Administrative Assistant Job Description Template for 2023

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This article contains a list of the best Administrative assistant job description templates for 2023 from different companies.

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Although the Administrative assistant job description templates look similar, there are slight differences which if noted can help you perform exceptionally well as an admin assistant in any organization.

Who is an Administrative Assistant?

An administrative assistant or administrative support specialist is in charge of providing various types of administrative assistance.

Administrative assistants are in charge of running and coordinating an organization’s day-to-day administrative operations. 

This critical role assists management and/or the office team by answering incoming communications, distributing mail correspondence, and performing general administrative duties such as filing, printing or photocopying, data entry, and other ad hoc tasks.

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What are the Responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant?

In almost every industry, administrative assistants perform clerical tasks. Some administrative assistants, such as those working in the legal field, may be more specialized than others. 

Most administrative assistant responsibilities revolve around managing and disseminating information within an office. 

Answering phones, taking memos, and maintaining files are all examples of what this entails. Administrative assistants may be responsible for sending and receiving correspondence and greeting clients and customers.


Some offices may delegate the task of monitoring and recording expenditures to administrative assistants. 

Duties could include everything from creating spreadsheets to reporting expenses to an office manager. 

As a result, some administrative assistants may be expected to be familiar with office bookkeeping software such as Microsoft Excel.

Scheduling and planning

Administrative assistants may also be in charge of planning events such as board meetings and luncheons. 

This may necessitate researching vendor prices or contacting participants to inquire about their availability. 

Other responsibilities may include appointment scheduling and preparation of presentation materials.


Admin assistants may also assist office members with paperwork. Assistants may be required to type, edit, and proofread documents and store, organize, and manage files. 

Some assistants may be required to take dictation or record meeting minutes.

What Educational Requirements Do I Have to Become an Administrative Assistant?

In addition to skill certifications, entry-level administrative assistants should have a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate. 

Some jobs require at least an associate’s degree, and some companies may even require a bachelor’s degree.

Many employers will consider candidates with degrees in any field, including business, communication, and liberal arts. 

On the other hand, certain employers and industries may prefer university education in specific disciplines that better prepare administrative assistants for specialized requirements such as working with financial matters and government agencies.

Those without a degree can also pursue technical courses that will teach them the hard skills required for administrative assistant positions, such as business writing, documentation, filing and organization, data processing, and bookkeeping.

Some positions may accept comparable experience in lieu of formal education.

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What Education Qualifications should an Administrative Assistant Have?

Administrative Assistant positions do not typically require formal qualifications or degrees. 

There are, however, courses and certificates available to candidates that are relevant to the role. These are some examples:

  • Business Administration Certificate
  • Business Administration Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Furthermore, requesting knowledge of specific programs in the Administrative Assistant job description will assist in attracting top talent.

What are the Skills I Need?

A variety of hard and soft skills are required to work as an administrative assistant. Among the abilities are:

1. Organization

This skill entails developing simple methods for dealing with complex tasks and establishing order in the workplace. 

Administrative assistants use their organizational skills to accurately file documents, filter incoming and outgoing communication, and establish processes for completing daily responsibilities.

Administrative assistants must also be organized in order to keep track of the activities, schedules, and projects of the professionals they support.

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2. Time Administration

This skill entails planning a daily schedule and prioritizing certain responsibilities based on importance, length of completion time, and deadlines. 

Administrative assistants plan their days, weeks, months, and quarters in order to complete tasks in order and on time. 

They also use this skill when managing calendars to best schedule meetings, travel, and other appointments each day for each individual schedule they manage.

3. Communication in writing

This crucial skill entails deciphering written messages and writing appropriate responses. 

Written communication is used by these professionals to coordinate events and meetings, delegate responsibilities, and make requests. 

When creating messages, reports, and other important documentation, written communication also includes synthesizing information and using business writing and professional etiquette. 

Effective written communication necessitates excellent grammar and proofreading skills.

4. Communication through speech

This soft skill necessitates professionalism and proper workplace etiquette to speak and share clear messages. 

It also entails active listening to comprehend a speaker’s message in order to respond or act correctly and appropriately. 

Administrative assistants use verbal communication when speaking on the phone or in person. 

The gauge interactions and respond appropriately by using cues such as body language and tone.

5. Adaptability

This trait enables administrative assistants to serve a wide range of personalities while also managing the preferences of others. 

Highly adaptable individuals can anticipate the needs of the many professionals they support and quickly switch tasks when priorities shift.

Other skills may include:

  • MS Office proficiency, with a strong understanding of Excel and PowerPoint
  • Google Docs proficiency
  • Understanding of project and task management software such as Basecamp, Trello, and Smartsheet ​
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Punctuality is essential.
  • Critical thinking Skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration Skills
  • Work ethics
  • Project management Skills

What Does an Administrative Assistant Make?

Administrative Assistants can earn a decent living, especially as they advance in their careers. 

While a new secretary-level Administrative Assistant’s starting salary can be as low as $7.25 per hour, an Administrative Assistant in the United States earns an average of $15.42 per hour. 

Executive Administrative Assistants with extensive education and experience can earn up to $30.25 per hour at the top of the pay scale.

How to Get a Job as an Administrative Assistant

The following are the most common steps to becoming a qualified administrative assistant:

1. Continue your education

Earn the most common level of education for administrative assistants in your industry or location. If your intended field prefers it, you can also pursue specific disciplines.

2. Accumulate relevant work experience

Temporary or part-time administrative positions can provide you with relevant work experience. 

You might even be able to find volunteer opportunities that allow professionals to take on more supervised responsibilities and receive on-the-job training. 

Consider getting a job in administration as a student while you finish your diploma or degree.

3. Obtain technical credentials

Depending on your education and work experience, you may want to consider earning technical certifications in business writing, office management, or software applications to help you prepare for the day-to-day responsibilities of an administrative assistant.

4. Create a resume

On a resume, you can include your highest level of education, technical or other relevant certifications, and work history. 

The name of the company or organization, the dates you worked there, and a summary of your responsibilities, contributions, and achievements should all be included in your work experience section. 

An effective resume can assist you in obtaining the administrative assistant position you desire.

5. Apply to help businesses and organizations

Examine the current job market after obtaining education, certifications, and experience. 

Choose positions for which you are qualified based on the required years of experience, as well as the level and type of education. 

This step will ensure that your job search is optimized and that employers contact you for an interview.

Best Administrative Assistant Job Description Templates 

Below are good Administrative Assistant Job Description Templates:

Administrative Assistant Job Description Template 1

We are looking for a master multitasker with strong communication skills and a positive attitude. 

Candidates must be able to assist management and all visitors to the company by handling office tasks, providing polite and professional assistance via phone, mail, and e-mail, making reservations or travel arrangements, and being a helpful and positive presence in the workplace.

Candidates for administrative assistant positions should be professional, polite, attentive, and accurate. 

They should always be prepared and responsive to face any challenge head-on. 

Administrative assistants must be familiar with computers and general office tasks and be skilled in verbal and written communication. 

Above all, administrative assistants should have a genuine desire to help others.

Administrative Assistant Job Description:

  • Filing, generating reports and presentations, setting up meetings, and reordering supplies are all examples of office tasks.
  • Booking appointments and resolving conflicts in real-time to provide real-time scheduling support.
  • Making travel arrangements, such as booking flights and renting cars, as well as making hotel and restaurant reservations.
  • Calls are screened and routed to the appropriate party.
  • Computers are used to generate reports, transcribe meeting minutes, create presentations, and conduct research.
  • Welcome and assist visitors.
  • Maintain professional and courteous communication via phone, e-mail, and mail.
  • Anticipate the needs of others to ensure a smooth and positive experience.

Administrative Assistant Qualifications:

  • An associate’s degree in a related field.
  • Prior administrative experience.
  • Excellent computer skills, particularly in typing.
  • Pay attention to the details.
  • Multilingualism may be desirable
  • Desire to be proactive in order to provide a positive experience for others.

Administrative Assistant Job Description Template 2 

Overview of the Position

In the tri-state area, XYZ Inc. is a market leader in our industry. Our employees have given us a 3.8 rating on Glassdoor. 

We’re looking for an Administrative Assistant to join our already stellar team. If you’re dedicated and hardworking, XYZ Inc. is a great place to advance. You’ll be glad you applied for a position at XYZ Inc.

Administrative Assistant Job Responsibilities

  • Greet and direct visitors, respond to inquiries and create a welcoming environment
  • Maintain and organize files and databases in a secure manner.
  • Manage all forms of communication, including emails and phone calls.
  • Phone calls are screened, calls are redirected, and messages are taken.
  • As needed, make appointments, meetings, and reservations.
  • Receiving deliveries; sorting and distributing incoming mail Keeping track of and ordering office supplies
  • Receive invoices and double-check for accuracy.
  • Coordination of staff travel arrangements, including transportation and lodging

Administrative Assistant Qualifications

  • Requires a high school diploma or a general education degree (GED). A business administration associate’s degree is preferred.
  • 2-3 years of experience in clerical, secretarial, or office work
  • Computer proficiency, including Microsoft Office
  • Excellent verbal and written communication abilities
  • Capable of dealing with frequently shifting demands
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Experience with data entry
  • Working knowledge of general office equipment is required.

Administrative Assistant Job Description Template 2

Arlington County Public Hospital is located in Arlington, Texas.

February to April

Principal Qualifications and Responsibilities

With unrivaled attention to detail, I performed a variety of secretarial duties.

Because of my excellent customer service skills, I was able to act as a liaison between office staff and customers.

I used a complex spreadsheet program to update and maintain various medical documents and administrative records.

To prepare reports, I gathered information and data from a staff of more than 30 people.

Significant Achievements

  • Monitored the $120,000 office budget to ensure that expenditures stayed within budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do administrative assistants do?

Administrative Assistants are in charge of a variety of clerical tasks that ensure the staff can communicate and work effectively. Their responsibilities include answering phones, greeting visitors, distributing mail, and preparing communications.

What is the role of administrative assistants?

Administrative Assistants help with an office’s day-to-day operations by filing paperwork, answering phones, preparing documents for meetings, and managing their supervisors’ calendars.

What skills do administrative assistants have?

When answering incoming calls, successful Administrative Assistants are effective communicators who speak clearly and are personable and welcoming. When they’re on the phone or speaking one-on-one with other staff members or customers, they use proper grammar and put people at ease.

Who do administrative assistants report to?

Unless assigned directly to a CEO or other executive, Administrative Assistants typically report to a Managing Director. In smaller businesses, most Administrative Assistants support the entire office and collaborate with various department managers and staff.



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