35 Sure Ways to make 200 Dollars Daily in 2022

I applied just one skill out of the 35 sure ways to make and earn 200 dollars fast daily and I made more than I expected. In a nutshell, I paid my bill and had a few extra bucks to play around with.

So, if you are currently in a condition where you need to make some money asap, I implore you to get a seat and relax as you go through this great piece of sure ways to make 200 dollars daily.

Here is a table of what to expect:

Here are 35 sure ways you can make 200 dollars daily:

35 Sure Ways to make 200 Dollars Daily

  • Drive with Uber
  • Put your car up for rent
  • Sell Stuff on Craigslist
  • Be a Freelancer
  • Stage Houses
  • List a Room in Your House
  • Have a Yard Sale
  • Deliver Groceries
  • Do Gigs on Craigslist
  • Baby Sit
  • Pet Sit
  • Do Computer Jobs
  • Do Handyman Work
  • Mow Lawn
  • Find Painting Jobs
  • Be a Tutor
  • Clean Houses
  • Car Wash on weekends
  • Do Mechanic jobs
  • Clean Gutters
  • Do tasks on Fiverr
  • Participate in Research Studies
  • Help People Remove Garbage
  • Do Home Repairs
  • Rent Out Storage Space
  • Organize Homes
  • Become a server
  • Deliver Pizza
  • Write Resume
  • Be a Gigwalker
  • Be a Party Helper
  • Spring or Fall Cleaning Jobs
  • Help with Decoration
  • Move Furniture
  • Be a Website Tester

#1 Drive with Uber

Do you have a car? Not just any car though, a neat car that meets the minimum eligibility to qualify for Uber?

If your answer is yes then, you don’t have to use the ‘broke’ or ‘behind bill’ ever again. Do you know people make lots of money driving other people around?

The world has so advanced that people now prefer using several mobile app transport services like Uber than a conventional taxi. Driving people around is one of the sure ways to make 200 dollars daily.

I have a friend who had to quit his white-collar job to major in driving people around using an uber app.

To start making money as an Uber driver, all you need to do is check in with the app through the link provided below to see the required eligibility. If you have a car that meets the set criteria, I encourage you to seize the opportunity and say goodbye to being broke.

#2 Put your Car up for rent

This is another sure way of making extra bucks daily. This method may not fetch you the $200 benchmark daily but it sure would fetch some extra bucks to cover some expenses.

Do you have a car you don’t necessarily need to ride daily? If you do then you should consider making money off the car.

If you don’t want to drive with Uber or any other transport services, renting out your car may be a wise choice to consider. Instead of letting your car lie fallow in your garage unused, I think you should log on to sites like Craigslist and list your car for rent and you would be amazed at how much you’ve been missing out on.

#3 Sell Stuff on Craigslist

Do you have items you feel are no longer useful to you? You should consider selling them on platforms like Craigslist. If you don’t feel like going through the stress of setting up a garage sell, I implore you to consider going online to make sales.

Do you have clothes or other stuff like CDs or DVDs you no longer need? You consider selling some of those. There are so many people out there who may find these stuff useful and would be willing to pay to have them. You can find people like these on sites like craigslist.

However, to get your item sold on craigslist, you would need to employ some good marketing strategies like listing considerate pricing for your items as well as constructing a catchy description.

You must give possible customers reasons to prefer your items over your competitors. Log on to Craigslist through the website below to register and list your items. The site is totally free of charge.

#4 Be a Freelancer

Doing freelancing work is one of the sure ways to make 200 dollars daily. One good thing about becoming a freelancer is that you get to be your own boss and do stuff at your pace, although you may want to make sure you meet deliver works early to your customers.

Are you creative? Are you good at writing? Do you know how to set up websites? Are you good at graphics designing? What sellable skills do you think you are good at?

For instance, I make extra bucks by writing for popular blogs in my spare time.

All you have to do is take a sit back and reflect on yourself.

Try to discern what you are good at that people can actually pay you for, then go online to sites like www.upwork.com to advertise your talent. I bet you would be amazed at how much people are willing to pay for your talent.

On the other hand, you feel you don’t possess any sellable skills at the moment, I urge you to learn some skills today. Go online or outside in your neighborhood, reach out to people and you would see they are those waiting to help you by teaching you skills like web development, graphics designing among others.

Also, you can learn these skills at a subsidized rate and go online to make money.

#5 Stage Houses

Homeowners often want their homes to look the best way possible and some are willing to pay good money to anyone willing to help them stage their homes. Realtors also use the services of home stagers to make properties under their care look good.

These Homeowners and realtors pay a good sum of money to house staging consultancy firms. So this is one of the sure ways to make 200 dollars daily.

Imagine owning a small consultancy firm that stages 10 – 20 houses monthly?

So, I implore you to put on your thinking cap and think about this Stage Houses option seriously.

#6 List a Room in Your House

Do you have a vacant room in your house? Or perhaps a condo that is currently vacant? If yes, then I bet you don’t know how much money you’ve been missing out on.

Have you heard of Airbnb? You probably would have but never consider learning more about the website. Airbnb is a platform that allows you to put up a room in your house or a vacant house for rent for travelers to stay in for a short or an agreed period of time.

The platform was established about ten years ago and had since risen to prominence with over 200 million guests.

What you should know is that a lot of people now prefer renting a private home without the loud music and jamborees obtainable at places like hotels and motels, so if you have a room no one is currently occupying and you need to make money asap, you should consider visiting the website to list your room.

And you don’t have fear about potential damages to your properties by these guests as Airbnb is fully insured and would take responsibility for any damages on your property.

#7 Have a Yard Sale

You must have heard of people making quite some bucks from a yard sale? Or you probably have done a yard sale in the past. This system of making money is likely not to go out of fashion anytime soon.

What you need to do now is to take a good look at your belongings and select stuffs you feel are no longer important to you but maybe valuable to others. Items like clothes or computers you no longer use can fetch you that money you’ve been pondering how to get.

#8 Deliver Groceries

There are lots of companies that would hire to deliver groceries and other items for them. You can make as much as $200 a day working for these companies if you put in lots of hours.

There are websites like Instacart you can sign up with to see people who are willing to pay you to help them deliver groceries. That is, you would technically be running an errand for these people who for one reason or the other prefer not to leave their homes.

Also, you can sign up with companies like DoorDash .to help people deliver foods. I love the delivery job for the simple fact that I get to choose the hours I want to work.

#9 Do Gigs on Craigslist

Craigslist is probably the biggest job site in the world with millions of visitors per day. If you log on to www.craigslist.org you would see the ‘gigs’ section just close enough to the job section. There you can find all sorts of menial jobs that are capable of fetching you money daily.

There you would find jobs like- people needing help to move, painting jobs, among other jobs. The job opportunities on Craigslist are boundless, some gigs would require you to submit a resume while others won’t, visit the site to start making money.

#10 Baby Sit

Do you like children? This job is best suited for ladies. If you are a lady reading this post and you need to make money fast, babysitting may be away to go.

There are parents willing to pay you to look out for their child for some period of time. Babysitting is nothing new although many young people have the mindset that the job is for the elderly.

Well, am pleased to burst your bubble by revealing that – as a young man, I have baby sited a child before and I tell you something, it is a good way of making money.

If you are considering this and thinking of ways to get people to babysit their children, you may want to search online as there are many sites to find such people.

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#11 Pet Sit

This is a similar option to babysitting just that this time around you babysit a pet in the stead of a child. Are you a pet lover? If yes, you consider making a pet-sit a side hustle when you need money.

There are a handful of websites where you can sign up to see people searching for pet sitters. Pet sitting can fetch more than you can imagine depending on some factors though.

Visit https://www.petsit.com to see people willing to pay you to be a pet sitter.

#12 Do Computer Jobs

Can you do a computer set-up or repair? If you are tech-savvy you may want to consider making a career out of it.

You would agree with me that computer-related jobs are likely to become obsolete anytime soon and implore you t take advantage of this booming market.

If you don’t have the necessary skill to set up or repair a computer, I urge you to look for ways to learn the skills, pay money if you have to as you are certain to get massive returns on your investment.

#13 Do Handyman Work

Doing a handyman job is one of the sure ways to make $200 daily. Are you good at painting? Are you fit enough to help people move? Are skilled in the art of assembling furniture? If you tick any of the boxes above then you may want to think of ways of raking some extra bucks doing handyman work in your spare time.

Handy is a popular website where people sign up to get jobs around their neighbourhood. When you register on the platform, they notify you of jobs in the neighborhood and you bargain with your prospective client. When you reach an agreement, you go over to get the job done and your pay is deposited directly into your bank account.

#14 Mow Lawn

This is one way to make good money. People are always looking for people to help them cut their grasses and beautify their environment.

So, to get people willing to pay for their lawn to be mowed, you should consider placing adverts on platforms like craigslist. This is one good side hustle capable of earning you good money daily.

#15 Find Painting Jobs

The painting job is something you should consider if you need to make some money quickly. People are always looking for painters and most of these people are willing to pay a good amount to freelance painters.

There are large and small painting jobs around your neighborhood and all you need do is to reach out to people and let them know you can do a good job with the painting.

A friend of mine once joined a team of painters to renovate a large hall in our neighborhood and within a space of three days, he made about $1500 for his part in the job.

Now, one good thing about painting is that it doesn’t require you to be overtly skillful in the art, and secondly, painting is not a tall order meaning you can learn much faster and get better on the job.

#16 Be a Tutor

Do you excel in teaching? Are you good at mathematics or other school subjects? If positive, then you may be making way lesser than you should be. Do you make money online by teaching people?

You should consider signing up with websites like Course Hero to reach people who are willing to pay you to teach the subjects you are good at.

Also, sites like vipkids.com would connect you to teach Chinese kids. This is a great way of making money because you help people why making money at the same time.

#17 Clean Houses

Cleaning houses can fetch you $200 per day depending on the kind of job and hours you put in. You make good money from cleaning either in a large house or many small houses.

There are many reasons why people look out for cleaners, some people may be too busy to combine the stress of work and cleaning and while others look out to clean homes they have just rented. Whatever be the case, try to make yourself available and you would be amazed at your earning.

#18 Car Wash on weekends

Washing cars for people on weekends may be a way of making good money if not given good thought. What do you with your weekends? Do you just goof around with friends while your bills pile up?

You can start a mobile car wash business on weekends to make extra bucks. All you need do is to get a bucket, soap, rags, and vacuum; and you are on your way to making extra money.

#19 Do Mechanic jobs

Mechanical jobs definitely rank among the sure ways to make 200 dollars daily. If you are good at doing small mechanical jobs like oil and filter changes, then you are good to make $200 daily.

All you need do is to search the gigs section on craigslist to find offers around your neighborhood. You don’t have to be a full-time mechanic to make money off car repairs. Just know some basics about car maintenance and you would make more than you ever imagined.

#20 Clean Gutters

Cleaning gutters on the roofs of homes can is one of the sure ways to make 200 dollars daily depending on how many homes you get to clean. Are you confident enough to go up on homes?

All you need own to make money from clearing gutters include a ladder, plastic bags for collecting falling leaves, and a pair of gloves for safety purposes.

#21 Do tasks on Fiverr

This is one of the best ways to make $200 daily. Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can get paid to carry out a number of tasks.

I have made quite some money from Fiverr. I opened an account with the website and updated my profile as a writer and dew hours later, boom! I got a gig from someone who needed a writer, we negotiated and I made $300 that day.

Here is how it works with Fiverr, you first open an account on the platform and state and what you are capable of doing like writing, web development, graphics designing, etc. And sooner than later, you begin to get job offers from people.

In Fiverr you get paid in an increment of $5. You can get as high as $50 to complete a task.

Now imagine doing four of such jobs. Join Fiverr now and start making money.

#22 Participate in Research Studies

There are research companies willing to pay you to help them take research or join a research team. A site like Fieldwork is willing to pay you for giving your opinion about some study. Join a research team and make money today.

#23 Help People Remove Garbage

Do you have a truck? If you have a pickup truck you may be missing out on making money. Almost every home has garbage they would love to get rid of. If you have a truck you can make money daily by going around your neighborhood to avail your services to people.

Let people know you would dispose of their garbage for some amount and you would be amazed at how much you make from being a garbage removal. You don’t have to do this regularly, maybe on weekends and you are certain to be raking in extra bucks on weekends.

#24 Do Home Repairs

Doing some basic home repairs is capable of fetching you $200 in a day if you put in a good amount of hours in a day.

There are many homeowners around your neighborhood willing to pay people to help them with some repairs like fixing leaky faucets, cleaning drain traps, or touching up dented walls. This could be a way to earn extra bucks.

#25 Rent Out Storage Space

Not many people think about this option often. Do you have extra space in your garage? You could up this space for rent to people looking for space to park their cars. Like I said earlier, not many give this option serious consideration.

Go online to site like craigslist and list your garage and you’d people around your neighborhood who have been waiting for such an offer.

#26 Organize Homes

This is another unpopular opportunity and you can make up to 200 dollars daily if utilized well. Are you good at organizing homes? There are people willing to pay you to come over and put their homes in good condition. Some people are extremely busy to combine the stress of work and house chores and would pay you good money to help them put their homes in order.

Again, craigslist is a site to get such offers. Use the gig section of the site to find such an opportunity.

#27 Become a server

Get a job as a server. This is another good-paying job. Apply at restaurants and other food or drink outlets as a server and make money.

#28 Deliver Pizza

The importance of delivery jobs cannot be overemphasized likewise the money one is capable of making as a delivery man. Y

ou can make a good amount of money on a daily basis if you work as a pizza delivery man. One good thing about delivering pizza is that you get tips from customers. When you combine these tips to the actual amount you make, your earnings would be running over $200 per day.

#29 Write Resume

Are adept at writing a resume? This is a good means of making so much money if you can do this. People are often looking for professional freelance writers to help them construct a resume.

You can charge $50 – $100 for each resume you construct. Now imagine writing 3 to 4 resumes per day.

Other Sure Ways to make 200 Dollars Daily include;

30) Be a Gigwalker

31) Be a party Helper

32) Spring or Fall Cleaning Jobs

33) Help with decoration

34) Move Furniture

35) Be a website tester


These are above list include tested and proven ways to make $200 daily.

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