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Mediums of learning keep growing each day. Unlike in the previous days, when we must be in schools or register with an institution of learning to learn, nowadays, there are better alternatives like YouTube channels for dental students.

So, aspiring dental students or even dental students who are already in colleges, dental institutions or wherever might be the base of their studies who might dim it fit to broaden their knowledge in their aspect of specialization really have a great alternative in the YouTube platform. 

All it takes is seeking the right and reliable sources of knowledge about their desire, in essence, discovering the best YouTube channels for dental students to follow and subscribing to them.

This article contains a compilation of top 10 YouTube channels for dental students to follow, this is done in bid to aid your search for reliable sources.

Best YouTube channels for dental students to follow

Best YouTube channels for dental students to follow?

Already set aside here are very reliable sources for dental students. As we all know learning never ends, in these selected channels even practitioners can benefit and apply to their knowledge and experience gathered.

American Dental Association (ADA)


Subscribers- 53.2K


With this launch on March 13, 2008. When comparing the best YouTube channels for dental students, a lot rank it as the best amongst others.

The ADA’s goals are to promote public health and support dentists in their endeavours. Our key values—integrity, excellence, and a commitment to providing data-supported insights that enable you to offer top-notch oral care to all patients—serve as our compass.

The American Dental Association (ADA) channel covers every aspect of dentistry, including ergonomics in the workplace, cancer treatment, patient experience, and action planning. Various instructive movies are now available for you to show your patients.

We promote public health by concentrating on important problems like care access, dental practice laws and regulations, and much more.

The ADA is your go-to resource for the most recent findings in oral health research, practical practice recommendations, information on market trends, and a variety of useful initiatives that promote your success and health.

Educational videos like “What Causes Bad Breath?” and “How To Brush Your Teeth?” are among their most well-liked uploads.

On this channel, one video is posted per week.


Founded on August 6, 2008

Views- 124K

Subscribers- 30.7 Million


Thanks to its cutting-edge dental technology, R&D division, and commitment to offering free clinical and technical education to support the development of the dental industry, Glidewell is a leader in dentistry.

The business has been adapting and innovating technology on a global scale for 50 years to help dentists in their endeavors to enhance the lives of patients.

Over 150 people work in Glidewell’s market-leading Research & Development division, which is dedicated to reinventing dental practitioners’ equipment, products, and methods.

Research and development commitment

The conviction has guided Glidewell that innovation has been the foundation of growth since it was founded in 1970. However, innovation has frequently involved keeping a close eye on emerging technology created in other fields and adapting them to benefit the dental community, from injection molding and 3D printing, to artificial intelligence and CT scanning.

Developing the future of dentistry,

the same objective that has driven the business from the beginning will continue to drive Glidewell’s R&D efforts in the future: lowering production costs and streamlining restoration workflows to make dentistry quicker and more economical for both professionals and patients.

The business keeps making strides in this direction because it knows that new developments could have a global impact and increase patients’ access to high-quality care.

Here they often post videos thrice a month.


Founded on December 23, 2015

Views- 14.72Million

Subscribers- 214K


A dentist who liked teaching and electronics started the YouTube channel Dr Teeth Academy as a hobby. With the support and encouragement of hundreds of her students, this pastime gradually transformed into a dental school.

Students appreciate the hundreds of wonderfully straightforward animation dentistry tutorials that Dr. Teeth Academy has created. 

On her website, she states, “Trust me, we’re working hard every day to provide you fresh goods, but this is a demanding and time-consuming procedure. On the good side, she said, “I like doing this.

In addition to her YouTube channel, Dr. Teeth distributes many additional high-quality dentistry films on her website.

Three videos are posted per month on this channel.

Hack Dentistry

Founded on September 13, 2016

Views – 864,082

Subscribers- 95.2K


A website called Hack Dentistry which Divakar Remigius and Sanketh Sharath are the founders, offers animated dental teaching materials. 

Applies multiple choice questions, whiteboard animations, and thorough comments, also enable users to collaborate through the platform and develop and share material with others.

An educational technology firm called HackDentistry wants to make dental school enjoyable, interesting, and lighthearted.

Through highly visual sketch/whiteboard style video animations, it concentrates on assisting students in understanding and remembering basicdental principles.

The program allows students to test themselves using a large number of review notes and helps them do better on exams by giving them access to thousands of practice problems (multiple choice format precisely)

Additionally, it offers a platform for crowdsourcing, where students can make their notes and multiple-choice tests and share them with their peers and other users, promoting active learning, as was already mentioned.


Views- 57.3 million 



On one of the best YouTube channels for dental students like this;

For viewers to learn about teeth, Teeth Talk Girl works to create an enjoyable environment. She works to promote community dental hygiene awareness by offering both information and opinions based on her education and daily experiences.

Teethtalkgirl offers advice on maintaining healthy teeth and mouths that dental professionals have approved.

Their goal is to provide people with interesting and accurate information on dental health.

They are aware that everyone has different problems with their oral and dental health, and they wish to assist everyone in having a happy, healthy mouth.

The purpose of teethtalkgirl is to make reliable oral information available to everyone. The team ensures that every article, video, and piece of information is examined by a committed team of registered dental hygienists and licensed dentists from the dental network.

The founder of girlteethtalk, Whitney DiFoggio, serves as the channel’s presiding chairperson and is also one of the hosts.

She is also an actress, so combining that talent makes learning a lot more fun.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, new videos are added to this page.

Innovative Dental Of Springfield

Founded on October 19, 2013

Viewers- 20.8M

Subscribers- 125K


This channel can’t be left out when the best YouTube channels for dental students are being mentioned.

At Innovative Dental, we have a unique perspective on dentistry. Brighter, healthier smiles for our patients are our passion, and we strive to achieve this via unrivalled comfort, care, and effectiveness.

Our doctors have established our practice as a premier provider of comprehensive and affordable care by investing in the most up-to-date technology and training opportunities available. This care includes dental implants and porcelain veneers to Invisalign, conventional orthodontics, and preventative dental services for the entire family.

Above all, we cherish the bonds we form with individuals who have trusted us with their smiles, and we look forward to making a lifelong connection with you and your family to keep you smiling for the rest of your life.

Dr. Grant Olson, Dr. Megan Westrich, Dr. Taylor Jordan, Lauren Helmuth(cosmetic injector), Dr. Seth Gray and many more make this channel work efficiently.

Videos are posted here twice weekly on this channel.


Launched on February 12, 2013

Views- 1.9 million

Subscribers- 22.6K


Andrea helps students in different countries pass the board test by teaching dental hygiene and dental assisting.

Dentalelle, with 17 years of experience and a 99.7% success rate, can and will assist you in passing the board exam.

Andrea also works as a business consultant and coach, assisting dentists worldwide.

He publishes videos every week on Mondays and Thursdays (sometimes more) Free content, question and answer sessions with Andrea, and more are also available.

The YouTube channel was created for dental professionals as well as students.

I love making dentistry fun and entertaining.

Two videos per week is the routine on this channel.

Hygiene Edge

Established on August 29, 2014.

Views- 17.9 million

Subscribers- 75.3K


With a routine of one video per week, Shelley, Jessica, and Melia are the regular hosts on this channel. This is among the highly recommended YouTube channels in terms of best YouTube channels for dental students.

Learn a new tip to make practising a little easier, research new technology or product, or brush up on prior knowledge.

We are three dental hygienists who also teach dental hygiene. We are passionate about everything dental. Hygiene Edge was created because we needed a fresh approach to learning and improving.

We are experts at straightforwardly imparting dental knowledge. We enjoy producing videos introducing fresh abilities, methods, and goods to advance our industry.

Nothing makes us happier than discussing dentistry with dental specialists. We enjoy giving presentations both in person and online. We aim to make each CE experience interactive, educational, and, most importantly, enjoyable, regardless of the format.

Every month, A Tale of Two Hygienists produces a podcast devoted to education, specifically dental education.

We talk about a brand-new and different area of education, ranging from how to teach various subjects in didactic classes to how to provide feedback to students in a clinic effectively.

We may talk about so many fascinating educational topics and discover fresh information in each one.

All Dentistry

Launched on July 17, 2011

Views- 17.1 million

Subscribers- 119K


One of the best YouTube channels for dental students in this modern time is All Things Dentistry.

All Things Dentistry has gathered over a hundred subscribers in one decade and a year. A two-year advanced education program in a general dentistry side project that was initially just for fun swiftly developed into one of the most well-known YouTube channels in the industry.

The channel’s host, Dr. Ash Mark, has a great presenting style and covers a wide range of subjects that are helpful to both beginning and seasoned dental professionals. His most popular videos include “What is a Root Canal?,” “Tooth Extraction in Under 30 Seconds,” and “Tooth Abscess Draining Pus.”

3M Oral Care

August 11, 2008

Views- 2.3 million

Subscribers: 24K


3M Oral Care is one of the YouTube channels for dental students. It promotes lifelong oral wellness through inventive solutions that help oral care professionals achieve greater clinical, professional, and personal success.

By creating cutting-edge dental and orthodontic solutions that streamline operations and boost your confidence in your profession, 3M Oral Care aims to promote lifelong oral health.

The 3M Health Care Academy provides ongoing training for medical specialists. This resource for professional training and education is intended to assist you in concentrating on developing your subject matter knowledge and enhancing patient care.

And with this, they pass the knowledge through the YouTube medium.


As earlier stated that learning never ends. Improvement in skills comes from updating to the current drive.

Tactics and method fade with time and new updates, tactics and method reign in their stead. Therefore has to updated with the recent tech and drive always.

Dentistry has a distinct career path. Academic dentistry is the ideal nexus of patient care, education, and research. The possibility to have a beneficial impact on students, patients, communities, and institutions is warranted by a career in dentistry academia.

The above YouTube channels for dental students we’ve seen above are reliable and everyone interested in dental-related matters can swoop into any.




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