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DIY YouTube channels demonstrate how to accomplish things on your own in a fascinating way to watch and explore. There are thousands of reasons learning to handle your duties is preferable to relying on others.

If you understand this and are looking for some top DIY Youtubers to follow, this article explores the top 10.

DIY YouTubers are famous for their handy tips and tricks; these channels inspire you with their simple ingenuity. 

With the DIY YouTube world, you may have realized how easily you can use toothpaste to make lipstick or turn an old t-shirt into a Halloween costume. 

What are DIY YouTube Channels?

DIY is an abbreviation for Do It Yourself. This trend began around 1950-1950. Humans have been doing their own thing since we’re still determining since it is way back from the stone age era.

“Do it yourself” is not a new concept; it is just a picture of you creating and constructing things uniquely. DIY also has a quality known as “self-movement,” independent of outside assistance.

Nonetheless, the Internet’s strength and social networking platforms have propelled this phenomenon worldwide, particularly on YouTube.

As a consequence, a DIY YouTube channel is a channel that makes DIY videos, such as craft, life tipsrecycling, and so on.

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One of those easy yet daring things is DIY. It has also become one of the most popular niches on YouTube and blogs.

People are leaning toward the past with simplicity and excellent quality in an era when everything is happening so quickly, and everyone is focused on generating money and keeping up with their hectic schedules.

The DIY movement is quite popular these days. Numerous DIY YouTube channels and DIY YouTubers offer their viewers DIY challenges, sell DIY goods, or promote the notion of making a unique DIY product.

Aside from that, the market is flooded with cheap goods that are even harmful to human health, which is another major factor in the present popularity of DIY. This could make it difficult for you to decide which is best for your family and yourself.

The rise in DIY Youtube channels is mainly because this type of material is evergreen and provides producers with a steady stream of viewers and subscribers over an extended period, enabling them to monetize their channels sustainably.

Why is DIY Important?

Do-It-Yourself is creating, constructing, or fixing anything independently rather than purchasing it or hiring an expert. So, below are reasons you should learn some DIY skills:

  • It enables you to get fresh knowledge
  •  Reduces costs and time.
  •  Maintains mental acuity and fosters creativity
  •  Increases capacity for problem-solving
  •  Impacts the lives of another
  •  It gives you happiness and fulfillment

While at home, there’s no better time to start redesigning your environment. You might have thought of organizing and decluttering, so why not push it further? 

Even if you are looking at tackling massive renovations, sometimes all you need to do is freshen up your living space by adding new touches. Think of it as an outlet to push your creativity skills by challenging yourself with these DIY hacks that are also pocket-friendly.

Luckily, we have made a list of DIY YouTubers you can follow and take notes from to help you achieve that. 

Whether you’re aiming to elevate your home and office space, add beautiful decor to your living room, or dream of a better organizational structure for your kitchen, we sure have it all to suit your needs. 

Get ready to explore these tracks with a pen and paper because you’re in for a treat. To get started, check out some of the DIY (Do it yourself) content creators below. 

Top DIY YouTubers

Here are our top picks for the best DIY YouTubers:

  1. Karina Garcia
  2. 5-minute craft
  3. The Mr Kate
  4. Colinfurze
  5. Lone Fox
  6. LaurDIY
  7. House Improvements
  8. XO, Makenna
  9. DIY Dalia
  10. Primitive Technology

1. Karina Garcia 

Karina Garcia is an American YouTuber. She is popularly known as one of the top DIY Youtubers, and she creates makeup tutorials, crafty DIY tutorials, and product reviews for her channel. 

She also shares much of her life with the audience while offering some great takeaways. For example, she has several videos revolving around her newborn child, but she provides helpful tips that she’s learning in her journey that other new parents can implement, too.

She talks to the camera casually, like chatting with a friend, regardless of the topic. However, there’s no mistaking that she’s serious about her channel. The videos are crisp and fun, with movement and lighting.

Graphics and effects are used to add some pizazz. She sets a solid example for a channel that feels casual, even though it’s a total production.

2. 5-minute craft

The channel’s material consists primarily of how-to videos about crafts and life hacks, with the occasional science experiment. It is one of the best DIY Youtubers in 2023. The Soul Publishing Company owns it.

Creating and building are our favorite ways to keep kids busy and engaged, so it’s no surprise they love 5-minute crafts.

From paper folding to painting and coloring, there’s nothing quite like making art and crafting together as a family. Free play is essential to childhood development because it allows children to explore, observe, and imitate the world around them.

5-minute crafts ensure:

  • Crafts for kids develop fine motor skills.
  •  Art fosters cognitive development.
  •  Math skills are an integral part of crafting.

3. The Mr Kate

If you are looking for ideas on sprucing your space, you should turn to Mr. Kate. 

The DIY youtube channel, hosted by the husband and wife duo of Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr, offers ideas for interior decoration, fashion, and style. 

They upload videos on tips and tricks to transform your living space. You’ll be charmed by their witty personality and amazed by the room transformation they’ve been doing till today – don’t miss out on the decorating hacks they’ve posted online too.

4. Colinfurze

Colin Peter Furze, also known as Colinfurze, is a British YouTuber who doubles as one of the top DIY YouTubers.

He features viral clips teaching viewers how to construct homemade hover bikes, DIY wolverine claws, and other crazy concoctions. Combining DIY craftsmanship and punk rock filmmaking has earned him millions of subscribers.

Be aware that some projects presented in these videos can be dangerous without the right tools, workspace, or skills. Make sure you are prepared before diving into DIY projects. With that said, hit the play button, get inspired, and start creating!

5. Lone Fox 

Drew Scot, also known as Lone Fox, is an American tuber. He is known for his DIY videos, makeovers, hauls, and other projects and is considered one of the best DIY YouTubers.

His DIY YouTube channel is chock-full of unique, stylish home décor, craft projects, and hacks for easy upgrades. 

His content is polished, and he provides insights into interior decorating concepts regarding space, colors, textures, and shapes. 

More importantly, if you love his creations but don’t want to DIY, he has a store page where you can purchase his wares.

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6. LaurDIY

  •  Subscribers: 8.45m
  •   Channel: LaurDIY

Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki is a Canadian YouTuber and Crafter known for her YouTube channel LaurDIY.  She is extremely popular, with over 8.5M subscribers.

On her channel, Riihimaki specializes in everything DIY, from accessories, clothes, décor, and beauty. 

She allows fans to follow her through the everyday life of being LaurDIY, including going to school, living in Toronto, moving to LA, and even things such as her breakups. 

Her channel has been described as “one of the most well-regarded fashion and beauty YouTube channels in Canada.” 

7. House Improvements 

Shannon is a business owner in construction and renovations. His channel aims to empower people to tackle home improvement projects and do the job correctly. 

Here are a few things you’ll notice right away: First, he has a brief introduction video that auto-plays. It’s not super imaginative — just a guy in front of a blank wall telling you what’s important. However, this no-frills style is perfect for his intention and immediately qualifies him as an expert in his field. 

Second, he’s done a great job with his playlists. He’s broken them into project types. He has playlists for roofing, tile floors, bathrooms, and understanding tools. 

This is a perfect way to organize your videos, so DIY-ers can find what they need. It also generates more watch time because viewers are already looking for the topic, so they’re more likely to binge the whole playlist.

8. XO, Makenna

  • Subscribers: 870k subscribers
  •   Channel: XO, Makenna

Makenna Lee, also known as XO, Makenna as is an American YouTuber. She also doubles as one of the top DIY YouTubers. Her DIY projects, interior design for home rooms, and thrift vlogs have helped her amass over 870k subscribers.

Makenna shares her love for designing spaces, DIY hacks, and turning items bought from your local thrift stores into something new again. 

Browse through her playlist, and you’ll find themes to cater to your aim. We’d suggest watching her Thrift Flips and Entryway.

9. DIY Dalia

  • Subscribers: 476k subscribers
  •  Channel: DIY Dalia

DIY Dalia is a Canadian DIY YouTube. If you love home décor with a boho feel, it’s time to start making it yourself.

With her neutral aesthetics and boho touch, you will enjoy watching Dalia’s informative DIY videos.

Our favorites must be her how-to tutorial for creating your rattan headboard and knowing pointers to glam up a home, even if it’s just a rental – it’s pleasing to the eye and refreshing to boost your mood.

10. Primitive Technology

John Plant is an Australian DIY Youtuber. He runs the Primitive Technology youtube channel. You should check out this YouTube channel. 

The principle is straightforward. A man walks into the woods and builds a furnace, a house, and a pool with his bare hands, and some crude self-made equipment.

You will see how to build primitive hats and tools from scratch using only natural materials. There is not much talking in the videos, but they are entertaining. 

It is a mix of the slow TV trend that started a few years back, with detailed educational content on performing specific tasks. If you have never seen any of his works yet, please do so.

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How to Start a DIY YouTube Channel?

Create an About page and a channel. Although creating your YouTube account is one of the essential stages that establishes you as a legitimate business, it won’t help your videos go viral. By letting others know what you stand for, you’ll begin to create a community and offer them a reason to stay.

Utilize the space by starting with your About page. Consider the values that the individuals you want to draw together and the community you wish to create.

Learn how to utilize video editing programs such as Camtasia or Final Cut Pro. Your film can still seem professional even if it isn’t being sent to HGTV executives.

Make sure there is a quiet location where you can record. Given that much of the labor is done outside, this is likely the most challenging element for DIY channels.

An excellent directional microphone is helpful. You can simply shoot the video and add voiceovers to cover the background noise.

FAQs – DIY YouTubers

Who is the most famous DIY Youtuber?

Karina Garcia
5-minute craft
The Mr Kate
Lone Fox
House Improvements
XO, Makenna
DIY Dalia
Primitive Technology

Does DIY save money?

Most individuals do home improvement tasks to save money. And doing your own home remodels, restorations, and repairs may save you thousands of dollars.

When did DIY get popular?

DIY is typically considered to have had its beginnings throughout the 1950s and the 1960s when numerous variables converged to make this a busy time for DIY. However, doing things yourself is a phenomenon that has been around for a while. ‘To your Hobbies, Handiwork Classes, Boy’s Clubs,’ Southern Rail poster, the 1930s.

What DIY stands for?

Do it yourself.

Why is DIY Better Than Buying?

Suppose you’re trying to save money. DIY projects are frequently a fantastic way to save costs. Things can be made for a small portion of the amount it would cost to purchase from a store. You’d be surprised at how much cash you can save by simply taking the time to manufacture something yourself.


The best way to follow up on the trends of DIY YouTubers is by following up on these channels. Influencers on YouTube in the DIY world (Do it yourself) puts you on the fast track to making your stuff.

DIY activities help in improving motor skills. Most DIY activities require using both hands simultaneously in a certain way. DIY helps in developing bilateral coordination and fine motor skills.

People are using small DIY projects to beat stress. It serves as a way to keep off the mind from things that keep bothering us. Now, go and do it yourself!


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