13 Must-watch YouTube Channels For Making Money

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular social site, with over 1.5 billion monthly visitors? The number of time users spend on the video-sharing site is practically unrivaled.

But here’s a surprise… YouTube isn’t only for video games and celebrity outbursts. 

Some must-watch YouTube channels will assist you in turning around your financial situation and create the financial future you deserve! We could all trim a bit from our budgets, but let’s be honest: there isn’t much to cut.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could generate more money while spending less time worrying about budgeting and saving? Well, we have just the thing to help you achieve this.

In this article, we put together 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money.

So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get straight to it.

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13 Must-watch Youtube Channels For Making Money

When going through our list of 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money, you might ask yourself “who should I follow?”. 

Regarding YouTube money experts, we have our favorites, but we would advise you to go through them and find whichever you resonate with personally or offers the financial advice you feel works for you.  

These are the 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money and their stars.

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#1: Ryan Scribner

  • Subscribers: 787k
  • Views: 61,313,030

Most individuals wish they knew more about stock investing, but they don’t know where to go to find out. Ryan Scribner is a YouTube phenomenon and financial educator who teaches his audience how to generate reasonable returns without investing large quantities of money every month.

As of this writing, Scribner’s YouTube channel has over 700,000 subscribers. Scribner discusses vital subjects such as productivity and the attitude required to generate true wealth that lasts. 

He is truly one of the 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money.


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#2: Bigger Pockets

  • Subscribers: 913k
  • Views: 68,681,658

Bigger Pockets is a prominent website for real estate investors in the United States, but it also has its own YouTube channel for individuals who like visual information. This channel relies on a number of in-house professionals to provide lessons and lectures on critical real estate investing issues. 

This is no doubt a must-watch youtube channel for making money. You can discover how to find your first investment property to generate passive income, or some of the greatest landlords do’s and don’ts. 

Learn how to calculate profitability, communicate with contractors, and what red flags to watch for if you want to prevent horror– projects.

Check this out: Their video on how to run the numbers on a rental property before you invest has well over 1 million views.


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#3: Graham Stephan

  • Subscribers: 3.85 million
  • Views: 385,985,494

Another one of the 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money is Graham Stephan. Stephan is another YouTube sensation who is enthusiastic about real estate and the riches potential it offers. 

Stephan dropped out of college to sell real estate and became a billionaire by 26. He now teaches people the skills of his profession, such as how to acquire rental property and train your mind to attract money.

Stephan’s YouTube channel presently has over 3 million followers, which is rising by the day. If you want to understand how to get rich through real estate investment, you should sign up and listen to what he says.

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#4: The Financial Diet

  • Subscribers: 979k
  • Views: 102,580,218

Ever heard of The Financial Diet? Well, this is a personal favorite on 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money. 

This is a popular blog for millennials who want to live large on a little budget, flourish professionally, and avoid at least some of their friends’ problems. Their YouTube channel offers a diverse group of young individuals who advise on issues such as grocery shopping on a budget, asking for a raise at work, and organizing your wardrobe for optimal efficiency.

The Financial Diet has over 900,000 YouTube followers and a big blog following. This demonstrates that every generation is interested in accumulating riches and gaining control of their lives.

Check this out: This video on 5 “Growing Up Poor” Habits You May Not Realise You Have has some truly actionable tips.


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#5: Dan Lok

  • Subscribers: 4.18 million
  • Views: 254,252,045

Dan Lok is a must-watch youtube channel for making money. He is an entrepreneur who uses e-books, a free masterclass, and his YouTube channel to help you “unlock your financial confidence.” 

Lok, a self-made billionaire, devotes his online efforts to educating people on how to develop a wealth mindset, expand their enterprises, and establish passive income streams.

Lok’s YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers, a testament to the value he provides in every video.

Check this out: Lok’s video on From Minority To Multi-Millionaire: The True Story of Dan Lok has about 59,360 views.


#6: SeedTime Money

  • Subscribers: 103k
  • Views: 5,260,392

No matter your belief there’s something for you on our list of 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money. The SeedTime Money YouTube channel has a clear objective and target audience. 

By relying on biblical ideas, they want to help customers keep more of their hard-earned money.

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If you’re a Christian weary of watching every dollar you make go, this channel can help you decrease your spending, start investing, and even earn more in the long run. The SeedTime Money channel now has approximately 103,000 members, but it is expanding every day.


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#7: Rachel Cruze

  • Subscribers: 272k
  • Views: 23,534,362 views

Rachel Cruze is best known as Dave Ramsey’s daughter, but she has also established herself as a celebrity in her own right. She hosts one of the must-watch youtube channels for making money.

Not only has she written several best-selling novels, but she also has a website and a YouTube channel with over 250,000 subscribers. This channel can show you how to get out of debt, have fun without overpaying, and cut your regular expenses to give yourself an automatic raise.


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#8: Joseph Hogue

  • Subscribers: 555k
  • Views: 30,828,667 views

Joseph Hogue is a financial analyst and investor who utilizes YouTube to educate his audience on various financial matters. He discusses not just side hustles and methods to make money from home, but also stock market basics, passive income ideas, and how to build a successful blog.

Hogue’s “Let’s Talk Money!” The YouTube channel now has 555,000 followers and is a must-watch youtube channel for making money.

Check this out: Hogue goes over the Only Way Out of the Stock Market Crash


#9: Beat the Bush

  • Subscribers: 365k
  • Views: 75,120,591 views

Another famous YouTube channel that addresses financial subjects such as credit scores, early retirement, investment fundamentals, and more is Beat the Bush. 

Subscribers may check in to see videos on a number of topical topics, such as the 4 percent rule and how it affects retirement, the value of a strong credit score, and how to sell on eBay. 

If you are aiming for financial freedom, then Beat the Bush is a must-watch youtube channel for making money. Beat the Bush has nearly 300,000 followers on YouTube!


#10: Meet Kevin

  • Subscribers: 1.83 million
  • Views: 515,580,997 views

Meet Kevin is operated by Kevin Paffrath, a 26-year-old real estate broker and investor who has been in the business since he was 17. 

Kevin not only runs a thriving real estate company, but he also offers real estate courses and has a famous YouTube channel with informative videos. If there’s anyone you should get financial advice from, Kevin is a must-watch youtube channel for making money.

If you want to grow wealth through real estate, Kevin’s channel is a wonderful place to start for knowledge on passive income and locating the correct assets.


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#11: Kris Krohn – Limitless TV

  • Subscribers: 831k
  • Views: 44,354,546 views

Kris Krohn is another real estate investor who teaches others how to generate money by purchasing residential and commercial properties. Krohn claims that you can make $5,000 in real estate in 30 days without using your own money or credit, and he even provides free consultations to his YouTube subscribers. 

This is one of the reasons why Limitless TV is a must-watch youtube channel for making money.

Speaking of YouTube, Krohn’s channel has almost 800,000 followers! More than 4 million people have seen some of his most popular films on wealth creation.


#12: Ricky Guiterrez

  • Subscribers: 1.03 million
  • Views: 84,147,727 views

Another one of the 13 must-watch youtube channels for making money is Ricky Guiterrez. He is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who creates movies on interesting topics such as how to invest in penny stocks, the ups and downs of day trading, bitcoin fundamentals, and more. 

His YouTube channel, TechBud Solutions, has over 1 million subscribers! 

Unlike many investment gurus, Guiterrez addresses topics that his subscribers can connect to, such as how he trades stocks on his iPhone, how to invest with tiny quantities of money, and which stocks are smart monthly purchases.

Check this out: Guiterrez’s A Day In Life With Arizona’s Youngest Millionaire with over 2 million views.


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#13: One Big Happy Life

  • Subscribers: 212 k
  • Views: 12,929,091 views

One Big Happy Life is a website and YouTube channel that offers advice on how to live a full and happy life on a limited budget. They think you can enjoy today while planning for a prosperous future and show you how via useful videos and live training.

The YouTube channel One Big Happy Life has over 200,000 followers. Some of its most popular videos are about goal-setting, what you should and shouldn’t buy, and choosing between pursuing your passion and generating more money.

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That’s all there is to it. 13 must-watch YouTube channels for making money. Each has a distinct approach to investing and offers distinct advice on the issue. 

While some are aimed at active investors who wish to trade stocks daily, others may provide advice on how to invest for the long term and earn a passive income or save for a rainy day. 

Not to mention those who will advise you on real estate matters. Some are even instructional in the most literal sense, offering thorough lectures on financial and economic themes. 

All of these, however, are excellent tools for those just getting started in the world of investing. We hope this article was helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of YouTube channels are the most popular?

Movies and TV were the fastest growing YouTube genre globally in 2020, with a 279.5 percent year-on-year membership gain. Entertainment came in second with 180.6 percent, while pets came in third with 178 percent.

Is it worthwhile to invest in YouTube?

YouTube Red and video monetization options provide creators the opportunity and freedom to create their brand while earning a good livelihood. With one YouTuber earning $7.4 million in one year, the potential for effective influencer collaborations is at an all-time high.

Can I make an investment in YouTube?

Can I purchase YouTube stock? No, Alphabet Inc. owns YouTube, thus you can’t own simply YouTube shares. You can instead invest in its parent firm, Alphabet Inc.

How should I begin investing?

One of the easiest methods for novice investors to get started in the stock market is to open an online investment account, which can then be used to invest in stock shares or stock mutual funds. You may begin investing for the cost of a single share with several brokerage accounts.

Is it difficult to monetize on YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is difficult, and there is some hustling involved. To join YouTube’s Partner Program, you must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours during the previous 12 months, according to YouTube’s community standard.



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