NFL Coaches Salary | 10 Highest Paid NFL Coaches in the World

A lot is being said about how much NFL players earn and their worth, however not so much is being said about their head coaches. Head coaches in NFL go home with some of the fattest paychecks and we will explore the Highest Paid NFL Coaches in the World

It’s estimated the average highest-paid NFL head coaching salary is roughly $6 million to $7 million, but it could climb to as high as $10 million.

In this article we’ll run down through the list of the Highest-Paid NFL Coaches and how much exactly these veterans in the game earn annually.

But before that, let’s take a look at what exactly it takes to become an NFL coach so you can put yourself in existing NFL coaches’ shoes and see what they went through to get there.

About NFL

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league that includes 32 groups, divided equally among the National Football Convention (NFC) and the American Football Convention (AFC).

The NFL is one of the 4 main north American expert sports activities leagues, the very best professional level of Yankee football in the world.

They also run the National Football League Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those touched by the game of football – from players at all levels to communities across the United States.

The American football league is a multi-billion dollar industry and as such the coaches stand to get their cut. You must have heard about the NFL players making millions of dollars, but have you ever wondered how much an NFL coach earns?

What is required to become an NFL coach?

Moving on, on the subject of instructional necessities or qualifications;

  • A bachelor’s diploma in sports activities sciences or soccer-related fields which include exercising and sports medication, fitness and nutrients, physical training may be useful in turning into an NFL coach candidate;
  • Hands-on experience and achievement cannot be overemphasized.

What is the average salary of an NFL Coach?

Taking the mean of all current head coaches for whom data is available (about 25 of them), an NFL Head Coach Earns $6.692 million annually, on average. The median salary from the available coaches is $5.5 million annually in the United States.

Who is the highest-paid NFL coach of all time?

Head coach of the New England Patriots since 2000, Bill Belichick is considered the greatest coach in the history of the NFL by many.

The 66-year-old has a win percentage of 74% in his 19-year (and counting) stint as the head coach of the Super Bowl LIII winners.

He is considered by many the NFL’s best coach and is also the highest-paid coach, not to mention with 6 Super Bowl wins under his belt.

Belichick holds the record for the most Super Bowl wins in the history of the NFL as a head coach with six in addition to two other wins as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants.

Who are the highest-paid NFL coaches in the world in 2022

One thing to keep in mind about this list of highest-paid NFL coaches is that exact coaching salaries can sometimes be hard to pin down.

For instance, there’s a belief that Belichick might make as much as $12.5 million (or even more), but no one knows for sure, because the Patriots have been notoriously secretive about their contract with him.

According to Pro Football Talk, there could be coaches making as much as $15 million per year when you include other forms of compensation.

1. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Annual salary: $12 million   Net worth: $60 million (est.)

Belichick, 68, was hired as New England’s head coach in 2000. He is justifiably the highest-paid NFL coach not just because he has led the team to six Super Bowls and may or may not be the greatest of all time, but also because he serves as the Patriots’ general manager.

No matter the amount Bill Belichick wants, pay him upfront. He ranks No. 1 each time in playoff games and won. 

Who else could be earning more than the head coach of the most successful team in the NFL? Though the New England Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in the last six years (the last they won was in 2004), they are still the NFL’s most popular team.

Belichick has led the Patriots to three Super Bowl victories, eight division titles, and eight playoff appearances. For all that he has done and is doing, Belichick earns $7.5 million a year.

2. Pete Carroll, Seahawks

Annual salary: $11 million    Net worth: $30 million (est.)

Carroll, 69, being one of the highest-paid NFL coaches was hired as Seattle’s head coach and executive vice president of football operations in 2010. He has led the Seahawks to one Super Bowl title and another appearance.

After leaving USC, Pete Carroll was appointed as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He has been unimpressive with the Seahawks even after chalking up nine incredible years in the USC.

He currently earns $11 million a year, but few Seattle fans will agree that he is worth it.

3. Jon Gruden, Raiders

Annual salary: $10 million   Net worth: $30 million (est.)

Gruden, 57, returned to NFL coaching in 2018 after nine years in the ESPN “Monday Night Football” broadcast booth. He agreed to coach the Raiders, the same team he coached from 1998-2001 before he was traded to the Buccaneers in 2002 and won a Super Bowl that season in Tampa.

Jon Gruden makes $10 million annually by coaching the Raiders. He returned to NFL as a coach after nine years in ESPN Monday Night Football broadcast booth.

Jon was offered a 10-year, $100 million contract, the most lucrative so far in NFL history. He had coached the same team from 1998-2001 before he was traded for the Buccaneers in 2002.

Fans love Jon Gruden, nicknamed Chucky from the horror movie franchise called the same name. On top of this, the Raiders coach was named one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful People. 

4. Sean Payton, Saints

Annual salary: $9.8 million    Net worth: $24 million (est.)

Payton, 56, was hired as New Orleans’ head coach in 2006. He has led the Saints to one Super Bowl title and another appearance.

Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints has one of the highest salaries of NFL coaches earning $9.8 million. A majority of the top coaches in the NFL, including Sean, have won at least one Super Bowl, which puts them on the top of the chain.

5. John Harbaugh, Ravens

Annual salary: $9 million    Net worth: $16 million (est.)

Harbaugh, 58, was hired as Baltimore’s head coach in 2008. He led the Ravens to a Super Bowl title in 2012 and has reached the playoffs in eight of his 12 seasons with the team.

John Harbaugh has one of the best professional football coaches salaries in the United States of America.

He takes the fifth position earning $9 million annually. John has been the Baltimore Ravens head coach since 2008. During this time, the Baltimore Ravens went 129-79-0.

The talented coach led the NFL team to win the Superbowl title against San Francisco.

6. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs

Annual salary: $7.5 million    Net worth: $25 million (est.)

Reid, 62, was hired as the Chiefs’ head coach in 2013 after he was let go by the Eagles. Reid finally broke through with a Super Bowl title in 2019 after leading Kansas City to the playoffs in five of his six prior seasons with the team.

In his first five seasons, Reid hasn’t finished below alternate place in the AFC West and won two division titles in that span. The Chiefs have been contenders every time under the former Eagles ball trainer.

7. Mike Tomlin, Pittsburgh Steelers

Annual salary: More than $7 million    Net worth: $17 million (est.)

Tomlin, 48, was hired as the Steelers’ head coach in 2007. He led Pittsburgh to a Super Bowl title in just his second season on the job and made another Super Bowl appearance a couple of years later.

Tomlin’s Steelers teams have made the playoffs in eight of his 13 seasons.

Mike Tomlin is the head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers and earns an annual salary of $8 million. The coach has a 145-78 and doesn’t have a single season with a losing record since joining the NFL club in 2007.

Mike led his current team to a Super Bowl title during his second season on the job and made another Super Bowl appearance a few years later.

8. John Harbaugh, Baltimore Ravens

Annual salary: Approximately $6.7 million    Net worth: $16 million (est.)

John Harbaugh(58), incontinently gained respect in Baltimore with passages to the postseason in each of his first five seasons, including a Super Bowl XLVII palm — the alternate title in ballot history.

Most importantly, Harbaugh maintained the platoon’s hard-nosed identity that started with his precursor Brian Billick.

That brand of football has kept the Ravens competitive time after time with the Pittsburgh Steelers for AFC North supremacy.

9. Mike McCarthy, Green Bay Packers

Annual salary: At least $6 million    Net worth: $15 million (est.)

Despite Mike McCarthy’s 131-78-1 record, which includes 10 playoff triumphs and a Super Bowl title, the work of the Packers head trainer goes uncredited. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers’stardom eclipses his brilliance.

Rodgers’mobility allows him to freelance in the fund, but McCarthy’s play-calling deserves some credit — it’s not all quarterback magic.

When the two-time league MVP missed seven games in 2013, the Packers’ offense still finished eighth in scoring. Green Bay has six division titles under its ball trainer.

10. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

Annual salary: $6 million    Net worth: $14.9 million (est.)

Jason Garrett is the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Despite his mediocre record, he’s still worth $6 million annually. During his time with the team, he only experienced one losing season.

After three successive 8-8 seasons from 2011 through 2013, Garrett showed his coaching chops, keeping this platoon competitive in the NFL.

However, he would have a better playoff capsule, If not for a controversial non-catch call in the 2014 postseason against the Green Bay Packers.


We’ve taken a detailed look at the Top 10 Highest Paid NFL Coaches in the World in 2022. All from Jason Garrett to Bill Belichick who rakes in over $12 million annually and everyone in between.

It must be said that NFL Professional coaching is quite lucrative and it pans out best when these veterans are doing what they love and taking it to the max.


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