15 Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies in 2023

 Knowing the best lease purchase trucking companies is an effective way to shed the burden of managing your truck, as owning a truck or trucks comes with responsibilities.

It requires payment, constant fueling, repairs, maintenance, fuel tax, etc. The good thing is some alternatives offer the same, if not more, benefits of owning a truck.I will share the best lease truck purchase companies tested and trusted in this article.

What are Lease Purchase Trucking Companies? 

The best lease-purchase trucking companies offer truck drivers and aspiring truck business owners a way to kick-start their careers to become actual owners. It provides flexibility. They make a profit while saving to buy the truck. 

Lease Operator Programs have been around in the trucking industry for several years but have become more rampant. It has become noticeable that many more trucking companies offer these truck lease purchase programs for their drivers. The programs addressed here are those where a trucking company directly leases one of their trucks to one of their drivers.

These companies run programs that are efficient and beneficial to truck drivers. It is a contract that combines the advantages of leasing with the option of purchasing the truck later. Leasing purchases benefit novice drivers who may not have the capital or credit to buy a truck upfront. 

When drivers sign up with a hire to own a trucking company, they are instantly called owner-operators. That is, they are making money as owners but also to cover the operator’s cost, including truck payments.

How Does a Lease Purchase Agreement Work?

 The best lease truck purchase companies offer contracts where the aspiring truck owner makes a down payment on the truck.

Then works for the company until he balances up and becomes independent. Like killing two birds with one stone, you drive for the company that leased the truck to you during this period. 

 In return, the truck company pays a higher owner-operator rate during your employment transporting goods from one location to another. The higher rate will account for your expenses as an owner-operator, like lease payments, fuel expenses, insurance, and maintenance. 

And you’ll be running your own business, which means managing accounting, filing self-employment taxes, and maintaining compliance paperwork. Before signing the agreements, you must be ready to take on this added work.

Once you’ve completed your lease payments, you can drive for any company, be more selective about what work you take on, and negotiate your rates.

They may assign rules and regulations to the lease, allowing for less control on behalf of the driver. Leases are temporary ranging one to three years, and payments are required, without fail, for the complete term of the contract.

If you discontinue using the semi-truck, the company charges an early termination fee and keeps the security deposit.

When the lease period has expired, the lessee can turn in the vehicle. Drivers may also claim tax deductions that are available for the use of leased cars. Leasing may be the best option if you are not confident that you will drive the commercial vehicle for at least three years.

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Pros and Cons of the Lease Purchase Program

Gradual Payment

The best lease purchase trucking companies require you to pay a down payment. Money paid upfront is lower than what it would be to buy a new truck. This gradual payment provides ease for aspiring truck business owners.

Fast And Convenient Payment

The average lease-to-own financing is between forty-five and ninety days. This fast approval time frame makes this option available to small business owners with limited financial capacity. This gives applicants with fewer credit scores that did not qualify to be a part of the bank lending program a chance.

Encourages Personal Ownership

Best lease purchase trucking companies allow aspiring truck owners to pay close attention to the truck and road. Also, a driver looking for a specific model and cannot afford the initial model can purchase the same one on the lease after proper planning.

This is a good deal, and the driver need not worry about the truck because the best lease purchase trucking companies can directly purchase it. 

Puts You In Control 

With a good lease purchase trucking company, you are the manager and owner of your business. They put you in charge with no forced dispatch.

You decide on your earnings, how to drive fuel, and whether to lease a new truck when your lease expires. It is an advantage for drivers who want to go for one business only and avoid the hassle of traveling between different trucks.

Less maintenance cost

Trucks are like babies to their owners. It needs constant maintenance and care to avoid costly repairs. In addition, you need to have the car serviced at least every two years. With lease-to-own trucking, the company takes care of the maintenance until it becomes yours. 


  • Requires a very good credit score to qualify
  • Non-refundable initial deposit 
  • High Lease Payment
  • Finance options are not open to small businesses

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15 Best Lease Purchase Trucking Companies in 2023

The truck-lease purchase program has become a widely-known and competitive market. With the rise in popularity and competition, choosing from the array of trucking companies is hard. Here is a list of the best lease purchase trucking companies in 2023.

1. C.R England

C.R. England is one of the largest tracking companies in the United States. Cliff Robinson, who purchased a small fleet of trucks and began his business established the company. The company supports drivers through the unique opportunities offered to drivers who want to build their own career. 

C.R England provides training for drivers to help kick start their journey towards leadership within the company. 

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2. TMC Transportation

Harold Annett founded the company. It is based in Kansas City, Missouri. 

An employee-owned company where all eligible employees are part owners with no cost to them.

It is one of the best lease purchase trucking companies. Features are fair, flexible and have a low turnover rate. All of these is to support drivers who want to own their own truck but don’t have funds upfront.

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#3. Paschall Truck Lines (PTL)

L.W Paschal in 1937 founded PTL in 1937. PTL is based in Kentucky Murray. 

If you’re interested in becoming an owner-operator or owning your own business, PTL offers various lease purchase options.

PTL also offers traditional lease purchase contracts where they take on all ownership responsibilities while providing you with the equipment and support needed to run your business successfully.

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4.Werner Enterprise

Founded in 1956. It is one of the largest truck companies based in Omaha Nebraska, USA.They have a wide range of lease purchase options but require at least $1,000 down payment and $1,000 per month payment. 

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5. Heartland Express

Another one of the best lease purchase trucking companies. Heartland Express, Inc., headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas. Famous for having the neatest trucks, Heartland Express gives jobs to 6,000 people and operates a fleet of over 3,000 tractors, with technological improvements to increase efficiency. 

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6. Hirschbach Motor Lines

Frank and Joe Hirschbach founded Hirschbach Motor Lines (HML) in 1948. A family owned company with headquarters and terminals located over the country. It offers the best lease purchase trucking opportunities. 

Advantages are a full-service maintenance plan, safety and performance incentive pay, and provision of fuel regardless of the pump price, etc. This is one of the best lease-purchase trucking companies. The company developed from a refrigerated carrier with just 20 tractors to a flatbed carrier with over 300 tractors that serve its customers throughout the United States.

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7. Boyd Bros Transportation

Founded in 1956 by the Boyd Brothers, Dempsey, Cecil and Hilly Boyd. Boyd Bros Transportation Inc., has its headquarters in Clayton Alabama. It is a flatbed truckload carrier that operates within the eastern two-thirds of the United States. 

Today, they offered lease purchases and other incentives. It is one of the best lease-purchase trucking companies. Its lease purchase program offers weekly settlements with zero down. There is room for growth at Boyd Bros where you can go from CDL student truck driver to lease purchase or owner operator.

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8. Celadon Trucking

Founded in May 1985 by Stephen Russell. Celadon Trucking is one of the best lease-purchase trucking companies. Deals in truckload carriers and is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Its lease purchase program offers opportunities for new truck drivers. And you can register to become a driver as long as you have your CDL and are at least 22 years old.

With a fleet of over 1000 trucks rigged in technology like GPS and onboard computers. It enhances safety and lets both sides know where and how the journey progresses.

Celadon is big on delivering well, so if there is an issue with any part of their operation, they are quick to fix it.

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9. Covenant Transport Services, Inc.

 Covenant Transport Services, Inc. is a family-style trucking company that makes employees feel at home. It was founded in 1976 and is based in the United States but provides services to Canada and Mexico. They provide transportation and logistics solutions to a variety of industries.

 The services include flatbed and dry van transportation, refrigerated trucks, temperature-controlled trailers; specialized transportation; logistics management solutions; warehousing services; intermodal freight loading facilities; and so on. 

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10. Maverick USA, Inc.

 Maverick USA, Inc., is a trucking company based in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1980. They are one of the best lease purchase trucking companies.

Although J&R Schugel Trucking, Inc’s Clear Blue lease purchase program is the online platform where to find information on their lease purchase program. Including contact information and other details about their services and products.

 With over 200 tractors and 1000 trailers they deliver freights to over 3 million customers yearly through an organized network. 

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11. JB Hunt

 Founded in 1961 by Johnnie Bryan Hunt and Johnelle Hunt. JB Hunt has its headquarters in Lowell, Arkansas, the United States. It is one of the best lease-purchase trucking companies. 

 Its features include lease terms of up to 12 to 36 months, flexible weekly repayments and multiple lease plans. Drivers benefit from discounts, deals, and independence. JB Hunt offers flexible lease purchases with no upfront cost.

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12. Quality Carriers (QC) 

 Founded in 1955. It is a family-owned business that sprang from St. Louis, Missouri. They are one of the bulk chemical carriers in the United States. With a fleet of 1,300 tractors and 3000 trailers in their possession to get the job done and no upfront payment.

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13. PGT Trucking

 PGT Trucking Inc., is owned by Pat Gallagher. It is a multi-service transport corporation. They have over 1000 power units and 1,500 trailers for customer satisfaction.

 PGT boasts of the best lease purchase program in the industry. Its features are flexibility, financing options, no down payment, and no balloon payment. There are fleet managers to help lease purchase operators with freight selection to ensure success.

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14. Nova Lines 

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Nova lines is a flatbed trucking company that moves freight in the United States. Nova lines are among the best lease purchase trucking companies promoting driver-friendly lease terms. Truck operators are in control with Nova Lines as they choose plans that suit your needs.

Benefits include financial independence, flexibility, and maintenance and you have a truck to car your own.

15. Swift Transportation

Swift is the largest full truckload carrier in the United States. Founded in 1966 Carl Moyes and Jerry Godell. It is the best lease-purchase trucking program because of the flexibility they offer drivers.

Its features include parking available at all terminals, licensing, and permits paid by the company. The benefits include productivity bonuses, cheaper insurance premiums, detention pay, and nationwide full-service terminals.

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These are the best trucking companies that provide lease programs, and you might want to weigh your options and choose services near you. But these are the best lease-purchase trucking companies that will provide the experience, skill, and truck you need to start your business.


How much does to lease a truck?

The average price ranges from $300 a month for smaller trucks and $1000 a month for larger trucks. 

What is a Semi-truck? 

A Semi-truck is a vehicle with a towing tractor and semi-trailer carrying the freight. 

How To Lease A Truck?

1. Decide the type of truck you need
2. Find a vehicle leasing service
3. Choose a truck 
4. Sign the lease and pay the deposit 
5. Enjoy your truck 
6. Return the car or renew lease

What is a CDL? 

Short for commercial drivers license. It is the training where you are taught how to drive a wider range of vehicles.

How to get a CDL? 

2.Pass physical and drug test 
3.Language and reading test
4. Ace all the above tests



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