Users are to bare in mind that points on the platform do not equate to the dollar amount.

This means after working and earning so much that you have 1000 lifepoints, this does not automatically translate into $1000.

Also, lifepoints does not send your earning into your bank account. Earning are redeemed through gift cards like amazon gift cards, iTunes, and other acceptable gift cards or through PayPal funds.

Users are to note that lifepoints have an expiring date. Lifepoints that are not withdrawn within 3 years of earning would no longer be redeemable. This is why users are encouraged to redeem their earning in small batches instead of waiting for years so that their earnings would have accumulated to thousands of dollars.

The lifepoints review continues below. Subsequent sections highlight the pros and cons of using lifepoints.

Lifepoints Pros and Cons

Having read the lifepoints review above, many would-be asking if the app would be worth it. You are probably thinking, is the app worth my time?

I guess the only way to answer the above question is to sign up with the app and give it a try to see if it is worth it. Remember what suits Jerry might not fit Tom.

The app has reported more than 5 million users since its inception and you can become one of that family by giving it the benefit of the doubt. But before you proceed with the signup, you might want to learn of a few pros and cons we have discovered while using the app.

Lifepoints Pros

  • Perhaps, the best feature of the app is the fact panelists get to earn through a variety task wich include surveys, diaries, and product testing. This gives lifepoints a competitive edge over other survey platforms
  • Unlike some survey platforms, earning on lifepoints can be redeemed through an array of options. You can withdraw through giftcards or paypal. Not all platforms, I assure you have these features.
  • Lifepoints is available in 26 different languages. This is another major advantage for lifepoints as users from around the world can earn points on the platform regardless of theor location.
  • Provides means of making money for teenagers. Lifepoints provides opportunity for teenagers to make money provided they are above the age of 14

Lifepoints Cons

  • Issue of transparency – The issue of transparency on the platform is perhaps the major disadvantage of the app. The fact you don’t get to know how much you earn while taking surveys is a major drawback and users have reported this a lot and we hope the company looks into this
  • Glitches – Although not peculiar to lifepoints, some users have reported glitches while using the app. This is another disadvantage that comes with using with the app
  • Also, another disadvantage of using the app is the fact that points get to expire after some time. This is not so with many other survey platforms that retains your earning regardless of the time frame

Conclusion of Lifepoints Review

In a nutshell, we confidently say that lifepoints is not a scam but a legit platform where users get rewarded for taking surveys and providing feedback.

You are most certainly not going to lose money on the platform as it doesn’t require users to pay money to sign up. Also, you don’t get to spend so much time taking surveys as most surveys only last for 10 minutes on average.

Having established the fact that lifepoints are not a scam, the other question worth answering is – are lifepoints worth it? Is the reward for tasks completed worth the time?

Well, this is entirely up to you. You may need to sign up with the platform and complete a few tasks to learn if it is worth it.

We hope this lifepoints review meets your expectation? Let us know if you have any questions through the comment box below.


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