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NET WORTH$2.4 Billion
Real NamePhilipe Fayer
Date of Birth1979
Source of WealthFintech.
Marital StatusUnknown
CareerBusinessman. Payment Technology, Payment Systems
Country Quebec Canada

What is Philipe Fayers Net Worth?

According to, Philip Fayer’s net worth is $2.4 billion. He’s the Founder and Chair of the Board & CEO of Nuvei. A payment tech company he founded after his previous company could no longer operate due to a change in business/ financial policies.

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Early Life of Philip Fayer

Mr. Fayer was born in Montreal, raised in Belgium and Israel, and attended Pennsylvania’s Valley Forge Military Academy and College.

He later went to College in Pennsylvania and Concordia University, a mission he didn’t see to an end.

He enjoys riding and running, being a pilot, and being a racecar driver. He volunteers for various charities, including those that help children find jobs and those that fund cancer research.

Mr. Philip Fayer’s Biography

Philip Fayer is the Founder, Chair of the Board & CEO at Nuvei.

He is a member of the wealthy dropout class, alongside Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. In 2003, while still a student at Concordia University, Philip Fayer and co-founder Lester Hernandes created a payment processing company.

Fayer never completed his degree at Concordia because his company, now known as Nuvei, became very successful immediately.

That early success was because private payment processors were still relatively new.

They assisted both online and offline shops in processing credit and debit payments without the assistance of banks or credit card issuers. Goldman Sachs and others invested in Fayer’s fintech innovation when they saw the impact it could make on the payment ecosystem.

The organization provides services in 150 different currencies to countries worldwide. Fayer became CEO after selling the company to a private equity firm in 2017 for slightly over $400 million.

Most lately, the organization has discussed expanding its reach and accepting various forms of payment, including cryptocurrency. Philip Fayer is worth USD 1.70 billion ($2.06 billion CAD), according to Forbes.

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What is the salary of Mr. Fayer?

As the Founder and Chair of the Board & CEO of Nuvei, the total compensation of Mr. Fayer at Nuvei is CAD$805,516. There are no executives at Nuvei getting paid more.

How Old Is Fayer Philip?

Mr. Fayer Philipe is 43 years old and has been the Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO of Nuvei from its inception. At Nuvei, there are 12 senior executives and two junior executives. Jocelyne Gagnon, the VP of Human Resources of Nuvei Corporation, is the oldest executive.

What Does Nuvei Do?

In North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, Nuvei Corporation provides payment technology solutions to merchants and partners.

It also offers a set of payment solutions that enable the complete lifecycle of a transaction across mobile or in-app, online, unattended, and in-store channels, all while delivering a superior payment experience.

The company sells and distributes its solutions through direct sales, independent sales organizations, value-added resellers, and internet marketplaces. Nuvei Corporation was formed in Montreal, Canada, in 2003.

According to Forbes, the Montreal-based firm processes payments in over 150 currencies, with clients ranging from online casinos to e-commerce platforms.

Philip Fayer took Nuvei, which has over 50,000 customers, public on the Toronto Stock Exchange in September 2020.

The IPO raised $700 million, the highest amount raised by a tech company in Toronto Stock Exchange’s history.

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All Executive Positions of Phili Fayer

Philip Fayer is an entrepreneur and businessperson who founded Nuvei Corp., Paysystems Corp., and Nuvei Technologies Corp. and has been the head of 7 different companies.

Presently, he is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer for Nuvei Technologies Corp., President & Chief Executive Officer for Pivotal Payments Direct Corp. (a subsidiary of Nuvei Technologies Corp.).

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Gestion Pivotal Ltée, and Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Nuvei Corp., Chairman at 11411802 Canada, Inc., and Chief Executive Officer of SafeCharge International Group Ltd. (both are subsidiaries of Nuvei Corp.). In his past career, he occupied the position of Chief Executive Officer at Paysystems Corp.


Philip Fayer’s net worth is 2.4 billion dollars, and it keeps rising. The business mogul and Fintech expert made his mark early by providing payment solutions. His Nuvei Corp is still solving payment problems all over the world.

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Philip Fayer worth .

Philip Fayer is worth $2.4 Billion.

Where did Philip Fayer make his fortune?

From fintech. His company provides payment solutions across hundred plus companies.

Philip Fayer height .

His height is not currently known but from his pictures, one can tell he’s not below 5’7ft.

Philip Fayer age

He’s 43 years old.



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