Panda Research Reviews: Is Panda Research Legit or Privacy Scam?

Do you know you can get paid to have and share your opinions?! Yes! Shocking as it is, it’s true! Survey sites are proof of that and Panda Research is not an exception. However, since the reviews of this survey site have been a little iffy, people are continually left with the question,” Is Panda Research Legit?”

Reviews for most survey sites are typically two-sided–with both positive and negative opinions. It is not a secret that most of these reviews have been ugly, portraying Panda Research in a terrible light, ergo the need for this objective review.

This complete review of the Panda Research would help you answer the question of its legitimacy. We are going to look into the program and its pros and cons thoroughly.

What Is Panda Research?

Panda Research is a platform where you can own an account and get opportunities that match your interest to take surveys for money.

It uses these online surveys for market research to help shape brands, products, and services with the answers you provide.

Panda Research acts as a “retailer” between you and the companies who want to garner as much information as they can.

Founded in 2005, it is now a decade-old platform. It is a subsidiary of A&A Marketing, Inc. which is a marketing group based in Illinois. The company also owns and However, Panda Research is the prize product of the group with the most attention from users.

For a valid answer to the recurring question, “Is Panda Research Legit?” we checked its rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). The Better Business Bureau grades companies based on different categories, like financial security and reliability. 

It may be comprehensible that Panda Research has no rating verification of its own, but even the parent company does not have a rating fixed in the systems as well! This doesn’t look good for an online survey company.

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How Does Panda Research Work?

Generally, Panda Research works just like all other survey sites. If you have participated in any other surveys, you’ll have a basic idea of how it works.

You sign up for an account by answering a couple of questions on the registration form on the site. As soon as you activate your account, you will receive surveys matching your interests.

Register with a valid email and check it regularly, as the surveys are sent there. Before you respond to any survey, you must go through a qualification process–a brief questionnaire to find out if you meet the survey.

Regrettably, you may not always qualify for every survey you respond to, which means less money for you. Panda Research would only pay for surveys that you complete.

So, as soon as you complete a survey, they will credit your account with the amount that was shown in the survey.

What Does Panda Research Do With My Information And Answers?

It uses the information you provide during surveys for market research purposes. Also, your answers will go to the company that created the survey to help answer their questions and change the business.

Some users complained about being bothered by many spam messages. This led people to wonder if Panda Research is legit since legit survey sites will not sell your details without your consent.

However, a review of Panda Research shows they don’t sell your personal information or share it with any other company unless you explicitly agree to it.

Their privacy policy throws more light on this. In summary, it states that unless you click a checkbox during the sign-up process that gives your consent for your name, address, email address, and other information to be shared with other companies, Panda Research will keep it safe.

Is Panda Research Any Different From Other Survey Sites?

Basically, in terms of mode of operation, Panda Research is just like every other survey site. However, they offer a few different ways to earn money.

It also offers some cash for reading emails and completing offers. These are other means for users to make some extra money on the site. Survey sites offer points or money after a survey is completed or when you make referrals.

Also, unlike other survey sites that award points for surveys, Panda Research offers cash payments. So, you know exactly how much you have in your account relieving you of the stress of calculating how much your points are worth.

Who Can Join Panda Research?

Anyone in the United States 18 years old or older can sign up on Panda Research. You also have to join as yourself, rather than on behalf of a business or entity.

The site clearly asserts that you can only have one account with one valid email address. If Panda Research reviews your accounts and notices that you have over one account, it can end all of them and cancel your earnings.

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How Do I Get Paid On Panda Research?

Panda Research currently uses only PayPal to transfer payments. So, you’ll need a PayPal account once you sign up for Panda Research.

Ensure you confirm that you’ve entered the correct PayPal email address in your profile or you won’t be able to get your payments. This has raised a lot of doubt about its legitimacy.

If the site experiences any tracking issues or you have problems with your browser, it might not make payment. You’ll only receive payment for any survey you complete. You won’t receive any money if you stop a survey halfway through or forget to complete it.

Your earnings for a survey in your account would reflect once Panda Research confirms that you completed it. This process rarely takes over 24 hours.

Paid offers work the same way; however, you may have to wait about a week for confirmation of completion.

You can get paid when you have a minimum of $50 in your account, and $25 of that has to be from completed offers. Panda Research reviews accounts and pays twice per month – on the 1st and 15th, after a 30-day wait period from requesting your payment.

Who Is Panda Research Best For?

Since Panda Research takes some time to pay, it’s best for people who also use other survey sites to get an alternative source of income. Also, you must fulfill all the requirements for payment, including the 30-day wait period.

Therefore, it’s advisable to register for other online surveys while you are expecting your Panda Research review and payment.

It can also be a side hustle!

How Much Money Can I Make With Panda Research?

Every online survey has a minimum amount of payout–the least amount of money you should have in your account before you can request payment.

At $50, the minimum payment is one of the highest. Several members may find it impossible to get to that amount, so, they may receive no payment.

The number of surveys you qualify for determines the amount of money you can make. If you qualify for more surveys, you’re more likely to make more money than those that make qualify for less.

Also, surveys are mostly on a first-come-first-served basis. So, if you respond to a survey invitation late, it may probably be filled up.

Most surveys on Panda Research will take about 10-15 minutes and pay between $1.50 and $3.00. Occasionally, you may see some higher-paying surveys that offer between $10-20. However, they’ll take a longer time–about an hour or more; to complete.

The highest-paying ones are near-impossible to qualify for and will take many hours to complete, but could pay up to $75.

Truthfully, you can make about $5 – $10 per week, depending on how many surveys you qualify for and complete.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Panda Research?

Every survey site gets both good and bad reviews all the time. Consequently, it has both nice and ugly reviews on the internet. So, before you make any judgment on the legitimacy of this survey site, take a look at the pros and cons of this survey site.


  • Offers multiple ways to earn money.
  • The sign-up process is simple, plus you earn your first $3 just from completing the sign-on survey.
  • You’ll receive a good amount of survey invitations and paid emails.
  • Pays two times a month via PayPal, which is one of the most convenient online payment methods.
  • It has some of the highest payment amounts of survey sites, with longer surveys paying anywhere from $25 to $75.


  • A very high minimum balance is required to get paid, and at least $25 has to come from completed offers. You can never cash out from surveys alone.
  • The customer support should be improved. Several users claim that they have to wait for too long to get a response, while some never get a reply at all.
  • Compulsory 30-day wait period after requesting payment.
  • Some online complaints mention 90 days wait or more to see the PayPal payment.

What Are The Best Features Of Panda Research?

Although the reviews of Panda Research are not all good, there are, however, some outstanding features it offers that set it at an advantage. So, before you decide if Panda Research is legit or not, consider some of these features:

Potential Sign-Up Bonus

Although not everyone qualifies for the sign-up bonus, try it to see if you qualify, particularly if you intended to sign up for the site, anyway.

Now, when you sign up, you’ll be requested to take a quick survey. This is to help the site find out if you qualify for a $3 survey immediately. If you are, you could make your first $3 in a few minutes after signing up for the site.

Referral Program

This referral program is a legit way to earn some extra money if you have interested friends and family to bring to the program.

Here, you earn money continually as you’d be making 10% of everything your referrals earn, excluding earnings from paid emails.

For example, if your friend gets $25 from offers, $15 from surveys, and $10 from paid emails and then cashes out his first $50, you’ll earn $4 when he cashes out (10% of his $40 earnings from surveys and offers). Encourage your friends to stay active to make more money.

Special Discounts And Promotions For Members

You can be eligible for special promotions and discounts for products or services when you complete offers and surveys with Panda Research.

However, you must be an active member to get these special offers. It would help save you money on things you already use or would like to use.

You’ll also stand a chance to be entered into giveaways after completing surveys and offers. This can be another legit way to make some extra money.

Dedicated To Preventing Spam

If you intend to refer members, try to check the policy so you do it appropriately. You should use your website and social media accounts responsibly, to encourage other members to join.

Unlike other surveys and reward sites that don’t exactly mind how you draw in new members, Panda Research has a full anti-spam policy to guarantee that others don’t get barraged with spam emails and links to join the site.

How Do I Sign Up For Panda Research?

Signing up for Panda Research is pretty straightforward. You would just need to get to the home page and fill out the information in the free sign-up form. Then, click “Begin Now” to start filling out the rest of the sign-up survey.

Ensure that you submit your correct email, as this is where you’ll receive survey invitations and paid emails. You can also unsubscribe through this email address.

If you qualify for the $3 bonus, it would reflect in your account instantly after completing your profile and registration.

Don’t forget to sign up for the affiliate program as soon as you conclude your registration, so you have more avenues to earn with your unique referral link.

Is Panda Research Legit Or A Scam?

Is Panda Research Legit? Following the exact meaning of the word “scam”, one cannot say for certain that this survey site is a scam. Calling it a scam will mean it doesn’t pay at all. However, they pay!

It may be delayed or lower than the owed amount, but they pay!

I wouldn’t say it’s among my best survey sites because several other survey sites pay a lot earlier than Panda Research.

Besides, this site also doesn’t let you get your payment, even when you hit $50 just for completing surveys. Rather, have at least $25 in your account from offers, too.

Using it as an extra source of cash is a workable method. However, I wouldn’t advise using it as your core survey site.

Try some other survey sites and use this site as a backup.

Final thoughts

This review shows that Panda Research is a legit way to earn money online, not only from taking surveys but also from completing offers and reading emails. Though there are a bunch of iffy reviews that show otherwise, it is not particularly a scam.

So, if you are searching for a side/ supporting hustle for more money, you can use Panda Research as some of its well-paying surveys can really put you at an advantage.

Fortunately, the internet is full of options. There are many other websites you can try as your main survey site.

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