15 Best Paying Jobs in Catalog/Specialty Distribution in 2023

Some of the best paying jobs in catalog/specialty distribution are warehouse manager, lead manager, sales representative, and account manager. People in these positions often work at least six days a week, with fewer days off over the holidays.

Cashier and packer jobs also have better salaries. Naturally, they have less job security than some other occupations may. Also, these employees sometimes lack perks like health insurance or retirement plans.

Overall, working in catalog/specialty distribution may be ideal for people who desire a high salary but have no desire to advance their careers. Continue to read to learn how many jobs are available in catalog/specialty distribution and the top 15 positions in the field.

What is Catalog/Specialty Distribution?

Simply said, catalog/specialty distribution is the process of distributing products to clients through the mailing of catalogs, retail sales through mail orders, and other channels of service marketing.

Companies that sell goods and services that cannot be found in physical storefronts often employ this distribution method.

Let’s get to the primary goal of this piece without wasting too much of your time. 

What Does a Catalog Do?

Catalogs have been around for a while, and for a good reason—they make it easier for shoppers to locate the products they’re searching for. This distribution method is often used by companies that into selling products that are not available or are not easily found in the stores.

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Is a Career in Catalog/Specialty Distribution a Good Choice?

Want a short answer? Yes! Distribution of catalogs and specialty items is a fantastic job for many reasons. It’s a sector that’s expanding. Many career possibilities are accessible because of the rising demand for specialized and cataloged goods.

Also, it is a lucrative sector. Jobs in catalog/specialty distribution typically pay $65,000 annually. Even more, it is a reasonably simple industry to get started in. A college degree is not required to create a catalog or specialty distribution career.

Best Paying Jobs in Catalog/Specialty Distribution

  1. Administrator
  2. Packer
  3. The Picker
  4. Sorter
  5. The Store Manager
  6. Sales Representative
  7. Dispatcher
  8. Driver
  9. Clerk
  10. Product Analyst
  11. Director
  12. Coordinator, Global Catalog
  13. Forklift Operator
  14. Lead Manager
  15. Warehouse Manager

1. Administrator

Administrative responsibilities differ based on the organization you work for, but generally speaking, they include organizing your shift schedule, paying your Salary, filing taxes, and keeping your time cards.

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) payroll survey does not cover manager roles, it appears that general office managers make $37,980 annually.

Because they often do not call for specialized training or advanced education, administrative roles have been highlighted as among the best paying jobs in catalog/specialty distribution.

Project meetings would be scheduled if you were an administrator at a construction business. Additionally, you would be drafting certain documents, replying to client inquiries, creating contracts, and offering customer support, among other tasks.

Average Salary Range: $37,000 to $58,086 per year

2. Packer

Almost all fulfillment facilities depend heavily on their packers, making them one of the best paying jobs in the industry. It is one of the best paying occupations in catalogs and specialized distribution, paying around two to three times the minimum wage.

The packers must manually remove products from cartons or pallets utilizing cartons, tools, or their own hands.

Their primary responsibility is to prepare items effectively so that shippers may load them into larger trucks for transportation. 

Average Salary:  $52,449 per year

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3. The Picker

A picker works in a warehouse to compile the necessary products to complete incoming orders. They are in charge of finding items on shelves, gathering them into packages, and delivering them to trucks or shipping containers. 

Average Salary:  $43,285 per year

4. Sorter

Full-time Sorters commonly work either as Shift Leaders or as Clerks. Both positions include sorting but have distinct duties, salary ranges, and benefits, making it one of the best paying jobs in catalog/specialized distribution.

From security to record-keeping, the Manager of Sorters is in charge of everything. The sorters are in charge of classifying, arranging, and dividing goods and commodities. Items are sorted and split into several defined categories or destinations.

Also, their responsibilities frequently involve preparing the finished packaged items for distribution and inspecting, packaging, and labeling products. Additionally, they can run and program automated sorting tools and systems.

Even more, they may guarantee that workstations are adequately furnished and organized following the requirements of a given project. 

Average Salary:  $36,196 per year

5. The Store Manager

The only responsibility of the shop manager is to ensure that every day-to-day business is conducted efficiently. The store supervisor is another name for them. Their responsibility is to ensure that the shop’s daily operations are efficient and effective.

Also, they are primarily responsible for developing business plans, producing marketing collateral, and hiring new employees. However, getting a job isn’t only about getting paid extra. These jobs come with stock options, business discount cards, and health insurance as further bonuses. 

Average Salary:  $45,693 per year

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6. Sales Representative

Selling items and ensuring that clients’ requirements are addressed while receiving orders from current or future sales outlets are the primary duties of a sales representative.

Additionally, they ensure that the consumer’s demands are met and adequately cared for when they purchase. 

Average Salary:  $73,751 per year

7. Dispatcher

A dispatcher’s duties include:

  • Answering both emergency and non-emergency calls.
  • Keeping track of driver logs.
  • Managing issues.
  • Dispatching the right team members.

Their single duties may include keeping an eye on weather reports or if required, alerting authorities. Also, dispatchers organize, plan, schedule, and manage resources like personnel, tools, trucks, or supplies. They are frequently in charge of checking up on work to ensure it is done correctly.

These jobs have a high turnover rate; thus, those with experience may quickly become eligible for higher-paying employment. At a construction site, a dispatcher in a yellow vest controls traffic. 

Average Salary:  $103,946 per year 

8. Driver

Drivers hold the most vital positions in the majority of businesses, and for a good reason. Driving has the potential to be one of the highest, best paying jobs in the catalog/specialty distribution industry, so if you’re young, motivated, and enjoy driving, you may consider going for this position.

A driver transports a commodity from a warehouse to a merchant in a specific location. Your career provides numerous opportunities to make additional income outside your base pay, much more significant than your prospective compensation. 

Average Salary:  $74,837 per year

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9. Clerk

A person who works for a specialized distribution firm is referred to as a clerk. Some of these businesses may concentrate on publishing materials like books, music CDs, periodicals, or catalogs.

Others may focus on delivering products like food or medications (frozen food). Anyhow, each of these businesses requires employees who can assist clients. Because they spend their days behind a desk assisting clients or coworkers, they are frequently referred to as clerks. 

Average Salary:  $49,030 per year

10. Product Analyst

A product analyst’s job is to do market research, evaluate market data and spot patterns in customer behavior. Based on their evaluations, they could also offer suggestions and launch plans to boost business profitability.

Product analysts also monitor how products are doing and suggest changes to fulfill sales projections. 

Average Salary:  $76,066 per year

11. Director

The director serves as the organization’s chief executive. Also, a person in this position is in charge of all business activities. They foster, oversee, and preserve a tremendous and positive workplace culture.

Also, the director oversees the seamless operation of projects, the satisfaction and productivity of the workforce, and the pursuit of new prospects.

The director makes all decisions made inside their firm. They monitor projects, look for new possibilities, ensure their staff is content and productive, and preserve a positive workplace culture. 

Average Salary:   $70,681 per year

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12. Coordinator, Global Catalog

An expert who oversees the Global Catalog, a library database of all the books, is known as a coordinator. This role is typically found in university libraries, where they also oversee the budget and resources of the library.

A Master of Library Science degree and some prior computer expertise are often requirements for coordinators. 

Average Salary: $42,579 per year  

13. Forklift Operator

Forklift operators move the catalog/specialty goods. It is among the best paying positions in catalog/specialty distribution. In addition to having a forklift license, forklift operators must be able to operate the machine safely and effectively. 

Average Salary:  $42,056 per year

14. Lead Manager

A lead manager position entails managing the customer leads and maintaining professional contact with the leads with their team by sending the customers messages via text messages, email, or Whatsapp messages.

Basically, a leads manager is specialized in promoting and generating customer attraction to every product updated in the company by means such as giving discounts and coupons.

Average Salary:  $60,586 per year

15. Warehouse Manager

This position entails overseeing and managing the entire storage and distribution of the catalog/specialty products. Also, they are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the products are distributed in an efficient and timely.

They specialize in safely storing and securing the products in the warehouse. This is a vital role in the industry and ranks as one of the best paying jobs for catalog/specialty distribution.

Average Salary: $52,998  per year

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Benefits Of a Career in Catalog/Specialty Distribution Companies

There are some benefits of pursuing a career in catalog/specialty distribution. Below are a few:

Job Opportunities

One of the fundamental benefits of catalog Specialty Distribution firms is the availability of jobs. The firms that distribute catalogs are always recruiting.

They always require personnel for their warehouses, drivers, as well as other highly and well paying positions in the industry.

Because of the lack of skilled and suitable candidates, there is potential for individuals who are willing to work in the distribution business. 

Different Employment Sector

Various industries provide various work possibilities through a catalog and specialized distribution. 

Furthermore, below are the pros and cons of working in the catalog/specialty distribution industry.

Pros and Cons of a Career in Catalog/Specialty Distribution

Belwo are the pros and cons of a career in its field:


Concern over this industry’s collapse appears to be widespread. However, that does not imply that it is not a fantastic sector to work in and earn a lot of money. The following are some reasons why a job in catalog or specialty distribution could be ideal for you:

  • There are several possibilities. Companies add additional personnel each year to handle the growing demand for their goods.
  • There is a demand for catalog or specialty distributors since most people live in metropolitan areas.
  • You control the hours.
  • In the event that you have specific knowledge or abilities, your compensation may be rather substantial. 

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You will need to complete extensive training and an apprenticeship in catalog/specialty distribution, as well as possess the following skills:

  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • An unwavering patience
  • Excellent commitment to providing for customers in all conditions
  • How to master arithmetic and understand spreadsheets

This may be the only cons if you do not possess these skills already but need to land a job immediately and do not have enough time to go through the rigorous training and acquire the skills required to thrive in the field. 


Although some of the best paying jobs in catalog/specialty distribution could add to some of the best paying jobs in the world, the remuneration is typically lower than in other professions. However, it may be an excellent field for you if your career path might benefit from having these talents. Although there are many opportunities in the catalog and specialty distribution, if you do not feel like this is a career path you want to thread, various alternative industries can provide more secure or thrilling professions.


How much money can we earn in catalog/specialty distribution as a starter job?

The starting compensation will vary depending on the individual; however, the range for catalog/specialty distribution employment in the USA is between 2000 and 8000 dollars per month. Although not an actual wage, it is the typical pay for this position, according to my study. 

How many jobs are available in catalog/specialty distribution?

There are many positions in catalog distribution and specialization accessible, but these positions are expected to be in high demand in 2023. Although it could appear that there aren’t many opportunities in catalog or specialized distribution, you should know that they also provide generous perks like paid time off, bonuses, and even pension plans. 


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