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15 Best Jobs in Michigan in 2023 | Full Requirements

Michigan boasts of one of the most vibrant economies in the United States, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking employment. 

It is one of the most diverse states in the United States, with wider career opportunities in industries ranging from healthcare and aerospace to technology and farming.

With so many job options, it’s hard to know where to start when looking for jobs in Michigan. 

If you’re considering moving to the state or are just curious about which sectors are hot there, read on for our comprehensive guide on the best jobs in Michigan and how much they pay!

These jobs are ranked based on work-life balance, salary, job prospects, and stress level. 

Why Work in Michigan?

Here are some reasons taking up any job in Michigan is important:

Employment opportunities are expanding. 

In February 2015, Michigan’s labor market saw an increase of 7,300 jobs. That will happen within a month. The state has created 89,900 jobs in the last 12 months. 

Over one-third of the new jobs created in 2016 were in the professional and business services sector, and manufacturing also added 20,200 jobs.

Michigan houses the two future highest demands and salaries jobs

Registered nurses and customer service representatives are two particular professions whose employment is anticipated to increase in Michigan. From 2008 to 2018, nursing jobs will be expected to grow by 20%.

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Economy is expansion 

Many areas of Michigan experienced economic prosperity, particularly the western region, where the economy is more diverse. 

Numerous emerging industries are located in Michigan. The opportunities are endless with the state of Michigan’s advanced manufacturing, information technology, defense, and automotive sectors.

Good Work-life balance

When you’re not working, you can take advantage of all that Michigan offers, from fantastic cities and art galleries to stunning natural beauty.

Aside from the above reason, Michigan’s cost of living is relatively low, and there are plenty of job opportunities in various industries. Michigan is also home to some of the best universities in the country, providing employees with access to top-notch education and training.

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What are the Best Jobs in Michigan in 2023?

Here are the best-valued jobs in Michigan:

  1. Travel Nurse
  2. Economist
  3. Urgent care physician
  4. Chief Operating Officer
  5. Vice President of Sales
  6. Software Engineer
  7. Chief Executive Officer
  8. Nurse practitioner
  9. Psychiatric Nurse
  10. Biomedical Engineer
  11. Architect
  12. Videographer
  13. Manufacturing Engineer
  14. Truck Driver
  15. Director of Marketing

Let’s go!

1. Travel Nurse

Average salary: $115,428 per year

A travel nurse is the first job on our list of the best jobs in Michigan. The travel nurse’s primary role is to provide healthcare services to patients in different medical facilities. 

This nursing profession is also among the high paying career changes for nurses. As a travel nurse, you can also support medical centers with low levels of staff in diagnosing patients and administering treatment or medication.

Another exciting thing about this profession is that you can travel across local, state, regional, or national borders.

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2. Economist

Average salary: $112,025 per year

Next on our list of the best jobs in Michigan is Economist. The economist is a very vital professional in the financial industry. 

An economist’s primary role is to research matters relating to countries’ unemployment rates, consumer behavior, global trade, inflation rates, supply, and demand. 

To function in this role, you must have expertise and knowledge of economic history, financial situations, and current social events.

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3. Urgent Care Physician

Average salary: $110,921 per year

An urgent care physician is another good profession in Michigan that most people opt for.

As an urgent care physician, your primary role will be to offer emergency healthcare services to patients experiencing unexpected injuries or health issues. 

Aside from that, you will take care of patients when a primary care physician isn’t available. And also assess and diagnose conditions and form treatment plans.

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4. Chief Operating Officer

Average salary: $110,340 per year

Among the best jobs in Michigan is the position of Chief Operating Officer. A chief operating officer is among a company’s most respected and high-ranking officials. 

In most organizations, chief operating officers usually act as business executive board members. As a COO, you’ll manage all business operations and activities, supervise lower-level managers, and ensure financial success.

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5. Vice President of Sales

Average salary: $109,994 per year

Next, the best Michigan job worth going for is the vice president of sales position. A vice president of sales manages the sales department of a company. 

As a vice president of sales, you’ll also oversee all sales operations in a company. Furthermore, you will create strategies that exceed the organization’s goals, develop sales targets, monitor sales team members, and ensure compliance with company policies and work regulations. 

In most companies, you will be required to work with marketing professionals to establish creative ways to engage audiences and sell products and services.

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6. Software Engineer

Average salary: $109,851 per year

Do you have a strategic mindset? Do you like to solve problems? Think about becoming a software engineer!

Software engineers are among the best Michigan jobs and are worth building a career around once you have the skills.

You will create and develop computer software using mathematical analysis and computer science principles as a software engineer. 

Aside from that, you’ll handle the installation of software applications and programs. To perform this role well, you must be good at using programming languages, databases, and tools to create products that meet the needs of internal or external stakeholders.

Most companies that hire software engineers look out for applicants with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or Information Technology.

The applicant must also have more than 7 years of software development or programming experience.

It is expedient that the applicant also has a thorough understanding of computer architecture, operating systems, and data structures.

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7. Chief Executive Officer

Average salary: $109,445 per year

The highest-ranking executive in a company is the chief executive officer (CEO), and is among the best jobs in Michigan. 

Your primary role is to make critical corporate decisions, oversee a company’s overall operations and financial resources, and serve as the primary conduit for information between the board of directors and corporate functions. 

In most companies, the CEO is always the founder and owner of the business, representing the company to the public. 

To become a Chief Executive officer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related, MBA from top school preferred.

You must also have 5-10 years of industry experience and the ability to train, develop and manage large executive teams.

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8. Nurse Practitioner

Average salary: $106,869 per year

Next on our list of the best jobs in Michigan is the nurse practitioner position. This professional is a medical care professional with a range of general medical expertise. 

They can act as primary or specialty care providers and frequently target a particular population with their care, such as families, kids, or the elderly. 

As a nurse practitioner, you’ll specialize in gerontology, pediatrics, neonatal care, psychiatry, or family nursing. They assess patient conditions, form diagnoses, and create treatment plans.

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9. Psychiatric Nurse

Average salary: $105,137 per year

Trained nurses, known as psychiatric nurses, care for the psychological and physical health of patients with behavioral or mental health issues. They provide health care and emotional support to patients in psychiatric facilities. 

Psychiatric nurses work to enhance or support the physical and mental health of people who have behavioral or cognitive health conditions.

They might also offer support to the loved ones or romantic partners of a person with these conditions.

Those in this role have expertise in various psychological conditions, and their job is to ensure the safety and well-being of patients.

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10. Biomedical engineer

Average salary: $103,499 per year

The next job topping the chart of our best jobs in Michigan is biomedical engineering. 

The need for biomedical engineers is growing. This growth is because of the shift toward the routine use of technology in all facets of life.

As a biomedical engineer, you’ll design, build, and test biomedical equipment for healthcare. 

You will enhance patient care’s effectiveness and quality by analyzing biology and medicine problems and developing solutions. 

You will also work on technologies and tools like artificial implants, drug therapies, stents, catheters, balloons, and contact lenses. 

For those majoring in biomedical engineering, a full complement of science courses in physics, chemistry, and biology is typically required, as well as more advanced courses like organic chemistry and physiology.

11. Architect

Average salary: $99,643 per year

Next on our list of best jobs in Michigan state is Architects. Architects play a vital role in the construction industry. 

Basically, they are in charge of creatingdesigns and blueprints for new construction projects, alterations, and redevelopments.

They also ensure a structure is safe for use and day. They use their specialist construction knowledge and high-level drawing skills to design functional, safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Being hired as an Architect in any company, you must have a degree recognised by the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and a year of practical work experience.

12. Videographer

Average salary: $98,164 per year

Videographers are another job position that is valued in Michigan City. Basically, a videographer’s job is to coordinate shooting and edit videos used for various projects, including films, commercials, or television programs.

You’ll record events in news, television, film, or other productions as a videographer. To perform this role well, you must be good at using video camera technology, lights, microphones, and audio equipment. 

Aside from that, you must know how to use other tools to capture a scene in high quality and meet the director’s expectations. To qualify for this job in Michigan, you must be relative fit. Also, you must be good in handling cameras and have advanced knowledge of some video editing software such as Premier Pro.

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13. Manufacturing Engineer

Average salary: $84,998 per year

If you want to build an engineering career and live in Michigan, you can strive to become a manufacturing engineer. A manufacturing engineer’s primary job is to design and develop complex systems to make production processes more efficient. 

They ensure products are high quality and there is competition among consumer markets. They also aim to reduce costs and increase manufacturing workflows’ efficiency.

Manufacturing engineers make sure that production lines, like the ones used to make cars, are secure, reliable, and effective. Designing and testing new tools, methods, techniques, and systems are typical tasks.

To perform this role, you must have Knowledge of manufacturing processes, fabrication methods, and tool design. You must also be familiar with manufacturing equipment and quality assurance techniques.

14.  Truck Driver

Average salary: $75,458 per year

A truck driver job is among the best jobs in Michigan. Truck drivers transport goods long distances, ensuring products are secure during transit. 

Those in this role are experts at driving properly, following road signs and regulations, and loading and unloading merchandise. They may work in various industries, including food and beverage, retail, oil, and technology.

Another exciting thing about becoming a truck driver in Michigan or any other USA state is that you don’t need a degree. Once you have the knowledge and expertise, you’re good to go.

15. Director of Marketing

Average salary: $72,425 per year

Finally, on our list of the best jobs anyone can do in Michigan is the director of marketing job. As a marketing director, you will manage all marketing efforts and activities for a company. 

Also, you’ll promote products and services, building brand identity and awareness, generating engagement, making sales, and increasing revenue. And in most cases, you will collaborate closely with company executives and sales leaders. To be employed as a director of marketing, it is expected you have at least 10 years of experience as well an MBA or Master’s in marketing degree.

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What Cities in Michigan are Best for Jobs?

You can choose from a wide range of cities and towns in the state of Michigan if you want to live somewhere with lots of jobs, high incomes, short commutes, and many vital employers as their headquarters. 

However, some cities with the best jobs in Michigan includes:

  • Grand Rapids
  • Novi
  • Midland
  • Rochester Hills
  • Westland

What is Michigan’s Mean Hourly Wage?

According to ZipRecruiter, Michigan is ranked 43rd out of 50 states for salaries.

The state of Michigan pays an average yearly wage of $50,812 as of August 22. In case you need a quick salary estimator, that comes out to about $24.43 per hour. This works out to $977 per week or $4,234 per month. In Michigan, most salaries fall between $35,795 and $64,071 per year.

Naturally, salaries will differ based on your profession, experience, and a variety of other factors. Orthopedic surgery, oncology, and oral and maxillofacial surgery are a few of the highest-paying job categories in Michigan.

Additionally, you might discover that some regions of the state pay better. On ZipRecruiter, Lansing has the highest average salary.

We continuously scan our database of millions of active jobs in our marketplace to determine the most accurate salary range for jobs in Michigan.


What is the average annual wage in Michigan?

The state of Michigan pays an average yearly wage of $50,812

What are the Best Jobs in Michigan?

 Here are the best-valued jobs in Michigan:
Travel Nurse
Urgent care physician
Chief Operating Officer
Vice President of Sales
Software Engineer
Chief Executive Officer
Nurse practitioner
Psychiatric Nurse
Biomedical Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Truck Driver
Director of Marketing

Which cities in Michigan has the best jobs?

Here are the Michigan cities with the best jobs?
Grand Rapids
Rochester Hills


With any of the above mentioned jobs, you can build a lasting career in Michigan.




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