How to Get the Samsung Student Discount in 2022

This article shows you the best way to get a Samsung student discount.

Samsung Group is one of the world’s electronic manufacturing companies. It is a South Korean company, with its headquarters in Seoul.

Samsung’s corporate culture has been one of the deciding factors in achieving its business objective, especially given the importance of human resources.

As a part of its marketing strategy and a way of giving back to the community, Samsung gives freebies and discounts to students to enable them afford some of their products.

As we proceed in this article, we’ll look at some of the trusted ways to get Samsung student discounts.

What is Samsung student discount?

The Samsung student discount is a support program offered by Samsung to students to help them access some of their products they wouldn’t have accessed normally.

They slash some percentage off the cost of their products so students can be able to afford them.

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Does Samsung offer student discounts?

Yes. Samsung Group offers student discounts to its student customers. The discounts are worth between 15%-30%.

Here’s how it goes: students, educators, and parents of students get 15% off Galaxy Book Pro or Galaxy Book Pro 360, free earbuds, and 30% off Samsung Care amongst many other offers.

How much is Samsung student discount?

You can save up to 47% on all Samsung gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, headphones, and more, with the Samsung Student Discount.

Where you can obtain a discount and how much of a discount you get largely relies on the card you present at the time of purchase. However, most malls and outlets will give you a 10%-20% discount if you have a student ID.

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How old do you have to be for Unidays?

Unidays is the name given to students’ discount programs in universities. For you to be eligible for the Microsoft student discount program, you have to be at least 16 years of age and duly enrolled in a college.

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How do I get Samsung student discount?

Looking to get a Samsung discount? Let’s get down with it.

Save as much as 30% when you shop Combine your discount with most offers to increase your savings. Plus, no discount codes are required. You may require additional verification during purchase.

Here below is a simple guide on how you get the Samsung student discount.

Select a program

To get the limited-time deals, sign in with an existing Education Discount program account or register a new one. Verify your identity and that you are a student, parent of a student, or educator.

Choose your Samsung discount program and browse special pricing.


After you have registered while surfing through the platform, endeavor to combine your Samsung discount with most deals for more savings.

Verify your email address

The next thing to do is to verify your email address to save up to 30% on most purchases. Voila! There you go.

Where can I get my Samsung student discounts?

Here’s where to get your discounts:

For Laptops and Tablets:

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For Smartphones:

For Headphones:

For Monitors:


The window for this year’s Samsung student discount program is between 14th September to 21st September. All students, educators and parents will be getting at least 30% off on phones, laptops, and more. This is your opportunity to benefit from the program, do not let it slip off your hands.

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