10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

Cats are popularly adopted as pets all over the world, coming in second to dogs as animals that have a high percentage of being found in homes. Cats are known to have a long relationship with humans. The record of human relationships with cats goes as far back as over 4,000 years ago with the domestication of cats by Ancient Egyptians.

It is believed that the wide adoption of cats as pets and human companions began with the skill in which the feline creature hunted down rodents like rats in residential areas. This led to a steady increase in the number of families willing to adopt cats as pets in their homes.

With over 500 million domestic cats in the world, have you ever thought about the most expensive Cat breeds?

This article provides information on what it cost you to own a cat and what makes some of these cat breeds so expensive.

What Makes Some Cat Breeds Expensive?

What makes something special? It’s a widely believed phenomenon that the higher the quality, the more expensive and harder it gets to acquire it, and the feline creatures are hardly exempted from this phenomenon with some of them costing as much as over $20,000. You will find that most cat breeds attract a high price due to the folloing factors:

  • They are mostly very intelligent usually having an excellent memory hence capable of remembering past visitors.
  • They usually have very beautiful features like curly coats, Beautiful colored eyes, and trademarked characters.
  • Some of them have hybrid genotypes. They might have genotypes mixed with bigger cat families like Wildcats.
  • They usually have an exotic look not similar to the normal cats you find in your regular pet store.
  • Some of them are extremely rare.

What Does It Take To Own A Cat?

Are you looking to adopt one of these beautiful feline creatures as a companion? It’s highly recommended that all pet owners know exactly what they’ll need for providing the best possible care for their pets. This section will highlight just how much you’ll need in order to comfortably house your new cat.

With some cats being more expensive than others to maintain you should ensure that the breed you’re selecting from despite offering certain beautiful features is affordable to maintain. Cats usually require food, kitty litter, and a steady supply of water but the highest cost in maintaining a cat goes into treatment and regular checkups.

Cats are generally known as one of the animals capable of grooming themselves but with some breeds, you might need to adopt the help of a professional cat groomer which can cost as much $300 for their services. The overall yearly expense you’ll spend on your cat usually depends on the overall health and wellness of the animal.

The cost of comfortably maintaining your cat is estimated to be about $634 annually, roughly $53 per month.

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The 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

1. Ashera

The Ashera cat just looks like a baby leopard. The cat is a descendant of the Asian leopard and is a popular and expensive cat breed. The Ashera cat is an epitome of elegance with its thick tail; slender and beautiful figure and quiet character. The cat is a hybrid of the domestic cat and Asian leopard.

It has traits enabling it to reach heights larger than your normal domestic cats. The Ashera cats at adult age are seen to reach heights of large dogs and tend to have a strong and beautiful appearance. The cat despite looking like a deadly carnivorous leopard is generally calm and quiet.

This cat is very expensive and is usually referred to as the most expensive cat breed in the world. The reason for their hefty price of about $125,000 is the fact that the cats are not capable of reproducing hence making the cats extremely rare.

Image source: reuters.com

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2. Savannah

Savannah cats are tall and elegant breeds. The cats were first introduced in the 20th century and were met with a lot of positive reviews. These amazing cat breeds are hybrids of a Siamese cat and some wild cats. The savannah cats retain the large standing ears and long legs from the genes of these large cats.

Savannah cats are reputed to be the largest cats in the world with adults reaching up to 17 inches tall. Savannah cats are relatively rare and come with an expensive price tag. The savannah cat with its lean body, tall height, and spotted coat scream elegance. The cat has an active and athletic temperament.

They are good family pets. Savannah cats are very intelligent and have a strong physical and mental state. The savannah cat costs from $10,000- $50,000.

Image source: dailypaws.com

3. Bengal

The Bengal is one of the most expensive cats in the world with its price tag that can reach as high as $25,000. The family cat despite looking wide is completely lovable and playful. Bengals learn very quickly and are capable of learning new behaviors quickly. The Bengal cat is a hybrid of the domestic cat and a leopard.

The cat has a soft and silky coat which has a thick mass. The cats are usually in colors of brown tabby, seal mink tabby, and seal silver Lynx point. The Bengal cat is mostly preferred for families due to its playful nature. It has a life span of about 12-16 years.

Image source: awesomeinventions.com

4. Khao Manee

Popularly nicknamed “the diamond eye cat”, the Khao Manee is not just one of the most expensive cats but one of the rarest. The cat has its origin in Thailand and has a trademarked jewel-like eye of different colors. The different eye color of the cat is one of the features which attract people to it.

The cats have been available for hundreds of years in Thailand but witnessed a low amount of popularity. The cat has a playful and curious temperament. The coat of the cat is smooth and short. The breed is adopted as family pets because they are friendly even with strangers.

Khao manee are extremely rare and are not the type you’ll find in animal shelters. The cat is one of the most expensive cats in the world with a price of about $10,000- $11,000.

Image source: catbreedlist.com

5. Sphynx

The sphynx is a breed of cat primarily known for its lack of hair. This lack of body hair is due to genetic mutation of the cat breed. This characteristic makes the cat easily recognizable. The cat is generally loving and friendly hence widely adopted as a household pet.

Sphinx usually has a medium size with males having a weight of about 14 pounds. The other features which these beautiful breed possess are their long toes, charmingly piercing lemon eyes and large ears. Owners of these cats usually refer to them as very adaptive and intelligent.

The cats are generally healthy with a life span of about 9-15 years. This cat is a top pick for most people due to its price which can get as high as $9,000.

Image source: en.wikipedia.org

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6. Persian

With a rounded face that looks as if it knows all you’ve done, the Persian cat is one of the most expensive cats in the world. The Persian cat is famous for its long, silky, and flowing coats. The cat breed has been here for some time with records showing it to be part of well-to-do families in the 1600s.

This beautiful cat is a perfect example of what a friendly home companion cat should be. The cat usually grows to medium size with its male going as high as 13 pounds and the females weighing 10 pounds. The persian cats exhibit elegance in everything they do ranging from their coats to their temperament with other animals and people.

A problem that comes with the Persian cat is the high amount of care needed for their personal grooming and upkeep. Having a price tag that can reach $5,500, the cats are definitely one of the most expensive cats out there.

Image from canva.com

7. Toyger

TOYGER! Sounds like tiger right? The stunning cat breed looks exactly like a little tiger with its bold tiger stripping and majestic gait. The cat was created in the 1980s strictly with a view to making a miniature domestic tiger-like cat. The cat breed was created from the domesticated Bengals cats.

The owners of these cats describe them as very intelligent and quick learners. Despite looking like a jungle tiger, the Toyger is a friendly pet not exhibiting the wild characteristics of the Bengal cats. The cat breed is relatively rare, having less than 500 cats. The stunning breed costs about $5000.

Image source: canva.com

8. Peterbald

The Peterbald cat breed can be easily mistaken for the Sphynx or oriental shorthair due to its lack of hair at some point in its life. The cat breed is relatively new and has its origin in Russia in 1994. The breed was produced by crossing a female Sphynx with an Oriental Shorthair male.

The Peterbald is a loving, affectionate, and loyal pet. The cost of owning a Peterbald is usually high due to its higher average metabolism which leads to them being fed more times in a day. The cat breed isn’t cheap as it can cost from $2,500- $5,000 depending on the breeder.

Image from thespruepets.com

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9. Ragdoll

This cat breed is a perfect cuddle buddy. The cat is large and muscular with long furs. Despite the fur of this cat it does not usually shed excessively. The cat breed is known to weigh as much as 10-20 pounds while the males are likely to even weigh higher than that.

The blue eyes of the cats are mistaken to be a compulsory feature but cats from this breed can be found without the striking blue eyes feature. The cats can come in a range of colors like white, gray, black, cream, and chocolate.

The Ragdoll cats are a sucker for being stroked and babied. The cats are very gentle and affectionate. The ragdoll makes the cut for the most expensive cats in the world as buying a kitten of his breed can cost from $1,000 to as high as $5000.

Image source: canva.com

10. Siberian

Just like its name sounds, this breed of cat is native to the Siberian region of Russia. The cats are known for their majestic looks which is due to the layers of fur which come in white, black, silver, blue and red colors.

Siberian cats molt at least twice a year hence they require careful maintenance and fur care. Siberians are usually explained to have a playful and affectionate personality. A drawback to this breed is the long time it takes them to reach maturity.

The cats have a life span of about 8-10 years. It is recognized as the national cat of Russia and can cost from about $1,200- $4,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ashera cat breed cost up to $125,000. This makes it the most expensive cat breed in the world.

No, some of these expensive cat breeds are hybrids but not all.

Yes, cats like the Asherra breed are sterile.

Yes, some of these cat breeds can exhibit wild temperament due to their gene pool.


The relationship between man and cats dates back hundreds of years. Cats are usually affectionate, loving, and always crave the attention of their owners. These most expensive cat breeds despite having exotic features and characteristics also exhibit a similar loving character despite their heavy price tag.


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