13 Online Flea Market in 2022: Antique and Vintage Product’s Online

Priceless and endearing items passed on from generation to generation speak quality. Selling them off for money is usually a hard decision to make. But, if you must sell them off-this article compiles the best online flea markets in 2022.

Let’s say you want to get vintage heels or probably designers products on budget, flea markets are your best stop. Unlike local thrift stores, you get access to a variety of antique and vintage products on flea markets online.

Products aged 50 – 100 years old yet in good condition are rare. They are unique, romantic, of better quality, and a worthy investment. In fact, they tell a lot about history and class. If an item of outstanding value looks like what you are looking for or what you wish to sell, this article is specifically written for you.

In addition to the listing of the best online flea markets, this post also explains why you should choose a flea market, how it works for buyers and sellers, and how to haggle for items on flea markets online.

The table of contents above highlights our (The Wealth Circle) best picks for online flea markets.

Why Online Flea Markets

Visiting all the local thrift stores, haggling price for a few items you may love is not just laboring, it is also time-consuming. Flea markets online make it possible to find what you need while resting on a couch.

With all products organized into categories, you are bound to find just whatever you are looking for in a few minutes. Since there are so many sellers in an online marketplace, you’re bound to find variety-sometimes a treasure. It is obviously the easiest and safest place to shop for antique and vintage items- even designers at retail prices.

Flea markets online work for both buyers and sellers of even vintage furniture. Because it has grown in popularity in recent times, both buyers and sellers have the same opportunity to find treasures and make money in a convenient way.

Whether it is raining, or very sunny, both buyers and sellers can do their shopping with ease. Once you find the perfect vintage or antique for you, you can bid, send a message to the seller offering a price or simply pay the stipulated amount attached to the product.

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How to Haggle for Items on Online Flea Market

Antique and vintage products can cost quite a lot in Flea markets. However, just like normal retail markets you can still haggle the price of the item you love.

This is possible if you have access to the seller. For instance, vintage items that allow for bidding give you an opportunity to bid what you can afford. If you are lucky, you could get it for that price except, someone bids higher than you have.

Also, some flea markets online allow sellers to post their items for sale with no price attached to it. If this is the case, buyers would send a message to the seller offering a price. While offering a price to a seller, you can haggle the price of the item.

Though you must be careful to avoid insulting the merchants’ items put up for sale. If by chance, your budget can’t afford that item, you should politely leave.

What are the 13 Online Flea Markets For Antique and Vintage Products?

Whether you are looking forward to selling off some antique cup teas or getting a vintage heel- these online flea markets offer the same opportunity to both buyers and sellers to make money.

Our best Flea Markets Online include:

#13. Selency

On Selency online flea market, shopping for second-hand décor is easier and more convenient. Selency displays an array of quality furniture and decorations from professional dealers without leaving home.

Buyers can select from over 100, 000 products at any given time. Among these products is a wide variety of styles-from Scandinavian hygge to vintage design. Selency started from France but currently cuts across other parts of Europe. Buyers who are willing to bear the shipping cost can have their items shipped to the USA from Europe on this flea market online.

#12. Ruby Lane

Ruby Lane is home to over 2, 000 individual shop owners that sell collectibles, art, jewelry, and furniture. Each day, these sellers turn in thousands of dollars from merchandise sold.

Ruby Lane offers top-notch services and this sets it apart from other antique online flea markets. Basically, any vintage or antique product you find on this platform has been prescreened by Ruby Lane’s in-house professionals.

So, you are certain that whatever item you are purchasing on this platform is not just quality but also in good condition. Click the button to shop at Ruby Lane.

#11. TIAS

TIAS is an acronym for “The Internet Antique Shop”. Just as its name, TIAS is one of the best online flea markets for buying and selling antiques and jewelry.

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TIAS came into the limelight in 1995, as a platform that allows individuals to purchase valuable antiques from sellers across the world. Since its inception, TIAS has been supporting antique lovers.

To buy an antique product online from this online marketplace, you should browse listings and categories to find what fits your budget. However, to sell any antique on this platform, you should create a store, list the items you wish to sell, and upload quality photos of the products on the platform.

#10. 5Miles

5Miles is a second-hand marketplace that allows buyers to surf and buy from the comfort of their homes.

In this marketplace, sellers are connected with potential buyers. So, individuals can display their antiques or vintages for sale. Simply list out your items for sale on the app and pay the listing fee which starts at just $0.99.

On the app, sellers can send, receive, and accept offers with ease. Buyers can also refer to the review panel to ascertain they are purchasing from a real and reliable person.

#9. Maxsold

Most antiques and vintage products online are sold to the highest bidder. This makes Maxsold one of the best online flea marketplace for antiques and vintage.

Maxsold has team members across the USA and Canada who help sellers clear out a home and get the best price for their item. Buyers visit the site to bid on various items ranging from vintage furniture, art, and technology.

#8. Amazon

Amazon is a massive multinational company. In fact, it is currently the world’s largest online marketplace with its founder as the world’s richest man.

This site makes it easy for people to buy or sell pretty much any commercial product to people around the world. Sellers can display their antique and vintage products on Amazon. This makes it visible to millions of users on Amazon.

#7. The Saleroom

The salesroom is an online auction website where people can buy and sell collectibles from home. Saleroom helps buyers do the bidding for an item after they have stated the maximum price they have for an item.

However, a 3% online commission and a buyer’s premium is paid by the buyer at the end of the auction.

#6. Etsy

Antique and vintage products can be sold and bought on Etsy. Usually, sellers set up stores to sell their handmade jewelry. Though the site focuses on hand-crafted, artisan items, buyers can find unique items to buy thoughtful gifts.

#5. vFlea

vFlea is a flea market where you can find a treasure after searching for junk online. With a polished interface, buyers can choose items by searching through categories and better organization.

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On vFlea offers some of the weirdest stuff for sale. Interestingly, you can pick or ship products locally.

#4. Poshmark

This is an online consignment shop that requires buyers to log in and browse for goods. Browsing goods on the platform is totally free and it features low shipping costs.

On Poshmark, you can buy and sell high-quality brand-name clothes and antiques, and vintage products.

#3. Bonanza

To reach a wider audience, antique, and vintage products sellers can display their products on the bonanza. Sellers can list their products for free and would only pay a percentage when the item is sold.

Bonanza has some fun offers that buyers find quite interesting. For example, it has a page dedicated to free items alongside a simplified fee structure that makes it a great option for retailers online.

#2. Srchie

Srchie is an online flea market for buyers and sellers that offers a stress-free platform to buy and sell products. Buyers can search based on categories and prices while Srchie searches other big sites for the products that match your search.

Srchie makes it possible for you to browse the marketplace and compare prices without surfing the web for long.

#1. Fleabay

Fleabay lists items all over the world including antiques, furniture, sporting goods, and toys. Sellers simply upload their products for sale and add item description, location, the seller’s information, and expiration date.

To buy an item from Fleabay, you must fill out an online contact form. Through this, the seller can reach out to the buyer to arrange payment and pick up or shipping.


Antiques and vintages do not just speak class, they are of high quality and speak a lot about history. And, they are not easily found in regular online retail shops. There are flea markets online that allow you to sell off your antique products or buy some vintage heels.

This article compiles a list of 13 online flea markets to sell off or purchase antique and vintage products in 2022.


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