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33 Best Items to Flip for Heavy Money in 2023| Make $10k/month

Flipping items is currently one of the easiest and least stressful ways of making cash. Knowing the best items to flip for heavy money requires no qualifications, or certifications. Anyone can go into it and start earning immediately.

Flipping is becoming increasingly popular and now, it is one of the best things to consider as a side hustle. Anyone can earn as much as $20,170 just by flipping items. You’d be surprised at the number of things people need and are ready to pay good money for.

It is important to note that you can flip items for a profit whenever it’s convenient for you. Whether your free time is in the morning, afternoon or evenings, anytime at all can work. So from the comfort of your home, you can put things together.

A look at the table below gives you a list of 33 items you could easily flip for quick cash. These items are easy to buy. So, sit back and enjoy reading.

Items You Could Flip For Cash

There is a wide spectrum of items you could buy and sell. The possibilities are endless and amazing. Some things here might be what you consider junk and you just leave them lying around but my friend, there is money to be made there. These are the items;

#1. Vintage televisions

People are looking to buy things like this. A vintage television without so much as a scratch on it would leave you with a huge profit.

#2. Power tools

To get frequent access of these, you should be on the outlook for people looking to move or declutter their spaces. You’ll be able to get them at really low prices and equally sell at amazing prices. Also at flea markets and garage sales, you might come across items in good condition.

#3. Bicycles

Many bicycles are able the stand the taste of time, wear and tear and what have you. Though so might need a little work to get them back in shape. You should not forget that since they are a means of transportation, the demand for them will always be there.

#4. Clothing items

Whether it is a vintage piece dating as far back as fifty years or a modern design, clothes are always in demand. You could try to get a stash of season-appropriate wear in good condition, with no missing buttons, funny smells, or stains. If you can fit one, it is an easy sell.

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#5. Old solid wood

Wood in excellent condition could easily get you a lot of cash. Solid wood is one of the best five deals in thrift stores. You could stick to easy pieces that would appeal to apartment dwellers may be an old coffee table or an office chair. This could fetch you quick money.

#6. Mid-century items

Whatever you can find from the 50s to the 70s has the potential of bringing a lot of money for you. Whether it is a piece of furniture, clothes, equipment, lamps, wall clocks, etc is really much in demand. So far as it is in a good shape, you’ll definitely get a good deal.

#7. Books

These are never out of Vogue as even books written over one hundred years ago will still prove to be useful even within the 21st century. If you can find a collection of a series of books that people are interested in, you could also flip them. Try to imagine the fortune a collection like HARRY PORTER could be flipped for.

#8. Yard equipment

Like all basic tools, yard equipment is much in demand. Yard owners will make potential customers.

#9. Watches

A vintage wristwatch or wall clock is also something exciting to have among items you want to flip. Even a wall clock with an oriental design.

#10. Websites

Don’t be so surprised by this, websites can also be flipped.

#11. Funiture

You could start off with little and easy pieces of furniture that would go well for apartment dwellers, a classic office table, and an antique steamer, that could be utilized a second time as maybe a bar.

Rare cufflinks and those of quality will easily draw customers in. The cufflinks must be with no sign of rust, so as not to dissuade purchase.

#13. Strollers

These like all other things you are looking to flip must not be in a bad state, because really eye-catching things have a way of selling themselves.

#14. Car parts

You could easily become a dealer with this item. Car junkies will pay huge amounts for care parts that have survived several decades.

You could check around your grandparents’ garage and maybe their friends, but with permission, you might just make a big discovery.

#15: Services

Other than physical goods, it could also flip services to get real cash.

Wondering what service you can flip to make money? Here they are:

  • Customer support
  • Website design
  • Graphic design
  • Travel arrangements
  • Content creation for blogs and ghostwriting
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Transcription
  • Copywriting
  • Editing videos
  • Social media & Community management
  • Project management

If you can offer any of the services above you are just a step away from making money from the comfort of your home.

16. BOARD GAMES: Like puzzles, you could also get board games and also video games of good quality to flip.

#17. Concert t-shirts

A concert shirt in good condition will bring in a lot of money when you flip it. Imagine a concert shirt by probably John Legend, how wouldn’t want to have that?

#18. Shoes

A stock of varying sizes of boots, sandals, ballet shoes, and soccers shoes, all in good condition, of course, is also a great addition to your collection of items. Kiddies’ shoes, adults’ shoes, and shoes for men and women will bring in a lot of money.

#19: Photography gear

Especially for people looking to start photography, you could be able to get their patronage, if your product is of good quality. Some customers are just looking to have a camera in their homes and you could be on standby with the item ready to meet their needs.

#20. Vintage eyeglasses

For glasses, your profit depends on how popular a particular brand is and also its style. But be rest assured that people go on websites like eBay to source fashion frames at discount rates.

#21. Vintage records

Vintage records are like precious stones on sites like eBay because of the demand for them. Finding and flipping one will definitely bring in a small fortune.

#22. Nutcrackers

As shocking as it may sound, many people are interested in and collect nutcrackers. If you can find one in good condition, you will sell it for well over 20 dollars.

#23. Vintage puzzles

Puzzles dating as far back as the 1970s will be a rare find, believe me. If you can find one such as this, it set you to make some cool cash.

#24. Baseball cards

This is another item that can rope in a huge amount for you. Depending on how to put together your collection, you’ll be able to attract patronage. Baseball cards remain one of the famous items people are on the outlook for. You will make a major profit if you know how much the particular cards are worth.

#25. Vintage picture frames

These are shockingly some of the most widely sought items and their availability fluctuates. They are passed down from generation to generation almost like an heirloom of sorts. If you find a good seller, you will cut a good deal.

#26. Power washing machines

You could find someone who no longer has a need for their power washing machine and resell it to someone who needs it.

#27. Collectibles

Any kind of collectible can be sold, all you need to do is able to cater to your client’s preference.

#28. Sports paraphernalia

Be it boots, hockey sticks, footballs, soccer balls, protective gear for football, and what have you, people are always looking for things to buy, sometimes for their kids and also for themselves.

#29. Rare T-shirts

Truly, some people will like to find tees that speak to them. In fact, fans of specific sports and teams are great customers here. Rare t-shirts are cool items you can flip to make money.

#30. Sports Memorabilia  

You’ll be able to make some profit on memorabilia of any kind like bobble-heads and other figurines. These are excellent candidates you could flip for cool cash.

31. Vintage rugs

Vintage rugs are largely sought out, especially by collectors. Hence, collectors are willing to invest sizable amounts in this item.

32. Basic lawn tools

Anyone with a yard might need basic tools such as hoes, racks, spades, and the like.

Also, within your neighborhood, you could be popular for being a distributor of sorts. Like everything else, you just have to ensure that they are in good condition.

33. Vintage Electronics

These items could be found at garage sales. Garage sales are places you could easily find them, be it VCRs, Walkmans, Speakers, and other things, you could sell them to make a decent amount of money.

Platforms you can get items to flip

Items can be found both online and offline. It could be at thrift stores, a university book fair, garage sales, or even a neighbor or perhaps a friend moving out. It could even be from you. Yes, you.

Some equipment you no longer need could be flipped and will bring in so much more cash, the extra cash wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Online, you could get pieces on Facebook, some groups there are majorly for flipping. On eBay, Craigslist, etc.

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What is the most profitable item to flip in 2023?

The most profitable item to flip in 2023 are:
Wooden furniture
Used books and textbooks
Records and record players
Rare or vintage clothing
Dirt bikes

What are the easiest things to flip?

The easiest things to flip for profit are:
Smartphones, Tablets, and Tech Accessories
Exercise Equipment
Household Appliances
Used Books
Designer Bags
Vintage Jewelry

What are the best items to flip on amazon?

The top items to flip on Amazon are as follows:
Yoga mats
LED lights
White Cotton T-Shirts
Gift Boxes
Face Rollers
Laptop Shell Cases


Here is a quick and easy way to bring in cash. You could start small, perhaps you have a lot of clothes, equipment, and stuffs you no longer have a need for, this is a great way to bring in money even through things you are no longer interested in.

With time, you can build up into something more substantial.