15 Online Jobs in Pennsylvania PA that pay well in 2023

Working from home can be a good choice for your career. It removes most of the traditional parts of going to work, like commuting and dressing in business clothes.

It could be everything you want, depending on how you like to work and how influential culture is to you.

The online jobs in PA require you to have a skill you are willing to sell. It may be easier for you if you have something to sell. You need to know your capabilities before beginning your job search.

In this article, you will find the best online jobs in PA that will pay well in 2023. Keep reading.

Why consider Online Jobs in PA?

Some of the reasons you should consider online jobs in PA are-

More independence

Working from home can give you freedom and independence at work that you might not have in a real office. These online jobs in PA require enough self-discipline and motivation to use time wisely and get work done.

No Commute

When you work from home, you can drive to work without going to work. Even if you work from home a few days a week, you still travel less. Many people spend more than 30 minutes getting to and from work.

If you didn’t have to commute daily, you might have more time to enjoy your life outside of work, which could help you find a better balance between work and life.

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Save on expenses

This benefit can have several far-reaching effects. For example, if you don’t commute, you can save money on gas and transportation costs. Telecommuting can also save money on work clothes, meals, and childcare. Parents who work from home can significantly benefit from saving money on childcare costs.

Do more

You may be more productive when you work alone in a quieter place. Increased productivity has to do with many other things, like being able to move around your home freely and take breaks whenever you need to.

Being able to step away from your work when you feel like you need a break can help you stay motivated and prevent burnout.

Grow your technical skills

Telecommuting often requires using technical tools, such as platforms for online meetings, communication, and teamwork. You can learn technical skills that you might not use much at a physical job.

Better ways to talk to people

Teams and managers who work from home need to talk to each other regularly. It could mean more emails, phone calls, video calls, and chats in messaging platforms. When you use tools for communication often, your skills will get better.

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Greater work flexibility

Most telecommuting jobs give you a lot of freedom. Many work-from-home positions, for example, don’t get affected by regular business hours, making it easier to attend live events such as medical appointments.

Work-from-home opportunities can be highly beneficial for parents who work irregular schedules to accommodate their families.

There are no office distractions.

When you work from home, there are no office distractions. Office noise, such as coworkers conversing, office equipment running, or phones ringing, can be highly distracting in the workplace. These distractions do not exist in a home office.

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Are there any Disadvantages of Online Jobs in PA?

Increased isolation

Working from home can become quite isolating, especially if you spend most of your time working independently. As a remote worker, try to plan outings and events with friends or even family to avoid loneliness. To encourage socialization, some remote workplaces hold regular team events.

Home office expenses

Some remote positions require specialized equipment such as headsets, webcams, or software to complete critical tasks and projects. You can expect to pay some initial costs to organize your home office if you want to set up a desk, chair, and other furniture. Keep your costs low by only spending what you need to do your job.

Overworking dangers

Working online also carries the risk of working longer hours than necessary. It can undoubtedly result in burnout and increased work-related stress. You can avoid this by clearly defining your schedule and assigning specific times for work and personal tasks.

Productivity risk

Working from home can help you increase your productivity, but it can also be challenging. With the freedom to move around and take breaks whenever you want, it may not be easy to focus on the tasks. This can eventually lead to decreased productivity. Implementing productivity tools such as time trackers and task management applications is one way to combat this.

At-home distractions

Distractions such as television, pets, or household chores can affect how well you perform your job. Too many distractions can reduce your productivity and motivation. You can avoid this by limiting any distracting items in your home. Wear noise-canceling headphones and listen to relaxing music to block out noises like traffic and neighborhood activity.

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15 online jobs in PA that pay well in 2023

There are numerous projects available for freelance professionals, whether you are a tech expert, designer, or writer. And with so many freelance jobs to choose from, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find something that matches your skills. The 15 online jobs in PA that pay well in 2023 are-

#1. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most viable freelance opportunities. As a freelance copywriter, you may create newsletters, advertising copy, emails, e-books, articles, and other polished content that piques readers’ interest.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has stated job opportunities in this field should grow by 9% between 2020 and 2030. Although statistics show that approximately 15,400 job openings for writers in the United States become available each year, the figure is undoubtedly much higher for freelancers due to their ability to work with clients from all over the world.

This job currently has very high demand in PA, and you can expect to earn between $19 and $45 per hour on average.

#2. Web Designer

Web designers work with clients to create websites that meet their specific needs. A web designer’s job description may also include updating existing websites. Anyone with creative and technical skills who can create high-quality webpages and other website features will thrive in this industry.

To manage various projects, you may need to learn specific programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, or SQL, and proficiency in relevant software programs. You can earn between $15 and $30 per hour or more, depending on your experience.

You’ll be in high demand as a web designer, with job opportunities in this field expected to grow 13% by 2030.

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#3. Digital Marketing Consultant

As a freelance digital marketer, you will assist businesses in increasing their online visibility and lead generation to increase sales. Clients can also use your expertise to solve specific digital sales and marketing problems.

In exchange, you can expect competitive pay. Indeed, the average hourly rate for digital marketers ranges from $15 to $45, depending on various factors (e.g., project scope).

#4. Social media manager

Businesses can use social media to promote their products and services directly to their target audiences. Social media managers assist brands in developing and implementing marketing strategies to increase lead generation.

As a freelancer, you can work with multiple brands at once, assisting them in improving their communication techniques across various social media platforms.

Clients expect you to provide expert advice on content generation and targeting, so you’ll need to demonstrate proficiency with various social media channels.

You can earn between $14 and $35 per hour as a social media manager on freelance platforms.

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#5. Editor

Editors are vital to the editorial process because they review and revise written texts to ensure they adhere to specific guidelines. They check syntax, punctuation, flow, style, and facts, among other things. Editorial processes are critical to the creation of high-quality content.

You can explore freelance opportunities in this field if you know how to identify grammar and other issues. Copyediting projects typically pay between $20 and $40 per hour, depending on experience and other factors.

#6. Website Developers

Web developers are one of the in-demand online jobs in PA currently. They use advanced programming skills to create code that governs how websites work. Professionals with experience in either front-end or back-end web development, or both, are in demand for the best freelance jobs (full-stack growth).

Front-end web developers focus on the design and visual aspects of a website. In contrast, back-end specialists concentrate on the website’s behind-the-scenes components or administrative areas that aren’t visible to users.

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#7. Media Buyers

Media buyers assist businesses in determining the best ad placement for their specific budget and targeting requirements. Physical, print, digital, and broadcast advertisements are all possible placement options.

Depending on the client’s needs, a media buyer’s roles and responsibilities may also include managing social media ad campaigns. To reduce the cost of advertisements, large, midsize, and small businesses use media buyers’ ability to negotiate better rates. It is one of the online jobs in PA.

Media buyers charge between $50 and $200 per hour.

#8. Photographer

Photography is a popular profession that necessitates a high level of creativity and technical expertise to produce high-quality images for businesses and individuals.

You can make a living as a freelance photographer by photographing events, physical products, places, and people. Clients will pay a premium if you can capture images that tell a compelling story.

According to BLS job outlook data, photography job opportunities will likely grow 17% by 2030. You can expect hourly rates for photography projects to range between $40 and $100.

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#9. Data Analyst

As a freelance data analyst, you can help clients analyze specific pieces of data involving historical transactions or events. You’ll be crucial in identifying key trends in customer behavior or other business aspects, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about day-to-day operations.

Businesses of all sizes rely on data analysts to better predict future trends. Your job is to access big data gathered from various operational sources.

As one of the online jobs in PA, your hourly rate should be between $20 and $50.

#10. Business advisor

A business consultant assists clients in gaining a thorough understanding of specific operational issues. In many cases, the professional is actively involved in resolving complex business problems.

Consultants get hired by businesses to provide advice on practical ways to improve day-to-day operations or profitability. The consultant may be an expert in one or more business fields, such as marketing, finance, or human resources.

You can work with multiple entrepreneurs simultaneously as a freelance consultant, allowing you to maximize your income. Depending on your skill level and project scope, the average hourly rate for business consultants ranges between $28 and $98.

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#11. Programmer

Programmers are crucial in today’s digital world because they write code that controls the features and functions of computer and mobile applications. Furthermore, they keep systems running smoothly by handling routine maintenance and troubleshooting technical issues.

Advanced programming professionals assist businesses with software and web development. Programming jobs pay between $15 and $30 per hour.

#12. Videographer

Videography entails filming events and editing the footage to ensure a high-quality presentation. Success in this field requires a combination of filming and video editing abilities.

You can work as a solo freelancer or collaborate with other professionals to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Weddings, corporate seminars, and parties necessitate professional videography services. You may contact the job online in PA, but ultimately, you may be required to go to the event venue.

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#13. Accountant

Accounting professionals keep financial records for businesses and may assist in their interpretation. The professional is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all economic descriptions used for reporting and tax purposes.

Companies rely on accountants to provide accurate and well-presented financial data to assist them in making informed business decisions. Proper record-keeping procedures make it easier to analyze profits and losses. Other responsibilities may include preparing invoices, determining payroll needs, collaborating with auditors, and analyzing operating budgets.

#14. Virtual Assistant

Clients hire virtual assistants to help them with administrative tasks like data entry, calendar organization, and email management. These individuals may run errands for their clients, such as making restaurant reservations, scheduling medical appointments, and purchasing items.

These services allow busy clients, particularly small business owners, to concentrate on day-to-day operations. The majority of virtual assistants work directly with clients or through freelance platforms.

#15. Public Relations Manager

Public relations (PR) managers assist businesses in developing effective PR strategies that promote an organization’s positive image. Regular responsibilities include writing polished press releases, cultivating relationships with key media contacts, and managing crises.

Companies in various industries require the services of experienced public relations professionals to improve public communications through multiple channels, including social media. Public relations consulting jobs pay between $50 and $100 per hour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What online jobs would be in demand in 2023?

Customer Service Representative
Web Developer
Graphic Designer
Social media manager
Virtual Assistant
Content writer

What is the most sought-after online job right now?

A web designer or a web developer. Every company requires a website, and skilled web designers are in high demand.

What is the highest-paying work-from-home job?

Graphic designer.

What is the best online work-from-home job?

Social media administration.
Online education.
Personal development.
Online beauty advice.
Email promotion.

How do I work online and get paid right away?

You could apply and work online for these websites and get paid weekly-


Whether starting as an independent professional or a seasoned freelancer, the right platform can help you access higher-paying jobs. You should learn the best ways to channel your energy into the job you pick and how best to put yourself out there.

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