Honest NOOM Reviews: How it Works, Pros & Cons

Imagine going out of shape because you have too many calories in your body, had one or two kids, or had to stay at home for months doing nothing.

Now, you want to wear that dress you wore to a party the last time that made every neck turn in your direction because of how gorgeous you looked, and it just couldn’t fit in.

Disappointing, right?

I once felt the same way too. So, I made up my mind that I was going to work on it. First, I had to devise a means of tracking the level of calories in my system.

How did I go about it?

I had to make research effective weight-loss apps that can help. During my research, I came across MyFitnessPal or Lose It!, MyNetDiary, Honest NOOM, and many more.

Based on my research, experience as a user, and other user reviews, Honest NOOM proved to be one of the most effective weight-loss Apps, although it has pitfalls.

In this article, I have made an Honest NOOM Reviews which includes how Noom App works, its pros and cons, the Noom Sign-in process, and whether Noom is a scam or legit. The table of contents below gives you an overview of all to expect from this article.

What is the Honest NOOM Diet Plan?

Noom Diet Plan is a mobile app that helps you meet the health and weight goals you want. Through the app, everything you need for a diet trip is open. 

This includes 1:1 preparation, meal plans, food tracking, recipes, foods to be consumed, an avoided databases, quizzes, social support, and more.

The app is basically a customized weight loss assistant that can motivate you to achieve your goals if you persist and are persistent.

Noom is an app-driven program that creates a totally customized experience for each and every person who signs up. 

It will allow you to do the following;

  • Generate a personalized calorie breakdown based on a series of lifestyle questions.
  • Track the foods you eat by searching a database or scanning barcodes.
  • Log exercise, weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar.
  • Receive in-app 1:1 health coaching during business hours.
  • Stay motivated with interactive articles and quizzes.

How is it different from other Weight Lossing Apps?

The explanation of why it varies from other fitness applications is because of its emphasis on behavioral activity. For long-term weight loss and dieting, a user’s behavioral changes are significant. 

Noom can enable users to maintain a balanced diet while meeting their goals and sustaining future lifestyle improvements.

Moreso, the app can provide resources to help a single person, all 45 million of them, maintain and handle goals. 

Before committing to trying it, especially paying for it, it is vital to know how a diet plan works. 

And this is how it functions here:

How Does the Honest NOOM App works?

It’s easy to get set up with Noom App. 

First of all, you can download the app from either the App Store or Google Play for free. 

You will need to open an account when you first launch it but don’t worry, you’re not going to have to pay anything. 

You’ll be asked a few basic questions about your goals, current weight, age, etc., during the sign-up process. To get your profile set up, this is necessary so that the app can make more personalized recommendations.

You go through a few multiple-choice questions, and the app will recommend some available courses.

When you sign up for the subscription, you’ll be assigned a personal coach who will help keep you motivated and advise you on your meals and exercise routines.

One Noom coach review specifically mentioned the unlimited access, along with the daily challenges and access to the support groups, motivated me to keep going beyond the initial goals.

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What are the features of the Honest NOOM App?

NOOM app has many features that make it unique and exceptional. In some users’ Honest Noom reviews some of the features discovered include:

#1. Personal Coaching

The app offers personal coaching sessions to its users. As a user, the session you will go for depends on your weight loss goals. Through these sessions, a weight loss workout plan will be created for you with specialist advice.

Note-taking specialist advice is optional, which means you can skip it if you want. On the other hand, with the help of a coach or specialist, you can stay on track and push through.

#2. Food database

NOOM also provides a food database that helps its user choose the right foods to eat. The developers recognize that it is not easy to sustain extreme diets and cut certain foods in the long term. 

Instead, placing foods into various categories enlightened them and helped them decide on healthy food choices.

Green foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, non-fat yogurts, cheeses, and milk have fewer calories and contain a high level of nutrients. 

Yellow foods, which include lean meats, legumes, beans, and healthy fats, have higher calories and are less nutritious. Therefore, you should add it to meals moderately. 

Then, red foods like red meats, fatty oils, nuts, and seeds have very high calories and should be avoided.

#3. Quizzes

The very first time they start the application, Noom gives its users quizzes. They are not evaluations but just a way for the software to best explain the user a bit. 

For instance, Noom will ask several questions when a user first installs and creates an account to know what the aim is, who the individual is, and what they want out of the app.

#4. Social support

NOOM App offers two types of social support: Assigned Coach and Online Forum. The assigned Coach gives you answers to your questions and also sends extra information that can help you. This support is available online during business hours which are 9 am-5 pm.

Then, the Online Forum system allows users to chat with other users. On the forum, users can talk about their experiences, share tips and encourage each other. Unlike the Assigned coach system, the Online forum is always available any time, any day.

#5. Weight loss tracking

The app has a biometric monitoring system in which the personal data you enter and the automatic exercise tracker mounted on your smartphone is measured. To track your success, it takes into account every small detail. 

Blood sugar levels and blood pressure are also tracked and controlled by the machine, which is a great help for those concerned or even interested in ensuring that their levels are stable and preserved. Tremendous help for consumers can see the small outcomes.

#6. Free diet materials

Another feature NOOM App has Free Diet Materials. The app provides its users with many diet materials, from recipes and articles that serve as workout guides. 

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How much does Noom cost?

A consumer would want to know whether it is worth it, and whether a diet solution is free or charged. A description of the costs is here: 

Noom is offering a seven-day trial for $1 to FCER readers. From there, the monthly package begins at $59 month, and the annual subscription is $199 if the user wishes to continue. 

There is also a contract for $99 for two months. Whenever the user decides to cancel, the trial period will end, and no extra charge will occur. 

An advantage of the trial is that before committing to a monthly or annual subscription package, the user will get a sense of the app, how, and whether it will work for them. 

Pros and Cons of NOOM

Here is a review of the Pros and cons of the app to weigh the benefits and implications that the consumer can face:

Pros of Noom

Noom’s program emphasizes a long-term approach to weight loss. It has several benefits over quick-fix methods.

  1. Honest NOOM encourages the real eating of whole foods and a nutrient-dense diet.
  2. It offers social support from the creators and users.
  3. NOOM allows you to log what you eat to encourage results.
  4. Also, it offers rewards when you hit goals.
  5. The system provides individual coaching. This coaching session attends to your personal questions and hacks that can help you be on track.
  6. It allows all foods on the diet plan. In fact, no food is off-limits. This is because NOOM gives you a recipe for any food you want to eat. 
  7. Another interesting thing about the app is that it’s free. But for the meal plan and coaching service, you will be expected to subscribe. The company does offer a 2-week trial period for the Noom coach for only $1 where you don’t get billed the full amount if you cancel within 14 days. 

Cons of NOOM

In some customer reviews, the pitfalls of NOOM found is that syncing with other fitness trackers can have some delays. 

In most cases, some of their services which are expected to be updated within 5 minutes, take time. 

Also, it could be considered expensive. Then, the app can only be accessed with smartphones. 

Concerning the coaching system, most users say it’s not consistent. People also claim that many foods are missing from the database, that it is inaccurate, and that it is a great pain to track food in this plan. 

That’s a significant downside considering that (according to the research) monitoring is integral to the success of this initiative. A large number of concerns about suspending the service still exist.

Another drawback of the NOOM App is that cancelation is very difficult.

How do I install Noom?

To install Noom, just head to the Apple App Store (iOS), or the Google Play Store(Android).

Please note that Noom is only available on iOS and Android devices running 10.3.3 (on iOS) and 6 (Marshmallow, on Android) or later.

Once you have installed Noom, please launch the app and sign in using the email address you used to sign up for the program. If you signed up using Facebook or Google, remember to select those buttons instead.

Don’t you remember what email address you used to create your Noom account? You can find out here!

Don’t remember your password? Reset your password using this password reset link!

How Do I login?

Open Noom and click on the blue “Log in now” button at the bottom of the welcome screen.

Log in using whichever login method you chose when you first created your account. Here are the available log in methods:

  • Log in with your email and password.
  • Login with Facebook
  • Log in with Google+ ID

If you forgot your password, you could reset your password here.

Does NOOM Worth it?

Yes, I do think that the Noom health program is worth a try, based on our research and people’s experience.

Individualized coaching was the most significant victory for me. It was worth every penny to have a specialist study my lifestyle to find any errors. 

You may be wondering what Noom does that other apps don’t do if you’ve tried tons of similar services before. 

The best way to summarize it is to encourage improvements in your food and diet habits so that you can achieve your weight goals.

Bottom Line

With Noom is an app on your mobile device, you can achieve your weight-loss goals and desires. You can also be sure of maintaining a low-calorie diet, nutrient-dense foods and having healthy lifestyle changes.

If your decision is not affected by costs, accessibility, and a virtual style of health coaching, Noom might be worth a try.



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